Ancestral European

December 6th 2021

Even if they ignore it, many people, no matter the color of their skin, share a cultural heritage superior to the rest: They are ancestral Europeans. The future is theirs. They are the hope.

The printing press was one of the great milestones in the history of mankind. It was possible and, at the same time, necessary, when the Renaissance moved the center of gravity of European society from feudal institutions and their absolutist sequels of «single thought» to the concrete man, his conscience and free will. Culture, education and information ceased to be the exclusive patrimony of dominant elites who handed over to their dominated the final format of all thought processes: conclusions. Thus, certain opinions were imposed on the anonymous, ignorant and submissive masses as unquestionable truths, denying them access to information, to the data on which each one should exercise his own analysis and, after debating them with others, reach his own individual opinion and a public opinion on which to build the accepted truth, the law, the social agreement.

The printing press made it possible for a growing number of people outside those dominant elites to have access to the sources and, therefore, to naked and objective information, without any mixture of opinion disguised as objective «data». And that great revolution, that of Renaissance humanism and free thought, the triumph of that «other» Christianity buried by centuries of manipulation and construction of an ideology of power disguised as historical truth and religious faith, opened the doors to what has been, without a doubt, the greatest process of human liberation of at least the last four thousand years.

The Renaissance was, after the dark feudal parenthesis, the culmination of classical humanism, a purely European phenomenon resulting from the clash between the Neolithic model imported from Asia and the Paleolithic model of the ancestral European ( Greece and, later, Rome, created and spread an unprecedented form of society, an alternative civilization, the fruit of that cultural legacy represented by the «ancestral European» that maintains its imprint to this day and is sustained by a kind of psychosocial miracle that consists of making the «dissidence-loyalty» binomial not only compatible but unbeatable. A civilization in which humans are still people and have not lost their identity and individual freedom to become anonymous and depersonalized elements of a herd or gregarious flock.

People power, in the peculiar European civilization, means the unpredictability of public opinion shaped on the basis of the debate of individual opinions. People power measures the legitimacy of a regime to the extent that public opinion resists manipulation. And this resistance depends directly on the effective independence of individuals to build their own opinion on the basis of information devoid or stripped of any value-based, propagandistic, manipulative adherence.

Information-opinion-decision. Each of these steps is separated by insurmountable walls. Yes, also the final decision, which can and must be free from previous analysis and the triumphant opinion. That is the substantial difference between the society «deficiently neolitized» by blaming the climate and the ancestral aftermath of that magical invention that manages to make dissidence and loyalty compatible and empower each other, making the cohesion of the group pivot on something as apparently distant and contrary as individuality. And individualism is only possible where group cohesion is based on the destruction of individual freedom, finally of the identity that builds sovereign nuclei called » persons».

But the historical course that was cementing individual freedom on which social cohesion is built, loyalty to the group and its freely and democratically accepted norms, has ended up creating a limit situation in which the density of a depersonalized population and, above all, of information in which the process of personal independence has begun to reverse unnoticed by the majority. The triumph of the European model of civilization, a hybrid between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic, has become a monster that devours itself to end up stranded on the beaches of the Asian collectivist civilization, genuine and purely Neolithic, sustained by a dominant and free minority that controls a majority transformed into gregarious herbivorous humans, cohesively united by the binomial fear-security.

The century of information (everything converges in this factor: electricity, public freedoms, universalization of training, information technology, free competition, global market…) gives way to the century of collectivization. Because this information, in spite of the formation, is subtracted from the masses turning it into perceptive saturation and indoctrination in the form of data.

The media become the mouthpieces of the former ruling elites, transmitting information manipulated to fit the opinions attached in a subliminal, indubitable way, dressed with the same appearance of the objective data they accompany.

It prevents the internal, individual debate and the implacable criticism of that sovereign subject that built Europe since the Renaissance and that has been exported, with varying success, to different parts of the world that have been Europeanized to a greater or lesser extent. And, by preventing this internal debate, this capacity for dissidence, this implacable criticism, branded by the information/opinion message itself as the fruit of unhealthy suspicion, of paranoia, when not of antisocial and petty interests, the social debate of proximity is also prevented, the one that takes place in functional groups where there is personal knowledge or, what is equivalent, a personalization of the stranger who is accessed remotely through social networks.

There is, therefore, no contrast of opinions, opinions, suspicions and, why not, paranoia. Individuals remain isolated within themselves, unable to defend themselves from those opinions that come wrapped in the same format of information, to unmask manipulation and lies, no matter how obvious they may be. «This is not opinion. It is, like the rest of what we have told you, facts, objective truths» signed by the experts, by the wise men, by the mediators with the new «scientific» divinity, the priests of always the transmitters of information/formation/opinion of the dominant elites updated as pinnacles of democracy, progress and reason. An absolute, unique reason. A new enlightened absolutism that directs its steps not towards the liberation of thought and consciences but towards a return to the Ancien Régime.

There is also no possibility of alternative, dissident opinions, clearly differentiated from the data, unequivocally characterized as opinions, hypotheses, suspicions. The information cannot be submitted to the social debate of free peers, in the crucible of dissidence-loyalty, where to discover perspectives that complete those data and give them a meaning different from the one they already have incorporated. Nothing, then, neither inside nor outside the individual, can unmask propaganda, subtle or gross deception, the manipulation of an avalanche of information that further incapacitates, by dazing, the analysis of data, criticism, debate, the formation of one’s own opinion and decision.

Democracy, understood as the power of the majority formed by free individual opinions, becomes demoscopy, in the shaping, if not in the invention or usurpation of public opinion as a decisive political element that transforms elections into the final expression of that pre-constituted public opinion. Moreover, it admits as sovereign processes not only, or even not mainly, the popular consultation but any other means of «expression» of public opinion, always interpreted by the very power that issues the information/opinion with which it is constructed outside the internal and external debate of individuals. The street, the collectives, the international institutions, the minority social movements, generally massive and/or violent, become incontrovertible expressions of the popular will capable of annulling the will of the ballot box and the rule of law itself.

The «people», the demoscopic majorities built simply on the basis of minimal or invented opinion polls, it does not matter, are constituted as endorsements of the truth previously transmitted as irrefutable, indistinguishable from the facts discovered, interpreted and proven by the experts and the authorities. It is enough simply to say that a majority accepts this or that for a coup d’état to take place in which fundamental rights, constitutions and laws are infringed by the authorities without democratic controls being able to do anything but keep silent and/or justify such illegalities. «It is necessary.» «Due to the emergency..» And any fundamental right can be suspended with the passive or active collaboration of the judiciary, applied in its task of parallel legislation, called «jurisprudence», which ends up blessing the illegality based on manipulated facts and opinions dressed as unquestionable truths by the same powers that legislated to prevent exactly that which now happens.

And an ember of dissidence, of cultural genes of the ancestral European, clandestine, encapsulated in his own individuality, incapable of becoming aware of his power because the new reality of collectivist and pastoral Asian civilization dictates that power is in the masses, in the majorities? managed by untouchable minorities, united around their unattainable power, almost supernatural for the human herd and, also, for those who live within it threatened by the accusing finger, the jaws of the dogs or the lynching of the stampeding herd led by the farmers against those wolves that threaten the security of society reduced to that unanimous mass governed by a virtual brain residing in the elite, the powerful, the experts, the authorities… the Truth.

An ember that can grow as the manipulation is exposed and those who had been abducted by the old regime of the new «enlightened absolutism» acquire self-awareness and activate their ancestral European cultural genes.

No absolutist, collectivizing and cattle-raising power is safe in Europe and the Europeanized world. Not even in dark times when the absence of information and education seemed to make it impossible to have one’s own dissident, revolutionary opinion. No despotic power, no matter its disguise, never was and never will be safe among ancestral Europeans, no matter their skin color. Today, neither. It is enough for those millions of activists to decide to unite so that, with the same dizzying speed with which the old regime is being reimplanted, it will be overthrown by that silent state within the state composed of dissidents hidden in the underground. A simple spark. A demonstration, a tea party riot or a line of oppression exceeded. Exactly as it happened in North America or in France. In the same way and with the same rictus of surprise and terror on the faces of the confident and arrogant apprentice shepherds of apparently domesticated humans who remain shepherds of themselves and loyal defenders of freedom. Culturally and humanly superior beings. They will rise up and win.

It doesn’t matter if they have Cyrus the Great or Agenda 2030 in front of them.

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