Remember Wuhan

June 6th 2022

That’s where it all began. The beginning of the end. The spell of a farce that hides a redemptive purpose behind its sinister appearance. The door to a new world whose key those who only have pride and mediocrity believe they possess. But no one has that key. That is the secret to understand what began with a lie… and a revelation.

Things are not complex but complicated. And they are complicated because almost everything that has been happening for more than two years obeys an effective and powerful simplicity: We have been living for more than ten thousand years in a society based on the herding of humans converted into a virtual domestic species, such as sheep, pigs or dogs. It is, therefore, the laws of pastoralism that govern human life in all Neolithic societies.

But the enormous confusion of the present time does not come directly and only from the effectiveness of the Neolithic mechanisms to domesticate humans and implant a standard mind common to the whole flock, which prevents them from understanding the, for them, complex mind of the shepherds, but from the fact that we are in the critical moment of transition between the Neolithic macromodel, in which we still live, and the one that will succeed it, the Cyberlithic.

It does not matter what anyone does, neither the shepherds, those elites contemplated as semi-divine by the flock nor, of course, that same flock that will never do anything on its own initiative. Even less does it matter what dissidence on the table or on the Internet does. However, everyone is watching what the others do or do not do, while the reins of events are managed at a level unsuspected by the vast majority, including the elites.

The confusion generated by the current historical scenario is aggravated by the fact that the old references do not serve to understand what is happening, precisely because we confuse this transit, this huge process of changes that lead us from the Neolithic to the Cyberlithic, with the tactics of some and others trying to accommodate to the situations offered by this historical moment in the form of threats and opportunities.

The vast majority of shepherds and their dogs are unable to glimpse the power and depth of historical changes that occur independently of human action, but instead incorporate what they perceive as complexity into the cast of opportunities that allow them to make the most of what they have always done: living off others (several hundred idiots are necessary for there to be one swindler). The herd, led by means of false threats (the guardian dogs mistaken for predatory wolves) with which to provoke controlled stampedes and trap securities (the corrals, the fences, obedience to the protective shepherds…), is incapable of seeing with perspective not only the abysmal immediate future but the present itself that they have before their eyes in the form of a swindling illusion. The flock, the people, the people do not find any opportunity in this chaos, not even, of course, to escape and free themselves. They accept without questioning in the least this theatrical, media reality, this «apocalyptic confusion» that says that the atmospheric, social, economic and political climate has gone mad because of us, the herd, the people, the people, the former citizens of the former free countries, pretending to live as shepherds and not as gregarious, herbivorous, domesticated, meek and gullible humans.

We live in a scenario of opportunity in which the active subjects, those who retain the capacity for initiative typical of the predators that we are, try to obtain the maximum benefit from each event and, if possible, induce events in which they have an even greater advantage. They do not have a defined strategy, but tactics of opportunity or, at most, as it happens with the collectivism grouped in Davos, an ideal that dominates and manages them, unable to question it or even correct it, to set them a goal towards which they walk by means of tactical actions that confuse them and those who claim to fight them, with a real strategy capable of sacrificing tactical advantages (losing battles) to advance on the road to final victory, until the achievement of an objective controlled by themselves and, therefore, reconfigurable according to the major trends of events and not according to the outcome of short-sighted tactical events.

A scenario of opportunity in which the vast majority, also, and let us never forget it, those shepherds and their dogs who believe they belong to the human elite, react, but do not act, in the face of events, or, at best, like that Davos ennobled and deified by his flock and his unconsciously domesticated dissidence, they act in a tactical, short-termist way, guided not by a real objective but by an ideology, beliefs, mental/computer viruses that use them as carriers and instruments to reproduce, propagate and dominate the environment.

A scenario in which, for only a few, the confusion and generalized tacticism of others is, in itself, the greatest opportunity to get closer to their goals. But who are these minorities that do have a real strategy?

Right now, the Chinese Communist Party and the liberacist dissidence.

The Chinese Communist Party is the only great organization that has a strategy and submits to it in each of its actions. Its objective is not to implement an ideology, but to absolutely dominate the new and imminent scenario governed by «rules» different from those of the old Neolithic that is giving its last breaths. The goal of the Chinese Communist Party is to dominate the Cybernetic. That of Davos, imbued with a messianic/millenarian delirium, to impose their arrival in a hasty manner, as if they really were the masters of History.

The messianic delirium of Davos, sustained by tactics confused with strategies and a plethora of careerists and opportunists is, paradoxically, the greatest tactical advantage for the CCP’s strategy.

The liberacist dissidence differs from domestic dissidence (feral dissidents without strategy) in that it is clear to them that we are going, with absolutely no one being able to prevent it, to a new world. And that certainty, that realism, they translate it, as does the CCP, into a real strategy designed to obtain the same end: to dominate the Cybernetic and prevent the imposition of a collectivist model such as that of the CCP or Davos.

Technology will not be put at the service of eliminating poverty. Even less will it serve to increase the population to the point of exhausting the physical limits by creating an immense intensive global farm. Technology (automation, robotization, artificial intelligence) will make, and is already making, unnecessary the immense human mass that the neolithic model of wealth as a synonym of quantitative growth has been generating until reaching the situation in which we find ourselves. Technology renders both human labor and consumers unnecessary. And this process is completely irreversible.

The only two questions that are really on the table are, on the one hand, whether this population reduction is managed in a more or less traumatic way and, on the other hand, who is going to dominate this new Cyberlitical world, the collectivists or the liberationists.

In a world that is not based on the population bubble and the pyramid scheme (, the human population will be radically reduced. A reduction that can be done in a progressive and bloodless way or carried out in a brutal way because of the delirious plans of the Davos collectivists, the strategic coldness of the CCP or the events themselves tired of waiting for the sanity and responsibility of humans.

The question is not, as some would have us believe, that we are heading towards a transhuman world as a synonym for inhuman, but whether the humans who live in the new world will be free to do what is human power and what is human: to strive for happiness. The question is, no matter whether the format of our body is based on carbon or silicon, whether we will retain our individual freedom, the power of our conscience, our human soul. That soul that millions of people, without the arrival of the «demonic hosts of transhumanism» have already lost at the hands of ideologies, mental viruses, prejudices, social engineering… and all of them executed by humans of flesh and blood, not by infernal machines.

No. It is not that technological hell of which those who pretend to enjoy the exclusive power and benefits of technology want to convince us that we should fear, but the collectivism that with the help of a simple stick, a rifle, a bank or a ballot box, all of them elementary technologies, robs us of freedom, prosperity, happiness and hope.

It is what is being decided right now that we should be concerned about. Because our lives and those of our children, whether they are made of flesh and blood or of more noble and durable materials, depend on what happens, on who succeeds.

The CCP uses counter-information primarily to increase confusion which is in itself its greatest tactical asset with which to advance its strategy thanks to the momentum of its adversaries (Davos… and domestic dissidence). To take advantage of the uncontrolled strength of the adversary to defeat him. For example, to make libertarianism, which is their true and only enemy, suspicious by associating it with some of the aspects of their collectivist adversary/collaborator organized in an amalgam of tacticians, visionaries and opportunists, Davos: «They want to reduce the population» cruelly, even by provoking a global holocaust. On the other hand, we, the «non-globalists» (international socialism is pure globalism) want to save Humanity. The message they convey is twofold: population reduction is not inevitable. And the two opposing sides are, on the one hand, Davos (the demonic Western liberal elites) and, on the other hand, the hypnotized dissidence, the believers, the anti-transhumanist humanists and the identitarians, among which is the CCP hidden behind its networks of bribery to Western media and politicians. The same ones who let themselves be fooled and now desperately seek any distraction that will save them from the action of Justice. Those pathetic caricatures of themselves.

Davos works, like intelligent and powerful headless (strategic) chickens, creating tactical opportunities that only the only real strategic project that exists, that of the CCP, can take advantage of. A glance at the ideological-religious sophistry of Davos is enough to discover that each and every one of them implies a renunciation by the old European and Europeanized free world of its freedom, prosperity… and power. Because the axis of all that millenarian and suicidal ideology is shaped by something that leads directly to helplessness: The very collectivist (that is the CCP as well as many other religious, political, economic and cultural ideologies and organizations) principle of the saving poverty of each one of us, of our immortal souls, and of the world itself. Davos is an ecumenical religion that has swallowed up atheism, secularism, Science, Christianity (and not only the Catholic Church), even to a large extent Buddhism… But not Islam, which allows itself to be used, like a hidden Anti-Davos waiting for its moment, for Davos to hand over to it the supreme power.

Davos works for the CCP’s strategy, which is not to fight the Cybernetic but to dominate it, colonize it, collectivize it, while fueling the fire of Islam in the belief that he is using it to his benefit, to the benefit of his abysmally opposed ideology, which does want to prevent the arrival of that new era in which he would disappear like a sugar cube in water. And now, those smug idiots fascinated by their own messianic delirium and fallacious sense of supreme power (the same thing happens to all of them… and they end up the same) are baffled by the consequences of their collaboration with the CCP’s grand tactical operation, Operation Pandemic, designed to neutralize the most solid threat against their strategy of domination: the seemingly innocuous tariff war unleashed by Donald Trump (

Eliminate Trump ( Induce the Western world to self-destruct its economy in the short term, but also in the medium and long term thanks to the self-destruction of its freedoms. An assisted suicide. A destruction that was part of Davos’ tactical objectives to eliminate the resistance of the most critical populations ( And, when Davos dominates these societies, he discovers that this domination has been achieved at the cost of destroying their power, which is his only trump card to fight against the other great collectivist adversary, the CCP (and its conjunctural associates such as Russia). The sorcerer’s apprentices are beginning to see that they were guided by a stupid messianic/millenarianist ideology (Agenda 2030), while the CCP follows a strategy based on reality: the Cyberlite is imminent and inevitable and we should not waste opportunities to propitiate it, as Davos does, but take advantage of them to dominate it.

From this moment onwards, the only strategy present as such on the game board, that of the CCP, will begin to bear fruit no matter what the Davos propaganda tells and no matter how many battles they seem to win. The war is lost for the former free world and, also, for those who aspired to be part of it someday not too far away… unless the one and only true enemy of all these players, liberacism, manages to organize itself no matter how big and seemingly powerful it is at first. Or that, as many of us believe, this is not the only world in the wide World. And the liberationists on the beaches of Normandy will this time reach Berlin before the Soviet collectivist «liberators» do.

A revelation that very few will understand. A sign disguised as a trifle, a coincidence, an invention. Now is when the great battle really begins. And it will not be fought by those who believe they have the power to do so, but by a minority that has not yet recognized itself and that will soon be called upon to do so.

Because the New World that is coming belongs to you.

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