Impfstoff macht frei (Eng)

November 14th 2021

They came for the unvaccinated and I didn’t do anything because I was vaccinated…

It’s happening again, in the same place and the same people. But, this time, Hitler, Stalin and Neville Chamberlain are one and the same thing with a human aspect. Is that really being «human»? A new November, eighty-three years later, the sound of broken glass is heard again, cold night of the collective soul of that dark and cruel Europe. The persecution and segregation of those who refuse to inoculate themselves with an experimental substance not yet approved as a vaccine, whose potential harmful effects, even fatal, in the medium and long term are unknown, and which its manufacturers themselves refuse to guarantee, reaches in Austria a level only equaled by the two great collectivisms that started World War II and occupied Europe with their tanks and propaganda. The Austrian government takes a step forward in the apartheid against dissidents and announces the confinement (internment) of those not inoculated with the pseudovaccine.

Of course, the reasons for carrying out this new persecution and segregation of a part of the population in the first half of the 21st century are as inconsistent as those adduced by National and International Socialism at the beginning of the first half of the last century to execute theirs. There is no epidemic that poses a serious threat to public health, because, even accepting the artificially inflated figures of deaths from covid with deaths from another cause but Covid, we are talking, in a place where absolutely no medieval isolation measures have been adopted, such as Sweden, of a mortality over a year and a half of 0.14%. If we filter the deaths to determine those strictly caused by the Wuhan flu, transformed by the enormous process of social engineering into the Covid19 pandemic, we would be dealing with a much less lethal flu than, for example, those of 1957 or 1968. But it has also been publicly acknowledged that vaccines, not yet officially recognized as such, do not prevent contagion or being infected, but only reduce the severity of the disease, something that the current statistics on hospital admissions and deaths also completely refute. What is more. No one, neither the manufacturers nor the governments accept responsibility for the damage caused by experimental inoculations that are voluntary and, at the same time, essential to be free. This is the crude level that justification reaches.

Eighty years ago, the justifications were just as crude as they are today. Race, ideology, beliefs or blood. All of them transformed by propaganda into mortal dangers for society and, their «carriers», into scapegoats to be blamed for the evils, into culprits against whom to unload fear, frustration, impotence, failure or guilt. A lynching carried out by action or omission in which the very authorities in charge of ensuring the rule of law participate together with an immense majority, vociferous or silent, of those «good citizens» who would never commit crimes as heinous as those of the past. And they are doing so

Today, as then, reasons are meaningless and, therefore, unimportant. Everything is carried out under the cover of the most crude and obvious irrationality. A nonsense that can only be understood because it is not a health issue but a political one. And political reason is always a bastard. It needs to invent fathers and mothers to give it a name, a solid appearance, a right on which to base its actions and cleanse its faults. Jews, blacks, reactionaries… not vaccinated. Ana Franc, Sozhenitsyn, Mandela, Rosa Parks… hundreds of thousands, millions of anonymous victims of the same collectivist and totalitarian monster that changes only words and weapons. But now, with a notable difference: they have no opposition, no allies, no resistance, no movement for the civil rights of blacks (the unvaccinated). We are facing an almost universal dictatorship, a global occupation without voices of hope (Gandhi, Churchill, Luther King…). Nobody has a dream and only a few dissidents are heard, some hero in the European Parliament, in the social networks, in the streets, ignored when not reviled by the shadow power (power is always a shadow) and also by the media, the professionals, the intellectuals, the religious…. No human collective has ever been so alone, so defenseless, so exposed to the whim of a lynch mob as those who refuse to receive the mark of a beast reborn from its ashes in the same place where the bonfire was lit.

Those marked with the star of the beast are now the good citizens, the pure of blood, the chosen people.

We start by singling out the guilty, depriving them of a few civil rights, expelling them from their jobs, preventing them from entering establishments and attending public events, traveling without passing a test of innocuousness or submission… All this is already happening again. Does no one shudder? They will be forbidden to attend the same classrooms as normal people, to leave their homes, to visit hospitalized patients… They will have to give up their seats on the bus, they will not be allowed to attend any educational establishment or place of leisure, they will have to carry a document and/or visible mark that identifies them… All this is already happening. Afterwards, they will not be able to have properties or bank accounts, they will be confined in internment camps to guarantee public health and they will die (officially) because of their refusal to accept the new faith and be baptized (inoculated) with the sacred potion that renews the blood and purifies it from sin. All in silence, normally, without resistance or defense.

Impossible? That is what the Hungarian, German, Austrian Jews thought… That is what the dissidents of the Soviet Union, of the People’s Republic of China, of Khmer Cambodia thought. That is what the Australian, Canadian, German, Italian, French, Austrian… American «deniers» think. Every step that our once free and by now prosperous societies move into totalitarianism is followed by silence, indifference, submission… understanding. «It’s not that important.» «Everything will return to normal». «We are not doing so bad». «Exaggerations». Then: «It’s your fault». «They deserve it.» «We should lock them up.» «We should let them die.» Deny the neighbor, the friend, the brother. Accuse them. Insult them. Denounce them. Assault them. Why not? «They have asked for it».

Remember: Impfstoff macht frei. Vaccine makes free.

We don’t know what limits can be reached. And that is exactly the most chilling aspect of the matter, what should cause us real fear. That is the measure of this madness, of this descent into the abyss of a world society without a pulse of conscience, without the courage to defend its fellow men. Just as it happened among the Hungarian Jews, almost everyone, «vaccinated and unvaccinated», still thinks that certain limits will not be exceeded, that everything will gradually return to normality, to sanity, just as everything, little by little, is going deeper and deeper into madness and abnormality. Little by little. That was the key then and now. Until, all of a sudden, a limit is exceeded and then there are no more limits.

Hitler’s homeland announces that it will confine, in their homes or in internment camps, we shall see what the authorities decide, those who refuse to be «vaccinated», endangering society, the nation, the working class, the race, civilization, finally Humanity and, in the same negationist lot, the planet itself, with this act of disobedience, of lack of solidarity, of heresy. Australia, Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands… The totalitarian, genocidal pandemic (there are no more limits) is spreading throughout the world, propagated by the very ones who should be fighting it. Their minds and those of their followers have been occupied, abducted, for reasons that we ignore but which, as happens with all totalitarian and collectivist tyrants, for them are just, true, sacred, unquestionable or, at least, convenient for the common good dictated from their particular opinion.

What are the motives, the objectives, the bastard or clumsily ennobled interests for this pogrom? What do the pseudo-vaccines hide against the pseudo-pandemic that has managed to unite practically all the world leaders no matter their nationality, political or religious option in the greatest offensive against the freedom and prosperity of, at least and in principle, the Western whites? What is the fate of these trains, and what will be the reward for those who look the other way and keep silent next to the fences of the concentration camps that are beginning to be built not with cement and wire but with lies, propaganda, fear and laws?

Once a certain limit is exceeded, there are no limits… for anyone. Nor for the victims. Remember this, because, after taking this step, we will all, without exception, enter a reality of terror, in which, why not? an Eisenhower may suddenly emerge to arrest the jailers and order the neighbors of the camp to bury with their own hands the corpses of those who had been victims of their silence. But it is also possible that, much sooner than we imagine, those neighbors happy not to be «anti-vaccine denialists» will discover that they are equally dispensable because there is only room in the new Eden for…

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