The Great Robbery

July 25th, 2022

Great Reset?

What is going to be reset? The pyramid scheme with which those at the top, the swindlers, have been living at our expense for thousands of years? No, man. They are not fools. Those who believe all those millenarian, mythological, sanctimonious or conspiratorial stories are. Good versus Evil, Jehovah versus Satan, the Elite versus Humanity, the globalists versus the identitarians, Chinorussia versus the free world? Agenda 2030, Davos, the dogma of Climate Change, or the new and incipient religion-collectivism that worships the Planet God and sacrifices humans exactly the same and for the same reason as the Aztecs in their wonderful pyramids: To save the world. Sound familiar? All those stories and many others without any exception are a fairy tale that only a few geeks (Schwab and company) and, not at all times, several hundred million «believers» really believe. A fairy tale, a charade, charlatanism, palaver to distract the deluded while stealing their wallets.

Here we all are again gawking at those stories, those montages, those mock fights, those alarm voices calling for panic, which all end up, without exception, in the fact that the only thing that always happens is that we end up lighter, poorer, more subdued. That is the only reality, the common and invariable denominator of all the dizzying, disconcerting, incredible cataract of events of the last few years. We are facing the same confusion, shouting, deceit, accomplices and opportunists as in any massive robbery/scam.

What has it all ended in? The terrible pandemic, in a mortality little more than the common flu. The genocide of vaccines, in the expected normality of any massive medical experiment. The Ukrainian war, in the suffering of the long-suffering Ukrainian people and the dismemberment if not disappearance of that nation. There has been no terrifying mortality with either the pandemic or the vaccines, no world war. What has happened behind all these set-ups? What always happens when you fall into the hands of a gang of swindlers: we are poorer and less free.

Popular absolutism.

You control the media and social networks and that’s it. You are the owner of public opinion, which is what democracy becomes for 4 years minus one second (what it takes to cast a ballot) The media and, also, the payroll and the professional destiny of civil servants (police, judges, prosecutors…) once you have won the electoral contest. The political-business gangs divide up the territories competing among themselves, but they take care of the oligopoly of the swindle as if they obeyed the same hierarchy. And that also serves to deceive the most clever ones so that, instead of focusing and fighting the robbery, they dedicate themselves to chase phantoms, distractions, false riots. They do not follow any plan. They take advantage of the plans to distract their victims, the deceived and the forced.

There is no Great Reset, nor will there be. There is the same Grand Theft, the universal pyramidal swindle on which the world has been based since the discovery of human cattle breeding in Neolithic times.

Of course they are going to annul the few rights and freedoms of the richest and freest nations in the world. Of course they are going to subject us all with technology to a social control even more effective than the one they have been exercising for thousands of years without the need of any technology. Of course they want to convince the human herd and dissidents that technology is a satanic instrument, whose purpose is to wipe out humanity. Why? Simply because they want that technology only for themselves.

Let’s focus on the facts and not on the hullabaloo of one or the other, let’s stop listening to the accomplices in charge of making us look the other way and we will realize that, whatever the current issue, the only thing that is really happening is that our wallet is being stolen. That is the only thing that is happening and will happen. Neither the world is ending, nor food, nor energy, nor is there a nuclear war, nor is there a real plague that wipes out, as the bubonic plague did, half the population, but food, energy, taxes, inflation… are all going up stratospherically. That is the only great apocalyptic, sustainable, egalitarian, solidary, multicultural event… That is the new normality, the new world order. That of the charlatans and preachers who from the media pulpits deceive the crowd so that their partners or their bosses empty our wallets.

They do not want to wipe out Humanity, nor reduce the population. They want the human herd, the voluntary and forced victims of their millenarian swindle, to have even less money in their pockets, to accept to live worse so that they can live better, that those of the first world be satisfied with what those of the third world have. That the luxuries (heating, air conditioning, automobiles, trips…) be for them alone. That’s what it’s all about. To make the business profitable in order to get all the money from the first world and leave them with the minimum to subsist and generate money… for them, for the mafia.

Review the stories, the events and the final result, that emptiness in your pocket. Hasn’t it all been (still is) pathetically ridiculous? Dude, that’s how con men’s set-ups always are. And, if the deception doesn’t work, that’s why they have the power they get in the other great pantomime, the elections. The deception, when that magic moment arrives in which the unwary and the forced confirm that they are being robbed of their wallet, must be complemented with coercion.

Autumn-winter will come, and then the robbery will become evident. That will be the delicate moment when the swindlers will use force, violence, fear. A new pandemic, war, famine, police, judges, treasury, confinements, apartheid, bank corralitos… and an unprecedented migratory invasion. We will attend to that and the delicate moment will also pass so that the thieves not only remain unpunished but also continue to be in charge of the business. Then, if all this works, a twist of the screw: End of physical money and all of us with all our belongings at our fingertips in the form of official cryptocurrencies.

That is the master play for the Great Robbery: Social credit. You will be able to buy, work, travel… if you are a good citizen, if you accept the truth, that is, if you accept or pretend that the deceptions with which they distract us to rob us are real. We will have nothing and we will be, like all poor people, unhappy. But without showing it, without protesting, with a permanent smile so that they don’t take social points away from us and we can live a little better. Almost like the poor of the old free and prosperous world in which we were born. That’s exactly what «you will have nothing and you will be happy» means: meekly accept having nothing.

Reducing the world’s population? Another old wives’ tale. The more the merrier. Eight billion, ten billion, twenty billion people. We are their business. It’s what they live on.

So what can be done?

Stop distracting us with their stories and dissolve them with the evidence: It is all a setup to rob us with impunity, so that we do not find out and, if we do, we do not defend ourselves and, if we do defend ourselves, that by changing the distraction and the actors, the swindle can continue.

Focus on defending our property and our freedom. And, if we are threatened, to defend ourselves with all the means at our disposal. All of them without exception. Concentrate on ourselves and on what surrounds us, because that is the key to everything, that is the only important thing. Forget about distractions and focus on the hand that goes into your pocket. Because that’s what it’s all about. It’s the best thing you can do for each other, for the community, for the world. It’s the only thing you can do. So do it. Defend yourselves and yours with all the means at your disposal, without any consideration, without moral supremacism of «I am not like them; I am better; I can’t act like that» which are an internalized mockery of the conning charlatanism that makes you ourselves accomplices to distract us so that we do not offer resistance. There is no us anymore. That we that you thought would defend you in the face of pandemic, confinement, apartheid and now poverty never existed because it was part of the charade, just a cardboard stage. Defend your liberty and prosperity without any bullshit or complexes, because in that wallet that they want to steal from you goes your happiness and that of those you love. Return evil for evil and good for good. Do not give away your revenge, because it is yours. Do not let them convince you that the little you can do is nothing. Be like them. It is the only thing they fear. It is the only thing that, now, can help you. It is the only thing you can do for each other, for society, for Humanity… and for the planet. Or prepare to pay for them in the form of suffering and despair. You and those you love. It is as simple as that. The other is a story.

Wake up.

Reset yourselves, because the Grand Theft is not going to do it. It wants you that way: distracted.

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