Amish (Eng)

January 20th 2021

We want you locked up on farms, living a simple, poor and submissive life. That is why you must be wary of technology and renounce globality. You are Amish. We are not. (The Elite)

This is very simple to understand. So much so that, the more shamelessly they do it, the more the vast majority of the population is stunned and does not know anything about it. We could explain it more elegantly, using sophisticated and erudite sociological, philosophical or religious terms. But it is not worth it. Whoever is able to see the transcendence for the rest of his life and that of, hopefully, a couple of generations of his descendants, needs no more sweetener. And those who are not able to see it, do not deserve to see it because it would not be useful to them or to the rest of Humanity.

There are not enough resources or technology so that this, at the most, 20% of the world population living with certain dignity continues to do so without putting at risk the «social peace» that allows keeping alive 75% of Humanity under that threshold, if not for the most atrocious misery. Because, without that social peace, the paradisiacal wellbeing of the 5% that control the World and enjoy an existence as true humans and not as cattle, servants, slaves or, in the best of cases, servile helpers, is in danger. The paradox is that, since there are not enough resources, the population does not stop increasing and the planet is more and more uninhabitable in terms of the quality of human life, the only solution, for now, is to equal below the standard of living of 95% of the population.

Everything that is being done is aimed at this objective, which is, however, transitory. As technology makes unnecessary the cheap labor needed to sustain the 5% of privileged humans, means of eliminating the surplus population will be implemented, more or less traumatic and fast depending exclusively on the capacity of resistance of society to allow itself to be eliminated. And that is why the first thing that the minority that glimpses the happy scenario of not needing enormous human masses to maintain its earthly paradise must do is to put an end to the capacity for dissidence and eventual rebellion generated as a by-product of economic progress and individual freedom caused by the reduction of the European population brought about by the Black Death.

Fewer people, more value from individuals. More freedom. More technological development… more dissent. A simple market issue determined by human scarcity makes it neither convenient nor profitable for the Elite to stop the population bubble. So don’t be fooled. They don’t want to decrease the population. At least for now. They only want to eliminate dissent, which is concentrated in the advanced, rich, democratic, and also white-majority countries. That’s not the point, though.

If a true plague has increased the value of individuals and, therefore, their power to decide the destiny of society, their economic well-being, their access to information and education and, also, their resistance to be deceived, another plague, this time absolutely fallacious, is doing the opposite: giving individuals back their former value as elements of an abundant and dispensable collective, sustained by anonymity, submission and a permanent state of economic insecurity, which leads them to live in fear, not trusting their own capacity and devoting most of their lives to seeking sustenance, that is, to ruminating physically and mentally.

The false Chinese plague has come to put things back where they belong. A simple question of market. The Europeans and Europeanized who are cured of this side effect of low population density lose value and therefore power, so that they can easily collectivize, thus neutralizing the threat posed by the population of advanced countries, free and with high living standards for those who, for economic reasons, ideological or both, want to implement globally a social model of human livestock whose population, regardless of how it affects their quality of life, supports increasing to industrial overcrowding in order to maximize the economic return of physical space and resources needed to maintain livestock, or let it be decimated, with the same meekness that has been left to enslave and impoverish, when it is not profitable for farmers.

And this, collectivizing, is what is already being done, precipitated by the unexpected success of the false pandemic and the amazing ease with which the most advanced societies are accepting without the slightest resistance the loss of their freedom and economic well-being.


Implementing globally a model of minority society that meets all the requirements for efficient management of the populations reconverted, first into serfs and, within a few months, into herds:

The Amish model.

Describing what the Amish communities are like is a frightening exercise in clairvoyance and prophecy. Because that is exactly where they are leading us, changing some formal aspects, such as religious and moral beliefs, but keeping the essence of these communities in what is most useful for the world’s livestock order and that we can synthesize into one key concept: Destroying individuality. This explains the whole catalog of social engineering that has been implemented subliminally for years: material poverty, submission, defenselessness, physical isolation, technological and scientific backwardness …

In this context, community pressure becomes decisive. A community controlled by ideologies and beliefs that despite their formal differences have collectivization as a common denominator. And here we must make a reflection on which the future of a good part of Humanity will depend, if not all of it.

A new collectivism has come to replace the old religious dogmatism defeated by the doctrine of the liberating Christ, mother of the modern world, of human progress and of the individual freedom and dignity of Europeans and the Europeanized. The same discourse, barely differentiated in terminology but not in objectives, has come to re-establish that dogmatic totalitarianism from which Christians themselves escaped throughout a painful and providential process that lasted 500 years.

The same principles of fierce anti-individualism, that is, anti-humanism, survive under the apparently opposite forms in which «virtue» always acquires its collectivizing meaning: poverty, uniformity, submission, defenselessness… And «sin» is limited to everything that implies individual freedom: own ambition, own thought, own desires, own feelings… No matter what terminology they use or what principles, values or truths they invoke, all collectivisms pursue the same end and obtain the same result: the destruction of individual freedom in the name of… what the hell!

The same eagerness for the immense majority (not all, of course) to resign themselves to the monotonous, submissive, laborious and gray life of the gregarious herbivores. Because only in this way can a surplus of wealth be generated that can be administered and enjoyed by shepherds, leaders, lords, teachers… Because only by convincing many to live in poverty called by a beautiful and virtuous name, is it possible to postpone the bursting of the population bubble. A Beijing of the sixties full of bicycles and uniformed people who live a laborious life, without material luxuries, environmentally sustainable, far from earthly, capitalist ambitions, protected by their anonymity in the midst of the masses, the herd, the people, the believers… the names, the colors, the cattle irons with which humans become gregarious animals mark their minds, don’t matter.

The problem is that the heirs of that liberating Christianity that is the true instigator of its own revolution and overcoming has created a church of free humans that now must be tamed by a New Normality.

And what is an Amish community if not the perfect stereotype of the New Normality in which new formats are assigned to the old principles of livestock collectivism, ecologism, egalitarianism, multiculturalism, Third Worldism… and, very especially, the rejection of technology presented as a source of «dehumanization», «enslavement» and damage to health form the essence of the Amish worldview?

Who is the priority target of the ideological engineering to which an unexpected opportunity has suddenly paved the way: Operation Pandemic of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army? Who is there to be convinced to abandon their faith in freedom and return to the world left behind by their ancestors? Well, it is clear: To the children of the God of free will and reason. To the Europeans and the Europeanized.

We cannot describe here what the world in which the Amish have freely chosen to live is like. But please read and watch some of the many documentaries and movies about that world, because it is not the world of «I am Legend» or «Mad Max», not even Aldous Huxley’s «Brave New World» or George Orwell’s «Nineteen Eighty-Four» where they take us, but the world of the Amish (god or no god, it doesn’t matter). A world, a New Global Order where we will be «protected» from globality, from technological advances, from worldly, material, earthly, satanic ties… living in poverty extolled as a virtue and in submission and defenselessness transformed into «true» liberation. This is what it is all about. That is what is really being sought: That we shut ourselves up in physical and mental villages, that we abhor globality, that we renounce the immense freedom and happiness that we can find thanks to technological and scientific advances in order to preserve our «humanity» and be able to achieve spiritual happiness, without needing material goods, or properties… or ideas, ambitions, dreams and desires of our own. A life of «holiness» progressive, egalitarian, sustainable solidarity, multicultural …

It’s clear, isn’t it? The same message with slightly different words: renounce to yourself.

Let’s not be fooled. For now there is no danger other than the New Amish Normal. It is only when artificial intelligence, robotization, automation and the other great technological advances become a reality that we should fear the great holocaust. In the meantime, don’t worry about anything, because they will keep us safe from all those terrifying things, living as Amish in a world where a minority, the Elite, enjoy those demonic, unsupportive, harmful and globalist technological advances. Globality, technology and materialism want it for themselves.

So, relax. Let’s get ready to enjoy, far from gasoline, electricity, 5G… and individual freedom, the «true happiness» that the New World Order offers us: the great Amish community.

The other, when it comes, is reserved for a few.

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