Boston Tea Party

January 12th 2021

«We have recruited an army of generals, they obey no one» (George Washington )

Just a few days ago, Sir Mark Zuckerberg, the visible head of the discreet elite that has always really ruled the British Empire and, after the death of Napoleon Bonaparte, the whole world, announced the banning of the US President’s voice in all the media owned by the Colonial Corporations and their political vassals.

Silence was made.

The oceans were the medium through which the first global network was established. And all thanks to the opposite of what we are now being told: A brutal reduction in population caused by the Black Death brought about social and political changes that led to, and still stand on, the two pillars of the Modern Age: individuality and technology.

Individuality and technology converged at a decisive moment in history when population reduction (and a globally cooling climate) led Europe, not to the disaster with which we are now threatened if the birth rate continues to plummet, but to nothing less than world hegemony, beating its two formidable competitors against all odds.

Islam was at the peak of its splendor, marked by the capture of Constantinople, so it did not need to promote any change but, on the contrary, to maintain its successful worldview which, following the medieval tradition, unified all spheres of existence through a single religious, moral, political, cultural and scientific discourse. A mental isolation that promoted physical expansionism and an ideological and social autarchy that has been maintained to the present day and is responsible for the backwardness that, with few but promising exceptions, such as the United Arab Emirates, is still to this day.

For its part, the other great power of the time, China, briefly abandoned its secular physical isolation and was on the verge, at the hand of Emperor Yongle and his admiral Zeng He, of taking control of that immense maritime plain that was destined to become the great medium of globality, the Internet of the time. Dragged down by petty and short-sighted internal political conflicts, it returned to its self-absorption and turned its back on globality, thus losing the opportunity that finally made Europe the master of the world.

The Spanish and Portuguese fleets conquered the seas and established for the first time in history a global environment that, together with technological development and individual freedom, has shaped the world in which we have been living for 500 years, the result not of population growth, as had been the norm since the beginning of the Neolithic, but (let us take good note) of the opposite: an unprecedented demographic and climatic «disaster». The Little Ice Age and the bubonic plague.

The Spanish Empire was the first truly global power, under which, from that moment on, the great engines of the economy developed and expanded: trade, finance and technology. All three are closely linked to a decisive factor: individual freedom.

The nation-state emerged precisely because it is the political, social and economic structure capable of taking full advantage of this new scenario of globality. And it does so as an evolution of a hybrid between feudal lordship and business corporation that turned the previously precarious instances of power into complex and avant-garde social structures.

But the key to adaptive success did not lie in the strength of a centralized power, nor, much less, in the unity sustained by that power, collectivism, as Great Britain would show, driven to a greater extent than the rest of the European nations by the determining factor of modernity: individual freedom.

The Glorious Revolution triggered a cascade of changes that led to the imposition of free competition as the pre-eminent social norm. The aristocracy, in this context of globality presided over by trade, finance and technology, was forced to defend its old cradle privileges and position of social supremacy through formulas adapted to the new rules of the game.

Maintaining noble privileges in a society where they have been abolished. That is what liberal aristocracy is all about. To compete not on an equal footing but with an advantage. Impose an oligopoly that de facto eliminates free competition. Rigging the rules of the game and coercing/buying off the referees.

The power in the British Empire has never really resided in the Crown, reduced to a mere symbolic figure, but in the oligopoly of the noble houses reconverted into business corporations, those great families that hold the dominion of globality under the formula of a great oligopoly, Globalism. It makes no difference whether they are Jews or Christians, white, black or yellow, Masons, Catholics, Protestants or atheists. The Elite is the direct heir of that global, discreet and oligopolistic aristocracy that emerged in Great Britain in unison with liberalism.

It may seem difficult, in an environment of free competition, to maintain aristocratic privileges. But there was already a perfect model to achieve this. The «Patente de Corso», which allowed free competition to coexist alongside noble privileges without any problem. This is the antecedent from which the liberal aristocracy arises as an institution perfectly adapted to the new scenario of «privateer globalism» that takes the form of imperialism without central power or expressly dominant nobiliary estate, but hidden under the liberal guise.

After the Glorious Revolution the aristocrats take power reducing the monarchy to mere folklore and wrapped in what finally would be nothing but a mere fiction of individual freedom and free competition with equal rules for all on which to sustain the legitimacy of property and economic differences, never of class. The aristocrats had to compete like everyone else: through their effort, talent and risk invested in the business of finance, trade and technology. But without renouncing a disguised dominant and socially accepted position.

They could not and cannot manifest their power because they had no formal and legal authorization to exercise it, since liberal society is based on the absence of power.
nor do they have formal and legal authorization to exercise it, since liberal society is based on the absence of power. They could not and cannot reveal their control of the market because the origin of all legitimacy lies in the free competition of individuals and not in the consolidation of hereditary hierarchical positions. They had, therefore, to constitute a secret society that controls the political power: the King, the congressmen and senators, even the dictators and chieftains of non-democratic societies, and that hides behind a respectable appearance: The Business Corporation.

This is the evolutionary sequence: Patente de Corso > East (and West) India Company > Business Corporation. All three essentially the same and fully interchangeable.

Colonial companies occupied the new global space by establishing an oligopoly that was not linked to political power, but rather instituted its own political power. Just like the privateers. And it is these same companies that, under the denomination of «business corporation», continue to dominate the World as heirs of a British Empire that, under different names and appearances, is still alive because it never really resided in a territory nor in a centralized political power, but in a set of confluent interests of an aristocratic class that controls the globality from the same concealment of any privateer. The British Empire was and still is «those families that rule», those privateers that run fleets, ravage coasts and buy governors from the most absolute secrecy.

The war broke out in the American colonies without appearing to be such a thing, with a riot against fiscal plundering, and almost nobody has yet noticed what is really happening: the same thing that already happened then. Identical motives, objectives and protagonists. There they are, once again, the colonial corporations, the liberal aristocrats owners of the financial, technological and commercial oligopoly agglutinated in a British Empire that persists beyond the written History, hidden behind the mist of the legends that old conspiranoid sailors repeat, under new names with which to mask the old fraud. The same war, with the same means, the same strategies and the same initial defeats. An eerie similarity. But, now, with the lesson learned by some, the globalist elites who once lost the American war, and forgotten by others, the patriotic sons of freedom who won it. For now, the tea riot has been organized by the real owners of the British Empire. And it is they who have disguised their redcoats as colonists, instead of the colonists disguising themselves as Mohawks. All the same but in reverse.


Today the same thing is being decided as yesterday: who will control the new continent-time, the new America, the Cyberlithic. A world populated by natives, the Homo machina, who will replace human labor. This is the reason for the resurgence of old tensions: On the one hand, the liberal aristocracy of, among others, Sir Mark Zuckerberg, Sir Jeff Bezos, Sir Larry Fink, Sir Bill Gates, Sir Larry Page… Sir Elon Musk and Sir Jack Ma, who intend to transfer their oligopoly to this new global scenario, with the hidden objective of «dispensing» with the surplus human population after a transition period in which environmental problems and the population bubble justify an apocalyptic «final solution». On the other, the children of the American Revolution, the patriots of that new political entity residing in the union of individual free wills, invented from nothing 250 years ago, completely different from any other nation-state insofar as an American patriot does not distinguish himself from his country.

The old, much more discreet corporations, mainly those in the financial sphere (including the big investment funds) and commodities, as well as the new, much more overbearing ones, as befits their upstart owners, those in the technological and commercial sphere, all of them gathered in a new decor, a new imperial name, a new metropolis (Davos) manage by means of bribery and coercion, hire and fire employees, managers, administrators of their colonial territories, exercising behind the scenes the political power immune to the law granted by the patents of corsairs.

Once again the Empire is facing the same colonists incapable of winning a war in the open field: that of public opinion.

The United States is retracing its steps to become once again a disorganized and disunited set of colonies in the face of an Empire that has re-conquered America in the same way and at the same time as it has brought old Europe back to the 15th century. All in unison and taking advantage of the social engineering offensive launched by the nascent Chinese Empire to destroy the power, freedom and prosperity of the West.

The liberal aristocracy has bought off the authorities of the new European and American colonies in exactly the same way as the mercantile corporations of yesteryear did with the chieftains and kingpins from across the seas. It has implanted in all the former free nations converted into factories its own laws of permanent exceptionality to quell revolts and to preventively decapitate the possible ringleaders of a resistance that seems useless before the power of those corsairs who are allowed to expel from the new ocean, Internet, the fleet that pleases them (today Parler, tomorrow any other) or the President of the United States himself.

«Let’s leave the Capitol unprotected and cheer with our own and other people’s nakedness the entrance of a small but well-disguised mob just when it’s time to talk about Arizona.» Said and done. Let’s do a reverse reenactment of the Tea Party Mutiny. Let’s reverse the American Revolution and take back control of the colonies.

Said and done. That is exactly, simply and terribly what has happened. That is the power of the old British Empire now transfigured into Agenda, Davos, Deep State…

An agreement has put an end to the «greater evil» by means of which the «colonial corporations» have shielded their electoral fraud, and the consciences of the traitors have been appeased with the balm of «we are doing it for the good of the Nation»: That no more harm be done to the Republic by discussing before the World the great theft of sovereignty that has just been perpetrated. A Republic which, exactly as it happened with the British Crown, has been left without power. A Parliament in the shadows dictating the designs of the global nation in which popular sovereignty has become, as in the time of the King, mere folklore, a tutored demoscopy, an army of free men on their way to servitude.

Save a Republic by hiding its destruction? That is what has been signed. The anti-constitution. Coloniality.

An ignominious agreement that puts an end to the Independence and returns the colonies to their former owners, heirs of an Empire that remains incarnated in the renovated names of ancient lordships. An agreement whose terms and participants are yet to be determined, but which the facts and the naked acts of propaganda are making clear to us. An agreement of vexation, rather than surrender, signed by paid political puppets, mediocre fainthearted, whose priority objective is the establishment of a viral dictatorship (climatic, sustainable…) like the one already operating in almost all of Europe.

A crude plot for fools that threatens to definitively defeat the colonists on both sides of the Atlantic, the only ones that can jeopardize the full establishment of the world order dreamed of by the old aristocracy, the shadowy owner, then and now, of the Empire that was nothing but a cover for privateers, a redoubt of impunity, a comedy to launder booty and plunder. A global oligopoly sustained on the fallacy of liberalism, now enlighteningly renamed as «progressivism».

A crude deception under whose false flag the patriots of «themselves as a free nation» have locked themselves in despondency, clandestinity and loyalty truncated into submission, trying to justify themselves under the lie of their minority proportion, convinced of the futility of using their weapons, organizing themselves into militias and fighting as of old, in a massive guerrilla war that attacks the enemy at its most vulnerable point: unmasking and ruining the financial, commercial and technological oligopoly on which they sustain themselves.


Create the most powerful of fleets. To build a business corporation like theirs, with the same resources and strategic advantages, but with the added strength of individual freedom. That factor of triumph that so many times goes unnoticed or despised. A nation-corporation open to all patriots around the world, whose only objective is to conquer globality and subject it to the monopoly of freedom.

Everything indicates that a new Treaty of Tordesillas has been signed in which China and the British Empire of Globalist Corporations share the New World. Also, that the American colonists (like those from the rest of the world) will not be able to win in this new edition of History. However, they did defeat the Redcoats. And they did it with guns.

Don’t forget, Your Honors. Let us not forget it either, those of us who are being colonized by Your Your Honors all over the world. Because an army of generals (of sons of liberty) is the only thing that can defeat the Global Empire.

Today exactly the same as yesterday.

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