The Big Red Dragon

January 20th 2022

«Today’s speech by President Xi is an important milestone in promoting global cooperation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic (and) has shown us that China can offer us a better future for years to come.»(Klaus Schwab)

Blackrock manages assets of $9,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, almost half of the nominal gross domestic product of the United States. The figure escapes any reference that would do justice to its magnitude and give us an idea of its power. But to get a sense of what these numbers represent, we need only imagine the following: If Blackrock were a nation, it would be the third largest economic power on Earth behind the US and China.

True, it is not a nation. It does not have the elements of power of any state, large or small. Nor does it have its own territory. Its power can only be exercised as a pressure group, a super lobby, or as a power group, which is when the lobby influences or even dictates the resolutions of states. And it is in this position as a power group that the aura of obscurantism on which the myth of «the Elite» is built resides.

Multinational, no political maintenance costs, no exposure and dependence on public opinion, no ideological bias, no physical location, no national limitations… No internal control of decision making. Blackrock decides autonomously, independently and sovereignly what it does with the power given to it by savers around the world. In a few minutes it can make decisions that mobilize the resources, the influence and, in short, the power of what would be the third economic power on Earth. And that is a decisive advantage.

Its greatest disadvantage does not derive from its lack of the classic mechanisms of state power, which include the armed forces and intelligence services, as well as the capacity to impose laws and force the payment of taxes. The weak point of this financial monster lies in the number of its power, in those fourteen zeros that accompany the nine and the five. Because, first, nothing he owns is his own and, second, all he owns are papers backed by the confidence or illusion that they are worth what they say they are worth. Blackrock, in itself, is a pauper without its own patrimony, without solvency, without anything other than the «trust» of those who give it their money, that which they exchanged for talent, effort and real patrimony, because the other great lobbies, those of the politicians who enjoy the most profitable and secure business (for them and their patrimonies), the state, have managed to become a pressure and power group before the only true sovereign state that exists: the individuals. Us. All of us together or separately.

The medieval serfs accepted their fate not only with resignation but with conviction, because they were convinced that, without handing over half their labor to the lords in exchange for «protection», they would not be able to enjoy all those goods and services that they themselves had created with their talent and effort, and only for that reason. And that same fiction, that fraudulent bubble, that court of financial and political lobbies, which was about to burst if the democratic process had continued to progress along the path leading to direct democracy based on the principle of safeguarding maximum individual freedom, is the one that is now taking the reins of the «trust» of investors and voters to take us back to that world of fictitious, fiduciary reality that completely dominated the feudal world.

But make no mistake, because there is nothing more similar to feudalism than socialism, be it 50% as in the Middle Ages or 100% as in the communist paradises where people owned nothing and were obviously unhappy. For that and no other is the New World Order: real socialism, that is, realism of faith.

The GDP of the USA is higher than that of China. However, the managers of this investment fund called Chinese Communist Party manage, as in the case of Blackrock, all their economic power, to which are added the powers of the states (army, legislation, territory…), they do not have to rely on anyone to decide what to do with their assets, neither with the public nor with the private ones. Because this mega territorial corporation called «China» is directed, as was Nazi Germany, by a board of directors with the power to dispose of the public and the private. The US president, of course, cannot dispose at will and without opposition of private wealth. No one, no company, large or small, would allow him to do so. Nor with public money, which is subject to multiple political and judicial controls. The president of the most powerful territorial nation on Earth is a poor man, a beggar who must have the permission of his own people, of the opposition, of public opinion, of the judiciary… and of the big American companies, among which Blackrock stands out. American billionaires do not fear the President, that is, the leader of that pressure group called «Government», which does not always manage to rise as a power group in its own company, the State.

And this weakness inherent to the regime of indirect representative democracy, that is, under the tutelage of political lobbies, is what creates the fiction of a far superior power of the great business corporations of the world that until recently was walking towards freedom and now, suddenly and unknowingly, is doing so, retracing its steps, towards the old feudal submission. Blackrock could be the third economic power on Earth… if it were allowed to be a nation without territory, a stateless state, a parallel society. But it is only a simple though cyclopean pressure group, and not so much of power as the millenarian imagery of the new and sudden feudalism attributes to it. To them and to that cloud of billionaires grouped under the obscure and irrational epigraph of «globalist, capitalist, satanic, financial and technological elites».

But, then, China’s billionaires and financial/tech elites…

Well, they are hidden behind the propaganda curtain that the dominant power lobby, the PCC, has set up in the world thanks to investing, instead of in aircraft carriers, in the control of the media and the great centers of ideological production and propagation. Nobody talks about them. Only of their counterparts, the new feudal lords of the white West: Soros, Bill Gates, Rockefeller and other «rocks». But also the Freemasons, the Church, the Zionists… even the most elite of Islam. All of them expressly or secretly adhering to that program of return to the feudal world called «Agenda 2030». All apparently orchestrated by a certain Klaus Schwab under a multicolored and circular initiatory order that meets every year at the Davos coven.

Wherever you look, feudalism, medieval darkness.

But it turns out that the top three banks in the world are Chinese. And the one who wields the most economic, propagandistic and, due to the neglect and preemptive surrender of his opponents, soon also military power is called Xi Jinping. The CEO of the most influential and powerful business corporation with its own territory, people and state on Earth. So powerful that he manages to remain hidden under a new great wall of propaganda, counter-information and social engineering, laughing behind the scenery, while everyone looks hypnotized at that multicolored circle mask and beats up Western monkeys, capitalists, former liberals, false converts to true libertarianism, as if they, altar boys of this new church, were the ones who have the power in the shadows. Does no one notice that they are not in the shadows, but are being pointed out by the resistance that has turned into useless dissidence, disintegrated, laughable and, soon, embittered, if not shepherded by opportunists?

The epidemic emerged in China and, more importantly, was distributed, transformed into a false pandemic, from China. The pandemic has been the fuse, the butterfly flutter, the spark that has ignited the meadow in which the weeds of this new feudalism have been stealthily sown for years and which will become, if we do not remedy it, the manager of the Cyberlithic, that new era of Humanity that is already here. They, the old collectivists now again ostentatiously and terribly medieval, will dominate the essence of that new era: the technology that they try to steal from the people, turned into a mass of sustainable serfs, convincing them that evil, the tentacles of darkness, sin, death… reside in it.

Do we really believe that all these technological advances are the work of the Devil, an instrument of evil with which the shepherds, those new feudal lords dressed in blue, red, yellow or black, want to decimate their human flock? What farmer wants to put an end to their business?

Listen to one of the few Western, capitalist, white billionaires who is safe from the conspiratorial wrath, Elon Musk: «Low birth rate is a threat to civilization». For the civilization sustained by human livestock. It doesn’t matter if, in order to make this intensive macro-farm of humans sustainable, it is necessary to convince them to eat only fodder, to crowd into big cities and to confine themselves in their home cages, renouncing globality, mobility, information, communication, health, material well-being and longevity, which will provide only to a minority, the feudal lords and their vassals, the technological advances. Those that will be good for them, but dangerous and harmful for us. Those advances on which a superhuman world will be built, which the neofeudal power calls «transhuman» as a synonym of «inhuman» so that the subhuman world in which billions of people live in sustainable poverty seems to them the only way to be safe… from superhumanity.

The system of digital identification and control by social credit is already working in China. As it was in China where the medieval model of general confinement of the entire population to fight a pandemic was demonstrated. A model that European leaders adopted to implement not only in one province, as China did, but throughout its national territory. There is an order to end Operation Pandemic, because it has borne fruit in abundance and at an accelerated pace. Now comes the second phase: sustainability, that is, beatific poverty to save the Planet and, with it, our sinful consumerist souls. But only in the West.

The Grand Master of Agenda 2030 has succeeded in getting all dissidents to blame the business, financial, religious and political leaders of the very capitalist and formerly free white Western world, the same ones who are executing the economic, cultural and political suicide of their peoples, clients, followers and believers, managed by the neo-communist plot of propaganda and «evangelization» with which that free West began to be invaded by means of the 50% communism called social democracy. But, despite the fact that everyone is looking where it is not, the words of the Great Lord at the opening of the Davos Forum are unequivocal: Although China’s greenhouse gas emissions exceed those of the entire OECD, it is «the developed economies» that must take the lead in meeting emission reduction targets, thereby further burdening their competitiveness and transferring wealth to other regions, especially the Chinese giant, which «must not sacrifice its growth to protect the environment». And, in addition, all protectionist fickleness that would condemn China to stop its growth must come to an end.

The orders are clear: end Operation Pandemic because it has already borne fruit and to maintain it would cause useless damage to trade, Chinese economic growth and the profits of the new Indian companies, investment funds, financial and technological corporations. And the impoverishment and subjugation of the developed, white, Western world continues, destroying its middle class and building a transient proletariat on the way to a Third World servile, submissive, indoctrinated and racially substituted society. Therefore, Operation Climate Change is initiated, dedicated especially for the Western whites. And it is already beginning, in unison with a new and definitive migratory wave and the financial crisis that definitively implements the continuous digital identity/identification, the social credit and the complete fiscal extraction that leads us to the barter of goods and services for work, without private property or freedom of purchase.

Communism is nothing but neo-feudalism. That is the great historical lesson we are now discovering.

Open your eyes and look at reality directly, without the kaleidoscope of propaganda and counter-information of millenarian conspiracies. Xi Jinping opened the Davos Forum as guest of honor. And his altar boy, Klaus Schwab, presented him for what he is: the most powerful man on Earth.

But there is a glimmer of hope. Imagine creating a Blackrock, a lobby, a pressure and power group, a macro-corporation, a society within society, global but not globalist, whose shareholders control the administrators and whose objective is not to accumulate trust papers through a Ponzi-style pyramid scheme, but to achieve maximum individual freedom for its shareholders and control the New World Order so that we can all live like supermen, like, at least, the middle class of the richest countries on Earth. An «Order of the Liberationist Temple» with all the services and powers of any state. Health, education, security… currency. The last stage of the humanist revolution started in the Renaissance. The Cyberlitic dominated not by a neo-feudal collectivism but by the empire of freedom to which we have been heading until recently.

All subjects of the God of free will who has placed in our consciences, stripped of prejudices, ideologies, operating manuals or immutable values and truths, the urn in which to deposit our own decisions. Without fear of freedom or that feeling of emptiness and loneliness that comes with any addiction. Because behind that emptiness, that nothingness of free consciousness, on the other side of the abyss of the self, is God. The true God. The one who only demands that we have faith in the divine seed he has placed in us. And, if you don’t want to see it in those terms, know that consciousness, freed from viruses and ideological and emotional parasites, is what we are, what makes us truly human, no matter whether we live in an organic carbon receptacle or an inorganic silicon one.

Collectivist subhumanism or liberationist superhumanism. Transhumanism does not exist. It is a collectivist invention to make us give up ourselves, our self, the freedom that can only be taken away from us if we do it ourselves. Because that is collectivism, neo-feudalism, Red Agenda 2030:

To betray and surrender the self. The only thing we are. All the rest are events.

El Gran Dragón Rojo

20 Enero 2021

“El discurso de hoy del Presidente Xi constituye un hito importante de la promoción de la cooperación global frente a la pandemia COVID-19 (y) nos ha mostrado que China puede ofrecernos un futuro mejor para los años venideros” (Klaus Schwab)

Blackrock maneja un activo de 9.500. de dólares, casi la mitad del producto interior bruto nominal de EEUU. La cifra escapa a cualquier referencia que haga justicia a su magnitud y nos de idea de su poder. Pero para tomar conciencia de lo que suponen esos números solo tenemos imaginar lo siguiente: Si Blackrock fuera una nación, sería la tercera potencia económica de la Tierra detrás de EEUU y China.

Es verdad, no es una nación. No dispone de los elementos de poder de cualquier estado, grande o pequeño. Tampoco dispone de un territorio propio. Su poder solo puede ejercerlo como grupo de presión, un super lobby, o como grupo de poder, que es cuando el lobby influye o, incluso, dicta las resoluciones de los estados. Y es en esa posición de grupo de poder donde reside el aura de oscurantismo sobre el que se construye el mito de “la Élite”.

Multinacional, sin gastos de mantenimiento político, sin exposición y dependencia de la opinión pública, sin prejuicios ideológicos, sin ubicación física, sin limitaciones nacionales… Sin control interno de la toma de decisiones. Blackrock decide autónoma, independiente y soberanamente qué hace con ese poder que le entregan los ahorradores de todo el mundo. En pocos minutos puede tomar decisiones que movilizan los recursos, las influencias y, en suma, el poder de la que sería tercera potencia económica de la Tierra. Y esa es una ventaja decisiva.

Su mayor desventaja no deriva de carecer de los mecanismos clásicos del poder de los estados, entre los que figuran las fuerzas armadas y los servicios de inteligencia, así como la capacidad de imponer leyes y obligar al pago de impuestos. El punto débil de este monstruo financiero radica en la cifra de su poder, en esos catorce ceros que acompañan al nueve y al cinco. Porque, primero, nada de lo que tiene es suyo y, segundo, lo único que tiene son papeles respaldados por la confianza o la ilusión de que valen eso que dicen que valen. Blackrock, en sí mismo, es un indigente sin patrimonio propio, sin solvencia, sin nada que no sea la “confianza” de quienes le entregan su dinero, ese que cambiaron por talento, esfuerzo y patrimonio real, porque los otros grandes lobbies, los de los políticos que disfrutan del negocio más rentable y seguro (para ellos y sus patrimonios), el estado, han conseguido convertirse en grupo de presión y de poder ante el único y verdadero estado soberano que existe: los individuos. Nosotros. Todos nosotros juntos o por separado.

Los siervos medievales aceptaban su destino no solo con resignación sino con convicción, porque estaban convencidos de que, sin entregar la mitad de su trabajo a los señores a cambio de «protección», no podrían disfrutar de todos esos bienes y servicios que ellos mismos habían creado con su talento y esfuerzo, y solo por eso. Y esa misma ficción, esa burbuja fraudulenta, esa corte de lobbies financieros y políticos, que a punto estuvo de explotar si el proceso democrático hubiera seguido progresando en la senda que conducía a la democracia directa sustentada en el principio de salvaguarda de la máxima libertad individual, es la que ahora mismo está tomando las riendas de la “confianza” de los inversores y los electores para llevarnos de regreso a ese mundo de realidad ficticia, fiduciaria, que dominaba por completo al mundo feudal.

Pero no nos equivoquemos, porque nada hay más parecido al feudalismo que el socialismo, sea este al 50% como en el medievo o al 100% como en los paraísos comunistas en los que la gente no poseía nada y era, obviamente, infeliz. Porque ese y no otro es el Nuevo Orden Mundial: socialismo real, es decir, realismo de fe.

El PIB de EEUU es superior al de China. Sin embargo, los gestores de ese fondo de inversión llamado Partido Comunista Chino manejan, como en el caso de Blackrock, todo su poder económico al que se le añaden los poderes propios de los estados (ejército, legislación, territorio…), no tienen que contar con nadie para decidir que hacen con sus activos, ni con los públicos ni con los privados. Porque esa mega corporación territorial llamada “China” está dirigida, como lo estaba la Alemania Nazi, por un consejo de administración con potestad para disponer de lo público y lo privado. El presidente de EEUU, por supuesto, no puede disponer a voluntad y sin oposición de la riqueza privada. Nadie, ninguna empresa grande o pequeña se lo consentiría. Tampoco con el dinero público, sometido a múltiples controles políticos y judiciales. El presidente de la nación territorial más poderosa de la Tierra es un pobre hombre, un pedigüeño que debe contar con el permiso de los suyos, de la oposición, de la opinión pública, de la judicatura… y de las grandes empresas americana, entre las que destaca Blackrock. Los multimillonarios americanos no temen al Presidente, es decir, al líder de ese grupo de presión llamado «Gobierno» y que no siempre consigue alzarse como grupo de poder en su propia empresa, el Estado.

Y esta debilidad consustancial al régimen de democracia indirecta representativa, es decir, tutelada por lobbies políticos, es lo que crea la ficción de un poder muy superior de las grandes corporaciones empresariales del mundo que hasta hace poco caminaba hacia la libertad y, ahora, súbita e ignotamente, lo hace, volviendo sobre sus pasos, hacia la antigua sumisión feudal. Blackrock podría ser la tercera potencia económica de la Tierra… si se le permitiera ser una nación sin territorio, un estado apátrida, una sociedad paralela. Pero solo es un simple aunque ciclópeo grupo de presión, y no tanto de poder como la imaginería milenarista del nuevo y repentino feudalismo le atribuye. A ellos y a esa nube de multimillonarios agrupados bajo el oscuro e irracional epígrafe de “élites globalistas, capitalistas, satánicas, financieras y tecnológicas”.

Pero, entonces, los multimillonarios y las élites financiero/tecnológicas chinas…

Bueno, están ocultas tras la cortina de propaganda que el lobby de poder dominante, el PCC, ha tendido en el mundo gracias a invertir, en lugar de en portaaviones, en el control de los medios de comunicación y los grandes centros de producción y propagación ideológica. Nadie habla de ellos. Solo de sus contrapartes, los nuevos señores feudales del Occidente blanco: Soros, Bill Gates, Rockefeller y otras “rocas”. Pero también los masones, la Iglesia, los sionistas… incluso lo más selecto del islam. Todos ellos expresa o secretamente adheridos a ese programa de regreso al mundo feudal denominado “Agenda 2030”. Todos aparentemente orquestados por un tal Klaus Schwab bajo una multicolor y circular orden iniciática que se reúne todos los años en el aquelarre de Davos.

Miréis por donde miréis, feudalismo, oscuridad medieval.

Pero resulta que los tres primeros bancos del mundo son chinos. Y que quien maneja más poder económico, propagandístico y, por dejación y rendición preventiva de sus oponentes, dentro de poco también militar se llama Xi Jinping. El CEO de la Corporación empresarial con territorio, pueblo y estado propios, más influyente y poderosa de la Tierra. Tan poderosa que consigue quedar oculta bajo una nueva gran muralla de propaganda, contrainformación e ingeniería social, riendo tras el decorado, mientras todos miran hipnotizados esa máscara de circulito multicolor y apalean monigotes occidentales, capitalistas, antiguos liberales, falsos conversos al liberacismo verdadero, como si fueran ellos, monaguillos de esta nueva iglesia, quienes tienen el poder en la sombra. ¿Nadie repara en que no están en ocultos, sino señalados por la resistencia preconvertida en disidencia inútil, disgregada, risible y, dentro de poco, amargada, cuando no pastoreada por oportunistas?

La epidemia surgió en China y, lo que es más importante, se distribuyó, convertida en falsa pandemia, desde China. La pandemia ha sido la espoleta, el aleteo de mariposa, la chispa que ha prendido la pradera en la que llevaban años sembrándose de forma sigilosa las hiervas de este nuevo feudalismo que se convertirá, si no lo remediamos, en el gestor del Ciberlítico, esa nueva era de la Humanidad que ya está aquí. Ellos, los viejos colectivistas ahora de nuevo ostentosa y terriblemente medievales, dominarán la esencia de esa nueva época: la tecnología que intentan hurtar al pueblo, convertido en masa de siervos sustentables, convenciéndoles de que en ella residen el mal, los tentáculos de la oscuridad, el pecado, la muerte…

Pobres ilusos. ¿De verdad creemos que todos esos adelantos tecnológicos son obra del Diablo, instrumento de mal con el que los pastores, esos nuevos señores feudales vestidos de azul, rojo, amarillo o negro, quieren diezmar su rebaño humano? ¿Qué granjero quiere acabar con su negocio?

Escuchen a uno de los pocos multimillonarios occidentales, capitalistas y blancos que se encuentra a salvo de las iras conspiranóicas, Elon Musk: “La baja natalidad supone una amenaza para la civilización”. Para la civilización sustentada en la ganadería humana. No importa si para hacer sostenible esa macro granja intensiva de humanos hay que convencerlos de que coman solo forraje, se hacinen en grandes ciudades y se recluyan en sus jaulas-domicilio renunciando a la globalidad, la movilidad, la información, la comunicación, la salud, el bienestar material y la longevidad que puede, que van a proporcionar sólo a una minoría, los señores feudales y sus vasallos, los adelantos tecnológicos. Esos que serán buenos para ellos, pero peligrosos y dañinos para nosotros. Esos adelantos sobre los que se construirá un mundo superhumano al que el poder neofeudal denomina “transhumano” como sinónimo de “inhumano” para que el mundo subhumamo en el que viven miles de millones de personas sumidas en la pobreza sostenible les parezca el único modo de estar a salvo… de la superhumanidad.

El sistema de identificación digital y control por crédito social ya funciona en China. Como fue en China donde se mostró el modelo medieval de confinamiento general de toda la población para luchar contra una pandemia. Un modelo que adoptaron los líderes europeos para implantarlo no solo en una provincia, como hizo China, sino en todo su territorio nacional. Hay orden de terminar la Operación Pandemia, porque ha dado sus fruto sobrada y aceleradamente. Ahora viene la segunda fase: La sostenibilidad, es decir, la pobreza beatífica para salvar el Planeta y, con ello, nuestras pecadoras almas consumistas. Pero solo en Occidente.

El Gran Maestre de la Agenda 2030 ha conseguido que todos los disidentes culpen a los lideres empresariales, financieros, religiosos y políticos del muy capitalista y antes libre mundo blanco occidental, los mismos que están ejecutando el suicidio económico, cultural y político de sus pueblos, clientes, seguidores y creyentes, manejados por la trama neocomunista de propaganda y “evangelización” con la que ese Occidente libre comenzó a ser invadido mediante el comunismo 50% llamado socialdemocracia. Pero, a pesar de que todos miran donde no es, las palabras del Gran Señor en la inauguración del Foro de Davos son inequívocas: Aunque las emisiones de gases invernadero de China superan a las de toda la OCDE, son “las economías desarrolladas” las que deben tomar la delantera en el cumplimiento de los objetivos de reducción de emisiones, lastrando con ello aún más su competitividad y trasvasando riqueza a otras regiones, especialmente el gigante Chino que, “no debe sacrificar su crecimiento para proteger el medio ambiente”. Y, además, deben terminar todas las veleidades proteccionistas que condenarían a China a detener su crecimiento.

Las órdenes son claras: se termina la Operación Pandemia porque ya ha dado su fruto y mantenerla causaría un perjuicio inútil al comercio, el crecimiento económico chino y los beneficios de las nuevas compañías de las indias, los fondos de inversión, las corporaciones financieras y tecnológicas. Y se continúa con el empobrecimiento y sumisión del mundo desarrollado, blanco y occidental, destruyendo su clase media y construyendo un proletariado transitorio camino de una sociedad servil tercermundista, sumisa, adoctrinada y en vías de sustitución racial. Por tanto, se inicia la Operación Cambio Climático dedicada especialmente para los blancos occidentales. Y empieza ya, al unísono de una nueva y definitiva oleada migratoria y de la crisis financiera que implante definitivamente la identidad/identificación continua digital, el crédito social y la extracción fiscal completa que nos lleva al trueque de bienes y servicios por trabajo, sin propiedad privada ni libertad de compra.

El comunismo no es otra cosa que neofeudalismo. Esa es la gran lección histórica que ahora estamos descubriendo.

Abrid los ojos y mirad la realidad directamente, sin el caleidoscopio de la propaganda y la contrainformación de conspiranoias milenaristas. Xi Jinping ha inaugurado como invitado de honor el foro de Davos. Y su monaguillo, Klaus Schwab, lo ha presentado como lo que es: el Hombre más poderoso de la Tierra.

Pero hay una luz de esperanza. Imaginad que se crea un Blackrock, un lobby, un grupo de presión y poder, una macrocorporación, una sociedad dentro de la sociedad, global pero no globalista, cuyos accionistas controlen a los administradores y cuyo objetivo no sea acumular papelitos fiduciarios mediante una estafa piramidal estilo ponzzi, sino lograr la máxima libertad individual para sus accionistas y controlar el Nuevo Orden Mundial para que todos podamos vivir como superhombres, como, cuando menos, la clase media de los países más ricos de la Tierra. Una “Orden del Temple Liberacista” con todos los servicios y poderes de cualquier estado. Salud, educación, seguridad… moneda. El último estadio de la revolución humanista iniciada en el Renacimiento. El Ciberlítico dominado no por un colectivismo neofeudal sino por imperio de la libertad al que hasta hace poco nos dirigíamos.

Todos súbditos del Dios del libre albedrío que ha depositado en nuestras conciencias, despojadas de prejuicios, ideologías, manuales de funcionamiento o valores y verdades inmutables, la urna en la que depositar nuestras propias decisiones. Sin miedo a la libertad ni esa sensación de vacío y soledad que conlleva toda adicción. Porque tras ese vacío, esa nada de la conciencia libre, al otro lado del abismo del yo, está Dios. El Dios verdadero. El que solo exige que tengamos fe en la semilla divina que ha depositado en nosotros. Y, si no queréis verlo en esos términos, sabed que la conciencia, liberada de virus y parásitos ideológicos y emocionales, es lo que somos, lo que nos hace humanos de verdad, no importa si vivimos en un receptáculo orgánico de carbono o en uno inorgánico de silicio.

Subhumanismo colectivista o superhumanismo liberacista. El transhumanismo no existe. Es un invento colectivista para que renunciemos a nosotros mismos, a nuestro yo, a la libertad que solo pueden quitarnos si lo hacemos nosotros mismos. Porque eso es el colectivismo, el neofeudalismo, la Agenda Roja 2030:

Delatar y entregar al yo. A lo único que somos. Todo lo demás son sucesos.

New Pearl Harbor

April 19th 2020

Shapes are important. That is why the whole apparent Western counter-rejoinder focuses on clarifying the origin of COVID-19. Was it intentional or fortuitous, natural or artificial? The traditional way to start a war is to find or fabricate a casus belli. Traditional acts of war have three fundamental characteristics: national sovereignty (territory and citizens) is attacked, intentionally and treacherously. These features are all present in a hypothetical start of the epidemic caused directly by the Chinese government. But it is not the start of the battle of Wuhan that is the fundamental casus belli to which we must pay attention, but something much more serious: a new Pearl Harbor.

China’s act of war is the propagation of the pandemic, with the collaboration of the WHO and a conglomerate of media and business/ideological corporations driven by different interests that converge in the same result: to achieve the global expansion of COVID-19, taking by surprise the most inoperative societies of the free world, the weakest links in the chain, which have turned out to be, surprise? Italy and Spain. Therein lies the casus belli. China is, in any case, responsible for launching a naval and airborne virus fleet with the aim of severely damaging the economy of the allies. The truce is over. The time has come to fight back or suffer the catastrophic effects of this massive, unexpected and treacherous attack with resignation.

No. The casus belli does not lie in the authorship of the epidemic, but in turning it premeditatedly into a pandemic that is ravaging the world. An attack equivalent to the one on Pearl Harbor with the only difference that, now, the enemy treacherously destroys nothing less than the economic fleet of the allies, one of their fundamental pillars for survival as free societies.

Seeking a traditional casus belli implies that you have entered into a traditional strategy. And that is a tremendous mistake. It is necessary to follow the laws of the dynamics that mark the atypical development of this new 100-year war which we have called at each moment with a different name but which we should call, in order not to deceive ourselves and give an advantage to the enemy, as «World War II».

Situational intelligence tells us that each event is governed by the internal context, that is, by the unique characteristics of its own happening. Events construct laws that, because they are not abstract, we do not identify them as rules of the game to which we should pay full attention. All military laws and rules are completely useless as soon as we find ourselves in a scenario that is too different from the «conventional» one for which those rules were made. This is as true for war as it is for any other personal or collective situation in life. We rely too rigidly on «what is to be expected» in most situations, on what we have learned that varies little in each of them, on regularities. But the key to every event, to success and failure, is often as tiny as that small difference, that particularity, that side note in the manual of how to act in this life in order to succeed. Events impose their own personalized rules of the game. Those who ignore them usually fail. But we cannot forget the context of upcoming events. Because, in that case, we would become entangled in the details transformed by the urgency of the moment into keys on which to make decisions.

Distinguish anecdote from idiosyncrasy.

When, in the course of the so-called «Cold War», the Allied countries defeated the Soviet Union, they did so using their best weapon, which was at the same time the enemy’s main weakness: the overwhelming superiority of the market economy, free initiative and competition based on private property and collective and personal freedom. China took note of this weakness and, as soon as he came to power, Deng Xiaoping began the construction of a great economic fleet that would lead his country to become the second economic, military and technological power on the planet. A resounding success that, as we shall see, entailed a serious danger.

In the face of the US tariff attack, China, more damaged than has been revealed, probably directly initiated the epidemic and, more importantly, most certainly spread the pandemic by taking advantage of the climate of trust that had been cemented in unison with the economic interests of many nations and large accidental corporations. Even if the Chinese communist government is not the creator of the epidemic, which is hard to believe, it is the creator of the pandemic. And it is that pandemic, as we have said, that is the real act of war, the casus belli to which we must respond or, failing that, accept the defeat of the conflict initiated in September 1939 by the combined forces of National and International Socialism, Germany and Russia.

What may be the appropriate response in an atypical war situation?

From the enemy’s advice. What has China done? Attack the economy of the allied countries. What should we do? Attack their economy. How?

Of course, world public opinion is increasingly hostile to China. An adverse environment that will undoubtedly be fueled both by allied propaganda and by the Beijing regime’s own defensive actions. The rejection of «made in China» will become generalized among the population, accompanied by a growing perception on the part of economic agents that the Asian giant is no longer a safe country to produce and guarantee commercial supplies, which will generate, much sooner than imagined, a flight of production that had been transferred to China and the search for new suppliers in emerging nations that offer greater reliability and in developed countries that achieve a sufficiently profitable reduction in production costs.

All this will happen to a greater or lesser degree depending on the effectiveness of Allied propaganda. But there are other tremendously effective actions to precipitate events and neutralize the Chinese attack. One of them consists of generating an escalation of military tension that will put pressure on the Chinese economic or territorial living environment or both: the South China Sea, the Senkaku Islands… Not to mention Venezuela, Iran or North Korea. The other, dismantle pro-communist political regimes or those with strong links to China in areas vital to its energy and food supply and to its commercial expansion. Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

The increase in military tension (with special attention to the South China Sea and Iran) will create a general state of risk that will make it difficult for China and even Russia to protect their friendly regimes and secure the energy resources on which China is vitally dependent. But there is one aspect in which this increased military tension will have a decisive payoff: self-financing.

The reaction of the representative liberal democracies has amplified the damage of the pandemic. The reaction of the Chinese dictatorship will amplify the damage of the military tension because, as is traditional in its history, it will turn in on itself. China is still a communist dictatorship that needs to isolate itself from the outside world to protect itself from the danger associated with the dazzling success of Deng Xiaoping’s model: capitalist Communism.

China is still a dictatorship that will react, like all dictatorships, by isolating itself to prevent outside manipulation of public opinion, by repressing the people and exercising total control over the economy. This is how dictatorships such as North Korea, Cuba or Zimbabwe have survived. However, China has a weakness directly derived from the success of the capitalist communist model. Chinese society is too westernized. That was the price to be paid to achieve an efficient productive apparatus on which to consolidate the survival of the international socialist regime that had succumbed in the USSR due to the ineffectiveness of the communist economic model. A tutelary capitalism that implied an increase in the standard of living of the population dangerously above the poverty line that allowed the application of a solid collectivist dictatorship without internal opposition capable of generating social conflicts that could endanger the regime.

This precarious equilibrium based on supervised capitalism, or capitalist communism, is based on something unprecedented in communist regimes: the economic progress which allows the creation of the conditions of a bourgeois middle class. And this is extremely dangerous insofar as freedom of competition and initiative and private property accustom the population to a level of criticism that does not exist in communist regimes based on economic collectivism.

A vicious circle will be unleashed with the escalation of military tension coupled with the collapse of foreign trade causing the slowdown of economic growth or even recession to be aggravated by isolation from abroad and internal repression, creating an environment extremely favorable to social unrest which, in turn, will lead to lower economic growth, with more political tension on the regime that will react by increasing repression and isolation.

The great Chinese invention of communist capitalism has created its greatest enemy within its own borders: an educated, advanced people, with a good standard of living and which only postpones its demands for freedom as long as its hopes of prosperity are not frustrated. The Chinese Communist Party has created a capitalist monster, its own people, which now, by ceasing to feed it, will be very difficult for them to control unless they kill it, that is, by returning to the state of need in which the international socialist ideological virus thrives comfortably. But this journey back to total dictatorship has an added danger: the global world, interdependence and the enormous capacity of the allies to exploit the weakness of the moment of transit to the worst on the part of a nation sustained by the opium of free competition and economic progress after forty-two years of uninterrupted improvement in the standard of living.

Isolating itself to protect the regime from social conflicts is tantamount to sinking its own fleet. China’s power is based on foreign trade, and what has been a formidable weapon up to now may become a boomerang that will bring down the tightrope walker balancing on the edge of the sword. Capitalist Communism can go in an instant from enjoying the advantages of both systems to suffering the disadvantages of both. And that is what seems to be about to happen.

Why, if they knew the enormous risks of this attack, did they carry it out? Simply because they could do nothing else. The Chinese model is based on a delicate balance that the slightest setback can break. That is why they have kept a very low profile at the international level despite their enormous economic prominence. But the change in the US presidency, with the arrival of an atypical president, upset this discreet Chinese balance by initiating the tariff war. This simple attack was enough for the damage to China’s economy to cause its leaders to overreact, as they are much more sensitive to the danger of social conflicts than we imagine. And that panicked reaction has led them to commit with exquisite perfection the biggest mistake of the last 40 years.

China’s defensive self-financing will, let us not deceive ourselves, have a depressing effect on world trade that will affect all countries, especially those most dependent on such trade, such as Germany. We will have very difficult days while we get production moved to our countries, and also afterwards because of the increase in production costs. But aren’t we already in a difficult time? Is there any other way out of the severe economic crisis that China has plunged us into with COVID-19 faster and stronger than relocating jobs? Indeed, there is no better time to achieve industrial relocation than now when the world’s great factory has become an unreliable place. But, in addition to that golden opportunity with which we can transform the devastating attack into a recovery of jobs lost years ago, the pandemic-induced recession will serve to facilitate the return of production back home if we are able to find the opportunity that lies in every crisis no matter how difficult it may seem.

The economic recession will lower the cost of labor by significantly reducing salaries, without the collapse in employment that would occur if the relocation of production were not carried out. The standard of living will not fall as much in society as a whole, which will soften the decline in the quality of life by maintaining good expectations for the future. Relocation will encourage technological development to make up for the gap in competitiveness caused by higher labor costs in relation to China, although lower in relation to the nonrecessionary situation in which we have lived until recently and which, together with the low profile of its foreign policy, has safeguarded its economic growth.

Developed countries are now the world’s largest consumer market. They can create a «common internal» consumption space conditionally open to developing and third world countries that align themselves with the positions of the free world. This would make the trade slump less damaging for the allied countries most dependent on their foreign sector, such as Germany, which is particularly vulnerable to the Chinese economic crisis.

The key is simple: Increased military tension, external isolation and Chinese defensive self-confinement, relocation of production, creation of a common commercial space conditionally open to third countries, technological development to increase competitiveness, as well as online systems to expand people’s communication and freedom and not to facilitate the acceptance of their confinement.

I have no doubt that military tension will begin immediately. I have more doubts that the free world will be able to respond to the challenge launched by the Chinese communist regime in an intelligently situational manner, that is, designed to turn difficulties into opportunities. I do not know how well Chinese society will be able to defend itself against the worsening repressive policies and bring about political changes that will enable this great people to join the free world. I think it is quite possible that the situation could reach a «missile crisis» moment prior to a disaster that gets out of hand or to an armistice forced by a forceful demonstration of US military force, for example, with a devastating attack on North Korea with the use of nuclear weapons that would convince China that the first power on Earth is ready to use all its power. But what I have absolutely no doubt about is that there will be no real peace until freedom conquers every inch of China.

And if, finally, it is discovered that China originated the epidemic intentionally and that it had prepared the most appropriate health strategies for its rapid control or that it even had a vaccine and/or antivirals that now, given the turn of events, it has not dared to offer as salvation for the world, then we will have a conventional casus belli, in addition to the infamy of a new Pearl Harbor.

Final Judgment

5th January 2022

Much is being said about many things, all of them related to the people, institutions and various forces that are the protagonists of the greatest and most successful trial of social engineering that Humanity has ever known. Far above others such as those that predisposed society to accept new political ideologies or religious beliefs, prepared it to accept wars or pogroms against certain population groups. Because this social engineering essay of colossal proportions is what has allowed everything else. The trigger, a false pandemic constructed on the basis of gross and obvious exaggeration of the numbers of what should not have been the «Wuhan Flu». To date, over two years and with falsified figures that do not distinguish between deaths «by» and «with» COVID, five million four hundred and sixty thousand people worldwide or, in other words, an accumulated mortality in those two years of 0.07%.

The absurdity of these figures gives the measure of the cyclopean deception, of the social engineering process carried out so that the population, especially in the freest, most informed, educated, prosperous and critical countries on Earth, accepts without complaint, with hardly any opposition or resistance worthy of such a noble name, a suspension of rights and freedoms as not known since World War II, a destruction of material well-being, economic prosperity and the hope of progress in the quality of life unparalleled since that same war, and, most shockingly, to voluntarily lend themselves to be guinea pigs in a massive clinical trial consisting of the inoculation of experimental gene substances whose medium and long-term risks are completely unknown and the already evident short-term risks are concealed.

It has been, and is being, one of those historical events that mark the end and the beginning of the great eras of human history. A general rehearsal of a change of cycle, of worldview, of world, carried out with such success, unanimity and dreadful speed that it is possible to predict, without the need for great prophetic skills, that this change will take place not over millennia, as has been the case up to now, but in a few, very few years. It is therefore nothing special that those who have some perspective and are able to fly over the ground of events, enraptured by their specks of dust, their stones or, at most, their superficial geography, find themselves astonished and dazzled by the enormous spectacle in which they themselves are being dragged by forces whose magnitude we did not know and that, therefore, focus all our attention on these events before which we are nothing.

The portent of the walking trees prevents us from seeing where the forest is heading and, what is worse, who holds its reins.

The Humanism built during five hundred years in the Western European world, putting individuals, each one of us, at the center of existence, of events and even of Nature (now, dominating Nature has become an original sin), has suddenly collapsed. We have forgotten ourselves. We have gone back to thinking in collectivist, medieval, feudal terms, where individuals are mere anonymous components of a mass, a majority, a public opinion… a herd. We have ceased to be the measure of the Universe to become once again serfs. We accept that what has happened, what is happening, is «something» that is done to Man, outside his will. We think again that we are not the protagonists but, at most, the object, the objective, the problem, the benefit… the victims.

Both those who are yielding to the plans drawn up by this process of social engineering and those who resist, see themselves as passive elements, accessories, of an agenda that obeys economic, political, religious, ecological, geopolitical interests… of much higher instances and forces, hidden by the veil of this new medieval collectivism that came about in a matter of months, or that was there, under the appearance of modernity of society. «They want to do this or that to us in order to achieve their objectives, their agendas, their saving or harmful plans».

«God wants it.» Now, «They want it».

For some, «they» save us. For others, «they» destroy and enslave us. Vaccines or poisons. Salvation or genocide. Victims or executioners. Heretics or believers. Demons or angels. The very magnitude of the changes has destroyed our faith in ourselves as protagonists of History. It has turned our dream of freedom into frustrated pride. It has divided us into «awakeners and sleepers», into «collaborationists and deniers». In the end, passive accessories of unknown plans beyond our control. What can we do? We are nobody, we have no majority, no means, no power.

But it is not. Or it is, but not only. We are not mere objects. We can choose. And in that faculty lies the meaning of events. That is the ultimate goal: choose.

It is true that the events show a magnitude, unanimity, speed and success without historical references and, therefore, with a wide margin of ignorance that casts a shadow of irrationality and superstition unknown to the modern mind. It is true that there are interests of very powerful instances and persons maneuvering to obtain benefits. It is true that everything seems to indicate that humans, stripped of their individuality, transformed into members of some «population», are inconsequential elements that suffer, resigned or resistant, awake or asleep, the consequences of the acts of the only and true protagonists. It is true what we say and what we keep silent. But it is also true that within that cyclopean whirlwind that has trapped History there is another element that goes unnoticed by those who cannot rise above the mist of the mud and the maelstrom of the immediate.

A separation is taking place, a distinction, a test in which some accept the salvific sacrifice and others resist genocide. Some consent to the loss of freedom and others repudiate it. Some remain, still contaminated by the effluvium of collectivism and intolerance, individuals with their own criteria, with name, identity and will, and others accept to be subjected to the criteria, name, identity and will of others disguised as something objective, collective, superior to the simple, selfish and pernicious (sinful) individuality. And that distinction, that choice, is the ultimate, secret, transcendent key.

We are being examined. Names are being written in the book of life, of the new heaven and the new earth.

In addition to everything else, in front of our eyes, unseen by us, a selection is taking place, a trial that, if we pay attention to the proportions of the test, could well be that «Last Judgment» of which many mythologies speak with different synonyms. A natural or artificial selection carried out by means of the greatest process of social engineering that Humanity has ever known, with its cut-off marks obtained in a definitive test (the vaccine, impoverishment to save the planet, isolation and loss of freedom…) in which, voluntarily, no matter (or yes, for some, not for others) the pressure, fear and coercion produced, some say «yes, I want» or others «I don’t want». A judgment that even the powerful authors of this great «end of (neolithic) times» ignore, using their arrogance as an examining instrument.

What is truly transcendent is not Agenda 2030, nor the New World Order, but the selection of the chosen ones based on their own decisions: To die or to live. To become extinct or to inherit the New Earth, the Cyberlitic, which will be, and that is the definitive battle in unison of the final judgment, liberacist or collectivist, regardless of whether we live in a carbon or silicon format, as anchorites, separated from all the diabolical technological ingenuity, or enjoying the freedom and well-being that technology and globality allow the most powerful.

We choose. We are doing it. That is what is really important. Everything else is artifice, trickery, the same old scam. That’s why it’s not enough to refuse a vaccine or to defend equal rights. It is not that simple. We can only be part of the chosen ones if we really free ourselves, if we clean our minds of parasites, of viruses, of preconceived ideas that escape our control and take on a life of their own as «ideals», «values», «beliefs», «laws», «immutable principles» that live at the expense of our conscience, of our individuality, of all that which they «protect» us by disguising as «loneliness», «selfishness», «evil»… «amorality».

I am sorry. I am sorry that I cannot say something that comforts our fear of freedom, of not depending on an operating manual that tells us what to think, feel, desire, judge, decide and act in each moment. I am deeply sorry that, at the same time that in that epic battle of «victims and executioners» of «good and evil» of «humans against inhumans», a selection is taking place that does not respond to the simplistic terms of the world in which we have been living until now. And, at the same time, I am very glad that we are not mere accessory objects of other people’s interest disguised as noble causes, but that our own decision is the one that marks our destiny and writes the Agenda of the true New Order whose authors, protagonists and beneficiaries are choosing themselves in this Final Judgment. The only one that the God of free will could impose on his children:

«You decide. You are the judge.»

Juicio Final

5 Enero 2022

Se está hablando mucho de muchas cosas, todas ellas relacionadas con las personas, instituciones y fuerzas varias que protagonizan el mayor y más exitoso ensayo de ingeniería social que ha conocido la Humanidad. Muy por encima de otros como los que predispusieron a la sociedad a aceptar nuevas ideologías políticas o creencias religiosas, la prepararon para aceptar guerras o pogromos contra determinados grupos de población. Porque este ensayo de ingeniería social de colosales proporciones es lo que ha permitido todo lo demás. El detonante, una falsa pandemia construida en base a exagerar de forma evidente y grosera las cifras de lo que no debiera haber pasado de “Gripe de Wuhan”. Hasta la fecha, a lo largo de dos años y con cifras falseadas que no distinguen entre muertes “por” y “con” COVID, cinco millones cuatrocientos sesenta mil personas en todo el mundo o, lo que es lo mismo, una mortalidad acumulada en esos dos años del 0,07%.

El absurdo de esas cifras da la medida de lo ciclópeo del engaño, del proceso de ingeniería social llevado a cabo para que la población, especialmente en los países más libres, informados, formados, prósperos y críticos de la Tierra acepte sin rechistar, sin apenas ninguna oposición ni resistencia digna de tan noble nombre, una suspensión de derechos y libertades como no se conocía desde la II Guerra Mundial, una destrucción del bienestar material, la prosperidad económica y la esperanza de progreso en la calidad de vida sin parangón desde esa misma contienda bélica y, lo más estremecedor, se preste voluntariamente a ser conejillos de indias en un ensayo clínico masivo consistente en la inoculación de sustancias génicas experimentales de las que se desconoce por completo sus riesgos a medio y largo plazo y se ocultan los ya evidentes a corto plazo.

Ha sido, está siendo, un acontecimiento histórico de los que marcan el final y el inicio de las grandes eras de la Historia humana. Un ensayo general de cambio de ciclo, de cosmovisión, de mundo, llevado a cabo con un éxito, unanimidad y celeridad pavorosas, que permiten vaticinar sin necesidad de grandes dotes proféticas que ese cambio se va a producir no a lo largo de milenios, como hasta ahora había ocurrido, sino de pocos, muy pocos años. Nada, pues tiene de particular que quienes conservan algo de perspectiva y son capaces de sobrevolar el suelo de los acontecimientos, embelesados en sus motas de polvo, sus piedras o, cuando mucho, su geografía superficial, se encuentren atónitos y deslumbrados ante el descomunal espectáculo en el que ellos mismos están siendo arrastrados por unas fuerzas cuya magnitud desconocíamos y que, por tanto, centran toda nuestra atención en esos eventos ante los que no somos nada.

El portento de los árboles andantes nos impide ver a dónde se dirige el bosque y, lo que es peor, quiénes sujetan sus riendas.

El Humanismo construido durante quinientos años en el mundo europeo occidental, poniendo a los individuos, a cada uno de nosotros, en el centro de la existencia, de los acontecimientos y aún de la Naturaleza (ahora, dominar la Naturaleza se ha convertido en pecado original), se ha venido abajo de repente. Nos hemos olvidado de nosotros mismos. Hemos vuelto a pensar en términos colectivistas, medievales, feudales, donde los individuos son meros componentes anónimos de una masa, una mayoría, una opinión pública… un rebaño. Hemos dejado de ser la medida del Universo para convertirnos de nuevo en siervos. Aceptamos que lo sucedido, lo que está sucediendo, es “algo” que se le hace al Hombre, ajeno a su voluntad. Volvemos a pensar que no somos protagonistas sino, cuando mucho, el objeto, el objetivo, el problema, el beneficio… las víctimas.

Unos y otros, tanto los que están cediendo a los planes trazados por este proceso de ingeniería social como los que se resisten, se ven a sí mismos como elementos pasivos, accesorios, de una agenda que obedece a intereses económicos, políticos, religiosos, ecológicos, geopolíticos… de instancias y fuerzas muy superiores, ocultas por el velo de ese nuevo colectivismo medieval sobrevenido en cuestión de meses, o que estaba ahí, subyaciendo bajo la apariencia de modernidad de la sociedad. “Nos quieren hacer esto o lo otro para conseguir sus objetivos, sus agendas, sus planes salvadores o dañinos”.

“Dios lo quiere”. Ahora, “Ellos lo quieren”.

Para unos, “ellos” nos salvan. Para otros, “ellos” nos destruyen y esclavizan. Vacunas o venenos. Salvación o genocidio. Víctimas o verdugos. Herejes o creyentes. Demonios o ángeles. La propia magnitud de los cambios ha destruido nuestra fe en nosotros mismos como protagonistas de la Historia. Ha convertido nuestro sueño de libertad en soberbia frustrada. Nos ha dividido en «despiertos y dormidos», en «colaboracionistas y negacionistas». Al fin y al cabo, en accesorios pasivos de unos planes ignotos que escapan a nuestro control. ¿Qué podemos hacer? No somos nadie, No tenemos mayoría, ni medios, ni poder.

Pero no es así. O sí lo es, pero no solo. No somos simples objetos. Podemos elegir. Y en esa facultad reside el sentido de los acontecimientos. Ese es el objetivo último: elige.

Es verdad que los sucesos muestran una envergadura, unanimidad, celeridad y éxito sin referentes históricos y, por tanto, con un amplio margen de ignorancia que proyecta una sombra de irracionalidad y superstición desconocida para la mente moderna. Es verdad que existen intereses de instancias y personas muy poderosas maniobrando para obtener beneficio. Es verdad que todo parece indicar que los humanos, despojados de su individualidad, transformados en miembros de alguna “población”, somos elementos intrascendentes que sufrimos, resignados o resistentes, despiertos o dormidos, las consecuencias de los actos de los únicos y verdaderos protagonistas. Es cierto lo que decimos y lo que callamos. Pero también es cierto que en dentro de ese torbellino ciclópeo que ha atrapado a la Historia hay otro elemento que pasa desapercibido a quienes no consiguen elevarse por encima de la bruma del barro y la vorágine de lo inmediato.

Se está produciendo una separación, una distinción, una prueba en la que unos aceptan el sacrificio salvífico y, otros, se resisten al genocidio. Unos consienten la pérdida de libertad y, otros, la repudian. Unos siguen siendo, aún contaminados por los efluvios del colectivismo y la intolerancia, individuos con criterio propio, con nombre, identidad y voluntad y, otros, aceptan ser sometidos al criterio, el nombre, la identidad y la voluntad ajena disfrazada de algo objetivo, colectivo, superior a la simple, egoísta y perniciosa (pecaminosa) individualidad. Y esa distinción, esa elección, es la clave última, secreta, trascendente.

Estamos siendo examinados. Se están escribiendo los nombres en el libro de la vida, del nuevo cielo y la nueva tierra.

Además de todo lo demás, delante de nuestros ojos, sin que lo veamos, se está produciendo una selección, un juicio que, si atendemos a las proporciones de la prueba, bien podría ser ese “Juicio Final” del que hablan muchas mitologías con distintos sinónimos. Una selección natural o artificial llevada a cabo mediante el mayor proceso de ingeniería social que ha conocido la Humanidad, con sus notas de corte obtenidas en una prueba definitiva (la vacuna, el empobrecimiento para salvar al planeta, el aislamiento y la pérdida de libertad…) en la que, voluntariamente, no importa (o sí, para unos, no para otros) la presión, el miedo y la coacción que se produzca, unos dicen “sí, quiero” o otros “no quiero”. Un juicio que ignoran incluso los poderosos autores de este gran “fin de los tiempos (neolíticos)”, utilizada su soberbia como instrumento examinador.

Lo verdaderamente trascendente no es esa Agenda 2030, ni el Nuevo orden Mundial, sino la selección de unos elegidos en base a sus propias decisiones: Morir o vivir. Extinguirse o heredar la Nueva Tierra, el Ciberlítico, que será, y esa es la batalla definitiva al unísono del juicio final, liberacista o colectivista, sin importar que vivamos en un formato de carbono o de silicio, como anacoretas, apartados de todos los diabólicos ingenios tecnológicos, o disfrutando de la libertad y bienestar que les permite la tecnología y la globalidad a los más poderosos.

Nosotros elegimos. Lo estamos haciendo. Eso es lo importante de verdad. Todo lo demás son artificios, engaños de trileros, la misma estafa de siempre. Por eso no basta con rechazar una vacuna o defender la igualdad de derechos. No es tan sencillo. Solo podremos formar parte de los elegidos si realmente nos liberamos, si limpiamos la mente de parásitos, de virus, de ideas preconcebidas que escapan a nuestro control y adquieren vida propia como “ideales”, “valores”, “creencias”, “leyes”, “principios inmutables” que viven a costa de nuestra conciencia, de nuestra individualidad, de todo eso que nos “protegen” disfrazando como “soledad”, “egoísmo”, “maldad”… “amoralidad”.

Lo siento. Siento no poder decir algo que reconforte nuestro miedo a la libertad, a no depender de un manual de funcionamiento que nos diga qué pensar, sentir, desear, juzgar, decidir y actuar en cada momento. Siento profundamente que, a la vez que en esa épica batalla de “víctimas y verdugos” de “bien y mal” de “humanos contra inhumanos”, se esté produciendo una selección que no responde a los términos simplistas del mundo en el que hemos estado viviendo hasta ahora. Y, a la vez, me alegro muchísimo de que no seamos simples objetos accesorios del interés ajeno disfrazado de nobles causas, sino que nuestra propia decisión sea la que marque a fuego nuestro destino y escriba la Agenda del verdadero Nuevo Orden cuyos autores, protagonistas y beneficiarios se están escogiendo a sí mismos en este Juicio Final. El único que el Dios del libre albedrío podría imponer a sus hijos:

“Tú decides. Tú eres el juez”


December 1st 2021

It happened in mid-2022, when the economic crisis showed its true face: the beginning of the decade of misery. A non-profit association was created, not like the state, and little by little, like a snowball of global cooling knocking on our door, it grew as living things do: on their own and with no one to govern them. And so, what was little more than a forum to put people in contact and create a mini-society, was transformed into a real parallel state, with its security forces, its health, education, banks, investment funds, pension funds, multi-brand online stores that marketed products of small, medium and also large companies… the persecuted minorities, deprived of their civil rights, condemned to a global apartheid, became aware of what they really were: The largest human community on Earth.

This is the beginning of the alternative History. A beginning whose faint glow grows on the horizon of darkness. A New Alternative Global Order that consists of spreading throughout the World the old aspiration of Humanity: to be free in order to pursue happiness.

The vast social engineering operation, the largest and most vertiginous we have ever known, labeled with the lure of Agenda 2030, has created the foundations of a world dominated by the poverty of an immense majority on which to sustain the immense wealth of a minority. It is the absolutist collectivism of always, now framed in a multicolored catalog of good ideas transformed into ideals at the service of that model of life that imitates, to chilling details, the management of the (human) flock by the (human) shepherds. It is the division of Homo sapiens into two virtual races, Homo predator and Homo ceres, which gave rise to the Neolithic, now in its last throes, mortally and cruelly dying.

For the last two years we have been witnessing the final scene, sordid, apocalyptic, pathetic to a great extent, of what has been nothing but the constant during the millennia of human cattle breeding and devastating agriculture with which to feed the growing herd, because that is what the wealth of the farmers consists of, in the growth… of their cattle. A final scene that is presented as something new and that is nothing but the epitome and pinnacle of everything old that has been repeating itself with renewed appearance for millennia. The New World Order is the latest version of the Neolithic swindle, an enormous ponzi scheme based on the increase of things (also of people as things, as cattle) and on the power of oblivion, of the deception of appearances, of the invincible nature that possesses the minds of that new race, the Homo ceres, the herbivorous, gregarious and monochord humans.

The whole apparatus created by the convergent interests of cattle breeders, crude and, at the same time, invincibly effective, masters of the story, of the barking, of the soothing voices, of the appearances called media and social networks (fences), all that frenetic, chaotic, unstoppable, irrational and gregarious has achieved, with hardly anyone still being able to perceive it, a sociological, psychological and even biological miracle: Humans who have not been able to be transformed into herbivorous, domesticated cattle have been separated from the herd and, little by little, are becoming aware of their apparent weakness and, what is more important, that they are a community different from the rest. A non-dominant elite, a minority much more numerous and powerful than they thought… when they were isolated from each other and scattered among the herd’s crowd.

The segregation of those who refuse to be part of the guinea pigs of the sanitary, social, economic and political experiment of this apotheosis version of the great swindle and their confinement in an apartheid, a fence within the fence, if they do not accept the blackmail of the shepherds and give in to the fear with which the fake wolves, the barking of the communication dogs, provoke controlled stampedes to lead the flock to the safety of the enclosure and the voice of the shepherd, they are achieving the unthinkable, the impossible: That the community of real humans become aware of itself and show them that the solitude in which they lived, minority in the crowd, was a fiction, a strategy of isolation, a domination of the undomesticated.

We are a community. We are discovering it almost without realizing it, subliminally, semi-consciously. We are the largest and most powerful minority community. More than that elite of shepherds who only control the fear of the flock. They are separating us. They are bringing us together. They are bringing us together. Sooner or later, our ghettos will flourish, the concentration camps will grow strong, the gulags will create their schools, their hospitals, their factories, their businesses, their defense forces. As a nation, a diaspora, a corporation, a true global order of free men and women. That is the NOM. The other is the absolutism of gangs united to defend the oldest business of Humanity: the exploitation of Homo sapiens turned into gregarious herbivores: equal, uniform, sustainable, submissive… alone in the middle of the crowd.

We have the opportunity to free ourselves from the cattle tyranny, to separate ourselves, to distinguish ourselves, to protect ourselves from the herd, from its inertia, its mass, its anonymity, its enclosure, its black and white thinking, its emotional poverty, its dangerous tendency to lynch those who believe they are wolves. We have the opportunity to create our own world within this world, without the need to hide or surrender. We can create a free state. An organized community.

Let us waste no time in fighting to stop this totalitarian process. We cannot convince this alienated majority, hypnotized by propaganda. Let us not fight where our enemies want us to fight, but where it suits us and to achieve what suits us. Let us abandon the messianic delusions to redeem those who do not ask for it. Let us stop looking for the impossible, to be the majority, because we are not. And let us make possible what we already have: to be the most powerful minority on Earth.

Let’s turn fences into walls and corrals into meadows. Let us turn apartheid upside down. Let us become independent from those who want to banish us from their society.

Create cells that join together to form higher structures that unite in a great Global Corporation whose sole objective is to guarantee the freedom and prosperity of its shareholders. To create our own currency, our own network of social services and commerce, our own solidarity system, our own information agency and our own security forces. All this is possible and, moreover, profitable both economically and personally. A slogan and millions of people with critical, professional, political and economic capacity will attack a media, a company, a political party, an international institution… Millions of dollars, euros, pounds, yuans… at the service of whoever serves our interests. Millions of votes for the party that acts now against apartheid. Do you hear Facebook, Amazon or Microsoft, Washington, Brussels or Beijing, all the Covidian parties, companies, institutions and personalities trembling?

Launch a slogan. Name a name. Point out a brand, an acronym. And we’ll all go for it. Then another and another…

There is no other human community more numerous, select and powerful than that of the negationists of collectivist absolutism. Those of us who have been selected and gathered by our enemies, that tiny minority that controls everything but the immense minority of us who make up this great human community, who have awakened from our individual solitude and who only have to snap a finger to make our true dream come true: to segregate ourselves from the herd and the shepherds. Let us exercise our power as a community and, before long, we will have our new Earth, our own planet, our truly protective state. Our Agenda 2022.

Our NWO.

The Gilgamesh Report

December 9th 2021

And the LORD said, My spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is flesh: but his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. (Genesis 6:3)

In «The Prophecy» ( I told how in an Akkadian poem of 3600 years ago, the Atrahasis, the events, motives and confrontations that crystallized the first great artificial extinction of humans on our planet, the first great genocide, were recounted. A past event that we know from the Hebrew version of Genesis. But what the Atrahasis tells us may not be a real event, nor is it fictitious. The genocide we know as «Flood» may not be history, nor legend or myth, but a prophecy or, rather, a warning that «someone» capable of moving through the recesses of the Universe, the character of one of those parallel worlds, real or simulated, embedded in the historical substratum, in the cuneiform tablets, the sacred books and the collective memory.

On a legendary substratum that in multiple and distant cultures speaks of a dantesque mortality caused by floods, the same perhaps that turned a freshwater lake into the Black Sea displacing the populations that lived on its shores in marine or terrestrial arks, refugees of the climate change known as Younger Dryas, that someone introduced in the oral story the keys to warn us, in the distant future, of what was going to happen to us.

This story added to the original, collected in the Atrahasis, is strangely familiar to us. It all starts from a problem that at that time they could not understand that it was a problem: Too many people. Overpopulation and the environmental, social, political, economic and health problems associated with it. What the gods set out to do was to reduce the population to a bearable number. And this reduction is executed through a sequence also surprisingly familiar in our days: drought, with its consequent reduction of the capacity of vital production (food) epidemics, general seizure of goods and climatic catastrophe. All this is in the news and in the imaginary that tries to explain something that exceeds our logical capacity and transcends the parameters of what we consider possible or even real.

We are warned that overpopulation would become a problem. And, from the events we observe and the mythology with which we try to understand them, that moment seems to have arrived now. But, if so, why now? Under what criteria or interests is it decided that the current population is a problem to be solved?

Three hypotheses come to mind:

  • We are on the verge of an external colonization, as happened after the discovery of America. And the invaders coming from beyond the stellar or virtual ocean have two differentiated strategies: one, occupy the territory and use the natives to exploit the natural resources. The other, to eliminate the native population and colonize the territory directly. For the former, the native population is a wealth and, therefore, they not only do not want to decimate it but, on the contrary, increase it (grow and multiply); Elon Musk: «There are not enough people». For the latter, the native population is harmful because it is excessive and must be reduced; Bill Gates: «We have overpopulation».
  • Another reason for population density to become a problem is that we are on the verge of a climate/environmental crisis that reduces resources either because we are entering a global cooling (warming never implies a reduction of resources, but rather the opposite) and/or that the reserves of energy resources and agricultural production capacity are insufficient to meet the needs of a growing population in the short and medium term.
  • And another explanation could be that we are facing a dizzying succession of technological advances that would generate a surplus of human labor replaced by what we could call a new species based on silicon instead of carbon: the Homo machina.

Any of these three hypotheses, save their appearance of theoretical fiction, is plausible. But none of them explains a series of strange phenomena including the fact that the «pressure for change» is being applied with greater speed and violence on the white free world. Although, perhaps if we turn again to the messages of the past we might shed some light.

The tower of Babel.

The gods observed the technological development that humans were achieving and decided to put an end to this cutting-edge civilization before it became a danger to them. But, again, we have to ask ourselves if we are facing a reset of history: did the episode described in Genesis really happen? Was there a developed civilization that was put to an end by means of a selective genocide, leaving only the most backward part of humanity to live? Were the material remains of that civilization almost completely erased and the most backward survivors allowed to tell the story in the form of legends and myths to discredit any clue or theory that would uncover the existence of that prediluvian civilization? Maybe. It is possible that a civilization reached a development beyond building imposing brick towers that seemed to touch the sky. Or perhaps it is a grandiloquent legend. But, again, the question arises: Did someone encrypt in that story the warning of what would happen when we could make a ladder to reach the sky: the launching ramp for space rockets, the gates of wormholes or the computer keys to jump to other worlds simulation games inside the supercomputer we live in? Did someone say: «Beware. they will come to frustrate your dreams of being like them».

To wipe out the forerunner civilization of the astonishing technological development, Europe and the Europeanized world, and to frustrate the development of a super-civilization. But, in that case, why not with the non-white Europeanized world (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan…) Is civilization to be allowed to prosper only under specific racial and cultural parameters? «You whites will not prosper but they, the rest or just the yellows, will.» Is this it?

We have spoken above of the confrontation between two «colonial powers». In the Atrahasis we are also told of two sides, represented by two brothers (two groups of the same species but of different lineage). Perhaps these two groups, driven by conflicting interests, are the same ones that are now fighting to take control of events. Enki’s side opposed the reduction of the population and, only when he saw that it was inevitable, tried to save his chosen ones. Are the yellow countries the earthly «children» of these gods? Enlil’s side, at first, opted for a much more radical extermination in which, if we take the Hebrew version, only one family would be saved. That it is contemplated to save from the holocaust a reduced number of chosen ones related to the mentality, interests and, perhaps, race of the gods or extramundane (or mundane) colonists is something understandable and very «human». However, if the problem is not so much or only overpopulation but technological development it makes no sense to allow a «civilization/race» to prosper for the simple reason that this danger would not be eliminated. Or perhaps each side thinks that their kindred will be reliable allies in the future? The opposing side would not allow it.

It is enough to introduce one word to make things make sense, at least from our parameters of reality: «First». It is not just the free, developed, white world that is to be wiped out, but first the free, developed, white world, then the others. Why leave out for the time being highly developed and potentially dangerous nations such as China, Russia, Japan, South Korea… And others that are not very developed but with an enormous population growth? The reason is very simple. Western whites meet a key requirement: critical capacity, the potential for insubordination rooted deep in their cultural genes ( es/Homo-Simulator-Rafael-Ortiz-Garcia-ebook/dp/B086Z38P2Z): the «Ancestral European» model, which bases group cohesion not on that which neutralizes individuality by increasing submission and obedience but, on the contrary, on achieving maximum individual freedom which, and this is the miracle of the Ancestral European model, empowers a form of social cohesion that is not collectivist, but liberationist, which makes compatible and mutually empowering two contrary characteristics on paper: dissidence and loyalty. The glue of the ancestral European group is not submission, the fanatical acceptance of a will, a truth or a belief. It is loyalty. Pares inter primus. That is what ancestral Europeans are. They are not obedient but loyal to others and to the group itself that guarantees them maximum individual freedom, and only to the extent that it guarantees it.

This explains the imposing, fierce, vertiginous and unanimous offensive unleashed by the leaders of the free, white and developed world to extinguish that nucleus of cultural genes that sustain the unity of Europeans and Europeanized people in individual freedom and loyalty. Something that makes them indomitable. This is why they have been chosen as the first target. Once the ancestral European within us has been eliminated, the rest of Humanity will respond moved by the old springs of collectivist social cohesion: submission. And they must do it quickly, before those cultural genes, deactivated after decades of social engineering in a large part of the population, are activated again. Before the plan, the process of impoverishment and domestication, the genocide becomes evident when those genes of dissidence-loyalty are still alive.

But what is the reason for the urgency? For reasons that escape our concept of reality, such as the imminent colonization of the Earth by outside civilizations that are directly or subliminally manipulating our world leaders? A catastrophic climatic event, such as a volcanic winter caused by a mega explosion or a massive episode of explosions? The development of technology capable of replacing human labor (artificial intelligence, automation and robotics), through Homo machina is advancing much faster than anticipated?

All these options are possible and compatible. The first two may explain the dramatic urgency we are experiencing to bring forward the deadlines of the «Agenda 2030». These are factors beyond our control. But the third option does depend on us and can therefore be implemented at the desired pace. On the date of a hypothetical extraterrestrial invasion or from a parallel world we have absolutely no evidence and, therefore, we can not pronounce in any sense. The «climatologists for the truth» have been betting for years on a peak in global cooling around 2030, which coincides with the deadlines set by the famous and, to a large extent, mythological «Globalist Agenda» and does not justify any kind of precipitation such as the one that is occurring. There is enough time not to gamble on a popular uprising. What, then, is the unforeseen?

An «unconventional information» could explain the advancement of the phases to adapt them to what would be a new «Agenda 2023». Something that «brings together» in a strange way many of the variables we have described: A technological breakthrough, achieved by chance or conveniently filtered by some outside colonizing power, which directly affects what seems to be the crux of the problem, overpopulation, aggravating and precipitating all risk factors no matter their nature:

The pharmaceutical industry has already prepared the «procedures and substances» to drastically increase life expectancy.

Un incremento que, según las apreciaciones más conservadoras podría ser del 30%, llevando la esperanza de vida a los cien años, que podría elevarse en poco tiempo hasta los ciento treinta o ciento cincuenta años. Y esto sí que tiene el potencial de adelantar todos los plazos para reducir drásticamente la población. Empezando por la que está en condiciones de pagar, demandar y sublevarse, llegado el caso, para obtener ese “elixir de juventud”. El escenario al que nos llevaría este descubrimiento se tornaría apocalíptico.

Why wait and how to keep secret this miracle that everyone will want to access and that would multiply the mouths to feed in a matter of a few years?

This would be the biggest deal in history. To make Humanity’s main dream come true: to overcome the passage of time. To alleviate the great human existential drama, the awareness of death and the search for eternity, embodied in the first known epic work: The Epic of Gilgamesh. Perhaps, another embedded warning, this time, in the form of a marvelous literary work, a report written more than four thousand years ago to warn us that the beginning of the «end of time», of the world as we knew it and the beginning of a new normality would be precipitated by a miracle, a revelation, a cause disguised as chance, a vile business about the supreme evil: old age and death. The trigger, the reason for everything to have been precipitated in an irrational, frantic, uncontrolled way for two years now. A few months after the great discovery was confirmed?

This would explain why the beneficiaries of this business, the elixir of youth, are the same ones who are precipitating the genocide and, also, why they have managed to «convince» the top leaders of the planet to forget their differences and join a project that is even more important than power or money: youth.

Perhaps, eternity.

El Informe Gilgamesh

9 Diciembre 2021

Y dijo Jehová: No contenderá mi espíritu con el hombre para siempre, porque ciertamente él es carne; mas serán sus días ciento veinte años. (Génesis 6:3)

En “La Profecía” ( contaba cómo en un poema acadio de hace 3600 años, el Atrahasis, se relataban los sucesos, motivos y enfrentamientos sobre los que cristalizó la primera gran extinción artificial de humanos en nuestro planeta, el primer gran genocidio. Un acontecimiento pretérito que conocemos por la versión hebrea del Génesis. Pero lo que nos cuenta el Atrahasis puede no ser un suceso real ni, tampoco, ficticio. El genocidio que conocemos como “Diluvio” quizá no es historia, ni leyenda ni mito, sino una profecía o, más bien, un aviso que “alguien” capaz de moverse por los recovecos del Universo, el personaje de uno de esos mundos paralelos, reales o simulados, incrustó en el sustrato histórico, en las tablillas cuneiformes, los libros sagrados y la memoria colectiva.

Sobre un sustrato legendario que en múltiples y distantes culturas habla de una dantesca mortandad provocada por inundaciones, las mismas quizá que convirtieron un lago de agua dulce en el Mar Negro desplazando a las poblaciones que vivían en sus orillas en arcas marinas o terrestres, refugiados del cambio climático conocido como Younger Dryas, ese alguien introdujo en el relato oral las claves para avisarnos a nosotros, en el lejano futuro, de lo que iba a sucedernos.

Ese relato añadido al original, recogido en el Atrahasis, nos resulta extrañamente familiar. Todo parte de un problema que en aquella época no podían comprender que fuera tal: Demasiada gente. La superpoblación y los problemas ambientales, sociales, políticos, económicos y sanitarios que lleva asociados. Lo que se plantean los dioses, es reducir la población hasta un número soportable. Y esta reducción se ejecuta mediante una secuencia también sorprendentemente familiar en nuestros días: sequía, con su consecuente reducción de la capacidad de producción vital (alimentos) epidemias, embargo general de bienes y catástrofe climática. Todo esto está en las noticias y en el imaginario que intenta explicar algo que supera nuestra capacidad lógica y trasciende los parámetros de lo que consideramos posible o, incluso, real.

Nos avisan que la superpoblación se convertiría en un problema. Y, por los acontecimientos que observamos y la mitología con la que intentamos comprenderlos, ese momento parece que ha llegado ahora. ¿Pero, si es así, por qué ahora? ¿Bajo qué criterios o intereses se decide que la población actual es un problema que hay que resolver?

Se me ocurren tres hipótesis:

  • Estamos a las puertas de una colonización exterior, tal y como sucedió tras el descubrimiento de América. Y los invasores que vienen de más allá del océano estelar o virtual tienen dos estrategias diferenciadas: unos, ocupar el territorio y utilizar a los nativos para explotar los recursos naturales. La otra, eliminar la población nativa y colonizar ellos directamente ese territorio. Para los primeros, esa población nativa es una riqueza y, por tanto, no solo no quieren diezmarla sino, al contrario, incrementarla (creced y multiplicáos); Elon Musk: “No hay suficiente gente”. Para los segundos, la población nativa es perjudicial por excesiva y debe reducirse; Bill Gates: “Tenemos superpoblación”.
  • Otra razón para explicar que la densidad demográfica se convierta en un problema es que estemos a las puertas de una crisis climática/medioambiental que reduzca los recursos bien porque entremos en un enfriamiento global (el calentamiento nunca supone una reducción de recursos, sino al contrario) y/o que la reservas de recursos energéticos y la capacidad de producción agrícola sean insuficientes para atender las necesidades de una población creciente a corto y medio plazo.
  • Y otra explicación podría ser que nos encontremos ante una vertiginosa sucesión de adelantos tecnológicos que generarían un exceso de mano de obra humana sustituida por lo que podríamos denominar una nueva especie basada en el silicio en lugar de en el carbono: el Homo machina.

Cualquiera de esas tres hipótesis, salvando su apariencia de ficción teórica, es plausible. Pero ninguna explica una serie de fenómenos extraños entre los que figura el hecho de que la “presión de cambio” se está aplicando con mayor celeridad y violencia sobre el mundo libre blanco. Aunque, tal vez si acudimos de nuevo a los mensajes del pasado podríamos hacer algo de luz.

La torre de Babel.

Los dioses observaron el desarrollo tecnológico que estaban logrando los humanos y decidieron acabar con esa civilización puntera antes de que se convirtiese en un peligro para ellos. Pero, de nuevo, tenemos que preguntarnos si nos encontramos ante un reseteo de la Historia. ¿Sucedió realmente el episodio descrito en el Génesis? ¿Hubo una civilización desarrollada a la que se puso fin mediante un genocidio selectivo dejando vivir solo a la parte de la Humanidad más atrasada? ¿Se borraron de forma casi completa los restos materiales de esa civilización y se permitió que los supervivientes más atrasado relataran la historia en forma de leyendas y mitos para desacreditar cualquier indicio o teoría que descubriera la existencia de esa civilización prediluviana? Puede ser. Es posible que una civilización alcanzara un desarrollo más allá de construir imponentes torres de ladrillo que parecían tocar el cielo. O tal vez se trata de una leyenda grandilocuente. Pero, de nuevo, surge la duda: ¿Alguien encriptó en ese relato el aviso de que sucedería cuando pudiéramos hacer una escalera con la que llegar al cielo: la rampa de lanzamiento de los cohetes espaciales, las puertas de los agujeros de gusano o las claves informáticas para saltar a otros juegos de simulación de mundos dentro del superordenador en el que vivimos? ¿Alguien dijo: “Cuidado. vendrán para frustrar vuestros sueños de ser como ellos”.

Acabar con la civilización precursora del asombroso desarrollo tecnológico, Europa y el mundo europeizado, y frustrar el desarrollo de una supercivilización. Pero, en ese caso, por qué no con el mundo europeizado no blanco (Japón, Corea del Sur, Taiwán…) ¿Acaso se va a permitir que la civilización prospere solo bajo unos concretos parámetros raciales y culturales? “Vosotros, los blancos, no prosperaréis pero ellos, el resto o solo los amarillos, sí.” ¿Es esto?

Hemos hablado más arriba del enfrentamiento entre dos “potencias coloniales”. En el Atrahasis se nos habla también de dos bandos, representados por dos hermanos (dos grupos de la misma especie pero de diferente linaje). Tal vez estos dos grupos, movidos por intereses contrapuestos, sean los mismos que ahora luchan para hacerse con el control de los acontecimientos. El bando de Enki se oponía a la reducción de la población y, sólo cuando comprobó que esta era inevitable, intentó salvar a sus elegidos. ¿Son los países de raza amarilla los “hijos” terrestres de estos dioses? El bando de Enlil, en un principio, se decantaba por un extermino mucho más radical en el que, si tomamos la versión hebrea, solo se salvaría una familia. Que se contemple salvar del holocausto a un reducido número de elegidos afines a la mentalidad, intereses y, tal vez, raza de los dioses o colonos extramundano (o mundanos) es algo comprensible y muy “humano”. Sin embargo, si el problema no es tanto o solo la superpoblación sino el desarrollo tecnológico no tiene sentido permitir que prospere una “civilización/raza” por la sencilla razón de que ese peligro no se eliminaría. ¿O tal vez cada bando piensa que sus afines serán aliados fiables en el futuro? El bando contrario no lo permitiría.

Basta con introducir una palabra para que las cosas adquieran sentido, al menos desde nuestros parámetros de realidad: “Primero”. No se quiere acabar solo con el mundo libre, desarrollado y blanco, sino primero con él. Luego, con los demás. ¿Y por qué primero con él? ¿Por qué dejar fuera por ahora a naciones muy desarrolladas y potencialmente peligrosas como China, Rusia, Japón, Corea del Sur… Y a otras poco desarrolladas pero con un enorme crecimiento demográfico? La razón es muy sencilla. Los blancos occidentales reúnen un requisito clave: La capacidad crítica, el potencial de insumisión arraigado en lo más profundo de sus genes culturales ( el modelo “Europeo Ancestral”, que basa la cohesión de grupo no en aquello que neutraliza la individualidad incrementando la sumisión y obediencia sino, al contrario, en alcanzar la máxima libertad individual que, y este es el milagro del modelo del europeo ancestral, potencia una forma de cohesión social no colectivista, sino liberacista, que hace compatibles y mutuamente potenciadoras dos características contrarias sobre el papel: la disidencia y la lealtad. El pegamento del grupo europeo ancestral no es la sumisión, la fanática acepción de una voluntad, una verdad o una creencia. Es la lealtad. Pares inter primus. Eso son los europeos ancestrales. No son obedientes sino leales con los demás y con el propio grupo que les garantiza la máxima libertad individual, y solo en la medida en que la garantice.

Esto explica la imponente, feroz, vertiginosa y unánime ofensiva desatada por los líderes del mundo libre, blanco y desarrollado para extinguir ese núcleo de genes culturales que sustentan la unidad de los europeos y europeizados en la libertad individual y la lealtad. Algo que los convierte en indomables. Esto es por lo que se les ha escogido como primer objetivo. Una vez eliminado el europeo ancestral que llevamos dentro, el resto de la Humanidad responderá movido por los viejos resortes de la cohesión social colectivista: la sumisión. Y deben hacerlo rápido, antes de que esos genes culturales, desactivados tras décadas de ingeniería social en buena parte de la población, se activen de nuevo. Antes de que el plan, el proceso de empobrecimiento y domesticación, el genocidio se haga evidente cuando aún esos genes de disidencia-lealtad siguen vivos.

Pero ¿Cuál es la razón para la urgencia? ¿Por razones que escapan a nuestro concepto de realidad, como la inminente colonización de la Tierra por parte de civilizaciones exteriores que están manipulando directa o subliminalmente a los líderes de nuestros mundo? ¿Un evento catastrófico climático, como un invierno volcánico causado por una mega explosión o un episodio masivo de explosiones? ¿El desarrollo de tecnología capaz de sustituir la mano de obra humana (inteligencia artificial, automatización y robótica), mediante los Homo machina avanza mucho más rápido de lo que se preveía?

Todas estas opciones son posibles y compatibles. Las dos primeras pueden explicar la urgencia dramática que estamos viviendo por adelantar los plazos de la “Agenda 2030”. Son factores que escapan a nuestro control. Pero la tercera opción si depende de nosotros y, por tanto, se puede implementar al ritmo deseado. Sobre la fecha de una hipotética invasión extraterrestre o proveniente de un mundo paralelo no tenemos absolutamente evidencia y, por tanto, no podemos pronunciarnos en ningún sentido. Los “climatólogos por la verdad” hace años que vienen apostando por un pico en el enfriamiento global alrededor del 2030, lo que coincide con los plazos marcados por la famosa y, en buena medida, mitológica “Agenda Globalista” y no justifica ninguna clase de precipitación como la que se está produciendo. Hay tiempo suficiente como para no jugarse una sublevación popular. ¿Cuál es, entonces, el imprevisto?

Una “información no convencional” podría explicar el adelanto de las fases para adaptarlas a lo que sería un nueva “Agenda 2023”. Algo que “reúne” de forma extraña muchas de las variables que hemos descrito: Un adelanto tecnológico, logrado casualmente o filtrado convenientemente por alguna potencia colonizadora exterior, que afecta directamente a lo que parece ser el nudo del problema, la superpoblación, agravando y precipitando todos los factores de riesgo no importa su naturaleza:

La industria farmacéutica tiene ya listos los “procedimientos y sustancias” para aumentar de forma drástica la expectativa de vida.

Un incremento que, según las apreciaciones más conservadoras podría ser del 30%, llevando la esperanza de vida a los cien años, que podría elevarse en poco tiempo hasta los ciento treinta o ciento cincuenta años. Y esto sí que tiene el potencial de adelantar todos los plazos para reducir drásticamente la población. Empezando por la que está en condiciones de pagar, demandar y sublevarse, llegado el caso, para obtener ese “elixir de juventud”. El escenario al que nos llevaría este descubrimiento se tornaría apocalíptico.

¿Por qué esperar y cómo mantener en secreto ese milagro al que todos querrán acceder y que multiplicaría las bocas a las que alimentar en cuestión de muy pocos años?

Estaríamos ante el mayor negocio de la Historia. Hacer realidad el principal sueño de la Humanidad: vencer el paso del tiempo. Aliviar el gran drama existencial humano, la conciencia de la muerte y la búsqueda de la eternidad, plasmado en la primera obra épica conocida: La Epopeya de Gilgamesh. Quizá, otro aviso incrustado, esta vez, en forma de maravillosa obra literaria, un informe redactado hace más de cuatro mil años para advertirnos de que el inicio del “fin de los tiempos”, del mundo tal y como lo conocíamos y el inicio de una nueva normalidad sería precipitado por un milagro, una revelación, una causa disfrazada de casualidad, un vil negocio sobre el supremo mal: la vejez y la muerte. El desencadenante, la razón para que todo se haya precipitado de forma irracional, frenética, descontrolada desde hace dos años. ¿Pocos meses después de confirmado el gran descubrimiento?

Esto explicaría que los beneficiarios de este negocio, el elixir de la juventud, sean los mismos que están precipitando el genocidio y, también, que hayan logrado “convencer” a los máximos líderes del planeta para que olviden sus diferencias y se sumen a un proyecto más importante incluso que el poder o el dinero: la juventud.

Tal vez, la eternidad.

Ancestral European

December 6th 2021

Even if they ignore it, many people, no matter the color of their skin, share a cultural heritage superior to the rest: They are ancestral Europeans. The future is theirs. They are the hope.

The printing press was one of the great milestones in the history of mankind. It was possible and, at the same time, necessary, when the Renaissance moved the center of gravity of European society from feudal institutions and their absolutist sequels of «single thought» to the concrete man, his conscience and free will. Culture, education and information ceased to be the exclusive patrimony of dominant elites who handed over to their dominated the final format of all thought processes: conclusions. Thus, certain opinions were imposed on the anonymous, ignorant and submissive masses as unquestionable truths, denying them access to information, to the data on which each one should exercise his own analysis and, after debating them with others, reach his own individual opinion and a public opinion on which to build the accepted truth, the law, the social agreement.

The printing press made it possible for a growing number of people outside those dominant elites to have access to the sources and, therefore, to naked and objective information, without any mixture of opinion disguised as objective «data». And that great revolution, that of Renaissance humanism and free thought, the triumph of that «other» Christianity buried by centuries of manipulation and construction of an ideology of power disguised as historical truth and religious faith, opened the doors to what has been, without a doubt, the greatest process of human liberation of at least the last four thousand years.

The Renaissance was, after the dark feudal parenthesis, the culmination of classical humanism, a purely European phenomenon resulting from the clash between the Neolithic model imported from Asia and the Paleolithic model of the ancestral European ( Greece and, later, Rome, created and spread an unprecedented form of society, an alternative civilization, the fruit of that cultural legacy represented by the «ancestral European» that maintains its imprint to this day and is sustained by a kind of psychosocial miracle that consists of making the «dissidence-loyalty» binomial not only compatible but unbeatable. A civilization in which humans are still people and have not lost their identity and individual freedom to become anonymous and depersonalized elements of a herd or gregarious flock.

People power, in the peculiar European civilization, means the unpredictability of public opinion shaped on the basis of the debate of individual opinions. People power measures the legitimacy of a regime to the extent that public opinion resists manipulation. And this resistance depends directly on the effective independence of individuals to build their own opinion on the basis of information devoid or stripped of any value-based, propagandistic, manipulative adherence.

Information-opinion-decision. Each of these steps is separated by insurmountable walls. Yes, also the final decision, which can and must be free from previous analysis and the triumphant opinion. That is the substantial difference between the society «deficiently neolitized» by blaming the climate and the ancestral aftermath of that magical invention that manages to make dissidence and loyalty compatible and empower each other, making the cohesion of the group pivot on something as apparently distant and contrary as individuality. And individualism is only possible where group cohesion is based on the destruction of individual freedom, finally of the identity that builds sovereign nuclei called » persons».

But the historical course that was cementing individual freedom on which social cohesion is built, loyalty to the group and its freely and democratically accepted norms, has ended up creating a limit situation in which the density of a depersonalized population and, above all, of information in which the process of personal independence has begun to reverse unnoticed by the majority. The triumph of the European model of civilization, a hybrid between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic, has become a monster that devours itself to end up stranded on the beaches of the Asian collectivist civilization, genuine and purely Neolithic, sustained by a dominant and free minority that controls a majority transformed into gregarious herbivorous humans, cohesively united by the binomial fear-security.

The century of information (everything converges in this factor: electricity, public freedoms, universalization of training, information technology, free competition, global market…) gives way to the century of collectivization. Because this information, in spite of the formation, is subtracted from the masses turning it into perceptive saturation and indoctrination in the form of data.

The media become the mouthpieces of the former ruling elites, transmitting information manipulated to fit the opinions attached in a subliminal, indubitable way, dressed with the same appearance of the objective data they accompany.

It prevents the internal, individual debate and the implacable criticism of that sovereign subject that built Europe since the Renaissance and that has been exported, with varying success, to different parts of the world that have been Europeanized to a greater or lesser extent. And, by preventing this internal debate, this capacity for dissidence, this implacable criticism, branded by the information/opinion message itself as the fruit of unhealthy suspicion, of paranoia, when not of antisocial and petty interests, the social debate of proximity is also prevented, the one that takes place in functional groups where there is personal knowledge or, what is equivalent, a personalization of the stranger who is accessed remotely through social networks.

There is, therefore, no contrast of opinions, opinions, suspicions and, why not, paranoia. Individuals remain isolated within themselves, unable to defend themselves from those opinions that come wrapped in the same format of information, to unmask manipulation and lies, no matter how obvious they may be. «This is not opinion. It is, like the rest of what we have told you, facts, objective truths» signed by the experts, by the wise men, by the mediators with the new «scientific» divinity, the priests of always the transmitters of information/formation/opinion of the dominant elites updated as pinnacles of democracy, progress and reason. An absolute, unique reason. A new enlightened absolutism that directs its steps not towards the liberation of thought and consciences but towards a return to the Ancien Régime.

There is also no possibility of alternative, dissident opinions, clearly differentiated from the data, unequivocally characterized as opinions, hypotheses, suspicions. The information cannot be submitted to the social debate of free peers, in the crucible of dissidence-loyalty, where to discover perspectives that complete those data and give them a meaning different from the one they already have incorporated. Nothing, then, neither inside nor outside the individual, can unmask propaganda, subtle or gross deception, the manipulation of an avalanche of information that further incapacitates, by dazing, the analysis of data, criticism, debate, the formation of one’s own opinion and decision.

Democracy, understood as the power of the majority formed by free individual opinions, becomes demoscopy, in the shaping, if not in the invention or usurpation of public opinion as a decisive political element that transforms elections into the final expression of that pre-constituted public opinion. Moreover, it admits as sovereign processes not only, or even not mainly, the popular consultation but any other means of «expression» of public opinion, always interpreted by the very power that issues the information/opinion with which it is constructed outside the internal and external debate of individuals. The street, the collectives, the international institutions, the minority social movements, generally massive and/or violent, become incontrovertible expressions of the popular will capable of annulling the will of the ballot box and the rule of law itself.

The «people», the demoscopic majorities built simply on the basis of minimal or invented opinion polls, it does not matter, are constituted as endorsements of the truth previously transmitted as irrefutable, indistinguishable from the facts discovered, interpreted and proven by the experts and the authorities. It is enough simply to say that a majority accepts this or that for a coup d’état to take place in which fundamental rights, constitutions and laws are infringed by the authorities without democratic controls being able to do anything but keep silent and/or justify such illegalities. «It is necessary.» «Due to the emergency..» And any fundamental right can be suspended with the passive or active collaboration of the judiciary, applied in its task of parallel legislation, called «jurisprudence», which ends up blessing the illegality based on manipulated facts and opinions dressed as unquestionable truths by the same powers that legislated to prevent exactly that which now happens.

And an ember of dissidence, of cultural genes of the ancestral European, clandestine, encapsulated in his own individuality, incapable of becoming aware of his power because the new reality of collectivist and pastoral Asian civilization dictates that power is in the masses, in the majorities? managed by untouchable minorities, united around their unattainable power, almost supernatural for the human herd and, also, for those who live within it threatened by the accusing finger, the jaws of the dogs or the lynching of the stampeding herd led by the farmers against those wolves that threaten the security of society reduced to that unanimous mass governed by a virtual brain residing in the elite, the powerful, the experts, the authorities… the Truth.

An ember that can grow as the manipulation is exposed and those who had been abducted by the old regime of the new «enlightened absolutism» acquire self-awareness and activate their ancestral European cultural genes.

No absolutist, collectivizing and cattle-raising power is safe in Europe and the Europeanized world. Not even in dark times when the absence of information and education seemed to make it impossible to have one’s own dissident, revolutionary opinion. No despotic power, no matter its disguise, never was and never will be safe among ancestral Europeans, no matter their skin color. Today, neither. It is enough for those millions of activists to decide to unite so that, with the same dizzying speed with which the old regime is being reimplanted, it will be overthrown by that silent state within the state composed of dissidents hidden in the underground. A simple spark. A demonstration, a tea party riot or a line of oppression exceeded. Exactly as it happened in North America or in France. In the same way and with the same rictus of surprise and terror on the faces of the confident and arrogant apprentice shepherds of apparently domesticated humans who remain shepherds of themselves and loyal defenders of freedom. Culturally and humanly superior beings. They will rise up and win.

It doesn’t matter if they have Cyrus the Great or Agenda 2030 in front of them.

Europeo Ancestral

5 Diciembre 2021

Aunque lo ignoren, muchas personas, no importa el color de su piel, comparten una herencia cultural superior al resto: Son europeos ancestrales. De ellos es el futuro. Ellos son la esperanza.

La imprenta supuso uno de los grandes hitos en la Historia de la Humanidad. Fue posible y, al mismo tiempo, necesaria, cuando el Renacimiento movió el centro de gravedad de la sociedad europea desde las instituciones feudales y sus secuelas absolutistas de “pensamiento único” hasta el hombre concreto, su conciencia y libre albedrio. La cultura, la formación y la información dejaron de ser patrimonio exclusivo de unas élites dominantes que entregaban a sus dominados el formato final de todo proceso de pensamiento: las conclusiones. Así, determinadas opiniones se imponían a la masa anónima, ignorante y sumisa como verdades incuestionables, negándoles el acceso a la información, a los datos sobre los que cada uno debería ejercer su propio análisis y, tras debatirlos con los demás, alcanzar una opinión propia, individual, y una opinión pública sobre la que construir la verdad aceptada, la ley, el acuerdo social.

La imprenta posibilitó a un número creciente de personas ajenas a esas élites dominantes el acceso a las fuentes y, por tanto, a la información desnuda y objetiva, sin ninguna mezcla de opinión disfrazada de “datos” objetivos. Y esa gran revolución, la del humanismo renacentista y el libre pensamiento, el triunfo de ese “otro” cristianismo sepultado por siglos de manipulación y construcción de una ideología de poder disfrazada de verdad histórica y fe religiosa, abrió las puertas a lo que ha sido, sin lugar a dudas, el mayor proceso de liberación humana de, al menos, los últimos cuatro mil años.

El Renacimiento fue, tras el oscuro paréntesis feudal, la culminación del humanismo clásico, un fenómeno netamente europeo fruto del choque entre el modelo neolítico importado desde Asia y el modelo paleolítico del europeo ancestral ( Grecia y, luego, Roma, crearon y difundieron una forma de sociedad inédita, una civilización alternativa fruto de ese poso cultural representado por el “europeo ancestral” que mantiene su impronta hasta nuestros días y se sustenta en una especie de milagro psicosocial que consiste en hacer no solo compatible sino imbatible el binomio “disidencia-lealtad”. Una civilización en la que los humanos siguen siendo personas y no han perdido su identidad y libertad individual para convertirse en elementos anónimos y despersonalizados de un rebaño o manada gregaria.

El poder del pueblo, en la peculiar civilización europea, significa la impredecibilidad de la opinión pública conformada en base al debate de las opiniones individuales. El poder del pueblo mide la legitimidad un régimen en la medida en que la opinión pública se resiste a ser manipulada. Y esta resistencia depende, directamente, de la independencia efectiva de los individuos para construir su propia opinión en base a la información desprovista o desnudada de toda adherencia valorativa, propagandística, manipuladora.

Información-opinión-decisión. Separados cada uno de estos pasos por murallas infranqueables. Sí, también la decisión final, que puede y debe liberarse del análisis previo y de la opinión triunfadora. Esa es la diferencia sustancial entre la sociedad “deficientemente neolitizada” por culpar del clima y del poso ancestral de ese invento mágico que consigue compatibilizar y potenciarse entre sí a la disidencia y la lealtad, haciendo que la cohesión del grupo pivote en algo tan aparentemente alejado y contrario como es la individualidad. E individualismo sólo es posible donde la cohesión del grupo se sustenta en la destrucción de la libertad individual, finalmente de la identidad que construye núcleos soberanos llamados “personas”.

Pero el transcurso histórico que iba cimentando la libertad individual sobre la que se construye la cohesión social, la lealtad para con el grupo y sus normas libre y democráticamente aceptadas, ha terminado creando una situación límite en el que la densidad de población despersonalizada y, sobre todo, de información en la que el proceso de independencia personal ha comenzado a revertirse de forma desapercibida para una mayoría. El triunfo del modelo de civilización europea, híbrido entre el Paleolítico y el Neolítico, ha devenido en monstruo que se devora a sí mismo para terminar varado en las playas de la civilización colectivista asiática, genuina y puramente neolítica, sustentada en una minoría dominante y libre que controla ganaderamente a una mayoría transformada en humanos herbívoros gregarios, cohesionados por el binomio miedo-seguridad.

El siglo de la información (todo confluye en este factor: electricidad, libertades publicas, universalización de la formación, informática, libre competencia, mercado global…) da paso al siglo de la recolectivización. Porque esa información, a pesar de la formación, se sustrae a las masas convirtiéndola en saturación perceptiva y en adoctrinamiento encubierto bajo la forma de datos.

Los medios de comunicación se convierten en voceros de las antiguas élites dominantes, que transmiten información manipulada para encajar con las opiniones adjuntas de forma subliminal, indubitable, vestidas con la misma apariencia de los datos objetivos a los que acompañan.

Se impide el debate interno, individual y la crítica implacable de ese sujeto soberano que construyó Europa desde el renacimiento y que ha exportado, con éxito diverso, a distintas partes del mundo que se han europeizado en mayor o menor medida. Y, al impedir este debate interno, esta capacidad de disidencia, esta crítica implacable, tildada por el propio mensaje de información/opinión como fruto de la sospecha insana, de la paranoia, cuando no de intereses antisociales y mezquinos, se impide también el debate social de proximidad, el que se realiza en grupos funcionales donde existe un conocimiento personal o, lo que es equivalente, una personalización del desconocido al que se accede de forma remota por redes sociales.

No hay, por tanto, contraste de pareceres, aporte de opiniones, sospechas y, por qué no, paranoias. Los individuos quedan aislados dentro de sí mismo incapaces de defenderse de esas opiniones que vienen envueltas en el mismo formato de las informaciones, de desenmascarar la manipulación y las mentiras por muy obvias que sean. “Esto no es opinión. Es, como el resto de lo que le hemos contado, hechos, verdades objetivas” firmadas por los expertos, por los sabios, por los mediadores con la nueva divinidad “científica”, los sacerdotes de siempre los transmisores de la información/formación/opinión de las élites dominantes actualizadas como pináculos de la democracia, el progreso y la razón. Una razón absoluta, única. Un nuevo absolutismo ilustrado que dirige sus pasos no hacia la liberación del pensamiento y las conciencias sino de retorno al Antiguo Régimen.

No hay, tampoco, posibilidad de opiniones alternativas, disidentes, claramente diferenciadas de los datos, caracterizadas de forma inequívoca como opiniones, hipótesis, sospechas. No se puede someter la información al debate social de pares libres, en el crisol de la disidencia-lealtad, donde descubrir perspectivas que completen esos datos y les den un sentido distinto al que tienen ya incorporado. Nada, pues, ni dentro ni fuera del individuo, puede desenmascarar la propaganda, el engaño sutil o grosero, la manipulación de un alud de información que incapacita aún más, por aturdimiento, el análisis de los datos, la crítica, el debate, la conformación de una opinión propia y de una decisión.

La democracia, entendida como el poder de la mayoría conformada por libres opiniones individuales, deviene en demoscopia, en conformación, cuando no en invención o usurpación de la opinión pública como elemento político decisorio que transforma las elecciones en expresión final de esa opinión pública preconstituida. Más aún, que admite como procesos soberanos no sólo o, incluso, no principalmente, la consulta popular sino cualquier otro medio de “expresión” de la opinión pública, siempre interpretada por el propio poder que emite la información/opinión con la que esta se construye al margen del debate interior y exterior de los individuos. La calle, los colectivos, las instituciones internacionales, los movimientos sociales minoritarios generalmente masivos y/o violentos, se convierten en incontrovertibles expresiones de la voluntad popular capaces de anular la voluntad de las urnas y el propio estado de derecho.

La “gente”, las mayorías demoscópicas construidas simplemente en base a sondeos de opinión mínimos o inventados, da igual, se constituyen en refrendos de la verdad transmitida previamente como irrefutable, indistinguible de los hechos descubiertos, interpretados y probados por los expertos y las autoridades. Basta simplemente con decir que una mayoría acepta esto o aquello para que se produzca un golpe de estado en el que los derechos fundamentales, las constituciones y las leyes se infringen por parte de las autoridades sin que los controles democráticos puedan hacer otra cosa que callar y/o justificar tales ilegalidades. “Es necesario”. “Debido a la emergencia..” Y cualquier derecho fundamental se puede suspender con la colaboración pasiva o activa del poder judicial, aplicado en su tarea de legislación paralela, llamada “jurisprudencia”, que termina bendiciendo la ilegalidad en base a los hechos manipulados y las opiniones vestidas de verdades incuestionables por los mismos poderes que legislaron para impedir exactamente eso que ahora sucede.

Y un rescoldo de disidencia, de genes culturales del europeo ancestral, clandestino, encapsulado en su propia individualidad, incapaz de tomar conciencia de su poder porque la nueva realidad de civilización asiática colectivista y pastoril dicta que el poder está en las masas, en las mayorías… manejadas por minorías intocables, unidas en torno a su poder inalcanzable, casi sobrenatural para el rebaño humano y, también, para quienes viven dentro de él amenazados por el dedo acusatorio, las fauces de los perros o el linchamiento de la manada en estampida dirigida por los granjeros contra esos lobos que amenazan la seguridad de la sociedad reducida a esa masa unánime regida por un cerebro virtual que reside en la élite, los poderosos, los expertos, las autoridades… la Verdad.

Un rescoldo que puede crecer a medida que la manipulación queda al descubierto y quienes habían sido abducidos por el viejo régimen del nuevo “absolutismo ilustrado” adquieren conciencia de sí mismos y activan sus genes culturales de europeo ancestral.

Ningún poder absolutista, colectivizador y ganadero está salvo en Europa y el mundo europeizado. Ni siquiera en épocas oscuras en las que la ausencia de información y formación parecían hacer imposible una opinión propia, disidente, revolucionaria. Ningún poder despótico, no importa su disfraz, nunca estuvo ni estará seguro entre europeos ancestrales, no importa el color de piel que estos tengan. Hoy, tampoco. Basta con que esos millones de activistas decidan unirse para que, con la misma vertiginosa celeridad con la que se está reimplantando el viejo régimen, sea derribado por ese silencioso estado dentro del Estado compuesto por disidentes ocultos en la clandestinidad. Una simple chispa. Una manifestación, un motín del té o una línea de opresión sobrepasada. Exactamente igual que sucedió en Norteamérica o en Francia. De la misma manera y con el mismo rictus de sorpresa y terror en el rostro de los confiados y soberbios aprendices de pastor de humanos aparentemente domesticados que siguen siendo pastores de sí mismos y leales defensores de la libertad. Seres cultural y humanamente superiores. Se alzarán y vencerán.

No importa si enfrente tienen a Ciro el Grande o a la Agenda 2030.