The Emperor is naked.

February 10th 2022

The image of Putin in the Beijing National Stadium, surrounded by empty seats and a halo of concern mixed with anger, said something very clear to anyone who observed the scene with the simplicity of a child: His plans had been frustrated. Ambitious plans, drawn by the euphoria of the spectacular triumph of Operation Pandemic launched by the Chinese People’s Army to reverse the damage caused by the war of tariffs, launched by the only president in recent times who did not owe his fortune to anyone or anything: Donald Trump. Damage that was being greater than what was transcended for what really concerns the Chinese Communist Party, lord and master, with its red emperor sitting at the top of a small courtly pyramid, the politburo: staying in power.

If the economic growth machine slows down, popular discontent, social conflicts and palace revolts would put the emperor and his closest associates, the twenty-five most powerful people in China, overwhelmingly male, on the verge of a purge to save the regime and, perhaps, these times we live in are unpredictable, replace it with another governed by democracy and the rule of law. This is the Achilles heel of the Chinese neo-communist regime set up by Deng Xiaoping, the country’s true political genius since the victory of communism. Without economic growth, the followership of the people would languish to the point of turning into frustration, anger and a yearning for freedom. For freedom, though ignored even by the corsair barons of East and West, heirs of the British Empire based on the privateering system, is the source of lasting prosperity, not the other way around.

A golden opportunity presented itself for this new infamous alliance after that of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

The US weakened more than ever by the internal division caused as a collateral effect of Operation Biden, by means of which, with the inestimable help of those corsair capitalist barons, the triumph was stolen from Donald Trump, alone or, even worse, coldly and falsely supported by the majority of his party. A US without pulse, without craving for power, without the polar star of an iron freedom that defends itself with all available means, without complexes and without surrendering to the collectivist strategy rehearsed with portentous success in the Green March of Morocco to conquer Western Sahara using the weakness of the enemy, the Spain in post-Francoist decadence that continues its descent into the abyss by tearing itself to pieces.

Germany, victim of itself, of the social-democratic vaccine invented to stop the expansion of communism and which has become pure neo-national socialism, of the progressive mantras disguised with the best values of the European and Europeanized free world, discovering that those ecological and solidarity mantras have placed it and, with it, its Vichy EU, before the absolute energy dependence from abroad and the already unsolvable Third World and Islamic invasion from within, which does not solve the labor shortage but, on the contrary, has created a political and social problem that will end up as a political and social problem, in the face of absolute energy dependence from abroad and the already unsolvable Third World and Islamic invasion from within, which does not solve the lack of manpower but, on the contrary, has created a political and social problem that will end up eating away, sooner than the worst predictions predict, the foundations of the freest, most prosperous and just societies on the planet.

These are two of the three main keys to understand the current scenario: the USA, the IV Reich hidden behind two letters, the EU, and the corsair capitalist barons, owners of public opinion which, after the meticulous and persistent social engineering of collectivism (including some religions), has replaced popular sovereignty in the liberal democracies, daughters of the American Revolution, which so fiercely fought the British Empire owned by those corsair barons and the noble aristocracy transformed into a business and financial oligarchy.

With Nord Stream 2 completed, just a push of a button away from solving the energy dependence of the deluded European progressives, the time has come for Russia to reconquer Ukraine, or at least the Dombas. The USA only has the strength to bluster. Germany, of course, will not take part in any adventure to defend the Ukrainian regime, a scarecrow of political mafia gangs, which would endanger the energy supply it vitally needs. But there is something else. China joins the plan with the aim of reconquering Taiwan or, at least, imposing a puppet government which, in a second phase, would proceed to its full integration into the China of Den Xiaoping, guarantor of the prosperity of the Taiwanese. In return, Russia would guarantee the supply of oil and gas to China. In addition to allowing it sufficient room for military impunity to expand commercially in order to maintain its economic growth and avoid the fall of the neo-communist regime or the loss of power of Xi Jinping and his courtiers.

Everything was perfect. But Putin, the mastermind of this audacious plan, was in for a surprise. There are always surprises that the powerful never count on. The red emperor is naked. No one dares to say so. But when Putin travels to Beijing, with his scheming child’s eyes, he finds out. And from then on, plans change and everyone is hurt, except the weakest. The US will no longer have to fight for what it has no pulse for. And Germany will be able to inject itself with Russian gas to alleviate the dependency caused by its policies of spoiled children who forgot how their parents rescued them from ruin.

The unforeseen problem is that the power of Xi Jinping and his group is not as solid as it seems. Many within the party apparatus itself are aware that the great opportunity for China to become the protagonist of a new Renaissance that will serve as a transition to the new world, the Cyberlite, may be spoiled, in fact, it is being spoiled, by the immobilism of Xi and his clique, which threatens to lock China back into itself, rejected by the rest of the nations that aspire to prosperity through the only sustainable path: freedom.

The Red Emperor is naked of power.

A military adventure in Taiwan, regardless of the military risks involved if the US and its allies in the region decided to respond with more than bluster and impossible sanctions, would provide an opportunity for the quietly lurking internal opposition to set in motion the toppling of the Chinese Communist Party leadership. The US aided this internal, fraternal dissent by sending a message: I will withdraw my embassy staff in Beijing because we plan to respond in a big way. And that response would give Xi Jinping’s enemies the opportunity to initiate a purge supported by the big Chinese businessmen, eager to join the New British Empire called Agenda 2030, Davos and New World Order so ably promoted by the necommunist regime and that Great Ukraine called Russia.

Xi told Putin not to count on him, that he could not, that it was really Russia that was interested in getting Xi told Putin not to count on him, that he could not, that it was really Russia that was interested in getting a stable client, China, to fill its coffers with oil and gas. And that Beijing had no need for military adventures, because the West and its Eastern allies would fall like ripe fruit into the arms of the Asian giant ruled with an iron fist by Neo-Communism, provisionally allied with the New British Empire of corsair barons.

Putin found himself alone in Beijing’s National Stadium. And even more alone at the Waldorf Astoria Beijing, where he took refuge after rejecting the much more dazzling official hotels and where several of his bodyguards caught COVID-19 and some clients died in strange circumstances. Alone, scared and angry. That scheming boy, Vladimir, was returning to Moscow after nine hours in the capital of the Red Empire, without exhausting the initial twenty-four-hour plan with his friend, Xi Jinping, the last emperor of the neo-communist dynasty.

What about now? No one can rule out a desperate move by Putin. A bold gambit with Germany as a dependent and submissive spouse. A false flag attack against the defenseless Russian-speaking population of the Dombas that would justify a humanitarian intervention by the Russian army, not an invasion, of course.

Only two questions remain to be answered. On the one hand, the depth of the weakness of the Biden team and the corsair barons. Because, if they feel threatened, their reaction could be even more dangerous and desperate than Putin’s: the invasion of Crimea and/or the installation of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. On the other, the strength of the internal and external opposition to Xi Jinping’s regime. Because, if, as it seems, the Red Emperor is naked, it would only take a child to proclaim it. And that child is about to speak. Perhaps he has already done so, even if no one dares to listen to him, just as they dare not point out the nakedness of the greatest collectivist power of the 21st century.

China must be liberated for Humanity to conquer its future.

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