Eridu (Eng)

February 11th 2021

We said in «Multilevel Multiverse» that we live in a virtual world that is a computer simulation of the real world or some other virtual world. Little else can we know for certain unless we use the weapons and methods of investigation used by police or scientific investigators to construct a reliable representation of a hidden reality. To do this, they use all the means at their disposal and study all the evidence from every possible perspective.

In «Genesis» we saw how one such piece of evidence, analyzed from a different perspective than the conventional one, showed us reasonable evidence of the «computer origin» of our world, supposedly as the representation of the real world or of another simulated world. There we would discover that the language distinctions that we might attribute to chance also consistently indicate to us that the ancient writers were making a clear (to them) distinction between characters at different levels: the engineers who created the simulation program and the creators who designed our concrete world and put it to work.

What is known in the Christian world as the Old Testament is, to a large extent, an adaptation in monotheistic terms of the polytheistic mythologies of the great civilizations in which the Hebrews lived. There is no doubt that many of the stories told in the Bible are the monotheistic version of the same stories created long before by Sumerians, Babylonians or Egyptians. A trace of this conversion can be found in Genesis 11:7 where, suddenly, the author slips a plural in the mouth of God: «Let us go down».

The Bible has the important advantage of being a written and complete legacy of ancient mythologies that, especially in the case of the Egyptian mythology, have not left clear material evidence. But it has three problems that make its interpretation difficult to reconstruct the facts to which it refers: It is a synthesis of different mythologies mixed, in turn, with the Hebrew people’s own beliefs, which can be misleading. It is a translation into monotheistic terms in which the distinction of the different characters and their participation in the narrated events is lost. The different levels of «simulation» are even more blurred than in polytheistic mythologies.

In the same story in which, in addition, the different protagonists have merged into a single entity, God, different moments and entities are spoken of without hardly distinguishing them except by subtle terminological differentiations without much sense to us, but which, surely, did not need to be clarified because everyone understood perfectly well who they were referring to.

Major and minor gods, creator God and gods created by him, civilizations of the real world, or of virtual worlds that interact with each other through that Interworld through which they have learned to move and/or that the Interworld itself allows them to do so. Virtual or real civilizations that create a world to which, after having put it to work, the inhabitants of other simulated worlds arrive. And all of them mixed up in the same story without clarifying who is who, who arrives first and, perhaps most importantly, who controls the access and functioning of a given world simulation.

Venturing into the real world in which this virtual framework we call the Multilevel Multiverse was created is a titanic task. To know who specifically designed our world, when they did it and what role they have right now in our History, is really difficult. But to know who are those who in a more direct and closer way in time are involved in the events of yesteryear and in those of today is perhaps a little less complicated if we analyze what the ancient mythologies tell us and relate them to the present from a different perspective than it has usually been done. That is the job of the police investigator. And that is what we are going to dedicate ourselves to, trying to get rid of all the prejudices and «admitted truths», but without ceasing to apply cold logic, wherever it takes us. Because we already know where those canonical and apocryphal truths lead us: to Science based on that simplistic realism of the tangible and evident, plagued, however, with mental constructs, hypotheses, myths of scientific appearance or fantasies blessed by the academy, to religious faith and its spiritualistic surroundings or to the extraterrestrials described in a comic bestiary pompously extolled as «rigorous».

Sumerian tradition tells us that in the first place where the gods arrived, they built a city, Eridu. But these gods are not the ones who created the world simulation program, nor are they the designers of the virtual game in which we live. Above them there is, at least, another level, which that same Sumerian tradition identifies as «An» (Heaven), the father of the gods who came to Earth in historical times. That is, there is a higher level (of gods or civilizations) responsible for the creation of the civilizations (or gods) that came to our world (to our simulation game) and, presumably, are still involved in our History.

The god Enki, leader of a group of civilizations-nations-organizations described in mythology as the father of a family of gods, was the brother of the god Enlil, leader and father of another group or family, and both were part of the same «humanity» or world. We will try to build a robot portrait of these two great blocks using the descriptions and stories that appear in the ancient mythologies, but first we will interpret this «Eridu» test, to show us what is the perspective and the method associated with it that we will use to know, first, how are our closest «neighbors» in the Multiverse and, then, how are the most distant ones and how is that Multiverse and how is the real world in which it is given. And we will do it in a simple and straightforward way.

The name for our planet in German is Erde. In English Earth. There is no denying the striking resemblance to Eridu. And, if there is a relationship between the two terms, it seems logical, from our conventional worldview, that it is from the older to the later ones. It is very reasonable to think that the same name given by the gods (the extramundanes) to their first settlement in our world, Eridu, was used to name the whole planet. And, it would also be possible that, somehow and by unknown linguistic twists and turns, that same denomination of our planet is the one that has inherited, among others, both the German and English languages.

We cannot know what «Eridu» means in the language of these visitors, but if we change our perspective, we can find out and, at the same time, take a giant step towards knowing who these «colonizers» were.

Let’s imagine it’s the other way around. That «Eridu» comes from «Earth». Let’s imagine that the first visitors spoke who settled, according to the Sumerians, in a first settlement located at the mouth of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, called it «Earth Two». A name that, to the ears of the natives, sounded like «Eridu». Because that is exactly what happened.

An incredible twist in the way of looking at the same evidence places us before a radically different hypothesis. So different that, suddenly, many things that remained unexplainable suddenly make sense. Not in the direction we expected. But in the direction that will lead us to reconstruct the events up to the present day and to better understand what is happening right now.

The first «beings» who came from another simulated world to ours in relatively recent times called it, as is perfectly logical, «Earth Two». No doubt because they knew that our planet is a replica of theirs or a replica as theirs is of another higher world, of an earlier virtual Earth or of the real-world Earth itself. In any case, for the first extramundanes of whom we have written records, this was the first version of their world, «Earth One», that they knew of.

We will trace many more indications that the earliest known visitors came from a world remarkably similar to our own. This will allow us to know with simplicity (perhaps too much) and clarity who they are and what their intentions are. But before ending this article to continue in the following ones with the reconstruction of the facts, let’s give a couple more examples of what this new perspective can give us.

In the Sumerian and later Akkadian and Babylonian world, there was a strange concept that has not been possible so far to unravel. According to them, the gods had an object of utmost importance which they called «Me» and which they understood to be a kind of «tablets» where the gods kept «written» their knowledge and where the destiny of gods and men was sealed, what they should do and what should happen. There is no reference in the Sumerian language to try to (unravel) the term «Me». But if we take the features with which they describe them: Something (that looks like) a tablet (like the clay ones they wrote on) where data of all kinds are kept and we look for a reference to our time, things suddenly make sense. The term «Me» comes from «Memory (card)». That is why it has no referent in Sumerian: because it is English.

The second case will provide us with a very interesting clue about the society from which our extramundanes visitors come.

At the beginning of the 20th century, C.J. Ball wrote a work in which he studied the similarities between Chinese and Sumerian, finding an extraordinary similarity not only between many pictograms of both languages but also between many of their terms with identical meaning. Although the study of the origins of Chinese culture is highly controversial, it seems that there is a relationship between the two languages that goes beyond mere coincidence. And, again, the most plausible explanation from a conventional point of view points to an influence of Sumerian, earlier in time, on Chinese. But again we can contemplate an alternative theory from the perspective of the Multilevel Multiverse.

It is possible that «Chinese» visitors from that other Earth left their linguistic imprint in Sumer, which leaves on the table the evidence (and it is by no means the only one) that the similarity between both Earths is greater than what could be expected from a different historical evolution between both worlds since at least five or six thousand years ago. Do two blocks exist in that other world parallel to ours, the western one led by the USA and the eastern one led by China, homologous in broad terms with those that are beginning to be drawn in our world after the Cold War? The family groups «Enki» and «Enlil». Eastern and western. Yellow and white…

So far it seems that the indications, although extraordinarily suggestive, have little weight to support such a simplistic hypothesis? But we will see that the evidence is piling up to compose a scenario in which history and current events, when related to the exopolitics of a world twinned with our own, find an explanation too plausible and transcendent to ignore:

The gods described in ancient mythologies, who interact directly with humans, inhabit our world and, curiously, are described with typically human form and behaviors, they come from a simulated world that is a variant of ours only with more time of operation and, therefore, with a greater historical and technological evolution. An Earth very similar to how ours will presumably be in not too many years, which they discovered how to take the first steps through that Interworld that separates and, at the same time, communicates the different simulation games of a «supercomputer» in which the Multilevel Multiverse «resides». And, after those first steps, a new «Christopher Columbus» discovered what he called «Earth II».


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