Behind the shadows

September 29th 2021

It is part of human nature to construct hidden realities. It happens with all diurnal animals. They survive in the dark by imagining monsters and dangers hidden behind the darkness. They live in fear when night comes, interpreting noises, shadows and smells from a prism that the pathological psychologism that took over Renaissance humanism to turn it into solipsistic and morbid narcissism would call «paranoia». It is true that in the vast majority of cases, these paranoias of diurnal animals, blinded by the night, are simple inventions that do not respond to a hidden and profound reality that conspires to snatch their life, food, health or freedom. But sometimes that pathological suspicion becomes an evolutionary advantage because that shadowy threat is real and they manage to evade it. Only once in the whole night to save them from a certain, albeit invisible, danger, the conspiranoia of diurnal animals becomes not only real but vital.

Diurnal and arboreal animals have another reason to enhance their conspiranoia. The thickness of the forest, the lushness of the treetops, becomes a perfect framework to hide shapes, figures, presences… Discovering the silhouette of a predator in the diffuse landscape of a cloud, a swarm of leaves and branches, a crowd or a barrage of news determines the difference between living or dying, being rich or poor, free or captive, healthy or sick.

But in the case of higher primates living in society, among which we find ourselves, there is yet another reason for conspiranoia: Our existence, like that of bonobos or chimpanzees, is sustained by our relationship with others. And that relationship is determined by the power games through which we ascend or descend in the social hierarchy. These games, in turn, are based on deception. And deception is another form of darkness, of a web of branches and leaves, of a diffuse, equivocal, interpretable reality. That is the world in which we live. An inner world that projects order and clarity to the outside, determined by the phylogenetic preprogramming with which all models of Homo sapiens leave the factory to join a market in which they are, at the same time, sellers and products.

At least three valid reasons to possess and use the conspiratorial arts without which it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for us to survive and, even less, to be happy in this world in which we have turned the day into a night of branches and leaves, deceit and camouflage. A perpetual night that imposes an equivocal, diffuse, uncertain reality against which the weakest, those who give up, try to fight by inventing a fanatical certainty: that of ideologies, beliefs, immutable truths… Sad neurosis that, in the end, is nothing but one more conspiranoia.

In this diffuse reality we move by constructing hypotheses, imaginary realities, including that fantasy of truth, of certainty to which many fanatically cling throughout their lives because living in constant fear, in the foreboding of evil, in terrible uncertainty, has a «psychological» cost that is greater than the advantage it offers in terms of survival.

Tension is transformed into neurosis and neurosis into true paranoia. And in that paranoia they find, paradoxically, peace.

The fantasies by which we construct faces in the clouds, in the shadows of the leaf litter or in the web of deceptions of social life are there to keep us alert. But not for us to live constantly terrified by them, nor, indeed, to live in them. Believing all the fantasies, the conspiracies, and not discarding them as soon as we receive sufficient indications to do so from that diffuse reality is a disadvantage for survival and, moreover, implies unnecessary and stupid unhappiness. Those fantasies, those mental constructions of the face of a predator from a few lines or of the intentions of others discovered from gestures, tones of voice, incongruities or traces of small lies, must be resolved as soon as possible to discard or confirm them. We have to decide and abandon as soon as possible this world of speculation and conjecture because living in it is as harmful as living without it.

Once we have confirmed or dismissed the presence of the predator or the true intentions of others, we have to act accordingly. Continuing to play conspiracy or innocence, both, is the best way to not survive or to live unhappily. There is a predator, we flee. There is no predator, we relax and enjoy. Exactly the same with deception. Exactly the same with others, with other humans turned into predators of social status, power, money or freedom of others.

Everything is uncertain, diffuse, equivocal. But we are gifted to live in this ambiguous and open reality. And that allows us something divine: creation. We can create realities, transform reality, be like gods. In fact, for better and for worse, we have been doing it since the first human being cheated Darwinian laws by inventing, creating claws and fangs of stone, long legs made of bone, sharp hawks (spears, arrows, bullets…). This set of circumstances that have led us to live in permanent darkness are the same ones that allow us to build virtual realities in which we are safe from cruel Nature. That is what it means to be human. Interpreting and creating reality. May we never forget it, because therein lies our sin and our salvation.

We live in no man’s land. These three obscurities, the night, the forest and social life, keep us safe from the harsh reality that would have exterminated us hundreds of thousands of years ago if it were not for our conspiracies, our dreams, our invented reality: weapons, clothes, fire… medicines and vaccines.

The population explosion we are still witnessing is inexplicable without two products of human fantasy: antibiotics and vaccines. And human survival, as we conceive it, is unthinkable without setting a limit to this demographic explosion. Because human existence, like that of any predator (but not herbivores), does not consist simply in surviving but in being happy. Without happiness, a lion, a bear, a chimpanzee or a human is dead. Dead in life.

We attribute physical and social changes and events to forces or intentions beyond the visible. That is our factory design. Sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong. The crucial skill does not consist in constructing hypotheses or fantasies, including that of a «true», univocal, diaphanous and indubitable reality that «convinces» us that the night, the forest or the deceptions do not exist. The key to existence lies in making a decision as accurately and quickly as possible as to whether those features among the shadows or leaves correspond to a real predator or to the intentions of others.

It is not a matter of being conspiratorial or credulous, but of finding the deceptions, traces and signs, interpreting them, confirming them (or discarding them) and acting accordingly. Nor is it useful to adopt an intermediate point, because in that way we never reach any decision and, therefore, we never act in relation to the underlying or evident «real» reality, but rather to the construct of a fictitious reality to which we call «reasonableness» «moderation» or «realism» to serve us as an anxiolytic. The hidden reality always corresponds to two extremes: Either there is something or there is nothing. And if there is something, a predator, a trap, a swindler, an enemy… we no longer need to suspect, but simply act. To run, to hide, to attack, to say no, to deceive…

All the events unleashed by the Wuhan flu, turned into a pandemic by an atypical war operation in which social engineering has played a surprising role (like the blitzkrieg in World War II) and to which the free and developed Western world has reacted (not so in countries such as Japan, South Korea or Taiwan) by imitating the inciting response that China presented in only one of its provinces, suspension of fundamental rights, and falling into a spiral that has finally led to the attempted implementation of a new pandemic in one of its provinces, the suspension of fundamental rights, South Korea or Taiwan) by imitating the inciting response that China presented in only one of its provinces, the suspension of fundamental rights, and falling into a spiral that has finally led to the attempted establishment of totalitarian apartheid regimes, coupled with a change of social model that can be summed up as neo-communism or neo-feudalism (both equivalent). This sudden, generalized, unexpected and inexplicable spiral with the vision of the world we used to manage has built a scenario of darkness, ambiguity, uncertainty and threat that triggers our adaptive mechanisms in two directions: one, that of building and persisting in the search for signs of that hidden threat. The conspiracy theorists. Another, that of clinging to the anxiolytic certainty that there is no threat. Realists. But you have to be very «stoned» not to see «weirdness» and ask questions.

Why this unbridled compulsion among political, religious, economic and cultural leaders, especially the white Western world, to inject the entire population with an experimental substance of unknown effects against a simple flu turned by propaganda into a pandemic that, at worst, has a lethality of 0.2%?

Many animals come to the river when the salmon arrive. Have they agreed? Do they have a common plan with the same objectives drawn up under the baton of the same interest? Not at all. All these animals of different species, including the salmon, are there driven by «converging interests». Each one is doing its own thing, pursuing its own interest and guided by its own plan. Their actions coincide in time and space. But the bears are not in cahoots with the foxes or the crows, although it may seem so. As events unfold, new opportunities arise that favor or harm some animals and harm others. And this is exactly what is happening in this sudden river full of salmon that Operation Pandemic China has created… for the benefit of whoever wants, knows how and can get it.

The business, the interest, the objective of the pharmaceutical companies is to sell remedies for our ill health and, quite simply, that is what they do. They are making a lot of money by taking advantage of opportunities, skillfully playing with the interests of the different actors. Why inoculate the majority of the population with an experimental substance? Well, because they make a lot of money with the so-called «vaccines. But, above all, because they plan to earn much more and in a sustained manner with the harmful effects of these «vaccines». It is the paradise of a business that is based on disease. Weakening the immune system means sowing a crop of chronically ill people who depend more and more on their «substitutes for the destroyed natural defenses». And this business opportunity, which the pharmaceutical companies have seen and are exploiting, presents opportunities for other «species» with different but convergent objectives: politicians increase their power, neo-communists impose their model of society, Islamists have an unexpected undefended territory where to expand, the so-called «globalists of the 2030 agenda» execute their eugenic genocide as a sinister and cruel final solution against overpopulation, China weakens its competitors/enemies… But why mainly in the white western world? Is there a racist conspiracy hidden in the shadows? Not necessarily. A tangle of converging interests is enough to understand in a simple way what is happening. It is in the white Western world where the effects of Operation Pandemic are being suffered the most, because that is where there is the most money for the pharmaceutical business, money that supportive white Westerners will be willing to put up to pay for that business in the Third World. For China, the white West, this is its main, almost its only competitor. For neo-communism these are the freest, most critical and prosperous societies that can oppose its plan of global expansion and so, one by one, for all the other animals of the forest that have rushed to take their share in the feast of that river suddenly, unsuspectedly full of fat, dumb and helpless salmon.

This is the real figure that hides behind the shadows, the shadiness and the deceptions: Pharmaceuticals get money, hand out money (to politicians and businessmen, the scavengers of the river) and collaborate with the strategy of China and satellite neo-communism, all using Islam as a totalitarian tsunami, to the extent that such collaboration favors their own agenda. But not because they are neo-communists, Freemasons, or hidden globalists. Simply their interests, also those of the globalist, Masonic, Zionist or Illuminati sects and ideological puppets, converge in the same actions: to catch as many salmon as possible. To take advantage of the opportunity. And there they all are, without anyone coordinating or governing them, or pursuing the same agenda, whatever it may be. Each one doing their own thing in this unforeseen, immense and disconcerting opportunity that has been presented to them: a river full of stupid salmon that are also doing their own thing: to die and serve as food for their predators/shepherds/scammers.

Or not.

The events are of such magnitude, they contain so many impossible coincidences, so many unthinkable changes, that our instinct of diurnal, arboreal and social animals tells us that there may be a great predator hidden behind the shadows, the tangle of leaves, information and opinion, deceptions, certainties and crowds. A predator coming from outside. Or one that was always there, waiting for its moment, with the patience of the great hunters, to catch its prey and devour it. Perhaps, while everyone goes about their business in the river, some unthinkable beings, incomprehensible and, for the moment, invisible to the bears, foxes, crows and salmon, are about to start the hunt to get what they really want: to keep the river, the mountains and the valleys clean of vermin and crowds. Our crowd. And, as always, when that clear figure emerges from the shadows, there will be no time to react. That’s the thing about being a diurnal animal living in a forest plunged in darkness caused by a social structure based on deception, mistrust and credulity induced by ideological anxiolytics: When the predator arrives no one sees it because some refuse to distrust, others live in their distrust and third parties, pharmaceutical companies and other powerful people, feel no need to look behind them, in the dark, because they, better than anyone else, know the real motives, the plots, the alliances, the low, prosaic and trivial reality: money and power.

Everything is clear. Everything makes sense. Pharmaceutical companies are securing their business by destroying what opposes them: our immune system. And, all around, a cloud of opportunists. The same old reality emerges with its mean and petty face. Suspicions vanish. The conspiracies are exhausted. We all relax. The world returns to the good and bad it always was. Wealth and happiness change neighborhood, city, nation and continent. Nothing more.

And yet, there, behind the shadows, there is something.

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