December 1st 2021

It happened in mid-2022, when the economic crisis showed its true face: the beginning of the decade of misery. A non-profit association was created, not like the state, and little by little, like a snowball of global cooling knocking on our door, it grew as living things do: on their own and with no one to govern them. And so, what was little more than a forum to put people in contact and create a mini-society, was transformed into a real parallel state, with its security forces, its health, education, banks, investment funds, pension funds, multi-brand online stores that marketed products of small, medium and also large companies… the persecuted minorities, deprived of their civil rights, condemned to a global apartheid, became aware of what they really were: The largest human community on Earth.

This is the beginning of the alternative History. A beginning whose faint glow grows on the horizon of darkness. A New Alternative Global Order that consists of spreading throughout the World the old aspiration of Humanity: to be free in order to pursue happiness.

The vast social engineering operation, the largest and most vertiginous we have ever known, labeled with the lure of Agenda 2030, has created the foundations of a world dominated by the poverty of an immense majority on which to sustain the immense wealth of a minority. It is the absolutist collectivism of always, now framed in a multicolored catalog of good ideas transformed into ideals at the service of that model of life that imitates, to chilling details, the management of the (human) flock by the (human) shepherds. It is the division of Homo sapiens into two virtual races, Homo predator and Homo ceres, which gave rise to the Neolithic, now in its last throes, mortally and cruelly dying.

For the last two years we have been witnessing the final scene, sordid, apocalyptic, pathetic to a great extent, of what has been nothing but the constant during the millennia of human cattle breeding and devastating agriculture with which to feed the growing herd, because that is what the wealth of the farmers consists of, in the growth… of their cattle. A final scene that is presented as something new and that is nothing but the epitome and pinnacle of everything old that has been repeating itself with renewed appearance for millennia. The New World Order is the latest version of the Neolithic swindle, an enormous ponzi scheme based on the increase of things (also of people as things, as cattle) and on the power of oblivion, of the deception of appearances, of the invincible nature that possesses the minds of that new race, the Homo ceres, the herbivorous, gregarious and monochord humans.

The whole apparatus created by the convergent interests of cattle breeders, crude and, at the same time, invincibly effective, masters of the story, of the barking, of the soothing voices, of the appearances called media and social networks (fences), all that frenetic, chaotic, unstoppable, irrational and gregarious has achieved, with hardly anyone still being able to perceive it, a sociological, psychological and even biological miracle: Humans who have not been able to be transformed into herbivorous, domesticated cattle have been separated from the herd and, little by little, are becoming aware of their apparent weakness and, what is more important, that they are a community different from the rest. A non-dominant elite, a minority much more numerous and powerful than they thought… when they were isolated from each other and scattered among the herd’s crowd.

The segregation of those who refuse to be part of the guinea pigs of the sanitary, social, economic and political experiment of this apotheosis version of the great swindle and their confinement in an apartheid, a fence within the fence, if they do not accept the blackmail of the shepherds and give in to the fear with which the fake wolves, the barking of the communication dogs, provoke controlled stampedes to lead the flock to the safety of the enclosure and the voice of the shepherd, they are achieving the unthinkable, the impossible: That the community of real humans become aware of itself and show them that the solitude in which they lived, minority in the crowd, was a fiction, a strategy of isolation, a domination of the undomesticated.

We are a community. We are discovering it almost without realizing it, subliminally, semi-consciously. We are the largest and most powerful minority community. More than that elite of shepherds who only control the fear of the flock. They are separating us. They are bringing us together. They are bringing us together. Sooner or later, our ghettos will flourish, the concentration camps will grow strong, the gulags will create their schools, their hospitals, their factories, their businesses, their defense forces. As a nation, a diaspora, a corporation, a true global order of free men and women. That is the NOM. The other is the absolutism of gangs united to defend the oldest business of Humanity: the exploitation of Homo sapiens turned into gregarious herbivores: equal, uniform, sustainable, submissive… alone in the middle of the crowd.

We have the opportunity to free ourselves from the cattle tyranny, to separate ourselves, to distinguish ourselves, to protect ourselves from the herd, from its inertia, its mass, its anonymity, its enclosure, its black and white thinking, its emotional poverty, its dangerous tendency to lynch those who believe they are wolves. We have the opportunity to create our own world within this world, without the need to hide or surrender. We can create a free state. An organized community.

Let us waste no time in fighting to stop this totalitarian process. We cannot convince this alienated majority, hypnotized by propaganda. Let us not fight where our enemies want us to fight, but where it suits us and to achieve what suits us. Let us abandon the messianic delusions to redeem those who do not ask for it. Let us stop looking for the impossible, to be the majority, because we are not. And let us make possible what we already have: to be the most powerful minority on Earth.

Let’s turn fences into walls and corrals into meadows. Let us turn apartheid upside down. Let us become independent from those who want to banish us from their society.

Create cells that join together to form higher structures that unite in a great Global Corporation whose sole objective is to guarantee the freedom and prosperity of its shareholders. To create our own currency, our own network of social services and commerce, our own solidarity system, our own information agency and our own security forces. All this is possible and, moreover, profitable both economically and personally. A slogan and millions of people with critical, professional, political and economic capacity will attack a media, a company, a political party, an international institution… Millions of dollars, euros, pounds, yuans… at the service of whoever serves our interests. Millions of votes for the party that acts now against apartheid. Do you hear Facebook, Amazon or Microsoft, Washington, Brussels or Beijing, all the Covidian parties, companies, institutions and personalities trembling?

Launch a slogan. Name a name. Point out a brand, an acronym. And we’ll all go for it. Then another and another…

There is no other human community more numerous, select and powerful than that of the negationists of collectivist absolutism. Those of us who have been selected and gathered by our enemies, that tiny minority that controls everything but the immense minority of us who make up this great human community, who have awakened from our individual solitude and who only have to snap a finger to make our true dream come true: to segregate ourselves from the herd and the shepherds. Let us exercise our power as a community and, before long, we will have our new Earth, our own planet, our truly protective state. Our Agenda 2022.

Our NWO.

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