The key

November 19th 2021

«And he caused all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to have a mark put on their right hand, or on their foreheads; and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name» (Revelation 13:16-17).

Luis de Benito is more than a great doctor. I met him almost by chance, which is the most profound and revealing cause of all the events that deserve to be remembered. And from the first moment he struck me as a profoundly modern man. He shamelessly distills that Renaissance humanism which is at the foundation of European and Europeanized civilization. He unites in an exemplary way what I have come to consider the great hallmark of the ancestral European, dissent and loyalty. And at all times he proclaims his faith and love for the common denominator that binds together what could be the closest thing to a true multicolored race: freedom.

Science advances by entering the darkness with a critical, dissident and, at the same time, rigorous spirit. And that is exactly what led him to make some observations that, if confirmed, would be one of the most enlightening, shocking and transcendent events of this millenarian fever that is shaking the foundations of our modern, rational, scientific, humanist and free society. He observed that vaccinated people transmit a MAC code that is picked up by the bluetooth device of the cell phone. It sounds like a small thing. But if we reproduce literally what Wikipedia says, we can glimpse its transcendence:

«MAC Address: In computer networks, the MAC (Media Access Control) address is a 48-bit identifier (6 blocks of two hexadecimal [8-bit] characters) that uniquely corresponds to a network card or device. It is also known as a physical address, and is unique for each device

According to their observations, none of the patients who said they had not been vaccinated emitted any MAC code, while eighty-six percent of the one hundred and six patients who said they had been vaccinated did emit such a signal. This leads us to wonder what happens with that fourteen percent of failures. An explanation that, as Luis de Benito points out, could be due to four causes:

  • That the vials were denatured.
  • That there had been a lack of response in certain individuals.
  • That a placebo had been inoculated.
  • That some individuals falsely claimed to be vaccinated for fear of the social and occupational consequences of not being vaccinated.

But there is one more reason why the MAC address of vaccinated people has been lost and that could explain the need to repeat inoculations with booster «doses»: That the «hybrid or cybernetic» device degrades, loses effectiveness and needs to be renewed. Perhaps, this is just a problem that will be solved with time or, on the contrary, it may need periodic booster doses.

The appearance of foreign substances in covid vaccines discovered in various investigations, such as that of Dr. Pablo Campra, all of them condemned to enlightening ostracism, if not official discredit, or the «metallic substances» discovered by the Japanese Ministry of Health in some of the covid vaccines and never heard of again, would make perfect sense. In a preliminary report, Japanese officials stated that «the foreign substances are in the form of particles and are believed to be metals, as they are attracted by a magnet.» Are these substances causing magnetism in the areas where some people have been injected with the covid vaccine? Too many coincidences pointing in the same direction.

My own observations have broadly corroborated the results obtained by Dr. De Benito. And, being such a simple test to perform, the first thing that is strange is that this circumstance has not come to light nor has there been, to our knowledge, a broad and rigorous study to clarify all the multiple aspects that are involved and that have an evident transcendence not only from the medical point of view but, especially, from the political point of view.

One of these aspects that may shed light on the objectives of, if confirmed, this massive, global and secret operation of inoculation of mechanisms of emission and, possibly, reception of information is that the MAC address detected in the vaccinated persons complies with the requirement of being unique for each individual. This leads us to consider that there is some kind of reaction between some of the components of the «vaccine» and some individual biological component. This indicates that we are faced, at the very least, with a new form of personal identification.

Would this explain the irrational and desperate drive to vaccinate one hundred percent of the population? It certainly would.

The MAC address implanted with covid vaccines is literally «the number of your name» with which the apocalyptic beast marks people.

This type of personal identification would represent an immense qualitative leap in social, political, economic and also health control. In a scenario of digitization of society and all human activity, it would be essential to have reliable individual markers that are difficult to manipulate. And this scenario alone justifies the immense process of social engineering to implement a pseudo-vaccine that hides a digital marker.

These hybrid devices could act not only as transmitters but also as receivers of information. And, furthermore, in the very likely case that there is a technological anachronism, i.e., that the available technology is far superior to what transcends public opinion. In that case, we would be faced with a reality that perfectly explains the immense effort of social engineering that is being carried out.

As emitters, cybernetic devices could control the identity, position, movements, interaction of people with other individuals or devices, their physiological constants, their state of health, emotional reactions, sincerity control and, in the case, of a more advanced technology than what is known, also thoughts, unconscious processes that determine our opinions, emotions and decisions and, also, the content of our memories and dreams.

As receptors, these devices could carry out a total and absolute control over our lives in a way completely unnoticed by our conscience. We need only recall Dr. Delgado’s experiments, more than fifty years ago, in which, by stimulating certain areas of the brains of monkeys or bulls with implanted plates or electrodes, he was able to control their behavior. Now, with a much higher technological development and through the inoculation of nanodevices, this behavioral control can reach limits that are implausible by our standards of known reality: induce thoughts, decisions, emotions, provoke illnesses or cure them?

The objective would not be to convince people by means of simple, albeit sophisticated, social engineering to accept a new model of society, of life and even of privacy, but to implant in them the control devices that will make such an elaborate and obsolete psychosocial procedure unnecessary. And, in that case, all the scenic paraphernalia, pandemics, apartheid, blockades and shortages of food and resources of all kinds, climate change, multiculturalism, elimination of freedom and individual property, sustainability? would be, in addition to the new social model for the new majority of subjected poor, an anesthetic distraction especially dedicated to the population of advanced countries, which is the most informed, educated, critical and, potentially, reluctant to lose control over its existence, which is, in short, the objective of this process of cybernetic «marking» of the population.

Is it understood why the new and minority ruling classes are not inoculating themselves with these devices? Obviously, they want to maintain control over their existence in order to be able to exercise it over the mass of humans converted, now absolutely, into a herd.

The pressure to vaccinate everyone is being accelerated in a blatantly totalitarian manner, and there are only two reasons for this.

First, because it is necessary to meet the deadlines outlined in the plan due to some kind of unforeseen event that is occurring or is expected to occur within a short period of time. An emergency situation that could jeopardize the plans to eliminate individual freedom before they had been completed, thus leaving pockets of resistance that, if they managed to equip themselves with cutting-edge technology, would pose a danger to their hegemony. Speculating on the nature of this unforeseen or time-precipitating event is an extraordinarily revealing exercise, but one that deserves more time and dedication. Perhaps just to note that this event may have an internal origin, such as a natural catastrophe of global proportions, or an external origin, such as a visit or the remote influence of forces with sufficient technological capability to alter current plans.

The second reason is more common but also more sinister, at least in the short term. To reduce as much as possible the «unvaccinated» control group, which would expose the damage caused by the «vaccines», which is much higher than expected. Damage that would be accentuated by the cold. It should not be forgotten that this is an avant-garde technology that has not been fully tested and, therefore, the collateral effects that it may cause are not known. And this hypothesis, that of eliminating the control group in order to make any comparative analysis of the damage caused by covid vaccines impossible, would explain, with dramatic simplicity, the processes of segregation that are multiplying in Western Europe in an almost desperate way: to maximize the pressure to vaccinate the most reluctant groups. This raises two disturbing questions: What kind of health catastrophe are we going to face as a result of inoculations? And how far will these segregation processes go? Is a pogrom against the unvaccinated population possible?

It all makes sense if, as it seems obvious to anyone who searches their cell phone for bluetooth linkable devices, the so-called «covid vaccines» contain devices that, in combination with certain «individual physiological/genetic factors», create a cybernetic device that acts as a transmitter and receiver of information turning people into cyborgs or androids controlled by a human elite that maintains control over their own existence or, if we are living in a «village» or «isolated jungle tribe» reality, by someone or something hidden in the shadows of what our limited scope of reality catalogs (and rejects) as «fantasy», «impossible» or «irrational belief».

And that sense suddenly acquired by everything that happens, both the main offensive (vaccination) and the collateral offensives of support and distraction (pandemic, blockade, blackout, reset, climate change…) directly confronts us with the destiny, much more immediate than we imagined, that someone or something has decided for us. This is what we, vaccinated, unvaccinated and even those who believe they are piloting the process and belong to the minority of the elect who are safe, should be debating. Where is this dizzying agenda taking us? Because we may all be in for one last surprise when it is too late to rectify.

I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. (Revelation 21:1)

A new heaven and a new earth where only a chosen few will live as true humans. Or all humans without exception will be part of the History they learn… the Homo machina.

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