The Great Swindle

February 9th 2021

What is a business that needs constant contributions from new investors to pay dividends? A scam.

The predator/prey ratio limits the carnivore population. This is why humans, until the arrival of the Neolithic, have maintained a low demographic density with small variations determined fundamentally by the hunting richness of their territories. The more numerous a human group is, the greater its capacity to compete with others for territory and resources, as well as to survive natural catastrophes. Therefore, all other things being equal, population is a factor of success. The most numerous groups are able to occupy and maintain the richest territories. At the same time, the main limiting factor of human population is the availability of prey. So to have a lot of prey we need to be a large group, but to be a large group we need to have more prey. The population density of predators in a given territory is determined by the availability of prey. It is the «predator/prey ratio» that sets the limit for further population increase, which explains the tremendous conflict between predators of different or the same species. Now, what would happen if we cheated and were able to circumvent the limitation imposed by the «predator/prey ratio»?

If herbivores do not have predators to control their population, the population grows until the resources of the territory are continuously depleted until, if the population is not reduced, the ecosystem itself deteriorates.

Predators control the herbivore population and the number of available prey limits the predator population. The result is a competitive balance that, among other things, protects the integrity of the common ecosystem.

When population control determined by the availability of prey disappears, the results are the same: the ecosystem deteriorates irrevocably if the growth of the predatory population is not halted.

It is true that those groups, in this case humans, that manage to circumvent the demographic control of the predator/prey ratio will have an obvious competitive advantage. But they will have to overcome three major problems. On the one hand, they will have to protect or regenerate the ecosystem so that it is capable of sustaining this higher total population load. On the other, they will enter a demographic race to maintain the advantage that a higher population gives them over their rivals. But there is an upstream problem without which none of this would even arise: how do you get around the predator/prey ratio?

Turning part of the population into «virtual prey» or, more precisely, into virtual gregarious herbivores, which behave and feed as such (submission, industriousness…) and from which «real» humans, who continue to behave as group predators, can obtain resources and «benefits» equivalent to those of their prey.

The process began a little before the Neolithic, in a stage in which the proto-farming of wild herds allowed the conversion into the virtual species «Homo ceres» first to women and then progressively to a majority of males, «herded» by a minority of «Homo predator» whose number and «quality of life» depended on the new predator/prey (human) ratio.

From that moment on, the Neolithic and what we call Civilization began, that is, sedentary life in cities that are the exact equivalent of large livestock concentrations where shepherds live next to the stables and farms of their herds (humans). A model, the Civilized Neolithic, which determines and explains with total simplicity absolutely all aspects of our society: economy, culture, politics, morals, beliefs and principles, education, social, «racial» and gender inequalities, wars… and which also harbors in its bosom its own apocalyptic end that will make way (it has already begun to do so) to the new model, the Cyberlithic.

The «Population Bubble» is the essence of the Neolithic insofar as it determines its beginning and also its end. A demographic race, «grow and multiply», which has, like all bubbles, a limit to which it reaches in itself and by itself, thanks, paradoxically, to its efficiency. All this is told in detail in «Homo Simulator» ( But what interests us here is to shed light on this transit between «evolutionary» models in which we have suddenly found ourselves involved, from one of the perspectives, perhaps the most significant, of this demographic race initiated with the invention of the deception with which we escape from the predator/prey reason: The deception. The farce turned into a great swindle on which our society has been sustained.

Ponzi scheme.

From the beginning of the Neolithic to the present day, human life is based on a Ponzi Scheme or pyramid scheme of which all the elaborate speeches are nothing more than the typical complement of charlatanism with which the swindlers try to cover up the deception which, euphemistically, they call (we call) «Civilization».

One of the most important consequences of the fact that our society is based on an immense and continuous swindle is that there is no net creation of wealth. In an economic model governed by a Ponzi Scheme, profits are generated exclusively through the incorporation of new «investors», that is, through a pyramidal scheme of which the population bubble is its maximum exponent, since it implies a total contribution of all the resources of all the people who join society.

However, given the characteristics of the Civilized Neolithic fraud, in this case there is a marginal creation of wealth, derived from the mechanisms necessary to keep the engine of the swindle running, the population bubble, which we can summarize in the Technology capable of feeding, caring for and controlling human livestock, for example, modifying the ecosystem through livestock farming to intensify the extraction of resources, that is, to create wealth. But not only that, but through technological and scientific innovation in the most diverse fields, all of them related to the livestock business, such as medicine, weapons, transport… or social engineering systems.

Wealth», in a Ponzi Scheme based on the population bubble, is associated exclusively with economic growth and, this, with producing/consuming more, something that is only possible through the incorporation of new participants/victims. There is no economic benefit if there is no growth. And there is no growth if the population bubble does not increase.

Business in the Civilized Neolithic model is swindling. That is why all economic, political, social, cultural and even religious concepts are synonyms or equivalents of Growth, that is, of what constitutes the essence of business: to constantly incorporate as many victims as possible.

It is the new contributors who pay the pensions of the old ones. If there are no new contributors, the pension system goes bankrupt because that is its only source of income. If there are no new inhabitants, the Civilized Neolithic system goes bankrupt because that is its only source of income. It is as simple as that.

All spheres of existence, all concepts stripped of their fraudulent charlatanism, orbit around two basic concepts: Growth and deception.

The new participants serve to pay those who are above them in the pyramid scale, creating in them a fictitious sensation of real creation of wealth, when in reality there is only a fraudulent distribution of the wealth that the new participants «bring». But, obviously (it is a swindle) the «older» investors are not distributed all the profit obtained by the new incorporations, nor the one they contributed throughout their life, only enough is distributed to maintain the deception. The difference between what has been contributed and what has been distributed is not invested in wealth-creating sources but in three «accounting sections» destined to:

  • The bureaucratic apparatus (accountants, thugs…) and propaganda with which to maintain the deception.
  • The increase of participants (maintenance of the structure): Technology.
  • The benefit of the shepherds-scammers.

It is enough to reduce to terms of fraud all social, economic, cultural and political structures, as well as the discourses associated with deception, for the appearance of honesty and the common good to vanish, revealing that they are designed for deception. To carry out this meticulous work of unmasking is an impossible task for a few pages. But it would be feasible, simple and extraordinarily revealing to carry out a personal analysis in which the foundations of society and our daily life are subjected to this perspective: Everything is a set-up to carry out a pyramidal fraud sustained by a wide and powerful variant, the population bubble, in which simply increasing the population increases the number of swindled and, therefore, the benefit of the swindlers.

In a fraudulent context, the population is not composed of people from a demographic point of view but insofar as they offer an economic value for the Ponzi Scheme on which society is sustained in all political regimes. Therefore, the population, the people, the citizens, the people must be understood within a cycle that does not have as its objective the real creation of wealth but the simulation of «fictitious economic value» that generates an accumulative problem that, sooner or later, ends up bursting the population bubble on which it is based. More humans imply fewer available resources, that is, a relative impoverishment. In the real estate bubble, houses do not participate in an economic system of wealth distribution. In the population bubble, humans are.

If the growth of the producing/consuming population stops, a crisis occurs and the farce should collapse. But this does not happen because of the systemic character of the Great Swindle of the Civilized Neolithic model, which makes that economic crises based on sectorial or punctual bubbles are subsumed in the population bubble itself. Until this bubble bursts, the system will preserve its fraudulent essence because it will keep intact its mechanisms of deception.

It is true that, basically, all economic crises are the result of the bursting of a bubble. And that all economic bubbles are the equivalent of the population bubble, so they are triggered by a population decline and/or trigger it: wars, epidemics, food catastrophes, energy crises… but the system generates a new fraud precisely because the system is itself a fraud and everything is designed so that it is not discovered as such. In fact, this idea that we live in a fraudulent world managed by swindlers, even if we manage to confirm it by discovering the deception that lies behind each and every one of the public affairs (and, to a large extent, also in the private ones), will be incredible to us as soon as the mental mechanisms installed since our childhood act in the same way as they do with those who are victims of any scam or swindle

After the «public managers» (that is what they call themselves in the set-up of their farce) ruin the contributors/investors/participants, they set up the same scam again, just by changing the appearance, the name, the speech or the charlatans who appear as political, business or even religious «leaders». Thanks to the fact that the whole social and cultural spectrum is dominated by the Great Swindle (it is a great swindle) and, therefore, there are no external references to discover it and no means to stop it.

Quickly come into play the procedures of distraction, confusion and flashy performance to which the scammers call with pompous titles («New Deal», «New Normality»…) and are neutralized those who begin to raise the alarm to unmask the deception while creating a situation of fictitious or overestimated danger and diverting attention from the scene of the crime and the intention of the scammers (Agenda 2030, NOM, Elite, Deep State…), saturating everything with the message of impunity and renewal (of the scam) under the promise of a better world if we accept with resignation and meekness that no one was to blame for what happened and allow the establishment of a global Third World disguised with the most genuine conman’s charlatanism (sustainability, equality, solidarity, multiculturalism…) in which «You will have nothing and you will be happy».

But, this time, things are going to be very different, because we are not facing yet another bursting of the population bubble, but rather the collapse of the fraudulent system itself as a result of its success. Something that those at the top of the pyramid are aware of but, given the incredible success of Operation Pandemic (Xi Jinping is the idol of the Elite), they are beginning to ignore, drunk with arrogance.

Each time the scam is renewed, the «cost of postponement» increases, until a point is reached where neither the swindlers’ stratagems nor technological development are able to generate a restart for the simple reason that we have now reached a global scope that puts an end to the population bubble. Globality does not imply a new order within the old swindle, but the collapse of the system based on the swindle and the beginning of a new model that will be, or will not be, controlled by the old swindlers.

The technological development that has decisively helped to overcome all crises up to the limit of accumulation of deferred costs, now offers a completely different solution: Destroy the system. Not reset it, but replace it with a different one. Pay off the deficit generated by the accumulation of costs generated in each reset of the scam and stop the incorporation of «new investors» (population growth) to subsequently reduce the population to a number compatible with the technological capacity to produce real wealth. That is to say, that there are few «rentier» investors and that these are not sustained by the contributions of new participants (humans) but thanks to the creation of net wealth produced by technology (Artificial Intelligence, automation, robotics, environmental engineering…) Converting the marginal creation of wealth into a main source of benefits to be distributed among a limited number of humans, without the need for a population bubble.

But, until that moment arrives, it is necessary to manage the end of the Great Swindle safely for the swindlers so that a sudden and uncontrollable excess of conflict unleashed by natural causes (crop failure due to climatic instability or volcanic winter) or artificial causes (wars and/or global bioterrorism attacks) does not jeopardize their plans to dominate the new cybernetic era. For this reason, and in view of the success of Operation Pandemic, population sterilization and selective elimination measures are being implemented in emergency situations.

This is what is happening: the collapse of the Great Swindle in the face of the impossibility of continuing to fatten the population bubble which, moreover, will no longer be necessary when technology is capable of creating real wealth with which to sustain a reasonable human population in terms not only of environmental sustainability but also of the maximum values of demographic density that our virtual, anatomical and physiological design as predators can support without seriously affecting our quality of life.

We are moving towards an economic model based on creativity, in which economic profitability will be measured in terms of happiness rather than growth, accumulation and fraud presided over by the principle of «grow and multiply». A world that can be a «New Order» dominated by fraudsters or a «New Harmony» managed by the principle of freedom. Technology is the key. That is why they want to trick us (this is what they do best) so that we do not use it and they can control it exclusively. But first they have to manage the bursting of the population bubble. And that can be done in a traumatic and unnecessarily harmful way, or in a rational and minimally harmful way. The Elite of swindlers seems invincible after the overwhelming success of Operation Pandemic to establish a third world dictatorship (collectivist) and that can lead them (it is doing so without anyone noticing) to make serious mistakes against their own interests, which would offer us the opportunity to implement a Cyberlitical based on happiness and human freedom, but also against the general interest of Humanity, causing an absurd and cruel holocaust.

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