The Mark of the Beast

June 6th 2021

…and that no man may buy or sell, save he that hath the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name (Revelation 13:17).

Magnetizable proteins, magnetic nanoparticles, subepidermal tattoos or any other formula with which to implant an organically compatible marker with which to emit and receive information. The denialist and conspiranoic explanation for the inexplicable is based on this assumption: the universal and fanatical determination to vaccinate the entire world population with substances that do not prevent the contagion of a disease that has caused, in a year and a half, fewer deaths than the Asian flu of 1957 or more or less the same, if we believe the PCR data, than the Hong Kong flu of 1968.

Absurd, isn’t it?

But what is the apocalypse if not pure conspiracy? What is the announcement of the end times with its final judgment and its chosen few among the many called who will survive the final holocaust that will bring with it, like any war, Armageddon between the forces of evil and good? Was not Churchill conspiratorial for his political adversaries, candid followers of the do-gooder Neville Chamberlain? Were not those who believed that the Earth was flat and that the Universe revolved around it or, more recently, those who thought that by closing cities and houses or covering their faces they could defeat the Black Death, affirmationists? Finally, was not the opinion of a certain Robert Koch a denialist of the universally accepted medical doctrine? Was it not the opinion of all medical science prior to 2019 that rejected mass confinement of the population or the need to meet the deadlines for testing new drugs and vaccines as a means of combating epidemics, no matter how serious the disease?

Why is it not allowed to use experimental drugs in patients dying of very serious diseases such as cancer, and yet the massive use of experimental vaccines for a disease with a mortality rate of 0.026% is authorized in the entire population?

What is happening is so insane that we can only explain it rationally by appealing to the negationist, critical, skeptical… conspiranoic rationality that has presided over all the great advances of Humanity since the path of medieval superstition was abandoned, that of confinements, ghettos, persecution of heretics, lynchings, autos de fe, the Inquisition, watcher of the truth… Because that minority, select, clairvoyant attitude is the one that has saved Humanity from the terror of Mother Nature, maximum expression of cruelty, inhumanity and globalism, which the thirties of the last century reproduced with horrifying effectiveness: Nazism, communism, persecutions, holocausts, gulags, ghettos, ariernachweis… stars of David.

It is impossible to understand the scientific nonsense of vaccines without considering them as a simple instrument to achieve an objective of social engineering of proportions equivalent to the unprecedented unanimity of the different powers of different political or professional sign when it comes to impose by absolutely dictatorial means whatever is in these so-called «vaccines».

A marker to detect who has really been vaccinated. A kind of QR code to detect fake green passports (never before has that color been a symbol of submission, poverty and terror as it is now). An infallible method to locate and, eventually, punish the denialists who acquire and issue false laissez-passers with which to enjoy the fundamental rights of man, those that the UN extols in its digital pulpits and pursues in the streets. A certificate of blood purity to separate (that is apartheid) from society the false converts to the affirmationist faith of the New Normality, that which already, on the back of social inertia, of the little by little does not hurt, of the goebbelsian and very effective trick of «a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth», has been implanted without the slightest opposition. As in Nazi Germany, in the Soviet Union or in North Korea. Exactly the same.

An emitting mechanism through which a wide range of information about people can be captured, from their location to their emotional state, their vital signs, their genetic characteristics… their conversations or, why not, their opinions.

A subcutaneous electrode that will serve as the electrode that Dr. Rodriguez Delgado implanted in the brain of a raging bull back in the sixties and with which he was able to stop the beast at the push of a button. A Stimociver incorporated with the vaccines and by means of which the state of health, mood or even cognitive state of people can be changed. A perfect global control mechanism hidden under the skin and, most importantly, under tons of social engineering applied through mass media, social networks… and political, social and labor blackmail.

I thought that the vaccines obeyed a political objective of the white Western ruling classes who had fallen, and only they, into the trap of the falsely serious pandemic spread by China with the indispensable collaboration of the WHO and the mass media. A placebo vaccines to stop the ruin and dictatorship to which it had subjected its citizens, now subjects and serfs, without having to recognize its mistake: «The pandemic was really serious enough to justify the measures we took, but now everything will return to (new) normality with the vaccines» ( I thought it was just a political trick for our inept (now I see, also miserable) leaders to get impunity and, as a gift, more power. But I have to admit that every day that passes sustaining this infamous, medieval and, now already, Dantesque farce, I find myself in the rational obligation to accept the possibility of an absolutely conspiratorial, critical, heterodox… scientific hypothesis: Vaccines are the mark of the Beast. And the beast that has brought all the powers of this world into agreement almost without exception cannot be of this world. At least, not of the world as we know it. Nor, necessarily, of a supernatural world.

Perhaps it is from a parallel world in which the Beast is in the form of a dragon and of which our mighty ones are nothing more than simple farm managers on the farm where they are marking their human cattle for something.

To kill your cattle? No farmer does that. Then, it can only be for the opposite: to multiply it and lock it up in intensive farms, overcrowded, isolated, immobilized, deprived of everything except feed, water, dedicated only to produce with the minimum cost whatever they get from us.

Or, perhaps, yes, perhaps it is the instrument of doomsday. Maybe it is what it seems to be: a brutal, systematic, efficient and clean holocaust. Identical in its basic principles to that of the trains and the extermination camps. That is why there are nations in which vaccination is scarcely carried out and others in which the pressure to vaccinate people reaches totalitarian limits unthinkable just a few months ago.

Heads or tails: global farm living in third-world facilities like chickens and cows or extermination camp. That is the only unknown. Everything else is of a frightening certainty, seen through rational, scientific… conspiranoic eyes.

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