The prophecy

October 1st 2021

The noise of Humanity has become too great, I lose sleep over the disturbances. Give the order for the surrupu (plague) to break out (Enlil. Ruler of the Earth).

The Akkadian Poem of Atrahasis, «the very wise», tells of the purpose for which man was created and how the unrestrained growth of the human population became such a problem that its creators decided to eliminate it.

If we correct the effect of the technological distance between the ancient Akkadians and our days, the story acquires an astonishing validity. For this, we only have to eliminate the errors of perspective that occur when describing objects, events or approaches of a much more advanced culture from the worldview of a more backward one. The Akkadians interpreted what the «gods» had told them, filling in the gaps of understanding with their own concepts and technological elements, thus offering a distorted and generally poor image of those mythological stories.

The Atrahasis tells us of a superior culture, the gods, who inhabited the Earth and were subjected to hard labor that triggered a revolt which, from our perspective, we would call «general strike» and before which the superior gods decided to give a definitive solution: they would create a primitive worker to carry the heavy burdens of the gods.

Hebrew mythology, which undoubtedly draws from the Mesopotamian tradition, presents us with a monotheistic version of this function for which man was created:

«So the LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till it and keep it« (Genesis 2:15).

Men were created to serve the gods (or Jehovah) on their earthly farm. Men exist for the benefit of the gods. Men are the product from which the gods obtain a benefit in their earthly farm. What is this benefit? Something very simple to say and, at the same time, very difficult to accept and understand in all its transcendence. Cows give milk, sheep wool, donkeys work, pigs meat, humans something else. Something very precious and that is only possible to discover if we understand the nature of our world. But this is not the time to reveal that mystery, because for the purposes of what we want to discuss here it is not necessary at all.

Both Akkadian mythology, as well as the more ancient Sumerian mythology on which it is based, tell us that the gods were divided into two great families: that of Enlil and that of Enki, with two different conceptions of life, opposing interests and different attitudes towards humans.

The enkis are presented as protectors of Mankind, to whom, using the Hebrew version, they gave a very revealing instruction: «And God blessed them and said to them: Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it». But, in following that instruction, they ran up against the opposing interests of the enlils and, then….

[It had not been] twelve hundred years [And the territory had expanded]And the population [It had not been] twelve hundred years [And the territory had expanded]And the population multiplied. The country, like a bull, so raised its voice. That [the noise] annoyed the sovereign god.

[When Enlil heard] their rumor, [he addressed] the great gods: «The rumor of the humans [has become too loud]: I cannot sleep [because of such uproar] [command, therefore,] that they suffer the epidemic!»

The Atrahasis tells of a confrontation between two great civilizations of gods: those who sought to exploit livestock and, therefore, sought to increase their population to the maximum, and those who did not follow a livestock approach but what today we would understand as environmentalist. For the former, the Earth is a colony, a farm, and therefore the environmental quality or the welfare of livestock is of little importance. For the latter, humans had become an invasive species that destroyed ecosystems and kept the gods awake at night (I can’t sleep). Humans were an ecological problem that had to be corrected in the same way as we do with any other animal species when it is overpopulated: reduce its numbers or, in extreme cases, eliminate it.

Today, although we are not aware of it, we continue to be exploited not by a concerted elite but by people and institutions with the most diverse origins but with converging interests. Perhaps the Akkadian enkis, their heirs or their unconscious managers who sustain the system of livestock exploitation of humans, converted into the equivalent of sheep, donkeys or dogs. Men and women domesticated by a portentous program we call «civilization».

We are the field of confrontation of two subliminal civilizations, overlapping ideologies, races, countries, customs or principles, fighting in a millenary confrontation, disguised with different wrappings according to the epochs, but coinciding with the interests of those two mythological archetypes of Enki and Enlil. An ultra cold war hidden in every event of History, in the American and Soviet Revolution, in liberalism and collectivism, and in each of those conflicts the enlils have fought against the enkis, the shepherds hidden under the verbiage of principles and fears that steal our individual soul and replace it with a standard mind that the beehive of the audiovisual media imperceptibly protects.

From that perspective, the events recounted in the mythologies of the Near East, which are remarkably similar to each other, take on a strangely familiar meaning. What Enlil did was to try to eliminate the excess human population using biological warfare. Enki, on the other hand, protected them. They were, we are his flock. And it is at this moment, when an Akkadian poem of 3,600 years ago acquires a shocking validity. Because, read from our time, it takes the form of a perfect prophecy.

Did someone insert a hidden warning into a myth? Does that myth speak of what will happen in the future rather than what happened in the past? And, if so, who warned us? Which side?

The enkis wanted to preserve humans. They thought that there was no demographic problem. The enlils believed that there was such a problem and that the population bubble had to be corrected as soon as possible. It is the same division of opinions and, for the same reasons, as in that mythological past. But there are some more data that should be taken into account before entering into prophecy and making moral judgments about one or the other.

Both the Akkadian myth and the Hebrew monotheistic version leave no doubt that the gods (or God) created man to serve them, to work their fields, serve them, worship them and obey them. But the Hebrew Genesis tells us something else.

«And the woman answered the serpent: Of the fruit of the trees of the garden we may eat: but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as God, knowing good and evil» (Genesis 3:2-5).

Read without religious obnubilations, the text makes it abundantly clear that Jehovah was not interested in men having knowledge, because they would know what was right and what was wrong and would be aware of the exploitation to which they were subjected. That is why he deceived them under the threat of death, in the same way that now the powerful, the shepherds of Humanity transformed into a flock, tell us that using knowledge, cutting-edge technologies, or using our freedom will kill us. But it is a lie today as it was yesterday. Adam and Eve not only did not die but knowledge made them free and they managed to escape from the farm where they worked for the gods.

The globalist farmers do not want their flock, us, to enjoy globality. That is why they lock us up in intensive farms, isolated, confined, frightened by the fear of death if we eat the fruit of knowledge. And they spread the fear of that knowledge to the new and fascinating technologies, so that we do not use them and, thus, they are reserved for themselves and can use them to control us. 5G, artificial intelligence or bionics. All of these can be used to control and subjugate humans… or for humans to become gods, elites, free from the hardships of work, disease, perhaps even death. And that is not in the plans of the shepherds of the human flock.

Among whom do these lies that speak of the dangers of the «fruits» of knowledge spread most strongly: the most critical, the most intelligent, those who could take control of these technologies and build a globality of free and happy humans, a Tower of Babel.

«And they (the men) said, Come, let us build a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven…» (Genesis 11:4)

But, then…

«…Jehovah came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men were building. And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and all these have one language; and they have begun to build, and now nothing shall deter them from that which they have thought to do. Now therefore let us go down and confuse their language there, that none of them may understand the speech of his fellow.» (Genesis 11: 5-7)

Let us confuse them, let us confront them, let us make them defend our interests thinking that they are fighting us (the globalist elites) because, if not, they will become elites themselves and we will not be able to subjugate Humanity, make them work for us in this slave plantation, this planetary farm called Eden (Paradise), where you will have nothing and, if you obey, you will be happy (Arbeit macht frei).

These elites do not want to decimate Humanity for the same reason that no herdsman wants to decimate his herd. On the contrary, they want it to proliferate as much as possible, no matter if their (human) livestock is happy or not. Lots of cattle and consuming few resources. That is the Agenda. An intensive farm as big as possible (global) sustainable and profitable. It is another elite, not interested in exploiting humans for livestock, that wants to reduce their population to a sustainable limit in terms of freedom and happiness.

Then as now, some are confused, seem the same or are used as propaganda in terms of simplistic morality (Good and Evil). Even more so when you have to translate a polytheistic history into monotheistic terms. That is why in the Bible, also in the Christian New Testament, we can discover this conflict between two conceptions of life as soon as we dig. There are two Jesus Christs. One calls Yahweh «Lord». The other, «Father». When he is on the cross about to die, he asks (reproaches) the Lord «Eli Eli lama sabactani» (Lord, Lord, why have you forsaken me?). And that is why in an ambiguous, synthetic way, the Apocalypse tells us who would win in this battle of centuries and millennia.

And I saw the Lamb standing on Mount Zion. With him were one hundred and forty-four thousand who had the name of the Lamb and of his Father written on their foreheads (Revelation 14:1) … And they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders. No one was able to learn that song, but only the hundred and forty-four thousand who were saved from the earth (Revelation 14:3).

Only a chosen few will be saved and will have a new song (a new way of understanding life, as free men) … from among those on earth. For there are others who are not of the earth. At least, not of this earth.

Both the Apocalypse and the Atrahasis clearly tell us that the enlil will win, those who want to put an end to overpopulation and the cattle exploitation of Humanity. And they triumph after a battle in which, after several failed attempts to limit the human population, a cataclysm occurs that, in some way, involves both sides: Armageddon.

The simplistic moral polemic between «good guys and bad guys» is part of this confusion of tongues. I have not the slightest interest in entering into it and getting caught in its smoldering brambles. Let it only be clear, for those who defend the preservation or even the increase of the population bubble, often enlisted under the banner of the «good guys», that the same God of the Bible is the one who participates or, if you want to understand it this way to reassure beliefs and consciences, the one who allows this final holocaust that will leave the Earth populated only by a few chosen ones.

Describing what the prophecy, the Atrahasis, tells us of what is happening and what will happen, camouflaging its predictions in terms of the mythical past gives us a frighteningly accurate picture of what is happening today.

The gods, all of them, those of one side or the other, agree exactly as we are now shown an amazing unanimity of all the powers no matter the political color, economic interests or religious beliefs. Enlil, the ruler of the Earth, gathered all the gods and…

(He gave) the order for the surrupu (disease, plague) to break out.

A disease that breaks out unleashed by the gods! Not a natural epidemic, perhaps not so much the covid but the «vaccines» themselves, which would be the real disease that would decimate Humanity, especially the most advanced and critical, those who are about to build a «tower whose top reaches the sky«. The very ones who must be frightened into renouncing technology, material well-being… freedom.

The poem tells us that this attempt to reduce the «noise of Humanity» is not enough and the gods decide to apply successively other procedures. But we can see them all coming together in the frenetic lapse of time in which everything predicted 3,600 years ago is happening in a vertiginous way.

A drought occurs whose consequence, which is the determining factor, consists of a food shortage. A famine like that of 1315 ( The climatic alterations typical of the beginning of a global cooling, which entails, contrary to the warming, a reduction of atmospheric humidity, rainfall and CO2 (the main food of plants) with the final result of lower plant (and food) production and greater energy needs. All this accentuated and, perhaps, precipitated by a volcanic winter.

Energy prices have skyrocketed, as have food prices. Big businessmen are investing in arable land, volcanic eruptions are multiplying and we are heading for winter in the northern hemisphere, the most populated.

However, this is not enough and Enlil, the ruler of the Earth, decides something else: He declares «a general embargo on the gifts of all nature».

We are witnessing with astonishment the slowdown, if not blockade, of (all) raw materials, energy, food, causing shortages and shortages of products in advanced countries of the First World. But, wait a minute, because Enlil adds:

«(that) Anu and Adad were to guard the sky, Enlil the earth, and Enki the waters, and see that no means of nourishment reach the human race.»

It is decreed to guard (close, block) by sky, sea and land, trade. This is what is happening and, if the rumor is true, also the destruction of food. The poem dramatically describes the consequences of this generalized shortage, especially of food, leading to a terrible famine. But along with this «general seizure of goods,» the gods, the Ilu in Akkadian (the elites, in contemporary conspiratorial language) led by Enlil decree something extraordinarily significant: Infertility.

«That the womb is too tight to let (the baby) out.»

Is one of the objectives of the «surrupu», the plague of vaccines, together with the weakening of the immune system, to reduce the birth rate? It seems evident that we were already warned of what we now suspect.

Finally, the Flood comes. A flood to wipe mankind from the face of the Earth. A climatic catastrophe that, taking up the Hebrew version, «now» in the time the myth seems to address, will no longer be a flood.

What will happen?

Armageddon. The end of time. The arrival of Jesus Christ and his angels descending from the clouds… And a revealing coincidence between the Akkadian poem and the New Testament:

Like a wild ass screaming the winds howled, the darkness was total, there was no sun… (Atrahasis)

In those days, after the great tribulation, the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light (Mark 13:24).

A volcanic winter?

Now, in a few years, decades or centuries. The frenetic and universal coincidence of the events described in the Atrahasis seems to indicate that the final denouement of one world and the advent of another, dramatically marked by that terrible mortality that will leave a small number of chosen ones as heirs of the Earth, may be imminent. In that mythical 2030? Perhaps, in one or two years? Perhaps everything will happen much more slowly and less cruelly. But there is a sign marked in the New Testament that takes on a disturbing significance.

«This Good News of the Kingdom will be proclaimed in the whole world, for a witness to all nations. And then the end will come» (Matthew 24:14).

Is the Gospel of Globality speaking to us of a global (good) New World Order (Kingdom) (in the whole world)? Is this New World Order that seems to be hidden behind the events that of «false prophets who will arise and deceive many» (Matthew 24:11) or the Kingdom of Jesus that will be enjoyed by those inscribed in the Book of Life, the elect?

The signs seem to link the stories of antiquity, especially the myth of the Flood recounted in the Atrahasis, with the events that are frantically swirling around us today. We can find a «realistic» explanation by forcing logic to the point of bordering on fantasy. But no matter how hard we try to keep our feet on the ground, the maelstrom of time and the incredible unanimity of the powerful, lifts us into the air like sheets of paper blown by the wind. Everything seems implausible and, at the same time, it is happening in front of us live and direct. Something is happening that escapes everyone’s comprehension, including that of those who believe they are the drivers of change, the masters of destiny, the new Ilu, the Elite who want the rest of us to be their flock… or not to be.

But we will be.

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