Slavery or extermination

January 3th 2023

Chang An Avenue in Beijing in 1979 was crowded with bicycles driven by men and women dressed almost in uniform, who were negotiating the few buses that got in their way without much difficulty. China’s capital then had 5,600,000 bicycles and 77,000 automobiles. China’s poverty rate was over 90% and CO2 emissions were over 1.5 metric tons per capita. Just thirty-nine years later, in 2018, that same avenue is collapsed by road traffic and its pedestrians dress in a way that is perfectly comparable to those of any other city in the developed world. The number of cars has increased more than 100-fold to 8,540,000, while the number of bicycles has dropped to 2,000,000. The poverty rate in the country as a whole does not exceed 5% and CO2 emissions exceed 7 metric tons per capita (

If we apply the criteria of conservationist environmentalism, Beijing, and with it all the cities of the world, including those of the developed Western countries, should resemble the image of that Third World Beijing of 1979, with CO2 emissions values close to those of China 39 years ago. Clothing consumption should be limited to an image of sobriety and uniformity close to that of the poorly sustainable Beijing. But also meat, household appliances, leisure, communication, transportation… All this to comply with the dogma of sustainable economy, the fight against climate change and, by the way, multiculturalism, solidarity, social justice, LGTBIQ rights, is anyone missing? Ah, yes! The new women empowered by the neo-communism of yihab and progressive sharia.

Dogmas whose immediate objective, and we will see if not also final, is that, for example, the 1300 million Indians have enough energy readily available, economically affordable, storable and transportable, i.e., gas and oil, with which to sustain a standard of living similar to Westerners, especially Europeans, we, the most vulnerable, defenseless and gullible. Because it turns out that resources, no matter how many miracles the reviled technology performs, are limited and clearly scarce for the entire world population to live… like us, the rich of the planet. Not like the poor or miserable who drag their existence like a terrifying nightmare that begins every morning, if it disappeared during the night. To live like that, like the poor, for now there are resources. But it is necessary to distribute them, that is to say, to force or deceive those who have them in abundance to share them with those who do not. And, for the time being, this is what is happening. These are the facts. That some (us) live (much) worse so that others (for example, the Indians) live (somewhat) better. Then, we will see if all those cheap comic prophecies that circulate through the networks and new pulpits of old sermons that always, all of them, end with: «Resignation, brothers», will come true.

Of course there is enough for everyone if we all live in poverty. But is that really what we want? Or is that what a few enlightened people who claim to be the friends of Humanity, the champions of Good, the bearers of the divine flame that shows us the way to follow: «Grow, multiply, fill the Earth and subdue it»? The surprising thing is that the others, those of Evil, also wish to have their own Earth full of humans turned into slaves, i.e. cattle, only these, the bad ones, according to the good ones, secretly seek to exterminate most of the population.

Let’s get this straight: having many slaves and, at the same time, exterminating most of them? And not only that, but everything gets even more complicated when we discover that the side of Good not only wants the same as the side of Evil but, in fact, has already put it into practice.

That same divinity or higher power that had as a fundamental part of its agenda «grow, multiply, fill the Earth and subdue it», turns out to be the one who, if we trust their own sources, the statements they made at the time to public opinion through the media of the time (prophets, sacred books, oral myths …) has been the only one who, so far, has carried out an almost total extermination of Humanity, the Flood. An extermination far superior to that which, those who believe themselves to be followers of this tradition of agendas and elites, attribute as sinister intention to the theoretical enemies of their divinity/hidden power, defender of the Good.

And all this mixed in a market of information and disinformation, of true and false flags, of propaganda and counter-propaganda. The messages of one and the other, their intentions, their objectives… and the facts.

But the facts manipulated by propaganda shine in their nakedness when we put them together with simple questions from which to reflect with simplicity.

Is it compatible to want to enslave Humanity and exterminate it? Slavers ending their business? Really?

And one more:

That slaveholders want to protect the life of their human merchandise means that they are the benefactors of Humanity, the defenders of the Good?

And what does this leave us with? Well, there are really two sides of the same business, slavery, fighting for control in a new scenario that is already becoming inevitable: the cyberlytic. There is no savior side and no exterminator side. Only some characters and movements of both sides used to divert attention and scare the human flock to run away to where the shepherds want: the economic corralito. That which entails the loss of dominion over our theoretical and nominal property (you will have nothing and you will be happy) and, also over life itself (they tell us what to eat, whom and how to love, how to have fun…) This is the only fact that repeats itself since the farce began. It is the only agenda: that of the slavers. There are, for now, no exterminators. Maybe they will end up being exterminators themselves, just as it seems that divinity or cattle/slaver power that put humans in their «orchard», that is, in their plantation called «Eden» to till and keep it. In that case, it would be perfectly understandable why Davos, the Agenda, Beijing, the Vatican, Brussels, Washington, Mecca… all pursue basically the same goals. Perhaps the plan is first to enslave and then to «prune» the excess slave population. But why would it ever be profitable to stop having so many human slaves?

For now, the only thing that is announced and fulfilled is poverty, especially in the western world, which has been decided to be an unbearable burden for the profitability of the business. They live too well and resources must be freed for other flocks whose shepherds really defend them (China, Russia, India…) ours have either sold out or are idiots or both.

Eliminate slaves? Yes, why not. But the least profitable: the elderly, the chronically ill, the weakest… Especially in the white western world. They live too well and are so easy to handle….

Everything that is being done conforms to the millimeter to the pattern of the slave business. Eliminate private property and individual freedom. Only one social class: that of free men (and women). Slaves are not part of Humanity. Of the true Humanity. That is why they do not form a social class.

Who will make up this new and unique social class of free men? Here is one of the keys to the deception to which we are subjected. When they speak of reducing the population to 5 or 10% of the present one, perhaps the majority of those who defend it really believe that it is a physical reduction, but in reality it is a question of limiting to the condition of true Humanity a reduced number of people who will live like the present upper-middle class of the advanced countries, sustained by the immense mass of slaves.

Will there be only 400 to 800 million humans left? Yes (maybe less). But of «real» humans. That is the small detail they omit. A detail that explains why the different slavery gangs only compete with each other to ensure that the greatest number of their current human herds obtain a place as free men and women in that new world, the Cyberlithic, which they have decided to build on the basis of technological slavery, where the bulk of the work is done by humans controlled by high technology, which also serves the owners to improve their standard of living and quality of life in all aspects

Why wait for androids capable of fully replacing human labor if the prototype android called «slave» already exists, with a ridiculous operating cost and a fine-tuned tuning over thousands of years?

If we take away the 500-800 million free men, the approximately 2000 million of the current unprofitable human livestock and the birth rate is controlled so that the population does not soar to dangerous heights from the point of view of profitability, we are left with a slave population of about five billion. A reasonable figure for the business, the planet and the new Humanity, which, in any case, if the accounts do not work out, could be reduced a little more by simply applying some vaccine that selectively prunes another percentage of the less profitable slaves. Moreover, the attitude (submissiveness) and aptitude (labor and professional competence) of the slaves could be improved so that their total amount would be even lower. Perhaps a nice figure from different points of view would be a ratio of 10 selected slaves for every free man/woman.

Fantastic! An ideal scenario. The chosen peoples, families and co-religionists would live as humans deserve to live, with abundant resources, space and freedom. Slaves, on the other hand, sustainably, i.e. profitably, confined (confined) to intensive farms. The planet is safe. The climate… never mind the climate, because, when that time comes, real humans will have enough energy to create paradisiacal microclimates just for themselves.

This is the agenda. The exterminations are to scare the flock and put the most fractious into the pen of prefabricated dissent. Because, while everyone points out that the new satanists want to reduce the population, another Flood, another world holocaust, no one opposes as they should (by force, of course, how else?) the implementation of a slave regime supported by technology that will sustain a group of chosen ones (don’t the prophecies of the Good speak of that small group of chosen ones?). A plantation, the New Eden, where the Adams and Eves work as slaves for the divine court and its followers, the real humans, the free men and women, the new gods or angels of the, at last, only god (the NWO, remember). A single social class supported by subhumans.

And those who mostly fill those pens built for dissidents who help (involuntarily) to distract/terrorize the pre-enslaved masses are, (who better than them?) the followers of that divinity of Good and Love that, disconcertingly, according to the sacred media carried out the most horrifying extermination known: All Humanity, with the only exception of Noah and his family. These are the ones who feed the myth of the reduction of the population at the hands of… And the ones who warn that we are going to be confined there, in Colonia Nuevo Eden, to till and take care of the plantation of the overlords, the real humans, the ones who knew what history was all about and dedicated themselves to obtain a first class ticket, while the hard-working and misguided good dissidents fought to save Humanity.

Good vs. Evil. This is the movie they distract us with.

The reduced true Humanity composed of free men and women supported by the immense slave Subhumanity. This is the Agenda pursued by all without exception.

The reduced true Humanity composed of free men and women supported by the immense slave Subhumanity. This is the Agenda pursued by all without exception.

Everything else, tall tales.

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