March 10th 2021

A year ago, the world entered a medieval fog in which the most advanced societies of the 21st century accepted completely irrational and pre-scientific political and sanitary approaches based on epidemiological control methods centered on confinement, obscurantism (prohibition of autopsies, secrecy of the composition of vaccines…) and a persecution against rational and scientific dissidence that has served, paradoxically, as a seedbed for the most varied conspiracy theories. All this is wrapped up in an apocalyptic atmosphere characterized by the inexplicability in terms of «logical normality» of most of the events, among which it is worth mentioning:

  • The disproportionate reaction to levels of collective hysteria in the face of an epidemic classified as a «pandemic» by the same international organization, the WHO, which a year ago predicted hundreds of millions of deaths worldwide. A disease caused by a coronavirus that has never been isolated or sequenced and which has allegedly infected, to date, 1.5% of the world’s population and killed 0.03%. Epidemiologically ridiculous figures, however regrettable and dramatic each death may be.
  • The tremendous power of the mass media to manipulate public opinion in the most advanced, educated and free countries on Earth.
  • The first large-scale censorship event of social networks carried out in a coordinated manner by companies in the free world, exactly as it was being done in totalitarian nations such as China, for example.
  • The unsuspected ease with which the population of the vast majority of democratic nations has accepted an elimination of rights and freedoms and a control and blockade of economic activity without historical precedent in the last 100 years.
  • And one last event that undoubtedly feeds any conspiracy theory, however extravagant it may seem: the practical unanimity of political, religious, economic and even scientific leaders sustains the disproportionate and, therefore, false seriousness of an epidemic that has become a pandemic as a pretext to impose a liberticidal regime with which they intend to replace the old democracies stealthily converted into demoscracies.

It is true that the events have been and continue to be of a magnitude and extravagance (to put it with some moderation) unthinkable just a year and a half ago. But it is also true that we should not let ourselves be carried away by the millenarian hysteria that has given support to the historical nonsense we are witnessing live guided by the subliminal story, sometimes grossly evident, of the new doctrinal dogmatics, because not everything is so global or transcendent nor, of course, all the options are to assume without further ado the fatalism, collectivism and medievalism in which it is intended to keep focused the attention of both the affirmationist believers and the denialist heretics.

Big Global Change? Not at all. The New Normal boils down to the stupid ruin, loss of freedoms and geostrategic power of the Western free world.

Perhaps, as the years or, at the current frenetic pace, the months go by, some of the self-serving prophecies that swarm around will materialize. But, for the moment, the only thing that has really changed, for the worse, is the life of the free, western, white racial majority countries. For it is in them that the loss of freedoms and rights (won over 500 years), of economic well-being and geostrategic power has been concentrated. The rest of the planet, including the «Asian» democracies, the Third World or developing nations without a white racial majority and the heirs of the socialist bloc of the Cold War, such as Russia or, especially, the big winner of all this, China, continue more or less as they were, if only having suffered indirectly, attenuated and with unequal luck the economic crisis that the «white West» has self-inflicted without any need whatsoever.

The only victims, protagonists, authors and essential cooperators of this brutal and stupid change for the worse have been the Europeans, the North Americans and some Latin American nations. Nothing more… And nothing less. So, of great global change, of a new world order, of a reset, nothing at all. A simple, however huge and absurd it may be, change of political, technological, military and economic hegemony, the most remarkable feature of which is that it is the leaders of these countries who have overthrown themselves, condemning their citizens to a present and a future five hundred years into the past. Our leaders, decisively helped by two things: the mass media and a majority of the population that, as far as we can see, was not really immunized against totalitarianism, irrationality and submission. And, as we know: when something is not deserved, it does not take long to be lost.

We can give the matter many twists and turns. We can spin it in nuances, offer apologies and justifications, offer reasons out of the broadest sleeve we can find. But the reality is this: It has been too easy to steal the freedom and prosperity of white Westerners. And here we should make some reflection to bring some humility to the lingering supremacism of our societies that, throughout the post-war years, seem to have been populated by daddy’s boys and nouveau riche who do not know how to value what their elders gave them and, precisely for that reason, let it be taken away from them.

But there is another, much deeper reason why entire nations have allowed themselves to be robbed of freedom and prosperity on the back of such a crude charade.

An immense impunity runs through history and the present. The disproportion, no matter the time, place or circumstances, between the damage caused to millions of people and the punishment suffered by those responsible is shocking. If we look back or look around us, we will see that impunity is what dominates human societies with few exceptions.

Of all those who participated in, collaborated with, or simply consisted without any weighty justification in the millions killed by Nazism, how many paid for their crimes? Practically no one. That is to say, a general impunity was decreed, an immense silence, an atrocious oblivion that protected the, at least, hundreds of thousands that should have paid for their criminal actions or omissions.

If we contemplate the crimes of the two great communist nations, the USSR and China, the millions of dead imprisoned, tortured… it is even worse. In Cambodia? Only a few dozen convicted. And so on, all over the world and throughout the ages, ideologies, religious beliefs and political systems, including consolidated democracies theoretically governed by the rule of law, but, in practice, by the fait accompli and the impunity enjoyed by the powerful, no matter what noble title they award themselves and in which, in the end, everything comes for free to the immense majority by simply invoking supreme goods, apocalyptic catastrophes (the pandemic, remember) or, simply, by incinerating some scapegoat in the public square of the news.

The great larcenies disguised as sectoral or general economic crises, with their aftermath of suffering and despair, have gone completely unpunished just by appealing to those old tricks of what is now euphemistically called «social engineering». It happened in 2008, when, in the words of one of those charlatans, capitalism was going to be re-founded, on a more solid and fairer basis, of course, which consisted of the usual: that the serfs pay, those who love to believe they are sovereign people, free citizens and I don’t know how many other things. And it is happening right now in an even more shameless and harmful way on the occasion of the falsely serious epidemic that has led us (we are allowing ourselves to be led) to the beginnings of the terrible dictatorships that have marked the twentieth century in search of what now seems to be a novelty: absolute power over the globality initiated by the Spanish and Portuguese fleets 500 years ago.

This impunity, which was thought to have been banished from the democratic world, is what keeps the same leaders who let themselves be deceived (let’s think about it) by China and the WHO in the dilemma of, on the one hand, covering up their mistake with the vaccine counterfeit to escape their responsibility and, on the other hand, maintaining the pandemic deception thanks to which their former citizens, transformed into submissive servants, have given them immense power. On the other hand, to maintain the pandemic deception thanks to which their former citizens, transformed into submissive servants, have given them immense power. An irresistible temptation that explains the chaos and the ups and downs of health, economic and (anti)democratic political policies.

The vast majority of society has accepted, without offering the slightest resistance, that our leaders steal our freedom, economic well-being and future.


The answer is not simple, since many factors intervene in different proportions to explain or, more often than not, justify such an absurd behavior as giving up a good without any need and, moreover, defending those who steal it from us. But we can make it very simple if we focus on the main explanatory factor: the «Extended Stockholm Syndrome«.

There is no need to get lost in erudite disquisitions or exhaustive lists of cases and examples. Everyday life, news and history are full of them, and it is only necessary to strip the facts of the rhetoric with which they are disguised as necessity, threat or virtue.

And the central fact of this «dadaist» scenario is that an immense majority of the population is accepting the implantation of a totalitarian regime under the justification of a falsely serious pandemic by the same mechanisms that sustain the most rigidly hierarchical primate societies and that we can summarize as «Stockholm Syndrome», which consists in justifying, defending or collaborating with those who steal our freedom or property. There is no more, because it is not necessary to say more to understand the simple and depressing reality that underlies such an absurd event as the New Normality (liberticidal and impoverishing) that is being installed where it did not exist: in the western, advanced, rich, democratic and white racial majority world (sorry, that’s how it is).

How does this vertebral syndrome of human societies operate in individuals?

  • Making you depreciate your individual or proximate strength and count your assets in liabilities. Your strengths (family, money, work, social position, freedom…) you transform them into weaknesses, into things you can lose and not into things that help you fight, weapons with which you can attack your aggressors and morale with which you can feed your strength and that of those around you. Having money, social position, family… is not a handicap but an advantage.
  • By making you seek alliances (majorities) and either increase your strength or the weakness of your hierarchical superiors.
  • Exalting the strength (and reason) of hierarchical superiors far above what they actually possess. They are people like you, flesh and blood, as soon as you leave them alone, that is to say, as soon as you prevent them from protecting themselves in the anonymity of the masses, of the herd, of the «public», of the administration. As soon as you decide not to fight, legally or illegally, against that collective of power but against that single person. As soon as you tell yourself and say: I’m going to get you personally. No matter who you are or what happens to me.
  • Making you help control and punish others.
  • Keeping yourself isolated, hidden, immobilized or mimicked among the masses so as not to be singled out and avoid being the target of the predators with which you identify the powerful as soon as they dress (with skins-uniforms) as superior beings.
  • Not reacting, not defending yourself. Even literally embracing the one who beats you, robs you, exploits you, imprisons you…
  • Voluntarily giving up your goods, time, money and effort to preserve them. Like the monkey hugging its aggressor. Thinking that losing your freedom is what makes you free.

This is the sign above the door of the New Normal internment camp: Einreichung macht frei (Submission sets you free).

But neither the illegitimate law nor the perversion of the law is binding. To be illegal in such circumstances is the most legal thing to do. And, in those circumstances, it is in yourself that everything truly transcendent resides. The rest is pure inertia, completely indifferent to your suffering or your happiness. Submission does not make you free. Neither does the world. Only you can free yourself or imprison yourself with every decision. Even against imposition, deciding against force, use force.

The rule of law is abolished, two yardsticks are established according to ideology, race, sex… and those who are harmed continue to abide by the rules of the game that their opponents break with total impunity. There we have the social networks, the only truly global and free space we have left, full of victimizing comments, complaining about this double standard while, at the same time, defending the «perverted legality» and the competitive disadvantages they suffer by playing fair (we are better, we can’t lower ourselves to their methods…) against those who play dirty and, moreover, protected by the referee and the spectators teleguided by the official megaphone.

Absurd. Incredible but, nevertheless, undeniably true. Defending the same law and order that allows its non-compliance and protects the illegals whose strategy consists of sowing chaos and violence to gain what they would have lost in any true and firmly democratic society.

Use force in all its forms? Of course, provided that two circumstances are present: that you are in a state of necessity, that is, that you are unable to obtain for yourself and your loved ones a minimally dignified living conditions and, secondly, that the rule of law has been violated.

The illegality of suspending the rights set forth in Article 19 of the Spanish Constitution is grossly obvious if it is not, as stated in Article 55 of the same, through the declaration of a state of emergency or siege. Never under the protection of the declaration of a state of alarm.

Discrimination in the enforcement of the law for reasons of race, sex, ideology, religion, etc., is grossly and scandalously obvious. Such is the evidence that people from the negatively discriminated groups, who are not tolerated any kind of illegality, constantly denounce in the media or, unsuccessfully (as it could not be otherwise) before the justice system, the facts protected by the consented illegality, in matters of immigration, street violence or alleged crimes committed by the political class.

An immigrant can live peacefully violating the Alien Law without the authorities obliged to enforce the law doing anything at all and without suffering the legal consequences of such omission. Everyone breaks the law and no one is accountable to it.

Street demonstrations by groups that are positively discriminated against in Western democracies (BLM, Antifa, leftists, feminists, immigrants, Muslims…) can reach levels of extreme violence without the forceful action required by law to repress the offenders and prevent them from inflicting damage to persons or property. Again, the vast majority of those involved, demonstrators and authorities, go unpunished.

And, while all this happens in a daily and ostentatious way, the negatively discriminated collectives continue defending and complying with the law that, in fact, does not protect them and, moreover, devoutly paying their taxes to sustain this state of affairs (no longer State) in which they are the victims. And they do it under the same arguments as all the victims affected by the Stockholm Syndrome: Someone (the kidnappers, the jailers, the bullies, the tyrants, the leaders) has to safeguard the (arbitrary) «order» under which I can only be safe and, moreover, I can do nothing to defend myself. Thus, when the opportunity arises to escape, not to pay, to protect themselves or to do away with the aggressors, they do not do so but, on the contrary, they justify, excuse, protect and forgive their aggressors – protectors.

Isn’t that what is happening with those responsible for our ruin, suffering and loss of freedom?

At a time when everything invites us to focus our attention on major events and collective movements, it turns out that what is really important is to focus on what is close at hand, on what is accessible, on what we can do because it depends absolutely and only on us.

Eliminate the Stockholm Syndrome from our lives. Stop putting the interests of those who contribute nothing to us first. To stop thinking that our interests are not legitimate or that the reasons of the leaders who oppose them are more legitimate. To stop collaborating with the theft of our freedom and our material well-being. To impose a guerrilla regime around us. To live constantly in rebellion. To prevent by all means at our disposal, legal or not, that they steal our freedom, our property, our talent, our effort, our hope, our dreams, our happiness… To be the center of our lives. To go back to living from ourselves and not from that avatar tele-directed by the mental viruses of ideologies, beliefs or anything else that decides for us, making us think that we are us.

They seem like just fine words. But they are the key to true power. To exercise ourselves. To escape from our true abductor: the fearful and petty shadow in which we used to live. To reset ourselves in the opposite direction they are willingly and stupidly trying to steer us in. For that is the true New World Order, the Satanic Elite, the Great Dictator: the shadow of our true selves.

Just beautiful words. But what is the opposite, if not words of darkness and prostration? What is it that prevents us from exercising our strength against those who, after all, are nothing more than people like us? Are they not also just words? Well, then, let us choose the words with which to command and win.

It’s as simple as that… for those who do not live in permanent Stockholm Syndrome.

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