The Gilgamesh Report

December 9th 2021

And the LORD said, My spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is flesh: but his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. (Genesis 6:3)

In «The Prophecy» ( I told how in an Akkadian poem of 3600 years ago, the Atrahasis, the events, motives and confrontations that crystallized the first great artificial extinction of humans on our planet, the first great genocide, were recounted. A past event that we know from the Hebrew version of Genesis. But what the Atrahasis tells us may not be a real event, nor is it fictitious. The genocide we know as «Flood» may not be history, nor legend or myth, but a prophecy or, rather, a warning that «someone» capable of moving through the recesses of the Universe, the character of one of those parallel worlds, real or simulated, embedded in the historical substratum, in the cuneiform tablets, the sacred books and the collective memory.

On a legendary substratum that in multiple and distant cultures speaks of a dantesque mortality caused by floods, the same perhaps that turned a freshwater lake into the Black Sea displacing the populations that lived on its shores in marine or terrestrial arks, refugees of the climate change known as Younger Dryas, that someone introduced in the oral story the keys to warn us, in the distant future, of what was going to happen to us.

This story added to the original, collected in the Atrahasis, is strangely familiar to us. It all starts from a problem that at that time they could not understand that it was a problem: Too many people. Overpopulation and the environmental, social, political, economic and health problems associated with it. What the gods set out to do was to reduce the population to a bearable number. And this reduction is executed through a sequence also surprisingly familiar in our days: drought, with its consequent reduction of the capacity of vital production (food) epidemics, general seizure of goods and climatic catastrophe. All this is in the news and in the imaginary that tries to explain something that exceeds our logical capacity and transcends the parameters of what we consider possible or even real.

We are warned that overpopulation would become a problem. And, from the events we observe and the mythology with which we try to understand them, that moment seems to have arrived now. But, if so, why now? Under what criteria or interests is it decided that the current population is a problem to be solved?

Three hypotheses come to mind:

  • We are on the verge of an external colonization, as happened after the discovery of America. And the invaders coming from beyond the stellar or virtual ocean have two differentiated strategies: one, occupy the territory and use the natives to exploit the natural resources. The other, to eliminate the native population and colonize the territory directly. For the former, the native population is a wealth and, therefore, they not only do not want to decimate it but, on the contrary, increase it (grow and multiply); Elon Musk: «There are not enough people». For the latter, the native population is harmful because it is excessive and must be reduced; Bill Gates: «We have overpopulation».
  • Another reason for population density to become a problem is that we are on the verge of a climate/environmental crisis that reduces resources either because we are entering a global cooling (warming never implies a reduction of resources, but rather the opposite) and/or that the reserves of energy resources and agricultural production capacity are insufficient to meet the needs of a growing population in the short and medium term.
  • And another explanation could be that we are facing a dizzying succession of technological advances that would generate a surplus of human labor replaced by what we could call a new species based on silicon instead of carbon: the Homo machina.

Any of these three hypotheses, save their appearance of theoretical fiction, is plausible. But none of them explains a series of strange phenomena including the fact that the «pressure for change» is being applied with greater speed and violence on the white free world. Although, perhaps if we turn again to the messages of the past we might shed some light.

The tower of Babel.

The gods observed the technological development that humans were achieving and decided to put an end to this cutting-edge civilization before it became a danger to them. But, again, we have to ask ourselves if we are facing a reset of history: did the episode described in Genesis really happen? Was there a developed civilization that was put to an end by means of a selective genocide, leaving only the most backward part of humanity to live? Were the material remains of that civilization almost completely erased and the most backward survivors allowed to tell the story in the form of legends and myths to discredit any clue or theory that would uncover the existence of that prediluvian civilization? Maybe. It is possible that a civilization reached a development beyond building imposing brick towers that seemed to touch the sky. Or perhaps it is a grandiloquent legend. But, again, the question arises: Did someone encrypt in that story the warning of what would happen when we could make a ladder to reach the sky: the launching ramp for space rockets, the gates of wormholes or the computer keys to jump to other worlds simulation games inside the supercomputer we live in? Did someone say: «Beware. they will come to frustrate your dreams of being like them».

To wipe out the forerunner civilization of the astonishing technological development, Europe and the Europeanized world, and to frustrate the development of a super-civilization. But, in that case, why not with the non-white Europeanized world (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan…) Is civilization to be allowed to prosper only under specific racial and cultural parameters? «You whites will not prosper but they, the rest or just the yellows, will.» Is this it?

We have spoken above of the confrontation between two «colonial powers». In the Atrahasis we are also told of two sides, represented by two brothers (two groups of the same species but of different lineage). Perhaps these two groups, driven by conflicting interests, are the same ones that are now fighting to take control of events. Enki’s side opposed the reduction of the population and, only when he saw that it was inevitable, tried to save his chosen ones. Are the yellow countries the earthly «children» of these gods? Enlil’s side, at first, opted for a much more radical extermination in which, if we take the Hebrew version, only one family would be saved. That it is contemplated to save from the holocaust a reduced number of chosen ones related to the mentality, interests and, perhaps, race of the gods or extramundane (or mundane) colonists is something understandable and very «human». However, if the problem is not so much or only overpopulation but technological development it makes no sense to allow a «civilization/race» to prosper for the simple reason that this danger would not be eliminated. Or perhaps each side thinks that their kindred will be reliable allies in the future? The opposing side would not allow it.

It is enough to introduce one word to make things make sense, at least from our parameters of reality: «First». It is not just the free, developed, white world that is to be wiped out, but first the free, developed, white world, then the others. Why leave out for the time being highly developed and potentially dangerous nations such as China, Russia, Japan, South Korea… And others that are not very developed but with an enormous population growth? The reason is very simple. Western whites meet a key requirement: critical capacity, the potential for insubordination rooted deep in their cultural genes ( es/Homo-Simulator-Rafael-Ortiz-Garcia-ebook/dp/B086Z38P2Z): the «Ancestral European» model, which bases group cohesion not on that which neutralizes individuality by increasing submission and obedience but, on the contrary, on achieving maximum individual freedom which, and this is the miracle of the Ancestral European model, empowers a form of social cohesion that is not collectivist, but liberationist, which makes compatible and mutually empowering two contrary characteristics on paper: dissidence and loyalty. The glue of the ancestral European group is not submission, the fanatical acceptance of a will, a truth or a belief. It is loyalty. Pares inter primus. That is what ancestral Europeans are. They are not obedient but loyal to others and to the group itself that guarantees them maximum individual freedom, and only to the extent that it guarantees it.

This explains the imposing, fierce, vertiginous and unanimous offensive unleashed by the leaders of the free, white and developed world to extinguish that nucleus of cultural genes that sustain the unity of Europeans and Europeanized people in individual freedom and loyalty. Something that makes them indomitable. This is why they have been chosen as the first target. Once the ancestral European within us has been eliminated, the rest of Humanity will respond moved by the old springs of collectivist social cohesion: submission. And they must do it quickly, before those cultural genes, deactivated after decades of social engineering in a large part of the population, are activated again. Before the plan, the process of impoverishment and domestication, the genocide becomes evident when those genes of dissidence-loyalty are still alive.

But what is the reason for the urgency? For reasons that escape our concept of reality, such as the imminent colonization of the Earth by outside civilizations that are directly or subliminally manipulating our world leaders? A catastrophic climatic event, such as a volcanic winter caused by a mega explosion or a massive episode of explosions? The development of technology capable of replacing human labor (artificial intelligence, automation and robotics), through Homo machina is advancing much faster than anticipated?

All these options are possible and compatible. The first two may explain the dramatic urgency we are experiencing to bring forward the deadlines of the «Agenda 2030». These are factors beyond our control. But the third option does depend on us and can therefore be implemented at the desired pace. On the date of a hypothetical extraterrestrial invasion or from a parallel world we have absolutely no evidence and, therefore, we can not pronounce in any sense. The «climatologists for the truth» have been betting for years on a peak in global cooling around 2030, which coincides with the deadlines set by the famous and, to a large extent, mythological «Globalist Agenda» and does not justify any kind of precipitation such as the one that is occurring. There is enough time not to gamble on a popular uprising. What, then, is the unforeseen?

An «unconventional information» could explain the advancement of the phases to adapt them to what would be a new «Agenda 2023». Something that «brings together» in a strange way many of the variables we have described: A technological breakthrough, achieved by chance or conveniently filtered by some outside colonizing power, which directly affects what seems to be the crux of the problem, overpopulation, aggravating and precipitating all risk factors no matter their nature:

The pharmaceutical industry has already prepared the «procedures and substances» to drastically increase life expectancy.

Un incremento que, según las apreciaciones más conservadoras podría ser del 30%, llevando la esperanza de vida a los cien años, que podría elevarse en poco tiempo hasta los ciento treinta o ciento cincuenta años. Y esto sí que tiene el potencial de adelantar todos los plazos para reducir drásticamente la población. Empezando por la que está en condiciones de pagar, demandar y sublevarse, llegado el caso, para obtener ese “elixir de juventud”. El escenario al que nos llevaría este descubrimiento se tornaría apocalíptico.

Why wait and how to keep secret this miracle that everyone will want to access and that would multiply the mouths to feed in a matter of a few years?

This would be the biggest deal in history. To make Humanity’s main dream come true: to overcome the passage of time. To alleviate the great human existential drama, the awareness of death and the search for eternity, embodied in the first known epic work: The Epic of Gilgamesh. Perhaps, another embedded warning, this time, in the form of a marvelous literary work, a report written more than four thousand years ago to warn us that the beginning of the «end of time», of the world as we knew it and the beginning of a new normality would be precipitated by a miracle, a revelation, a cause disguised as chance, a vile business about the supreme evil: old age and death. The trigger, the reason for everything to have been precipitated in an irrational, frantic, uncontrolled way for two years now. A few months after the great discovery was confirmed?

This would explain why the beneficiaries of this business, the elixir of youth, are the same ones who are precipitating the genocide and, also, why they have managed to «convince» the top leaders of the planet to forget their differences and join a project that is even more important than power or money: youth.

Perhaps, eternity.

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