1315 (Eng)

January 24th 2021

I can only imagine one reason within the conventional parameters of reality, without appealing to extranormal causes (which are perhaps the most normal), for the events that have affected almost the entire political, economic, social and personal spectrum of our existence to lead to or be exploited to bring about an abrupt control of population growth, if not a more or less traumatic reduction of the population: The threat of a natural catastrophe leading to a shortage of food resources.

In this case, logic would dictate two lines of action. On the one hand, prevent or remedy food shortages with measures on production and storage. On the other, limit or reduce the population.

If an event with adverse consequences sustained over time were to reduce food productivity, storage would have very little effectiveness and we would have to resort to technological innovation to increase productivity, for example, by creating transgenic crop species capable of withstanding extreme climatic situations, and building protected habitats such as greenhouses, the implementation of massive irrigation systems through desalination, etc. But this strategy would face two difficulties that would limit its effectiveness.

Depending on the speed and depth of the climatic changes affecting plant production, the basis of all food, there might not be enough time or resources to supply not only the entire population, but not even a significant percentage of it. And, in that case, a global plan of action of such dimensions would be necessary, which would require an unprecedented contribution of financial and human resources together with the generalized agreement of all nations and power groups.

The other difficulty would be that such a colossal plan would expose the danger towards which we are heading, provoking a chain of conflicts that would collapse society and the global plan to combat the food catastrophe, with equally dramatic results on the population but adding the destruction that violent conflicts would cause in the productive structures necessary to generate food.

The other way to limit the harmful effects of the environmental catastrophe would be to reduce the population. Less food, fewer mouths to feed.

Well, let us imagine that for some years now sufficient evidence has been accumulating that we are heading towards a scenario of “environmental adversity” whose practical consequences for human beings can be summarized in a reduced development of plant life, which is what determines the availability of food. Based on this hypothesis, let us analyze what is happening and what may foreseeably happen.

For several decades, a climate paradigm has been building up that has determined many decisions worldwide in the most diverse aspects, from energy policy to a socially acceptable way of life: Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Of course, all the successive “millenarian” forecasts that generated and, at the same time, fed the paradigm, such as the destruction of the ozone layer and the rise in sea level, were not fulfilled as quickly as they were replaced by new ones until, finally, a less “sensitive” denomination to the facts has been achieved: Anthropogenic Global Climate Change. A skillful adaptive trick that now allows to reconvert the propagandistic apparatus initiated with the British Government’s fight against the trade unions following the coal miners’ strike of 1984-85. Until then, the prevailing hypothesis was that we were heading for a global cooling caused primarily by a decrease in solar activity.

Once the anti-coal train was underway, a whole pleiad of beneficiaries got on board, each one thinking to reach a different destination, until turning this climate crusade into a social, political and cultural reference until today, arousing an “affirmationist” enthusiasm based on too much forced and hasty evidence.

Times of global warming are associated with higher humidity and higher CO2 levels, i.e. more water resources and more food for plants. Whenever global warming has occurred, it has been accompanied by an increase in plant mass and, therefore, in food availability and biodiversity. This was the case, for example, in the so-called “Roman Climate Optimum” and in the more recent “Medieval Climate Optimum”, which ended abruptly in a period of strong variability, characteristic of all climate transition phases, in this case towards a period of global cooling known as the “Little Ice Age”.

A cold climate results in a reduction of arable land and, in general, worse conditions for vegetative development, including lower humidity and low levels of CO2, the main “food” of plants now absurdly demonized. Exactly what happened in a more or less generalized and stable way from the second half of the 14th century until the middle of the 19th century.

The transition from a warm period to a cold one is characterized by a great climatic variability which, if the data are taken in a biased way and limited to a short period of time, may explain the almost religious acceptance of the theory, which has become an indubitable truth, of Global Warming. But the scenario we are facing, if the trend towards a generalized cooling is confirmed, is very similar to the one that occurred at the beginning of the so-called “Little Ice Age”.

In the spring of 1315, the “Great Famine” began, which would hit Northern and Central Europe in particular and would last until 1320 or, as in the case of England, until 1322. Its cause was a series of climatic anomalies that led to the ruin of crops. A “weather madness” characterized by great variability and atypical seasonal conditions.

The damage caused by this famine was aggravated by the fact that the European population had increased considerably due to the medieval climatic bonanza conditions and the great food availability associated with the warming that allowed the Vikings to settle in Greenland, the fertile “Green Land” where crops grew and livestock thrived.

This is neither the time nor the place to discuss climate issues, but rather to analyze the most reasonably catastrophic hypothesis for life on Earth, that of a global cooling that would present, among others, the following characteristics: High climate variability and atypicality derived, primarily, from changes in atmospheric circulation. Decrease in solar activity that would increase cloud formation. Changes in the Earth’s magnetic field that would affect seismic and volcanic activity, with a high probability of a volcanic winter event caused by an eruption of great magnitude.

Colds, droughts, heat and unusual rainfall, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions… crop failures.

But, if we are heading towards a scenario of transition to global cooling, why do we insist on the contrary and, moreover, implement a series of measures aimed at fighting global warming?

When the salmon breeding season arrives, the rivers through which they ascend to their place of birth are filled with animals that obey their own individual and species interests. They are not coordinated, but that river full of salmon of “global warming” is a confluence of interests: a lure for the most developed countries to embark on a race to replace fossil fuels with renewable energies, making a financial effort that makes them lose economic, technological and military competitiveness, a “noble motive” to increase the tax burden, an instrument of social engineering with multiple applications…

In any case, the measures proposed in the “Climate Change” paradigm, focused on CO2 reduction, would continue to be useful in a different scenario. Investment in renewable energies would be just as appropriate, or even more so, in the event of a global cooling that would force us to rely on both fossil fuels and renewable energies.

Energy, no matter its origin, will be big business. So will agricultural land. That is why “well-informed” characters, such as Bill Gates, or the business corporation led by the Chinese Communist Party are making massive purchases of agricultural land. They have known perfectly well for several decades that the climate scenario we are heading towards is that of a global cooling with a high probability of food crises in this initial phase, exactly like what happened in the Great Famine of 1315. Investments in food, energy and demographic and political control of the population. Later, once the population/food resources ratio has stabilized, the big business will be transhumanism.

A global cooling always leads to a reduction of food resources, living space and available energy. Global warming, on the contrary. Therefore, what is really being invested in is to minimize the effects of the transition to global cooling on the supply side. But, as this effort may not be enough to alleviate energy and food shortages, we must also act on the demand side: curb population growth and, if necessary, reduce it.

It is not convenient to publicly acknowledge that we are heading for the truly catastrophic scenario of global cooling, because this would precipitate and aggravate social conflicts that, by themselves, would cause damage equal to or greater in the short term than the climate changes themselves. For the same reason, it is not possible to implement global population control measures with the speed and magnitude required by the situation. The solution, therefore, must come from the hand of a procedure that allows a gradual and discreet application of a brake on the population increase and, if unfortunately this is not enough, a more or less drastic reduction of the same. And what is this procedure?

Pandemic and vaccine.

The plan to have things under control when the climate crisis is expected to become more severe (around 2030), or before if a major crisis occurs, receives an unexpected boost when an operation in which very different actors collaborated to satisfy different interests that converge in the same event, obtains a success far beyond what was expected: Operation Pandemic of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

It is not necessary to detail the economic and geostrategic benefits of the main actor, China, nor the political and, therefore, economic benefits of its necessary collaborating partners: progressivism on both sides of the Atlantic and the liberal aristocracy (Bill Gates et al). But it is worth highlighting what constitutes the enormous historical surprise of Operation Pandemic: the discovery that the most advanced, free, educated, informed and, theoretically, critical societies in the world can be manipulated and subdued to absolutely unsuspected limits. This is the great event that has changed the face of the world in just one year and brought forward all the plans that, from different positions, converged in the same scenario: Agenda 2030 (marked, let us not forget, by global cooling).

The Chinese (now British, Brazilian and South African) pandemic has shown to what unsuspected extent it is possible to steal freedom and prosperity from the Western world. And that makes things extraordinarily easy, because from now on, population control measures, reduction of consumption and distribution of living space and resources can be applied much more quickly and thoroughly than previously thought.

The plan has just received a shortening of the deadlines as it has been verified that advanced societies will accept with hardly any resistance not only a brutal reduction of their freedom and standard of living, but anything else, for example, something extremely delicate such as the massive influx of migrants essential to alleviate, in the first instance, the enormous conflicts that will break out in the poorest regions and, in a second instance, for something more important: to carry out a “racial” substitution that will not go the way we imagine it to go. Because the generosity with which immigrants are welcomed in the now rich areas, which are the coldest on the planet, will have to be matched by another reverse migration of the populations of the rich countries towards the warm areas from which their inhabitants are now fleeing.

Accept immigrants to cushion the conflict when the famine arrives and then, in the depths of the cooling (perhaps before, if there is a catastrophic event), once the population has been reduced and selected, migrate to the warm tropical and equatorial lands.

But, in addition to the unsuspected submission of First World societies, Operation Pandemic has proven the effectiveness of the “pandemic/vaccine” model to control and eventually reduce the population in a discreet manner.

Without entering into absurd polemics, let us recall the cold facts:

A disease spread with incredible ineptitude, which is promoted in an absolutely coordinated manner by all the de facto and de jure powers as a serious pandemic, despite the fact that it has barely produced 5% of contagions in the most affected countries and a 0.1% lethality rate. On this epidemic farce, sustained by such illogical practices as the prohibition of autopsies, an unprecedented process of limitation of freedoms is established in times of peace, causing an unprecedented economic destruction. All of which creates an atmosphere of social terror, completely irrational, which allows the imposition of vaccines without the minimum scientific guarantees (their manufacturers, the pharmaceutical companies, refuse to answer for the damages they produce) and which, in addition, have a “genetic design” that acts directly on human genetic material. Because they are not normal vaccines, made with buffered or fractionated viruses to which the immune system responds by creating specific antibodies, but synthetic preparations that do not have the slightest physical trace of the virus and that directly intervene in the genetic chain.

What is being tried to be imposed, and will be done by hook or by crook, are the vaccines of the New Scientific Normal. Vehicles designed to induce genetic changes. An effective, discreet and cheap procedure to sterilize the population that will not be detected until it has caused all the “necessary damage”, at which point it will have the perfect alibi:

“We are sorry. The urgency in the face of the severity of the pandemic is to blame for the mistakes. But now that we are in the midst of an environmental and food catastrophe, they are happy about what has happened”.

It is shocking how easily cultured and advanced populations accept the inoculation of transgenic substances under the alibi of a pandemic that has infected less than 5% of the population and killed 0.03%. Curiously, the incidence has been higher where the farce was most necessary: in the most prosperous societies with the best health systems. Completely enlightening.

It is possible that these synthetic human transgenic agents will serve other purposes besides selective birth control. The extraordinary proliferation of different vaccines, each preferentially targeting different places and population strata, will make it possible to select what is done, to whom and when. For example, it will be possible to reduce the birth rate in one continent or country more than in another, in one race more than in another, in one socio-economic class more than in another. The transgenic agents called “vaccines” by the New Normal are, in the current scenario of social submission, the perfect vehicles for almost any purpose. Also, if necessary, to reduce the population by inoculating lethal agents or, indirectly, by altering the immune system.

Because the false severity of the pandemic that has served as an alibi sets the perfect precedent for eliminating the population with absolute impunity. From now on, a disease with a much higher lethality than COVID-19 can be spread without arousing any suspicion or resistance among the population, because no one will listen to the voices of dissidence warning of what will be perceived by the domesticated public opinion as “conspiracy paranoia”. In fact, the greatest process of control of information and communication that has ever taken place in the History of Humanity is being carried out for that purpose. To hide the grotesque irrationality that presides over this medieval New Normality and so that, when the signs of the cataclysm towards which we are heading (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, climatic anomalies, famines, migratory waves, new epidemic outbreaks…) begin to multiply before our eyes, we will believe the Auctoritas, the shepherds, the “transgenic reality” rather than our own eyes and our own reason.

We already live in a form of virtual reality, the New Transgenic Normal, in which we have accepted without resistance to ride the trains of death to the gas chambers or survival confined to the labor camps into which our cities and our own homes have been transformed.

And thanks to the unprecedented success of this New Transgenic Normality, the tale of Peter and the wolf will come true: we will suffer a pandemic programmed to adjust the population to the conditions of availability of habitable space, energy and food resources, and also to the labor needs of artificial intelligence, automation and robotization, whose development will increase to respond to the conditions of environmental adversity.

Less “quality” living space, less food and energy, and less need for labor. The result is a reduction in human population that will be accelerated by the success of social and genetic engineering procedures, especially if a catastrophic event precipitates the conditions of environmental poverty characteristic of the transition to a global cooling that is expected to reach a peak around 2030. Something like, for example, the eruption of a volcano of colossal dimensions.

A volcanic winter would cause such a food disaster that either we proceed quickly to eliminate population in a clean, controlled, relatively painless and selective manner, presumably where there is a higher population density and better climatic conditions, or chaos and madness will carry out this population reduction in an apocalyptic manner.

We are in discount time for something like this to happen. And this is known by those who, as of this pandemic/vaccine, already have an emergency mechanism of proven effectiveness and impunity.

But precisely because there is a red button within reach of many (too many) fingers, let us not underestimate the possibility of another kind of global winter. Because the temptation to rush things, fed by the unexpected miracle of a river overflowing with salmon as no one had ever imagined, may lead someone to commit the folly of pressing it. A possibility that, given the spectacle of submission and defencelessness that the human species is putting on, we should not rule out at all.

Either that or an attack of sanity comes from within or outside our small-town redoubt of conventional reality and saves us, at the last moment, from the unnecessary excess of suffering to which we seem to be condemned. May a miracle occur.

But remember: There is no help for those who do not help themselves. All the rest is just a bunch of nonsense with which the shepherds do business.


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