The terror

April 21th 2021

Ana is a seventeen-year-old girl, about to turn eighteen. Her life is heading, like that of many boys and girls her age, towards a crossroads that will mark her destiny: the entrance exam. On the results he obtains in this transcendental test depends what he can aspire to professionally, even if he can have the dream of any profession or none at all.

A state of alarm illegally prolonged without the requirements of parliamentary control, suspended in practice and in the established legality, under whose illegal protection the fundamental rights imaginary protected by Article 19 of the Spanish Constitution are suspended, was in force when the events that led to her internment in the concentration camp in which they have turned the homes themselves, those sacred precincts of freedom and security of the old democracies, took place. Because Ana ended up imprisoned in her home by order not of a judge, but of a political commissar of the New Normality: a nurse, first, and a doctor later.

Under the ridiculous, now sinister, alibi of a pandemic that in one year has infected less than 2% of the world’s population and, allegedly, killed 0.038%, a dictatorship of such caliber has been established that any personage turned into an authority can deprive of freedom whoever he wants, wherever he wants and for as long as he wants. Or prevent you from going to see your parents or your children who live in the next town or province. Or impose a vaccination if you want to obtain one of those safe-conducts that will soon be sold on the black market, to have punctual and limited access to travel, work, studies… It’s called blackmail.

On the occasion of the Easter holidays, young people, freed from their confinement and the rigors of the martial law of closing of establishments and curfew, went out to enjoy a few hours of freedom. The streets, bars and pubs were packed. Four people had died over the course of a year in a town of barely 5,000 inhabitants, with positive CRP and, in almost all cases, with enough illnesses and birthdays to justify their deaths. That is 0.076%. Fewer than die every year from complications due to alcohol and tobacco consumption. One girl felt ill, after drinking, staying up late and catching cold. You know those who remember the Old Normal: hangover, tiredness and cold. These are very bad ages because hormones and the desire for prominence do their thing. The fact is that the girl, unaware of the consequences that this would entail, went to the health center, closed for everything that is not susceptible to transform into PCRvirus, where she was tested with a positive result. And there the game ended and the sinister machinery of the New Normality began to operate.

In the interrogation to which she was subjected, she was ordered to tell the names of the people with whom she had been in close contact and the hunt was on. Messages from one friend to another, urging them to immediately send the cell phone and ID card of none other than the girl who had taken center stage in what, through adolescent hysteria, would become a denialist witch hunt.

«You have to give your cell phone and ID to so-and-so (the whistleblower).» You have to!

Each other, with very few exceptions, were dedicated to chasing each other to find out who was voluntarily confined and who, irresponsibly, criminally, went on with his normal life as a healthy person without any sanitary blemish except that of having been next to someone who decided he was not a hangover but a Covid.

Fear, tension, good guys and bad guys, hysteria, a lot of texting and a lot of typing. Until they were paraded one by one through the political police station and the reality bath began for most of Ana’s friends. By decree of the new competent authorities, without trial or any proof other than the word of a denouncer, they had to enter the home concentration camp for ten days from the contact with the source of contagion, if they were negative in the PCR and, if not, ten days since the health authorities, now also police and judicial, had seen fit to do the test. In any case, simply for having been denounced truly or falsely (who cares about that in a dictatorship?), the person must be immediately placed in house arrest. With the addition that, if the PCR was positive, the parents and siblings of the accused would also have to do the same. And then things change, even for those who have little regard for freedom.

Although it is becoming increasingly strange, there are people who live from their work and who, if they do not work, not only do not receive any emolument but, in many cases, leave their business, their company, their fields or their livestock unattended with the risk of losing them or, at least, of suffering a substantial economic bankruptcy. And, when Ana’s friends learned, through the screams and anger of her parents, that the pandemic game, the denunciations and the adolescent protagonisms had consequences for their lives and that of their family, the change came about.

Suddenly, the survival instinct, which is present even in the most dormant organisms and vitiated by the gift life of zoo, welfare state and «we must learn to be less competitive… yet», put an end to the nonsense.

It was his baptism of fire. His shock with reality. And from the eagerness to obey authority and force others to do the same, he moved on to «I’m going to say that I haven’t been with my parents, because otherwise they’ll confine them». «How pissed off my mother is, because now my father can’t go to work.» «I’m going to say that I wasn’t close to so-and-so», «If I miss classes and fail…». And the advice of the retaliated parents: «Try not to be with your friends too much» «Stop partying because look what happened: your father can’t work» «Don’t pick up the cell phone if you don’t know the number, in case it’s the trackers»….

Suddenly, parents and children were living the life of the dissident. Devising strategies to outwit the new Gestapo, KGB, Stasi, parapolice and parajudicial bodies made up of doctors, nurses and the dreaded «trackers». The news from the covid was not seen with the affirmationist fervor of yesteryear and little by little, they moved to the smell of one’s own flesh burned in the purifying bonfire. «We are being led to ruin by four dead people with the flu.» «Since they (Biiip) are paid at the end of the month, they don’t care about anything.

The adolescents became aware that their youth was going to disappear and, if things did not change, the rest of their sustainable life, which is like the one their grandparents had led, but accepting poverty with progressive faith and solidary resignation. They grew resentment, frustration… and fear that arbitrariness, defenselessness, complete dependence on the will of others without any rule or law, turn into terror. They learned that they had to hide from their new enemies: police, judges, politicians, doctors, nurses, trackers… their own friends and neighbors turned into a lynch mob. That they were not to point fingers, not to speak out loud about certain things. That they had to prove that they were good Covidians to avoid being accused of causing some death, some contagion, some confinement. Social rejection also transforms fear into terror.

Their attitude changed. They became adults. They assumed that secrecy, distrust, fear, resentment and hatred were the new axes of their social life. Everything in an attenuated, apparently normal way, without seeming traumatic. Anyway, it’s not so bad either. The psychological and social consequences are less serious than the terrible pandemic that kills less than alcohol and tobacco together, or simple age, cold and any major or minor cold. But this is not so. And those who retain a modicum of honesty know it. An entire generation is learning that it is normal to live as if Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union had won the war. And that can only be perceived as normal, harmless and even virtuous when society has degenerated below the level of true human normality.

Ana and some of her friends were happy to have tested positive for the PCR because it guaranteed them three months safe from further imprisonment and, thus, they could face the selectivity, a decisive moment like no other in their lives, without some informer or political commissar confining them to the concentration camp. They were happy to have been imprisoned because this way, hopefully, and if the political commissars did not decide otherwise, they would avoid a greater evil.

Is there anyone, no matter how little common sense they have, who does not see this as the symptom of a real psychosocial illness? Does anyone really think that a better world can be built with this foundation? Does anyone seriously believe that this is simply a New Normal?

Fear becomes terror fueled by social pressure, helplessness and guilt. It penetrates deep inside people and destroys them slowly, almost imperceptibly – it grows as we get used to it and, when it has acquired a monstrous proportion, we accept it as a new normal. We are always in normality. Even riding on Holocaust trains or watching them go by.

Terror in the face of helplessness, in the face of the whim of the guard of the extermination camp, a normal subject, doctor, nurse, teacher, now turned into a god who decides on life or death (do not be shocked by the exaggeration because it happened at the beginning of the pandemic) or on the freedom of his fellow men, his neighbors, his children’s friends whose souls are twisted to accept that obedience will not only save them but will set them free.


Ask these boys and girls who are beginning to live knowing that anyone can deprive them of the most elementary human rights, subjected to a regime of denunciation and condemnation without guarantees of any kind, without being able to appeal to justice, because justice has fled to hide from public opinion and from the reprisals of the political gangs that sign their payrolls and decide the professional future of their children. All because of a bad flu of the kind that appears every eleven years with each new solar cycle, artificially sustained throughout the year on the basis of diagnostic tests with a reliability and validity of scientific laughter.

The Party, almost all of which have been unified under the supreme command of a hidden power, has begun the dirty work of indoctrinating and subduing the still virgin minds of our children. But that mean, hurtful, degrading work has a side effect that right now is barely glimpsed. Our young people, at least the best part of them, are getting to know what it is like to live under a dictatorship and their defenses have activated the resistance mode to protect themselves, but also to attack those who are stealing their freedom and prosperity. They have become enemies of their enemies. Something that will seem horrible to those who suffer from Stockholm syndrome disguised as moral superiority, but which responds to the basic principle of human equality: reciprocity.

When your doctor, nurse or a stranger on the other end of a hypertrophied telephone number can deprive you of your freedom at his whim, we are already in a dictatorship exactly like the ones we saw in the movies from our couch, now transformed into a prison bed. And our young people, at least those who deserve something better because they are willing to fight to get it, have discovered the deception on which this atrocious dictatorship is based, which we protect by minimizing it, disguised as «it’s no big deal», as «New Normal», as «you can’t do anything else». The normality of any dictatorship. That of the bully, that of the abuser, that of the force sustained by the weakness of others, that of the terror of the sheep when the dog barks and the shepherd whistles.

They, our children and grandchildren, let us not forget, are suffering in their flesh what they thought before was just talk and stories that did not go with them. Now they know that it is not passing or anecdotal, but that it is them especially who are being robbed of their lives from the very beginning at the hands of a bunch of hacks to whom the beloved revolutionary leaders of the left, center and right have granted the power only possible in a lawless world.

Now they know what awaits them. And whoever does not know this does not deserve to expect anything else.

Ana and most of her friends managed to evade and hide from the dictatorship to take their entrance exam in the best possible conditions. They did not know it yet, but some of them had also just passed another even more transcendental test for their future: to become freedom-loving adults, ready to defend it by all means and not to give up any of their ambitions, whatever they were, material or spiritual, according to the opinion of others or not. And that test they overcame turned them, without them or us realizing it, into their own saviors. And, also, in our heroes. In the example of what we should have done when we discover that we owe nothing to this society that abandoned us and uses its own failure to rob us of what truly differentiates us from the beasts: the possibility of being happy.


That is exactly what they thought in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, communist China or Bolivarian Venezuela.

I am not at all interested in normalized submissives, nor in fanatical followers of the Party’s truth, nor in those mediocre and miserable characters who become despots when they are offered the opportunity to be so without suffering the weight of justice. I deeply despise them.

But to those young people who are willing to fight relentlessly for their happiness in the quagmire of the New Normal, I have to say that they have all my respect, admiration and envy.

Because they are and will be the masters of their destiny.

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