Final Judgment

5th January 2022

Much is being said about many things, all of them related to the people, institutions and various forces that are the protagonists of the greatest and most successful trial of social engineering that Humanity has ever known. Far above others such as those that predisposed society to accept new political ideologies or religious beliefs, prepared it to accept wars or pogroms against certain population groups. Because this social engineering essay of colossal proportions is what has allowed everything else. The trigger, a false pandemic constructed on the basis of gross and obvious exaggeration of the numbers of what should not have been the «Wuhan Flu». To date, over two years and with falsified figures that do not distinguish between deaths «by» and «with» COVID, five million four hundred and sixty thousand people worldwide or, in other words, an accumulated mortality in those two years of 0.07%.

The absurdity of these figures gives the measure of the cyclopean deception, of the social engineering process carried out so that the population, especially in the freest, most informed, educated, prosperous and critical countries on Earth, accepts without complaint, with hardly any opposition or resistance worthy of such a noble name, a suspension of rights and freedoms as not known since World War II, a destruction of material well-being, economic prosperity and the hope of progress in the quality of life unparalleled since that same war, and, most shockingly, to voluntarily lend themselves to be guinea pigs in a massive clinical trial consisting of the inoculation of experimental gene substances whose medium and long-term risks are completely unknown and the already evident short-term risks are concealed.

It has been, and is being, one of those historical events that mark the end and the beginning of the great eras of human history. A general rehearsal of a change of cycle, of worldview, of world, carried out with such success, unanimity and dreadful speed that it is possible to predict, without the need for great prophetic skills, that this change will take place not over millennia, as has been the case up to now, but in a few, very few years. It is therefore nothing special that those who have some perspective and are able to fly over the ground of events, enraptured by their specks of dust, their stones or, at most, their superficial geography, find themselves astonished and dazzled by the enormous spectacle in which they themselves are being dragged by forces whose magnitude we did not know and that, therefore, focus all our attention on these events before which we are nothing.

The portent of the walking trees prevents us from seeing where the forest is heading and, what is worse, who holds its reins.

The Humanism built during five hundred years in the Western European world, putting individuals, each one of us, at the center of existence, of events and even of Nature (now, dominating Nature has become an original sin), has suddenly collapsed. We have forgotten ourselves. We have gone back to thinking in collectivist, medieval, feudal terms, where individuals are mere anonymous components of a mass, a majority, a public opinion… a herd. We have ceased to be the measure of the Universe to become once again serfs. We accept that what has happened, what is happening, is «something» that is done to Man, outside his will. We think again that we are not the protagonists but, at most, the object, the objective, the problem, the benefit… the victims.

Both those who are yielding to the plans drawn up by this process of social engineering and those who resist, see themselves as passive elements, accessories, of an agenda that obeys economic, political, religious, ecological, geopolitical interests… of much higher instances and forces, hidden by the veil of this new medieval collectivism that came about in a matter of months, or that was there, under the appearance of modernity of society. «They want to do this or that to us in order to achieve their objectives, their agendas, their saving or harmful plans».

«God wants it.» Now, «They want it».

For some, «they» save us. For others, «they» destroy and enslave us. Vaccines or poisons. Salvation or genocide. Victims or executioners. Heretics or believers. Demons or angels. The very magnitude of the changes has destroyed our faith in ourselves as protagonists of History. It has turned our dream of freedom into frustrated pride. It has divided us into «awakeners and sleepers», into «collaborationists and deniers». In the end, passive accessories of unknown plans beyond our control. What can we do? We are nobody, we have no majority, no means, no power.

But it is not. Or it is, but not only. We are not mere objects. We can choose. And in that faculty lies the meaning of events. That is the ultimate goal: choose.

It is true that the events show a magnitude, unanimity, speed and success without historical references and, therefore, with a wide margin of ignorance that casts a shadow of irrationality and superstition unknown to the modern mind. It is true that there are interests of very powerful instances and persons maneuvering to obtain benefits. It is true that everything seems to indicate that humans, stripped of their individuality, transformed into members of some «population», are inconsequential elements that suffer, resigned or resistant, awake or asleep, the consequences of the acts of the only and true protagonists. It is true what we say and what we keep silent. But it is also true that within that cyclopean whirlwind that has trapped History there is another element that goes unnoticed by those who cannot rise above the mist of the mud and the maelstrom of the immediate.

A separation is taking place, a distinction, a test in which some accept the salvific sacrifice and others resist genocide. Some consent to the loss of freedom and others repudiate it. Some remain, still contaminated by the effluvium of collectivism and intolerance, individuals with their own criteria, with name, identity and will, and others accept to be subjected to the criteria, name, identity and will of others disguised as something objective, collective, superior to the simple, selfish and pernicious (sinful) individuality. And that distinction, that choice, is the ultimate, secret, transcendent key.

We are being examined. Names are being written in the book of life, of the new heaven and the new earth.

In addition to everything else, in front of our eyes, unseen by us, a selection is taking place, a trial that, if we pay attention to the proportions of the test, could well be that «Last Judgment» of which many mythologies speak with different synonyms. A natural or artificial selection carried out by means of the greatest process of social engineering that Humanity has ever known, with its cut-off marks obtained in a definitive test (the vaccine, impoverishment to save the planet, isolation and loss of freedom…) in which, voluntarily, no matter (or yes, for some, not for others) the pressure, fear and coercion produced, some say «yes, I want» or others «I don’t want». A judgment that even the powerful authors of this great «end of (neolithic) times» ignore, using their arrogance as an examining instrument.

What is truly transcendent is not Agenda 2030, nor the New World Order, but the selection of the chosen ones based on their own decisions: To die or to live. To become extinct or to inherit the New Earth, the Cyberlitic, which will be, and that is the definitive battle in unison of the final judgment, liberacist or collectivist, regardless of whether we live in a carbon or silicon format, as anchorites, separated from all the diabolical technological ingenuity, or enjoying the freedom and well-being that technology and globality allow the most powerful.

We choose. We are doing it. That is what is really important. Everything else is artifice, trickery, the same old scam. That’s why it’s not enough to refuse a vaccine or to defend equal rights. It is not that simple. We can only be part of the chosen ones if we really free ourselves, if we clean our minds of parasites, of viruses, of preconceived ideas that escape our control and take on a life of their own as «ideals», «values», «beliefs», «laws», «immutable principles» that live at the expense of our conscience, of our individuality, of all that which they «protect» us by disguising as «loneliness», «selfishness», «evil»… «amorality».

I am sorry. I am sorry that I cannot say something that comforts our fear of freedom, of not depending on an operating manual that tells us what to think, feel, desire, judge, decide and act in each moment. I am deeply sorry that, at the same time that in that epic battle of «victims and executioners» of «good and evil» of «humans against inhumans», a selection is taking place that does not respond to the simplistic terms of the world in which we have been living until now. And, at the same time, I am very glad that we are not mere accessory objects of other people’s interest disguised as noble causes, but that our own decision is the one that marks our destiny and writes the Agenda of the true New Order whose authors, protagonists and beneficiaries are choosing themselves in this Final Judgment. The only one that the God of free will could impose on his children:

«You decide. You are the judge.»

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