Ariernachweis (Eng)

March 26th 2021

Freedom is the closest we can get to God.

The NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers’ Party), like the PNF (National Fascist Party) placed themselves in an equidistant distance from both Marxism and capitalism. Exactly the same as Social Democracy and its allies, among which are the Christian Democrats (Social Christians, in the German version) and the Church, whose social line fluctuates between Marxism and that social democratic third way. Also the «do-gooder» movements that have arisen as a side-effect of the easy life and the gift of the new Western and white generations, which have been skilfully seized and recycled in favor of their interests by those who dream of occupying the place of privilege enjoyed, for a short time, by those generations of daddy’s boys.

The big problem of idiots is not having any problems.

It is by no means anecdotal or coincidental that one of the two parties that are the backbone of the kleptocracy established in Spain after Franco’s death is called the Spanish (National) Socialist Workers Party (PSOE). As it is not that, after the last great war, a decree of impunity was promulgated de facto (everything is «de facto» outside the rule of law) which condemned to the gallows a small number of designated scapegoats (the masses are content with little) and left the vast majority of the participants in one of the two great massacres that Humanity has suffered (the other being communism) safe from justice, when not recruited and rewarded to form the elite of what would become the Europe of the Allied bloc.

The spirit of Nazism was perpetuated in what would give rise to the current EU, from where the truly anti-Nazi and anti-communist Great Britain has just left, unable to bear the stench that this imitation of the Third Reich, updated in form and now consolidated in substance, gave off. Nor is it a coincidence that it is the neighbors of that first attempt to «unite» Europe under German leadership (today the Gallic country is once again a Vichy France), grouped in the Visegrad group, who, still fresh in the memory of the two socialisms, the national and the international, oppose heroic resistance to the bureaucratic and financial hosts of this second attempt at «union» with headquarters in another «B»: Brussels.

Tampoco es anecdótico ni casual que el “(nacional)socialismo(demócrata)”, agrupado en la Große Koalition, aúne el pensamiento único de una ideología atrozmente colectivista con la sangre y los genes. Antes fue el estigma racial. Ahora el viral. Axiomas sanguíneos que soportan con burda lógica la imposición del un régimen liberticida que, antes o después, deviene en asesino (no lo olvide nadie), que cada día que pasa se parece más a aquél contra el que lucharon los países libres, liderados y prácticamente reducidos a mundo anglosajón heredero de la Glorious Revolution y de la Revolución Americana, que terminó por extenderse y conquistar a la antigua metrópolis británica en tiempos de Margaret Thatcher.

Before it was the ariernachweis. Now it is the green passport. Both with the same consequences: to establish two classes, no longer social but human, with different rights, freedoms and, finally and inevitably, standard of living. But this is not a matter of improvisation but another step in the establishment of totalitarianism which, like its communist twin, those of us who consider ourselves children of freedom thought we had defeated.

Both ariernachweis and green passport are a mark of blood. The true mark of the Beast, now embodied in a QR code.

Both, the Aryan race and the PCRvirus, are an invention, a lie, a pathetic and laughable farce if it were not for the terrible consequences that one brought about and those that, if we do not remedy it, the other will undoubtedly bring about. All the pseudo-scientific paraphernalia in which the racial supremacism of the Third Reich was wrapped is exactly of the same nature as the new totalitarian process that is wreaking havoc, especially in Western countries with a white majority.

The blood. Everything is again in the blood instead of in the mind and will of the people. And, in the face of blood, there is only submission. We cannot decide to stay out of the race or the pandemic, because the axis of social life and, for those who accept it, also of personal life, has become something alien to individual freedom and now depends on the will of the masters backed by what we inevitably carry inside us, like a modern version of the original sin. That is what confers power to our tyrants, as to those of yesteryear was God. Both are extrahuman instances, before which resistance is blindness or criminal wickedness against public health.

In the communist world, the international twin of national (socialism), dissidence, resistance to oppression and misery, was and, camouflagedly still is, a public health problem. Dissidents were (and are) cured (re-educated) of their mental-ideological illness caused by the infection of the liberal-capitalist pandemic. It was done in the gulags and in the re-education camps. Or in the extermination camps in order to stop the disease by eliminating the incurable cases.

Internationalist socialism, which was not based on blood, but on the profession of faith, now converges with nationalist socialism and medieval dogmatism in the PCRvirus, an entelechy incarnated by means of fallacies and deceptions before which one can only believe or not believe, Affirmationists against negationists. It is curious that no one has considered that we are facing a question of faith, religious or secular, since this (not realizing) reveals to what extent the New Normality has crystallized (that is what it is all about). Blood, faith, believers and heretics.

Livestock irons tell us only one difference: the difference between herd members and feral animals. Everything else is just infighting between farmers, publicized to steal each other’s livestock.

Ghettos to lock up the population when and where it is convenient. Road, airport and train controls to prevent mobility without a green passport. Vetoed access to education, business start-ups or work, even entertainment. Censorship of disaffected opinions and damaging news. Limitation of social contacts and dissolution of individual identity. Rationing cards for environmental sustainability, combating climate change and multicultural solidarity. Selective confinement in internment centers for dissidents, naysayers and those contaminated by impurity… Civil and, finally, physical death through a hidden eugenics of the elderly and chronically ill.

Isn’t all this happening right under our noses without us, just as it happened then, wanting to take notice? Isn’t there now the same social pressure from those who later collapsed when they were forced to remove the corpses from the concentration camps next to their homes? Isn’t the establishment of totalitarianism supported by the same masses of fanatics willing to follow to the letter the affirmationist lies that the information and propaganda media spread a thousand times to turn them into truth?

It is not an unimportant anecdote, nor is it an isolated coincidence that the new ariernachweis, the green passport, the medieval statute of purity of blood, has been approved in the Reichstag in Brussels. It is not simply one more step in the totalitarian logic that reversed the Allied triumph in Europe under the pretext of the Cold War and that established a neo-feudalism of lords and serfs from whom to steal, exactly as in the Middle Ages, half of their work and fortune, under the same pretext of protecting them and with the same consequence of subjugating them. The green passport is not just another measure, but the limit with no turning back between a new normality and a dictatorial regime perfectly comparable to what would be a IV Reich or, everything is possible, a new USSR. After all, they started World War II together and are ending it together after that false end: Yalta.

Much worse. Great Britain and all its Commonwealth, together with the USA, much as they were eighty years ago, are seduced by the regenerative (resetting) ideas of the New Normal of blood purity, the saving liberticides, the stigmatizing vaccines, the habits of submission established in just a few months and the millenarian superstitions. Perhaps, when they wake up, if they do, they will no longer have the time or the strength to repeat the feat of the Normandy beaches. Perhaps they will only be able to invent their own version, superficially different from the New World Order of a thousand years, the second part of the greatest monstrosity caused by the worst human invention: ideologies. And, within these, National or International Socialism. It doesn’t matter.

Maybe it doesn’t matter what we do, because the inertia of the fait accompli dissipates all our efforts. Perhaps we can now only choose between carrying the mark in our blood to obtain the PCRnachweis or refuse and become pariahs, prisoners of the new konzentrationslager or members of a resistance doomed in advance to defeat, because it never ever fought. Perhaps we have been preemptively deceived by our own generals, who never planned to fight this titanic battle. Perhaps everything was decided many years ago and the conspiracists, voluntarily turned into caricatures of their truth, are right. But, even so, there is something screaming inside us. Something still healthy:

What is this madness? What kind of inertia is dragging us along so that we do not see what is happening… for the second time? When was the war lost?

After the decision just taken by the Reichstag in Brussels, and to be followed by the leaders of the (only) party, the only options are to surrender or to fight. Fight for real, doing as much damage as possible to the enemy. Or give up for real and stop whining in the troughs of the Internet, assuming, as are doing one after another those who only a few months ago were crying out against plandemia, that the bug exists, that it is a threat to Humanity, that only by losing freedom and, the Western banks, prosperity can we save ourselves and the planet, and that the vaccines that those who manufacture them do not want to guarantee are a blessing and not the instrument to separate humans into two categories: The convicts and those on parole.

The Fourth Reich has been proclaimed in Brussels. The prodromes of an invasion. When the caravels come sailing across the sky, they will find herds of lambs marked with PCRnachweis, and some caged wolves on the other side of the QR code bars they refused to get.


Look around you… and wait just a few months.

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