The Big Red Dragon

January 20th 2022

«Today’s speech by President Xi is an important milestone in promoting global cooperation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic (and) has shown us that China can offer us a better future for years to come.»(Klaus Schwab)

Blackrock manages assets of $9,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, almost half of the nominal gross domestic product of the United States. The figure escapes any reference that would do justice to its magnitude and give us an idea of its power. But to get a sense of what these numbers represent, we need only imagine the following: If Blackrock were a nation, it would be the third largest economic power on Earth behind the US and China.

True, it is not a nation. It does not have the elements of power of any state, large or small. Nor does it have its own territory. Its power can only be exercised as a pressure group, a super lobby, or as a power group, which is when the lobby influences or even dictates the resolutions of states. And it is in this position as a power group that the aura of obscurantism on which the myth of «the Elite» is built resides.

Multinational, no political maintenance costs, no exposure and dependence on public opinion, no ideological bias, no physical location, no national limitations… No internal control of decision making. Blackrock decides autonomously, independently and sovereignly what it does with the power given to it by savers around the world. In a few minutes it can make decisions that mobilize the resources, the influence and, in short, the power of what would be the third economic power on Earth. And that is a decisive advantage.

Its greatest disadvantage does not derive from its lack of the classic mechanisms of state power, which include the armed forces and intelligence services, as well as the capacity to impose laws and force the payment of taxes. The weak point of this financial monster lies in the number of its power, in those fourteen zeros that accompany the nine and the five. Because, first, nothing he owns is his own and, second, all he owns are papers backed by the confidence or illusion that they are worth what they say they are worth. Blackrock, in itself, is a pauper without its own patrimony, without solvency, without anything other than the «trust» of those who give it their money, that which they exchanged for talent, effort and real patrimony, because the other great lobbies, those of the politicians who enjoy the most profitable and secure business (for them and their patrimonies), the state, have managed to become a pressure and power group before the only true sovereign state that exists: the individuals. Us. All of us together or separately.

The medieval serfs accepted their fate not only with resignation but with conviction, because they were convinced that, without handing over half their labor to the lords in exchange for «protection», they would not be able to enjoy all those goods and services that they themselves had created with their talent and effort, and only for that reason. And that same fiction, that fraudulent bubble, that court of financial and political lobbies, which was about to burst if the democratic process had continued to progress along the path leading to direct democracy based on the principle of safeguarding maximum individual freedom, is the one that is now taking the reins of the «trust» of investors and voters to take us back to that world of fictitious, fiduciary reality that completely dominated the feudal world.

But make no mistake, because there is nothing more similar to feudalism than socialism, be it 50% as in the Middle Ages or 100% as in the communist paradises where people owned nothing and were obviously unhappy. For that and no other is the New World Order: real socialism, that is, realism of faith.

The GDP of the USA is higher than that of China. However, the managers of this investment fund called Chinese Communist Party manage, as in the case of Blackrock, all their economic power, to which are added the powers of the states (army, legislation, territory…), they do not have to rely on anyone to decide what to do with their assets, neither with the public nor with the private ones. Because this mega territorial corporation called «China» is directed, as was Nazi Germany, by a board of directors with the power to dispose of the public and the private. The US president, of course, cannot dispose at will and without opposition of private wealth. No one, no company, large or small, would allow him to do so. Nor with public money, which is subject to multiple political and judicial controls. The president of the most powerful territorial nation on Earth is a poor man, a beggar who must have the permission of his own people, of the opposition, of public opinion, of the judiciary… and of the big American companies, among which Blackrock stands out. American billionaires do not fear the President, that is, the leader of that pressure group called «Government», which does not always manage to rise as a power group in its own company, the State.

And this weakness inherent to the regime of indirect representative democracy, that is, under the tutelage of political lobbies, is what creates the fiction of a far superior power of the great business corporations of the world that until recently was walking towards freedom and now, suddenly and unknowingly, is doing so, retracing its steps, towards the old feudal submission. Blackrock could be the third economic power on Earth… if it were allowed to be a nation without territory, a stateless state, a parallel society. But it is only a simple though cyclopean pressure group, and not so much of power as the millenarian imagery of the new and sudden feudalism attributes to it. To them and to that cloud of billionaires grouped under the obscure and irrational epigraph of «globalist, capitalist, satanic, financial and technological elites».

But, then, China’s billionaires and financial/tech elites…

Well, they are hidden behind the propaganda curtain that the dominant power lobby, the PCC, has set up in the world thanks to investing, instead of in aircraft carriers, in the control of the media and the great centers of ideological production and propagation. Nobody talks about them. Only of their counterparts, the new feudal lords of the white West: Soros, Bill Gates, Rockefeller and other «rocks». But also the Freemasons, the Church, the Zionists… even the most elite of Islam. All of them expressly or secretly adhering to that program of return to the feudal world called «Agenda 2030». All apparently orchestrated by a certain Klaus Schwab under a multicolored and circular initiatory order that meets every year at the Davos coven.

Wherever you look, feudalism, medieval darkness.

But it turns out that the top three banks in the world are Chinese. And the one who wields the most economic, propagandistic and, due to the neglect and preemptive surrender of his opponents, soon also military power is called Xi Jinping. The CEO of the most influential and powerful business corporation with its own territory, people and state on Earth. So powerful that he manages to remain hidden under a new great wall of propaganda, counter-information and social engineering, laughing behind the scenery, while everyone looks hypnotized at that multicolored circle mask and beats up Western monkeys, capitalists, former liberals, false converts to true libertarianism, as if they, altar boys of this new church, were the ones who have the power in the shadows. Does no one notice that they are not in the shadows, but are being pointed out by the resistance that has turned into useless dissidence, disintegrated, laughable and, soon, embittered, if not shepherded by opportunists?

The epidemic emerged in China and, more importantly, was distributed, transformed into a false pandemic, from China. The pandemic has been the fuse, the butterfly flutter, the spark that has ignited the meadow in which the weeds of this new feudalism have been stealthily sown for years and which will become, if we do not remedy it, the manager of the Cyberlithic, that new era of Humanity that is already here. They, the old collectivists now again ostentatiously and terribly medieval, will dominate the essence of that new era: the technology that they try to steal from the people, turned into a mass of sustainable serfs, convincing them that evil, the tentacles of darkness, sin, death… reside in it.

Do we really believe that all these technological advances are the work of the Devil, an instrument of evil with which the shepherds, those new feudal lords dressed in blue, red, yellow or black, want to decimate their human flock? What farmer wants to put an end to their business?

Listen to one of the few Western, capitalist, white billionaires who is safe from the conspiratorial wrath, Elon Musk: «Low birth rate is a threat to civilization». For the civilization sustained by human livestock. It doesn’t matter if, in order to make this intensive macro-farm of humans sustainable, it is necessary to convince them to eat only fodder, to crowd into big cities and to confine themselves in their home cages, renouncing globality, mobility, information, communication, health, material well-being and longevity, which will provide only to a minority, the feudal lords and their vassals, the technological advances. Those that will be good for them, but dangerous and harmful for us. Those advances on which a superhuman world will be built, which the neofeudal power calls «transhuman» as a synonym of «inhuman» so that the subhuman world in which billions of people live in sustainable poverty seems to them the only way to be safe… from superhumanity.

The system of digital identification and control by social credit is already working in China. As it was in China where the medieval model of general confinement of the entire population to fight a pandemic was demonstrated. A model that European leaders adopted to implement not only in one province, as China did, but throughout its national territory. There is an order to end Operation Pandemic, because it has borne fruit in abundance and at an accelerated pace. Now comes the second phase: sustainability, that is, beatific poverty to save the Planet and, with it, our sinful consumerist souls. But only in the West.

The Grand Master of Agenda 2030 has succeeded in getting all dissidents to blame the business, financial, religious and political leaders of the very capitalist and formerly free white Western world, the same ones who are executing the economic, cultural and political suicide of their peoples, clients, followers and believers, managed by the neo-communist plot of propaganda and «evangelization» with which that free West began to be invaded by means of the 50% communism called social democracy. But, despite the fact that everyone is looking where it is not, the words of the Great Lord at the opening of the Davos Forum are unequivocal: Although China’s greenhouse gas emissions exceed those of the entire OECD, it is «the developed economies» that must take the lead in meeting emission reduction targets, thereby further burdening their competitiveness and transferring wealth to other regions, especially the Chinese giant, which «must not sacrifice its growth to protect the environment». And, in addition, all protectionist fickleness that would condemn China to stop its growth must come to an end.

The orders are clear: end Operation Pandemic because it has already borne fruit and to maintain it would cause useless damage to trade, Chinese economic growth and the profits of the new Indian companies, investment funds, financial and technological corporations. And the impoverishment and subjugation of the developed, white, Western world continues, destroying its middle class and building a transient proletariat on the way to a Third World servile, submissive, indoctrinated and racially substituted society. Therefore, Operation Climate Change is initiated, dedicated especially for the Western whites. And it is already beginning, in unison with a new and definitive migratory wave and the financial crisis that definitively implements the continuous digital identity/identification, the social credit and the complete fiscal extraction that leads us to the barter of goods and services for work, without private property or freedom of purchase.

Communism is nothing but neo-feudalism. That is the great historical lesson we are now discovering.

Open your eyes and look at reality directly, without the kaleidoscope of propaganda and counter-information of millenarian conspiracies. Xi Jinping opened the Davos Forum as guest of honor. And his altar boy, Klaus Schwab, presented him for what he is: the most powerful man on Earth.

But there is a glimmer of hope. Imagine creating a Blackrock, a lobby, a pressure and power group, a macro-corporation, a society within society, global but not globalist, whose shareholders control the administrators and whose objective is not to accumulate trust papers through a Ponzi-style pyramid scheme, but to achieve maximum individual freedom for its shareholders and control the New World Order so that we can all live like supermen, like, at least, the middle class of the richest countries on Earth. An «Order of the Liberationist Temple» with all the services and powers of any state. Health, education, security… currency. The last stage of the humanist revolution started in the Renaissance. The Cyberlitic dominated not by a neo-feudal collectivism but by the empire of freedom to which we have been heading until recently.

All subjects of the God of free will who has placed in our consciences, stripped of prejudices, ideologies, operating manuals or immutable values and truths, the urn in which to deposit our own decisions. Without fear of freedom or that feeling of emptiness and loneliness that comes with any addiction. Because behind that emptiness, that nothingness of free consciousness, on the other side of the abyss of the self, is God. The true God. The one who only demands that we have faith in the divine seed he has placed in us. And, if you don’t want to see it in those terms, know that consciousness, freed from viruses and ideological and emotional parasites, is what we are, what makes us truly human, no matter whether we live in an organic carbon receptacle or an inorganic silicon one.

Collectivist subhumanism or liberationist superhumanism. Transhumanism does not exist. It is a collectivist invention to make us give up ourselves, our self, the freedom that can only be taken away from us if we do it ourselves. Because that is collectivism, neo-feudalism, Red Agenda 2030:

To betray and surrender the self. The only thing we are. All the rest are events.

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