Affirmationist Supremacism

August 1st 2021

It always starts out the same. With a harmless appearance. Refusing entry to a bus, to a restaurant, to a school. It started the same way in South Africa, in Germany and in the Western world back in the twenties of the 21st century.

In the South Africa of 1953, blacks could not live in the areas assigned to whites, could not enter them without a «pass card», had no right to vote, marriages between blacks and whites were not allowed, blacks could not buy land, public transport and access to public buildings, education and health services was racially segregated. The process of establishing this policy of racial apartheid did not take place immediately, but over a period of five years, between 1948 and 1953. And it began in a mild, almost unimportant way.

The process of racial apartheid against Jews in Germany was also a process in which segregation was gradually intensified until it included persecution that culminated in concentration and extermination camps. From 1933 onwards, racial discrimination measures increased, beginning with exclusion from public service, schools, universities and the professions. In 1935 German citizenship was withdrawn and marriage between Aryans and Jews was forbidden. In 1938 Jews were forbidden to attend public schools and universities, cinemas, theaters and other public places. They were forced to carry identity cards indicating that they were Jews…and their passports were stamped with the letter «J».

Communism, the first cousin of National Socialism, applied, and still applies, two forms of apartheid. One, the classic one, against dissidents. The other, camouflaged under ideological slogans, against all the people segregated from the ruling elites, who have exclusive access to services, goods, rights and freedoms that determine a quality of life abysmally superior to that of the lower population, the common people, uniformed and dominated.

The mechanisms to be able to carry out any type of segregation against certain population groups, whether majority or minority, are based on a basic principle: to remove their human condition. In this way, the phylogenetic mechanisms aimed at inhibiting aggression between members of the same species disappear. In fact, all conflict between groups implies the dehumanization of the adversary, because to the extent that the «moral» controls that come in the genetic package with which we all come from the factory, destined to limit the damage we do to our fellows, disappear, aggression will be more forceful and effective.

The tricks to transform a human into a member of another harmful or profitable species are very elementary, even though sometimes they are so sophisticated as to be difficult to detect. And, curiously, all these procedures coincide in a common aspect: to establish that the others, the different ones, do not respond to the mechanisms of inhibition of aggression between members of the same species and, for that reason, there is no obligation to behave «humanely» with them. They are cruel vermin that do not respect anyone or anything. That is precisely why it is more than allowed, it is required, to behave with them without any limit or moral restraint. Humanity is only reserved for humans.

Race has traditionally served as a «transition zone» to transform others into members of a «different species» and, thus, circumvent the genetic-moral blocks that prevent us from doing certain «brutalities unbecoming of human beings» to them or, simply, to discriminate, segregate, and persecute them. Race serves, among other things, to establish major differences (it is not human) obviating the similarities (even if it looks and behaves human). Virtual races are built on this simile of a different and dangerous (or profitable) species, no matter how overwhelming the similarities are.

What differentiates one German from another or one Russian from another? Whether he is of Nazi or Communist ideological race in one case or of dissident race in the other. What differentiates one Canadian, Spaniard or German from another? Whether he is of an affirmationist or denialist sanitary race. In all these cases the differences are ethereal, virtual, of «faith». They are ideological races. But in the case of the negationists there is a physical, objective, easily identifiable element that marks them, making that ideology, that faith, become an incarnate part (or absence): to be vaccinated or not.

Of course, there is an ideological differentiation that extends beyond denying or affirming the severity of the pandemic (because that is what it all boils down to in the end). Denialists are many things besides health dissidents, all of them harmful to society. They are assumed to have a heretical ideology or faith that encompasses all aspects of life. It is a different, erroneous, dangerous worldview that has led them to denial. But it is on this «physical» differentiation, a perfect racial surrogate, that the process of segregation, persecution and «neutralization» is centered. They are already something physically, biologically threatening to… humans.

Neutralization. From the «simple» social, professional, labor, educational, sanitary isolation… to home or hospital confinement or in genuine concentration camps euphemistically called «sanitary isolation centers», «re-education camps»… «Arbeir macht frei».

However, the discriminatory, segregating, persecutory distinction that the former free Western countries, heirs of those who won World War II and the Cold War, are implementing against a part of their own citizens is not based on objective dangers. These outlawed citizens are not possessed by customs, ideologies or modes of behavior that pose a real threat to others. They are not murderers, nor criminals, nor do they have in their ideology the obligation to attack the freedom, prosperity or life of others, as is the case with many political and religious ideologies. On the contrary, they defend the same principles as their ancestors, those who died on the beaches of Normandy, or jumping the Berlin Wall or defending equal rights in South Africa. They are not Torquemada or Stalin or Hitler. They are Mandela, Rosa Parks and, if things don’t stop in time, Anne Frank.

Discrimination is based on a farce and, therefore, necessarily on a «belief»: the epidemic severity that numbers, for anyone who can simply read and count, do not support. In Sweden, with absolutely no medieval measure of restriction of rights and freedoms, 99.986% of the population survives the disease. A disease identified by an instrument, the PCRs, with a scandalously flimsy validity and reliability. And a protection against this disease, mythologically converted into a danger for Humanity, based on experimental transgenic substances which are those which, finally, function as a «racial» marker on which to build this new totalitarian apartheid regime.

What distinguishes the marginalized from the rest of the population is a substance not authorized as a vaccine, i.e. a subversion of scientific norms justified by a concealment of statistical evidence. The denialists, as a group, do not commit more crimes than the others, they do not defend criminal, totalitarian and inhuman ideologies… And, beyond that, apartheid continues with a rationally inexplicable force and speed.

We wonder how a cultured, advanced nation, inserted in a social, cultural and political environment such as 20th century Europe, could reach the Dantesque limits of a social process, because that is what it was, such as Nazism. How the Germans could not only allow but, an unconfessable majority, participate without any restraint or moral remorse in that monstrous witch-hunt. Did they not see at the beginning what was brewing? Yes, they saw it. They saw how the Jews were being turned into a different, dangerous, exterminable species. They saw it when things were not yet so serious, when it was still possible to think that it would not come to the madness that it did. They saw it perfectly well when, in fact, they were already segregating and persecuting their neighbors, their friends, their relatives. Because in Nazi Germany they persecuted the Jewish race and the dissidents, the virtual Jews… the unvaccinated negationists.

It began like all apartheid processes. As the sanitary apartheid is beginning in the same countries that venerate the figure of Nelson Mandela, of Rosa Parks, of Anne Frank. A simple beginning that is already in itself, without the need to reach the limits of absolute terror, something as repugnant and dangerous as those other apartheid that the «Afrikaner segregationists» of the former Western free world denigrate while applying it on their white compatriots, defenders of freedom and equal rights, but who dissent from an absurd belief (remember survival of 99.986%) and refuse to be physically marked with an experimental product for which no one is responsible, to become part of the superior race. Because, in the end, there is always a superior race, real or virtual. That is what it is all about. Without that there can be no discrimination, segregation or neutralization.

Mandela, Rosa Parks, Churcill, Roosevelt and millions of ancestors are turning in their graves knowing (everything is known) that History has begun to write this new, sinister and shameful episode of lese humanity committed by the descendants of their descendants. Watching how, once again, a young girl cries in silence because she is not allowed to enter the same place where her friends have fun, study or work.

Yes. You are just as miserable as those you claim to despise. You are the Nazis, the communists, the Afrikaner segregationists of the 21st century. And you know it. You are, leaders and people, fully aware of what is beginning to happen, of what is already a disgrace and, if not stopped, will be a crime. You are not innocent. You can never be innocent now. Nor were they before they were defeated.

Your admired Nelson Mandela spits on you from the grave.

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