Alien Nation

February 13, 2023

The inhabitants of the Andaman Islands, the Jarawa, call themselves «ang», which means «human being». The inhabitants of Earth, the earthlings, call ourselves with different words that all mean the same thing: «human being». The Jarawa considered themselves the only humans that existed in the world. They were wrong.

A good part of the dissidence is making jokes about what («It was already known. We were expecting it») they consider one more step in the deception to lead Humanity meekly to the corral of the NOM, of the Agenda, of the Elite, of Davos… Of the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party (or is that right?). What was missing was the alien invasion to finish dumbing down the fools and deceiving the sleeping ones. And here they are, at the right time, the UFOs to save the theater, the farce, the conspiracy of the dark forces of evil that rule the world.

Okay. That may be. It sounds, as almost all current affairs speeches, in both sides (if there are only two) like comic books. But it doesn’t matter, because, no matter the format (movies, novels, comics, computer games, sacred and condemned books, TV series, network conspiracies, millenarian myths reset in climate change and other pests, political ideologies of all times…), all that, I say, is very topical. Even more, of exclusive topicality. Because that old vice clandestinely promoted in the European world and Europeanized since the Renaissance until the day before yesterday, the free thinking, the critical and, more transcendent, self-critical capacity, that of putting under the magnifying glass of suspicion everything that surrounds us and what constitutes us dressed in unquestionable truth, that which has given the greatest fruits for human happiness, so incomprehensibly reviled by some (they will know why), all that is no longer fashionable. And fashion, like popularity contests and preachers of the end of the world, are the axes on which the postmodern world in which we have entered is beginning to turn, just as Modernity predicted it would be killed by its children: Subliminally, stupidly, like children who do not value what they have.

That is why, guided by the outdated formula of free will, the rule of conscience and the instrument of critical (and self-critical) reason, I have started to think that what if the extraterrestrials or those from another parallel world or «who knows what those aliens are» were not only true but the only truth of this nonsense with which we are being wrapped in the most absolute confusion, which is, in turn, the mother of the most fanatical conversions?

Let’s see. It turns out that different people and characters, corporations, institutions, religions, ideologies, nations and political/military/economic blocs at the same time that compete with each other, even taking up arms, to defend each one their own interests that clash, as is inevitable, with those of the others, at the same time that they do that, they all, practically without exception, agree and collaborate in unison on certain objectives towards which they direct us by means of the same stories: Climate change, insect eating, pandemics, vaccines, new sexual morality, multiculturalism, migratory invasion (almost exclusively on white-majority European and Europeanized countries), sustainability (i.e., beatific poverty), conspiracy-mongering (i.e., unconsciously directed dissidence), etc. How can it be that those who fight like forces among themselves to defend their own interests, at the same time, collaborate with each other as guided by a superior force to achieve an interest that is above their own? What is this force that puts them all in agreement under its orders?

The elite that rules the world from the darkness and to which everyone secretly obeys.

But who makes up this elite capable of ruling over the rest of the elites? Other men? Larry Fink and company, the Rockefellers, these wimps playing the initiatory sect in Davos, Xi Yinping and Joe Biden holding hands under the table? Who among all the powerful of the Earth have the immense power to impose themselves on the powerful of the Earth?

Some very clear objectives that, from what we have seen so far, converge in a single point: to achieve a world no longer feudal, in which the vast majority work half of their lives for the vast minority, but to reduce that vast majority to the condition of human cattle confined in intensive farms like chickens, cows or pigs, that is, what is called slavery (having nothing and believing themselves stupidly and meekly happy). Because the other, the annihilation of a good part of Humanity, I am not saying that it cannot be, but so far it has only been seen in conspiranoid fantasies skillfully promoted by those who aspire to be owners of intensive farms, each one of their own, nothing of globality.

Targets… and dates that sound like ultimatums: why 2030? Why not 2025 or 2150, or 3200?

The same people who laugh at the alien hypothesis as a puerile fantasy or of geeks fond of science fiction, computer games or comics, defend, at the same time (we are surrounded by «at the same time») that beings no longer from another part of our universe and, therefore, in the same plane of our reality, but that inhabit and come from a supernatural, immaterial, spiritual world… have plans for the future of Humanity, (Flood, Apocalypse, etc.) and, in addition, they are the ones who are really pulling the strings of History. ) and, in addition, they are the ones who are really pulling the strings of History. And then there are those who, in order not to have to question their immovable truths, those of simplistic realism, prefer to pass over the surprising fact that powers with radically opposed interests defend, while killing each other, objectives, interests, a common agenda and, what is more surprising, to which nobody, no matter their power, has the guts to oppose.

However, in simple contemplation of the confusion, it turns out that it is not such a far-fetched hypothesis (at least, no more than any other) that of an Alien Nation that has imposed an ultimatum so that its interests on our planet may be imposed in a manner, if we want to put it that way, as least bloody as possible. And it is here, at this point, when we have to make two considerations.

First, what if everything that has happened so far is nothing but a set-up so that, when the implementation of these alien interests or this invasion (which conveniently sounds like a fantasy!) really arrives, the first to trivialize it and, therefore, to eliminate any resistance, will be the dissidents, the awakened, the conspiracists whose conspiracy has been reinforced with various little things so that, now, they won’t have to deal with what really matters?

Because, if those people from outside are capable of arriving here from other points of the Universe or from parallel worlds, they have enough technology and science to manage social processes that derive in the defenselessness and submission of the cultures they want to colonize (the Spanish in Spanish America)… or exterminate to keep their territories (the English in North America, Australia, New Zealand or Tasmania). And, of course, they have enough power to say to the powerful of the Earth «Ok, go on with your business, but I want this under control or cleared by such date». And the mighty men of the Earth, like the tribal chiefs of any remote and backward place, have no choice but to bow their heads and follow the orders of «those white men who have just arrived», making sure, moreover, that their subjects don’t find out anything until the last moment. The white nation, with its powerful weapons, is the only thing that can allow the different tribes to continue fighting each other… as long as they do not endanger what the White Nation is interested in.

And the second. A White nation? No, man, no. Those who come to Earth from outside are exactly the same as the whites who came to America, Oceania or Africa: Each one from his father and mother, pursuing the interests of their group, corporation, nation or political bloc and drawing the others, their competitors/enemies as demons, atrocious monsters, inhuman beings… Sound familiar? But there is nothing like that but, simply, conflicting interests. There were and are no good guys and bad guys, friends of the natives and enemies of the natives. There is no One Nation. There are different groups with different interests resulting from opposing worldviews. If we want to identify them as precisely as possible, «collectivists» versus «liberationists». Some come or, better said, have been here for a long time dedicated to the cattle business, to preserve and make profitable their human farm, to make the herd bigger and more «sustainable» and, others, to destroy that farm and that the most select specimens (terrestrial humans) for them, be, together with the conquerors, the only inhabitants of the liberated Earth.

Terrible to exterminate the population of Farm Earth? Well, apparently it was done thousands of years ago and the followers of the one who did it are fine with it: the Flood. And that same thing they say will happen again on the occasion of the Apocalypse, a war in which the forces of good will fight to free Humanity from the slavery of the evil one, destroy the human farm and implant a new kingdom on Earth that only a few chosen ones will enjoy, together with God and his angels. Specifically 144,000 or, what is the same, 12,000 members of each of the 12 tribes of Israel, the chosen people. But, anyway, it is probably more and from other peoples and nations. The fact is that there is a point on which all the «comics» (with the greatest respect) agree on the events that are taking place live in front of our noses: the war between two alien nations, two worldviews, two great blocs of interests. One, the collectivists owners of the Earth Farm, those who are already here, to complete and secure their dominion (2030) «You will have nothing and you will be happy» . Others, the liberationists (2025), the fleet that has just arrived, to destroy the collectivist farm and liberate the Earth for them and their chosen ones, those who will survive the Argamedon that is about to begin.

Although, of course, all this may be part of the farce with which the dark elite that dominates the Earth, over nations, religions and business corporations, tries to enslave us in order to save the planet (their human farm) and, at the same time, exterminate us to save the planet turned into a human paradise for them and a few servants. And that «Alien Nation» would be nothing more than another alienation for awakeners and sleepers, swallowers and deniers, tribe above and below, collaborationists and dissidents.

My opinion? We are not alone in the middle of the jungle. There is no secret elite of little chiefs who bring together all the little chiefs of the different tribes, nor is there a single White Nation that, for now, is only seen accidentally and has only contacted the paramount chiefs. There are, at least, two great alien powers (from outside the jungle, where nothing can exist) that are fighting for the Earth with conflicting interests, which affect us in different ways and before which each of us must position ourselves: either the safety of human livestock (as long as you are profitable. If not, you are sacrificed) or neighbor of the conquerors and citizen of the new Earth. All this in a few years, maybe months, depending on what happens in the war between those whites, aliens or humans from parallel worlds that, as it happened to the Jarawa in their time, we are about to know, suffer or enjoy all of us. And not only the chiefs of our different tribes.

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