July 15th 2021

Postmodernity is not the world of freedom we dreamed of, but the return of the worst collectivisms, a New Middle Ages in which the East begins its own Renaissance by resetting History. Postmodernity is Postcovid. Postcovid is communism.

It is true that the only difference between National Socialism and International Socialism are the slogans used for their initial propaganda: identitarian in one case and globalist in the other. It is true that communism is not the only globalist, collectivist and totalitarian doctrine. There have been more and they have been working successfully for a longer period of time throughout history. Even, with very similar moral impositions in the background. The central core of all collectivisms for 2000 years is, at bottom, socialism: poverty (sustainability), solidarity (submission), equality (uniformity), multiculturalism (white label culture)… And socialism (secular or not), the dominant formula of collectivism for more than a century, has known how to be reborn from each of its inevitable failures with a mastery worthy of standing on the podium next to the most accredited institutions (secular or not).

Communism survived World War II thanks to the meeting of three characters that marked the History of our World until today, when Roosevelt and Churchill assumed the reviled role that Churchill himself attributed to that precedent of contemporary progressiveness that was Neville Chamberlain. They saved International Socialism from defeat, and it seemed that everything was over when Soviet communism was defeated in the Cold War by the only one who dared to win without contemplation: Ronald Reagan. But it was in the coup d’état of Deng Xiaoping, after the death of the Great Helmsman Mao, when communism was reset as «Socialism with Chinese characteristics», that is, «Neo-Communism».

Neo-communism became a hybrid between capitalism and communism (social inequalities in China are simply brutal) and between international and national socialism (few peoples are as nationalistic as the Chinese). With this new disguise began what all collectivisms seek: to expand, and colonize the Earth. Like viruses. Like any totalitarian imperialism. As, also, some religions.

The essence of any collectivism, secular or religious, contains an element that is determinant for its strategic plans: struggle, confrontation, conflict, violence of high or low rank. Traditionally, communism was based on confrontation between social classes.But neo-communism has varied the discourse to introduce new strategic confrontations that mimic liberacist ideals and/or concerns: men vs women, homo vs hetereosexuals, whites vs blacks, climate change vs denialists, covidians vs denialists… progressives vs anti-Islamists. And this last confrontation, which hides an even more twisted message than all the others, we must not lose sight of it because it will soon be the pillar on which the European totalitarianism of a new and strange IV Reich, which is maturing by leaps and bounds in the covid incubator, will be built.

In the end, the key to the revolutionary strategy is reduced to a question of lexicon. The class struggle is transformed into the struggle of sexes, of races, of cultures, of opinions, of scientific truths. The dictatorship of the proletariat becomes the dictatorship of the progretariat, which is revealed as something perfectly acceptable in the free world. It could not be simpler. To deceive the people so that they escape from future or fictitious poverty and servitude by accepting poverty and servitude. To exacerbate inequalities where they are least present in order to impose an asymmetrical equality. A single inequality that imposes itself on all others: that of the dominant minority and the dominated majority.

It is not New World Order, nor transhumanism, nor satanic elites or anything else. It is, quite simply, neo-communism. The most recent and lethal version of collectivism that History has given birth to. Let no one be fooled because the capital of the new dictatorship, this time worldwide, is Beijing. And not because it is the capital of China, but because it is the headquarters of neo-communism.

Pure and fucking communism.

That’s the way it is. And stop playing along with the propagandistic maneuvers of the only true enemy: neo-communism.

If you look at where all the stories we are busy with lead us: covid, LGTBI, Black Mater, energy and food sustainability, climate change, media control, social isolation, political markers (green passport), apartheid of dissidents, restriction of mobility, imposition of single thought… But don’t we recognize that face? Can a few colored veils really deceive us? All this, absolutely everything, converges in the ideal of collectivist society of the latest version of secular collectivism, the new socialism, characterized, as we have already said above and we must never forget, by poverty (sustainability), solidarity (submission), equality (uniformity), multiculturalism (white label culture)…

This is the Agenda: A neo-communist society to which all collectivists, including certain religions and many corporate neo-aristocrats (big Western businessmen) sign up, as long as this new political order allows them to continue with their part of the business. There is no plot, except that of neo-communism. The rest are hyenas and vultures that gather around the prey, our freedom, to take advantage of it.

And this is the model: Maoist Peking. But beware, because neo-communism is impregnated with nationalism. Not all peoples will live with the same intensity the ideal of poverty and submission that all collectivisms have always advocated. The Western world, especially the white and especially the European, must be «reeducated» in the new ideals of the new normality with much greater intensity than the rest, that is to say, with more poverty and submission. The liberationist seed with which Europe, that of those and those oceanic shores, reached the highest levels of technological, scientific, human, political and cultural progress that Humanity has ever known, must be extirpated at its roots. Not all peoples were equally poor in the collectivist and totalitarian Middle Ages. China and its surroundings will live as we Westerners thought we were going to live in the near future.

Is there any explanation why the highest incidence, real or invented, of covid infections and deaths is in the white Western world? Any explanation why it is white Westerners who are under the most pressure to vaccinate? Yes, but the ultimate reason is purely a military strategic calculation: The white Western world is the enemy to be beaten by neo-communism.

And why do the political, media, economic and even religious leaders of the West collaborate with the enemy? Because, quite simply, it is not their enemy. Some are convinced that this neo-communist propaganda invention, Agenda 2030, responds to the old liberationist ideals with which the new challenges derived from overpopulation and the growing and understandable desire of the masses condemned to poverty to participate in what the collectivist discourse calls «consumerism» must be faced. Sustainability (poverty) has to be imposed (totalitarianism) and this can only be achieved with the great gift that the Chinese neo-communist strategists have given them: covid. And this totalitarianism, crudely but effectively justified by the false seriousness of a new flu, can only be imposed by applying all the liberationist anti-ideals against which they fought until very recently: censorship, apartheid, reverse racism, unpunished violation of fundamental rights… Other of these «our» leaders, more than we imagine, simply do not believe in anything that the neo-communist propaganda steamroller says, but consider that the most beneficial thing for them is, simply, to collaborate.

It is collaborationism, as always, that is allowing the victory of the neo-communist enemy, weaker on paper, more powerful in practice. Collaborators by conviction or by convenience are our direct and close enemies. And it is against them that we must lash out collectively if the appropriate instruments are created (political parties, media, movements in social networks, associations… classic resistance groups). But, if these instruments are not achieved or if they are neutralized by the neo-communist fifth column that infiltrates them, even helping to create them, then there is only room for individual resistance.

Insufficient? Useless?

Not at all. The greatest efforts of neo-communist collectivism and its collaborators, led by the political, religious and economic leaders of the former free world, are aimed at convincing dissidents that all resistance is futile and that their individual action alone will serve no purpose except that they and their families will be seriously harmed by this unbeatable wave of change. And it is not true. It is precisely because it is not true that they are using every means to prevent individual dissent, clandestine or otherwise.

From the enemy the advice. The shameless, shameful and desperate totalitarianism that is being implemented in the vast majority of the countries of the former Western free world tells us how much «our» dictators are afraid of neutralizing any source, however small, of dissidence. Why? Because this individual dissidence, disorganized, without means, clandestine or, at least, discreet, is still too high a percentage of society.

They put a tattoo under our skin called a vaccine for exactly the same reason that cattle are branded with fire. To take possession of us and, in addition, to control our mobility. It is already being used as a condition for enjoying fundamental rights, as an instrument of coercion for access to work, leisure, education, mobility… And yet, full vaccination rates in the Western world show pockets of dissidence of between 30 and 60%. Of course, in China, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea… or, in this economic-geographical environment, white Western countries such as Australia or New Zealand, the percentages of full vaccination do not even reach 20% of the population.

Individual resistance is not useless, making the most of the freedom we are allowed and expanding it by all means, legal or illegal, because all are legitimate under a dictatorship. That individual dissidence has been the germ of the organized dissidence that, finally, put an end to many of the collectivist totalitarianisms. That fund of anonymous resisters is what the collaborationist totalitarians fear the most with that pantomime called Agenda 2030, New World Order, World Economic Forum, New Normality… behind which hides the only and true enemy, the same as always, collectivism, this time with the hidden form of neo-communism that will show its true face in much less time than we imagine the liberacist dissidents… and the dastardly or stupid collaborationists.

That is why the real power, the one that controls the entire economy, public and private, of the second world power without needing to ask permission from or be accountable to any congress, senate, public opinion or voters, the Chinese Communist Party (yes, that is its name), is hastily accelerating its agenda of conquest.

It is neo-communism. All the rest are distractions, deceptions, scapegoats, adulterated movements, false flag attacks and stupidly convinced or miserably bought collaborationists. And, in the face of the usual collectivism, the usual answer: individual freedom exercised without limits. Alone or accompanied as on the beaches of Normandy or in the ranks of individual resistance. Do not give up. At least not in your minds and hearts. Fight without any moral compunction, because the only reason to uphold a legitimate morality is free will, the right to pursue one’s own happiness… and that of those who fight to defend your right to be free. All others are part of the occupying neo-communist forces. They are not your allies. They are your enemies. Don’t make the mistake of Yalta. Win your war. Our war. Fight for you. That’s the best way to fight for me and all of us.

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