March 2nd 2021

The best lie is the truth you want to hear… devoid of just that little detail that hurts the one who wants to deceive you.

Apparently, the methods and tactics to put an end to dissidence are many, very complex and only within the reach of the powerful. But this is not the case. Because it is astonishingly simple to manage humans as if they were cattle, automatons or androids of those they say we will become if we allow scientific and technological progress to spread throughout the world to all layers of the population exactly as it happened with books, electricity, automobiles, medicine or the Internet. As simple as carrying out with «diabolical» success a plan with which to make Humanity (western, democratic, prosperous and white) lose its true humanity (free will. Remember?), so that they leave everything in pursuit of the virtuous goods of the spirit (contemplative and submissive) and of the simple life (poor as rats).

In barely a year, what would have been unbelievable only two years ago is happening: that a majority (perhaps not as overwhelming as we thought) cannot conceive it credible to live in any other way than being subjected, some in poverty, perhaps assisted by the charity of the new feudal lords, others, the disaffected who do not possess the mark of the Beast, directly in marginality and misery.

However, the surprising thing is not that a dictatorship is installed, but that it is done in barely one year, without the support of an economic crisis with its corresponding social despair, without using violence, with all public and private powers collaborating and, furthermore, that this totalitarian coup is carried out against the most advanced, cultured and critical societies on Earth. Yes, it is true, something similar already happened in the same Germany that today leads the process of New Normality. But, then, the III Reich was implemented on the back of a brutal economic crisis, the Great Depression, and, now, this multicultural replica of the IV Reich in agraz is the cause of the depression.

When, at the beginning of 2020, China launched its crude and simplistic Operation Pandemic with the invaluable collaboration of the WHO, no one could have suspected that it would have such a resounding success without knowing, as we now know, that practically all the political, business, religious and academic leaders of the free world, the one that defeated National Socialism and International Socialism, were bought in one way or another by Beijing.

Is there any other credible reason to explain such a degree of unanimity in betraying the interests of their peoples?

How, without the disciplined collaboration of all the authorities, has a hypothetical disease caused by a never sequenced virus that, in the worst (and also false) scenario, has infected little more than 1% of the world’s population and killed 0.03%, managed to defeat, enslave and ruin the free world, victor of World War II and the Cold War?

It is all grossly obvious. The only ones responsible for us losing our freedom and economic well-being at the hands of an operetta that will be laughed at for centuries to come are China and its vassals, the new political and business feudal lords.

If we analyze the tactics to impose submission, we will discover that all of them are based on simple tricks identical, although on a different scale, to those of swindlers and swindlers of all stripes and conditions.

A multitude of essays have been written dissecting to exhaustion the mechanisms for imposing and sustaining a totalitarian regime. Most of them have extolled to heights of complexity and perfection both the liberticidal stratagems and their authors, converting the simple springs that lead us to submit (Stockholm syndrome, the Goebbelian truth of «a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth»…) into sophisticated procedures of social engineering beyond the reach of mere mortals, if not into mythological instances and beings that are placed in dark, almost supernatural places: The Globalist Elite, the New World Order, the Deep State… Transhumanism.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the discourse of dissidence is constructed in the terms of heterodoxy with an absurd and exasperated aspect that serve to show the orthodoxy of the power they are trying to fight as something «omnipotent, realistic and calm».

The Bastard Truth.

It is true. It is very easy to deceive simple people by using their own weaknesses and miseries. But what about the more educated and critical? Can we fool an informed person by disproving his suspicions with absurd reasons? Can we use the same simple stratagems with them, or is it necessary to use an equally sophisticated technique to deceive a sophisticated intellect? No. It is necessary to use an even simpler technique.

To deceive someone intelligent who is close to the truth all you have to do is confirm their suspicions by telling them the whole truth… minus that one detail that damages you.

«It is true what you say and, in addition, this other thing that you did not know and that I reveal to you (so that you trust me). But…»

Telling the truth gives you a mark of credibility with which you can deceive anyone about what you are interested in hiding: the culprits and the true objectives. And something else. By confirming all your suspicions you give veracity to the myth of the invincible power that the dissident himself has created around the powerful, that is to say, the conspirators (swindlers).

You gain his trust. You divert attention to «scapegoats», you hide your true intentions and, moreover, you convince the dissident that, indeed, as he suspected, «we are facing the conspiracy of an invincible power and, therefore, the only thing we can do is wait for a savior, a leader, a miracle».

Neutralizing intelligent, educated dissent is that simple. But, when something has a simple design, the complexity carries over to the execution. The simplicity of art demands the genius of the artist. Social engineering is an art in exactly the same way that conning is. There are no complex manuals to rely on. There is only «street school».

The «Bastard Truth» stratagem is used through the audiovisual media to reach the social mass and not only to neutralize «qualified» dissidence.

Literature, theater, movies, series… In all these «innocent entertainments», manipulation techniques (of deception) based on the Stockholm syndrome and the Goebbelian truth are hidden much more frequently than we imagine, and go almost completely unnoticed by the general public. But it is the bastard truth that achieves an almost absolute effectiveness among the most educated and critical people. Because it confirms to them how intelligent they are.

Behind the sincerity in the treatment of the topics that many films, series or documentaries offer us, a propaganda with a bastard end is hidden. Far from using a simplistic Manichaeism when dealing with historical or current issues in which the «good guys» are grossly praised and the «bad guys» are denigrated, something that would give away the authors as part of one of the sides, an equanimous, realistic, neutral vision is offered, with which the viewers’ trust is gained and they are predisposed to believe all the content, including that partisan Manichaeism that appears at the end as part of the revelation of the truth and not as self-serving propaganda.

The plot is revealed, all the elements that lead to suspicion are recounted and confirmed, or even some more that were unknown until then are revealed and, in the end, the «culprits» are unmasked, thus revealing the real perpetrators and their intentions. The perverse objectives are attributed to real or imaginary third parties.

Films, series, documentaries… false dissidents and, also, false leaders.

Suddenly, after a long time telling you in detail the hidden truth that the powerful do not want you to know, it turns out that, for example, those who seek to collectivize you are not the collectivists, but the liberacists grouped under the epigraph of «liberal financial elites». Or those who want to decimate humanity and reduce the population are precisely those who make money from the more people the better. And they tell you all this «final truth» from repentant, double agents, well-informed sources.

I have heard famous dissidents of the many that swarm the alternative and semi-clandestine media denounce that the attempts of the «totalitarian plandemia» to do away with individual freedom are not the work of those who have designed and executed it but of the «parasitic financial liberals». Capitalism, which is the pseudonym with which the collectivists denigrate liberacism, say that it is behind the globalist, impoverishing, dehumanizing, planet-destroying and genocidal plot, that the plot against freedom is actually being executed secretly (and so much so, since there is no proof of it) by the heirs of those who defeated totalitarianism. A totalitarian plot against which the totalitarian collectivists of the Multilateral Pax Multilateral, heirs of national and international socialism, are fighting, be astonished!

Have most of those who have in good or bad faith uncovered the underbelly of the great anti-Trump conspiracy pointed out the real culprits? And, more importantly has anyone realized what all this revelation of the hidden truth has been for?

China is the only Empire not because it is the first power but because one man controls all its power.

The great power that is never named, diverting attention to secondary actors or to its allies of convenience, is China. And what all this apparently «Trumpist» movement has been good for is precisely so that nobody does anything at all against China.

The plot has been uncovered down to the smallest detail… at the same time that it was consummated with absolute impudence and total impunity. Until, finally (the truth with a bastard ending), the most absolute silence has taken over the stage where until recently the ( false?) dissidence was shouting, making the millions of people around the world who could be right now standing up to the totalitarianism of the New Normality, feel completely defeated and hopeless. That is what this great revolution, this great revealed truth, this staging has served for: to make the true dissidence run aground on the sand of a deserted beach, from which all the actors have immediately disappeared, both the conspirators and the false dissidents.

In the end, all unveiled for nothing. Because that was the intention and this was the summary:

We know there is a plan. We know what it is. We know that it has been fulfilled and that we have been tricked to, subtly, make us fulfill our part of the script: not doing anything to avoid it, believing that someone was doing it.

Absolutely all discourse, including that of the dissidents themselves, is confined within the bastardized approaches and terminology of the New Normal: racism, anti-racism, sustainability, poverty, capitalism, egalitarianism, social justice, savage neoliberalism, multiculturalism, black or white supremacism, yellow pragmatism, humanity as a synonym of a collective agglutinated and conformed under an ideological mantra… The usual with renewed words.

They will tell us in series and movies how the plot was carried out… but how the real puppeteers were Trump’s people, caricatures of liberacists transformed into sinister characters who want to impose the unique thought of «freedom of thought». They have already done it in series such as, for example, «The Handmaid’s Tale» where those who subject women to a state of submission and brutal discrimination are not Muslims but Westerners who, as everyone knows, are or are in the trance of becoming dangerous Christian fundamentalists. The great threat to free societies is not Islamization, but Christianization.

Series and films that present us with a world divided between a rich, selfish and exploitative minority and a poor, supportive and just majority. Separated by a wall that, finally, must be demolished so that… The end is omitted. Because, obviously, what follows this Third World invasion is the universalization of poverty, tyranny and hopelessness. Series in which a cruel minority wants to prevent the right to have the children that everyone wants, because the resources of a finite world are not unlimited. Until, finally, some good people in that world of the rich realize their moral error and decide to thwart the plan to limit the number of children, after which… Again, the consequences are omitted. The only clear thing is that the guilty parties are Switzerland, Japan, Finland, Canada… Dominican Republic. And that, to redeem themselves, they must take in and support the children they have freely decided to have in Niger, Senegal, Bangladesh, Guatemala… Haiti. But wait a minute. Something doesn’t add up. The only nation that has done that has been the unmentionable China. Which is, also, one of the many nations that does not take in any refugees or immigrants.

Documentaries, films, series. The audiovisual universe of the countries of the free world oozes with «bastardized truths», with revelations of plots with perpetrators hidden behind scapegoats or even with the victims of the plot themselves turned into culprits.

«It’s true,» we thought. «There is a plot. Everything they say there is true.» Also the conclusion, the verdict, the culprits and the advice on what to do, which is, always, nothing against the real culprits.

It seems that we are faced with a perfect trap to manipulate us. But it is just as easy to unmask it. It is enough to differentiate between known facts and assumptions. For example, who really has been arrested and convicted of pederasty and to which organizations they belong. Which organizations defend egalitarianism, the distribution of wealth, freedom of emigration, the establishment of one and the same moral creed for everyone, the imposition of a class dictatorship (popular democracy), the inequality of rights between sexes or beliefs… the suspension of fundamental rights for an epidemic less lethal than, for example, the Asian flu of 1957.

Who holds the power. What is the business of each one and, most especially, who benefits from the facts.

Xi Jinping directly managed the entire Chinese GDP: $14.9 trillion. Trump did not even manage his own party. The most powerful, the richest, the most discreet won. Did anyone really expect anything else to happen? And, more importantly: is there anything that better defines what a secret Elite is?

By far the business corporation that has gained the most from Covid-19 has been China. And, then, their valets (never better said): the large technology and online commerce corporations. Not to mention the political feudal lords who have seen their business, tax extortion (it all ends here), consolidated to unsuspected limits thanks to the illegal power that their citizens turned into serfs have validated de facto.

Whoever is behind all these and all this already belongs to the inventory that feeds the fifth column of false dissidents dedicated to constructing bastard truths that lead the real dissidents to objectives, in the best of cases, secondary, and/or neutralize them by convincing them of the uselessness of any kind of resistance, individual or collective.

Of course, this inventory is carefully chosen to confirm the «suspicions» of the dissidents, or to create new ones in the direction that interests them and that are authenticated with the seal of «revelation obtained through hidden sources from within the system». All of them with a certain basis of verisimilitude. And all of them, coincidentally, aimed at diverting attention from the facts and proven perpetrators, from the real and proven beneficiaries and from those who really hold the power from which decisions are made and who, in any case, are the ones we should go against, no matter whether they are ultimately responsible or the puppets of the real owners of power. Because, if we put an end to those puppets, their owners lose all their power, which is based on farce.

And finally, at a higher level, the same trickery. Suddenly, you find documentaries, books, videos and articles that tell you about the great power that we humans have, derived, completely free of charge, from our conscience, from our individual free will. The revelation, the great secret. What you visualize comes true. The double slot experiment, the quantum world, the virtual reality in which we live. We have great power. They tell you all about it, in detail. How to exercise that power of visualization to attract beneficial things for you, to make your wishes come true, but… Do not use that ability to do evil, that is, to defend yourself from others or to take revenge on those who have hurt you, and not for selfish things either. Because the exercise of that power is reserved to Destiny, to Karma, to God or to the gods. Even more: Visualize in white, stay meditating in emptiness, in the absence of any thought, emotion or desire (which is the origin of suffering). Turn on the projector and let others use it to achieve their own desires, their interests, their benefit that is superior to yours, more noble, more beneficial to you. Put your consciousness at the service of other consciousnesses.

Always selfishness as a moral trap so that you do not pursue your own interests with all the strength and abilities you possess. The mantra, that ideological electrode implanted in the mind to, as Dr. Rodriguez Delgado did with a raging bull back in the 60’s, stop us as soon as our interests run into those of those in control of the «Stimociver»: «Beware. You are being selfish». A castration mechanism found in almost all social engineering processes, especially in the Western Christian world, sensitive like no other to the feeling of guilt associated with helplessness, submission, egalitarianism and poverty, no matter what euphemism it is disguised with (sustainability, food health, «spiritual» happiness…).

Selfishness is the limit implanted throughout education and ideological training so that you play at a disadvantage with those who, curiously, seek by all means and without any limitation their own interest expressed, obviously, with euphemisms implanted, also, throughout education and social engineering programs: social interest, salvation of the planet, your safety, the law and order…. the Good.

When you come across selfishness, dig a little and you will discover that it is a perfect bastard stratagem to rob you. Because what they make you give up is what others take… without any moral remorse, but on the contrary, convinced or persuaded that they are exercising a lofty virtue.

Let all your alarms go off when you hear, inside or outside of you, «selfish». Because, together with «I can’t-you can’t», it is the key to individual and collective failures. Say «yes, I (we) have the right to defend with all my (our) weapons my (our) freedom and my (our) personal interest (desires, ambitions, economic well-being…)».

Bastard Truth is the simplest and most effective instrument to control the most uncontrollable. It is the master formula of counterinsurgency. It is the enemy disguised as a friend. The false dissident that leads you to fight against your own. Finally, against yourself. It is the prophet, the revelator, the teacher… the necessary cooperator, conscious or unconscious, of the true power, the one that always hides its face to feed your suspicions until they become paralyzing doubts or nonsensical certainties. The one whose face, authorship and profit are perfectly clear just by looking at reality, at the facts, at what is really there… although there may be something else.

The bastard truth is exactly what you tell yourself to support the movies you have been taught to live in. That’s why, when they are told to you from the outside, you take them as your own.

As «The Truth» (without bastardization).

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