30th November 2021

According to WHO, there are currently no vaccines for COVID-19.

In a document of enormous importance for revealing the scientific and legal truth of the campaign to achieve «voluntary» participation, albeit under enormous political, social and health pressures, in a medical experiment whose ultimate objectives are unknown, the WHO recognizes the experimental status of the substances that aspire to be approved as vaccines (https://www.who.int/es/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/covid-19-vaccines).

After a preface stating that vaccines are safe and effective, WHO tiptoes around the fact that there is currently no approved vaccine against COVID-19 and that, therefore, all those virtues that adorn true vaccines, registered as such after an exhaustive verification process in which their theoretical and real efficacy and safety are determined, must be attributed to the experimental gene substances called «vaccines» against COVID-19. This is an old but effective trick to make the reader, bombarded by one of the biggest propaganda offensives in history, unconsciously and solidly associate the idea that the so-called «vaccines against COVID-19» are safe and effective.

Shortly after this laudatory preamble, the decisive sentence appears in which the WHO, not a group of anti-vaccine conspiracists, recognizes the true scientific and legal status of these substances: «See the latest WHO information on candidate vaccines against COVID-19 in clinical and preclinical development….»

It is clearly established by the WHO itself that these substances, which are advertised as «vaccines» in one of the greatest scientific and political deceptions in the History of Humanity, are actually «candidate» substances to be vaccines and are currently in clinical and preclinical development.

A little further down we find another revealing sentence: «You can follow the status of COVID-19 vaccines under the WHO prequalification and emergency use listing process here». And it refers to a table listing the various candidates for consideration as vaccines that includes a column indicating the «status assessment» or situation in which each of the candidate vaccines is. And there are five possible categories. The fourth includes those in the «risk-benefit» study phase, and the fifth and last one indicates that the final decision has been made. But this final decision is not to include it in the registry of approved vaccines, but in the «emergency use list». Because this presumed «emergency» is the only criterion for authorizing its massive use in the whole population without distinction of age and, of course, without personalized medical prescription.

Exactly the same as authorizing the application of a treatment in the experimental phase to patients with incurable diseases and with low life expectancy, such as cancer, only that, in the case of COVID-19, on a massive scale and without there being any limiting situation in which practically any risk is below the benefit.

These are the key data on which we must focus to determine the risk-benefit proportionality of the COVID-19 gene treatments that WHO, in a confusing and misleading narrative, identifies as «candidate vaccines» that have passed the «final decision» to include them in a list for… «emergency use»:

  • They are not approved as vaccines because they have not passed the scientific protocols to be considered effective and safe.
  • There is no emergency situation that justifies their massive use in the entire population.


HIV case fatality according to WHO is 1.8% (https://www.who.int/es/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/hiv-aids. Higher than the maximum lethality range admitted by WHO for COVID19 , 1.54% and ten times higher than the cumulative mortality for almost two years in countries without any restrictive measures, such as Sweden, 0.1463%.

Even so, not only is a passport not required for the free movement of these people, but in 2018 the Spanish Ministry of Health promoted a «Social Pact for non-discrimination and equal treatment associated with HIV» (https://www.mscbs.gob.es/ciudadanos/enfLesiones/enfTransmisibles/sida/doc/pactoSocial_27Feb19.pdf) fully in force today at the same time that the same ministry promotes discrimination and unequal treatment associated with COVID-19 and, what is worse, the refusal to participate in an experimental gene treatment against this disease. No HIV patient has ever been discriminated against and/or pressured by social blackmail to accept approved antiviral treatment, let alone to volunteer for the clinical trial of the HIV vaccine, not yet approved or authorized as an emergency treatment despite the fact that it is a more lethal disease than COVID-19.


According to the WHO, the lethality rate of tuberculosis is 15%, ten times higher than that of HIV and one hundred times higher than mortality due to AIDS.19 Eight countries account for two thirds of all new infections, led by India and followed by China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh and South Africa. Eight countries account for two thirds of all new infections, led by India and followed by China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh and South Africa. There are no discriminatory measures against potential sufferers of this much more lethal disease than COVID-19, including HIV patients who are 18 times more likely to develop active and therefore contagious tuberculosis. There is no health passport against unvaccinated people against tuberculosis and/or groups at higher risk, such as citizens from the aforementioned countries or HIV patients.



According to the WHO, the lethality of COVID-19 is difficult to assess, with corrected values ranging from 0.00% to 1.54%. Even so, and despite the lack of reliable figures and the fact that, accepting the maximum range, 98.46% of COVID-19 patients survive the disease, compared to 98.2% in the case of HIV and 85% in the case of tuberculosis, measures of discrimination and unequal treatment against COVID-19 patients and those who refuse to participate in the experimental gene treatment against COVID-19 are justified in terms of health care, according to the WHO itself and how could it be otherwise, qualifies as «candidate vaccines in clinical and preclinical development» that have been included in a list of «emergency use» after passing a decision or threshold of «risk-benefit» but not completing the phases of evaluation of efficacy and risks to which all treatments must undergo to be registered as drugs or, in this case, vaccines. Therefore, according to the WHO itself, the potentially harmful effects of these and the real efficacy of these gene treatments that are candidates for, in due course, approval as «vaccines» are unknown.


Only its theoretical efficacy has been provided, which stands at 80%, a spectacularly optimistic figure if we only consider the data on infections, hospitalizations and deaths broken down by «vaccinated with complete regimen» and «unvaccinated». The data on the unvaccinated excludes those who have received at least one dose but not the full schedule (https://www.mscbs.gob.es/profesionales/saludPublica/ccayes/alertasActual/nCov/documentos/Informe_GIV_comunicacion_20211129.pdf). Thus, the resulting figures are as follows: Out of a total population of 47,450,795 inhabitants of the 2020 census, 80.71% (38,299,758) have received at least one regimen, 79.36% (37,586,582) have received the full regimen and 19.28% (9,151,037) have not received any regimen.

Data from the Spanish Ministry of Health (https://t.co/MqSuFQjMir?amp=1) are conclusive regarding the protection offered by vaccines.

The protection obtained with the data, which can be considered real for that number of cases and period of time, is expressed as the percentage that represents the difference between the expected infections, hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths according to the percentage of the population vaccinated (complete regimen) and those actually obtained.

Thus, the persons vaccinated with a complete regimen, representing 71.8% of the total, suffered 9.52% fewer infections than those that would correspond to them. Therefore, the real efficacy of the experimental gene treatments against COVID-19 is, in this case, 9.52% (these are the infections they prevent). 15.625% fewer hospitalizations, indicating an efficacy of 15.625%. As for admissions to the ICU, this real effectiveness rises to 34.5%. While in the case of deaths it is reduced to 1.08%, i.e., in practice, protection is nil.

Population: 47,450,795

Vaccinated: 37,586,000 (79.36%)

Unvaccinated: 9,1510,377 (19.28%)

Contagious (cases with vaccination information)

Total: 92,279

Vaccinated: 66,257 (71.8%)

Not vaccinated: 23,111 (25.04%)

Candidate vaccine efficacy: 9.52%.


Total: 5,198

Vaccinated: 3,481 (66.96%)

Not vaccinated: 1,717 (33%)

Candidate vaccine efficacy: 15.625%.

Admissions to ICU

Total: 523.

Vaccinated: 270 (51.62%)

Unvaccinated: 253 (48.37%)

Candidate vaccine efficacy: 34.95%.


Total: 507.

Vaccinated: 398 (78.5%)

Unvaccinated: 109 (21.5%)

Candidate vaccine efficacy: 1.08%.

The conclusions are obvious. It is not necessary to look for evidence or construct extravagant theories to demonstrate the irrationality and injustice of the social, political, economic, psychological, cultural and political processes associated with the greatest process of destruction of rights and freedoms since World War II. It is not necessary to prove anything because the authors of this insane process against Humanity are already in charge of proclaiming the arguments with which to dismantle their propagandistic construct:

  • It is not an approved vaccine. It has not been tested according to accepted scientific protocols. It is therefore an experimental treatment for which neither its safety nor its efficacy can be guaranteed according to current standards.
  • There is no evidence of its efficacy in preventing and avoiding contagion or in avoiding the risk of serious illness or death. In fact, the theoretical efficacy of 80% reported by manufacturers’ studies, with an obvious commercial interest, is far from the real efficacy that can be deduced from the data accumulated in different countries and, specifically, from those contained in the report published by the Ministry of Health. In the best of cases, ICU admissions, this efficacy is reduced to less than 35% and in the worst, deaths, to a meager 1%.
  • There is no evidence of the health emergency adduced to authorize the use of treatments whose adverse effects are unknown, especially in the medium and long term, in a massive and indiscriminate way to the total population.

Mortality and lethality, both absolute and compared to other infectious diseases for which no extraordinary health measures and policies are being adopted or outside current medical practice for at least 200 years, do not justify the risks being taken or the harm being inflicted on the population.

The risk-benefit ratio does not justify from any point of view the massive application on the general population of these experimental gene treatments without proven efficacy, with risks, especially in the medium and long term, unknown and on a disease whose case fatality rates do not exceed on average 2% and mortality rates 0.2% of the population or, in other words, that in conditions of complete social normality, as is the case in Sweden, 99.85% of the population survives this disease.

  • There is no objective argument for the segregation of the «unvaccinated». There is none that justifies the serious social, political, economic, psychological and medical damage, neither from an absolute perspective, taking into account the data of the disease, nor relative, comparing these data with those of other infectious diseases such as HIV or tuberculosis, to implement any type of measure that restricts the rights and freedoms over the whole population (it is not done with any of the other two diseases mentioned) nor, even less so, on a part of the population that does not represent a significantly higher risk to public health and that is discriminated against by the fact of refusing to receive an experimental gene treatment with no proven benefit and whose health risks, especially in the medium and long term, are unknown.

For all these reasons, the group of citizens who refused to participate in this medical experiment and who, for this reason, suffered threats, segregation, discrimination in relation to civil rights, labor and psychological blackmail and incitement to hatred promoted by multiple instances, including political and health authorities, do not demand understanding, tolerance or respect for our decision, but simply justice. Nor do we appeal to recover the rationality lost in a few months and which cost so many sacrifices and time to consolidate in order to lay the foundations of our existence. We do not trust any of the instances, institutions and public powers that allow, if not encourage or legalize a state of apartheid absolutely unjustifiable from any point of view. We only ask that Justice, the last redoubt before legitimate self-defense, defend our rights on an equal footing with all other citizens and prevent the crazy, cruel and unjust segregation process from going ahead and consummate a totalitarian state that puts an end to the principles of equality before the law and freedom.

And, if possible, that our neighbors, relatives, friends and fellow citizens step forward and stand with us before things go too far and they have to silently regret their silence, if not their cries of hatred and condemnation.

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