March 24th 2022

The reverse war, whereby the most powerful renounce to defend themselves with all their power and are defeated by the weak who renounce to use their weak power (the Green March, let us remember), will give the civilized neolithic technosystem as the winner. Or, perhaps, the miracle of dissidence-loyalty will be able to liberate us and, with us, the whole Humanity. (Homo Simulator)

Of the many transcendent events that are happening with dizzying speed, even of what is not happening and according to, until a few months ago, realistic reason, should be happening, it is extraordinarily difficult to select one that stands out above the rest. A whirlwind of historical energy has been unleashed without anyone, not even those hidden or express powers to which the millenarian mythology of the 21st century attributes the authorship and execution of plans, changes and agendas, having even remotely sufficient control over the events, beyond the short term of the opportunities that the troubled river offers to fishermen or the limited scope of their direct power. A whirlwind that drags us all along, even those who believe themselves to be powerful and secret «conductors», although they do not yet know it, and that feeds itself with chaos, myths, superstition, arrogance and stupidity as rarely seen in human history.

Yes, we are at the gates, if not already at the gates, of a new feudal epoch. But not even that crude description, accurate and, at the same time, diffuse, as befits the chaos in which History is wallowing, or any other that appeals to prophecies disguised as rationality and science, to old myths of occult and diabolical elites, to supernatural or paranormal powers… nothing can illuminate the abyss into which we are already falling. Nothing can illuminate its abyss, nor predict with a minimum of certainty the short scenario of just a few months ahead of us. Because no, powerful gentlemen and their anti- or pro-fans, neither the World nor History obeys anyone’s orders to go where their arrogance points them.

That is why, when so many flashes seem to illuminate the course of events and make us forget that we are falling through an unpredictable whirlwind, choosing something that stands out among so many uncertain threats is as difficult as it is useless. Perhaps most complicated of all is to identify which sides are competing with each other and not just pretending to do so, and which characters, institutions and nations fall into each of those sides, if there is more than one. But even if this diffuse scenario of complicities and enmities were to be clarified, it would be equally useless for ordinary mortals who, it is certain, are the fish that these opportunists are fighting over in the troubled river of what seems to be the chaotic transition between two great eras of history: the Neolithic and the Cyberlithic.

Well, even so, and having so many promising omens to mark as «decisive events», of course in the short term that we can afford to imagine with any kind of solidity, I dare to mark a milestone that will not only be the judge of the immediate destiny of Humanity, but will also open the door to the New World for whose control, without being fully aware of it, those who are competing and, at the same time, who are fighting for control of it, disrupting or confirming the purposes of those who believe themselves to be the masters of History, but will open the door to the New World for whose control those who compete and, at the same time, conspire to lead us all towards their goal, their utopia, their truth, are fighting, without being fully aware of it.

Famine, hunger, poverty.

The determining factor of what may happen over the next three years is not any of the issues that remain topical, even though almost all of them are very serious. Inflation, financial collapse, a deep recession, new tactical or strategic maneuvers by the major political, economic and ideological groups, such as pandemics, localized wars, regional conflicts, apocalyptic scenarios (blackouts, power cuts, shortages or, why not, extraterrestrial threats). All this is part of the game and is controlled by the competing/complicit parties, even if much less than they assume. The surprise factor is a consequence of all these power games, like so many others, but, in this case, unpredictably enhanced by something of a depth that escapes all short-term calculations and even the medium and long-term plans that some of the major power groups intend to impose on History. That something is the transition from the Neolithic to the Cyberlithic. Something that is already happening with hardly any attention being paid to it, as we are all dazzled by the great theater that is the present.

If anything characterizes the Neolithic, in which we still find ourselves, it is the fragile balance between demographic bomb and food production. The economic system based on «growth» (see and not on creation, an immense pyramid scheme that emerged more than 10,000 years ago, is extraordinarily sensitive to any decrease in goods, especially food and/or to the contribution of new taxpayers that every ponzi scheme requires in order not to go into crisis. But, also, a population at the limits of what the technology and the ecosystem is able to support, something essential to maximize the «incorporation of new depositors» that maintains the pyramid scheme, is pushed by any setback to suffer famines that decimate the population and serve to renew the need for a new ponzi fraud (it also happens after every war, natural disaster or economic crisis). After the famines, the system is reset with new formulas of the same old scam. But what if the very system based on the pyramid scheme we call «Neolithic» and which we think (so the swindlers have led us to believe) consists of agriculture and livestock (on which mankind still feeds) disappears?

The last Great Famine will show its incipient face at the end of next Fall and will have its apogee throughout 2023, with a completely unsuspected outcome at the end of that year or the beginning of the next. An outcome that will devastate all grand geostrategic plans, overbearing agendas and prophecies masquerading as rational forecasts. Or, perhaps, it will raise one of those plans, not necessarily the one with the best prospects, and sweep away all others. But this Great Famine will not have as its destructive battering ram hunger itself, but the collateral effects that its proximity produces before it spreads like a true plague of starvation.

Yes, a lot of people are going to starve. Between 200 and 500 million more than usual. But it is not those poor souls that will move the rest of humans to change the course of history. They will serve, yes, to cause a terror that, together with food shortages and poverty in that great Second World of developing countries and, of course, in the Third World, will cause an explosion of social conflicts, regional armed clashes and a migratory wave such as we have never known and can hardly imagine. And this wave of migration will upset all plans, agendas and predictions.

The economic crisis that the Western world will suffer, especially deep in the EU and, within this, in Spain, will be joined by the wave of conflicts of hunger, with its colored springs and its millions of refugees, This will mean that neither the imposing machinery of social engineering tested with overwhelming success on the occasion of the pandemic nor the totalitarian mechanisms implemented in the former free world will be able to prevent the rise and seizure of power of radical movements which, this time, will be aligned with the defense at all costs and by all means of the culture, identity, freedom and material well-being (this is the key to everything) of Europeans.

A new Hitler, without the bloodthirsty extremes of this one, but also without the helplessness, masochism and Stockholm syndrome that social democracy, that vaccine of attenuated communism that was theoretically invented to immunize the free world against the communist pandemic, has been building the contemporary neo-communism, a multicolored neo-feudalism whose last stage is the return of absolutism.

The ancestral European will awaken (almost everything is predicted here and will catch by surprise the neo-communist collectivism and the new oligarchic aristocracy of Davos, heir of the one already defeated by the American Revolution. The Cyberlitic, unstoppable as the seasons are, will be collectivist or liberationist. That is the only transcendent question for Humanity.

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