2020 Chronicle

January 2nd 2021

«The world is unproductive and sterile when it is not filled with joy and stimulated by the practice of freedom» (Stefan Zweig)

«To kill a man is not to defend a doctrine, it is to kill a man». When Sebastian Castellion attacked in these terms the Genevans who, under Calvin’s leadership, had burned Servetus alive, Europe was setting out on the road to world hegemony, enhanced by the valorization of the individual because of the brutal decline in population caused by the Black Death. But it was not only against the neighbors of this city, but against the atrocious way of thinking and living that had taken over medieval Europe. The same one that we thought we had left behind forever, until 2020 put an end to the Modern World populated by «free men who have ideas» and not by «submissive men who have ideologies».

Such is the abyss into which we fall?

The naked facts of propaganda, ideology, belief, prejudice and also, or especially, the inertia of automatism (to what extent are we already androids?) go completely unnoticed when the transcendence of change is greater.

We have been breaking down the phenomenon of vaccines with ideas contrary to the official truth and, in the end, as in any rational analysis of the irrational, we can only conclude that there is no conclusion worthwhile except to relate these invisible facts under the magic of propaganda. And they are so forceful that they can only be refuted or distorted if we ignore them.

Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, is home to a laboratory that researches pathogens. It is there where a new strain of coronavirus emerged that the Chinese authorities hid for many weeks and where General Chen Wei, the top expert of the people’s army in biological warfare, moved in January 2020.

A new coronavirus, such as the one that in the 1957-58 season caused 2,000,000 deaths, or the one in 1968-69, the so-called Hong Kong Asian flu, produced by H3N2 (which is still with us without being a reason for political-sanitary hysteria), which infected more than 30 million people around the world, collapsing the health services of advanced countries such as the UK and forcing the storage of corpses in the Berlin subway.

The Hong Kong flu especially affected the United States, where more than 100,000 people died from the epidemic, just when they were in a delicate political situation conditioned by high social conflict catalyzed and promoted by the protests against the Vietnam War.

Of course, it was already quite simple then, at least, to select and propagate a certain viral variant like H3N2. Perhaps it was also feasible to induce the appropriate mutations to «help» the emergence of a new viral strain. But, regardless of whether the pathogen was the work of nature or human intervention, if the US authorities had allowed themselves to be swept away by hysteria, haste and irrationality, they would have led the country into a spiral of democratic and economic self-destruction which, taking into account the power of the adversary, the USSR, would have caused an unforeseen and momentous turn in history. Let us imagine what the present would be from the perspective that what could have happened with the Hong Kong flu has happened, 41 years later, with the COVID-19.

Why then no and now yes?

The Chinese Comedy

After hiding the data long enough for the disease to spread through its territory and the rest of the world on the back of the greatest seasonal migration of the human species, on New Year’s Day China staged a medieval representation confining Hubei Province, and that province alone, as a fundamental health measure, in absolute contradiction to what science had been advocating for 200 years until just a few months ago.

Surprisingly, no one denounced the delay or the absurd argument that, in the middle of the New Year, with millions of people moving around China (also abroad, for example, Italy), it would be enough to lock up one single province in an immense medieval ghetto for the pandemic to be controlled in the rest of the country. No one wondered why the confinement of Hubei had managed to ensure that, for example, in Beijing or Shanghai there were hardly any cases.

Nor did anyone notice that neighboring countries such as Taiwan, South Korea and Japan imposed such drastic and harmful measures as those of the medieval confinement model of Wuhan and its province and, like the rest of China, hardly had any infections or deaths. Certainly no more than those caused by the common flu.

The staging of Wuhan lasted just long enough to serve as a model of «medieval hysteria» for the mediocre Western leaders, who rushed to destroy the rights and freedoms of their people, their prosperity and, furthermore, achieving levels of contagion and death aggravated by the response «Year 1347». An unprecedented achievement of the new Chinese military engineering.

But to produce that hysterical, irrational and totalitarian reaction it was not enough to hide the disease until in the middle of the New Year it spread all over the world and show a model of epidemiological struggle typical of the Middle Ages, but it was and is necessary to faithfully reproduce the circumstances that presided over the medieval era: obscurantism, ignorance, superstition and submission.

The WHO Collaborationist

What has been the role of the WHO in this social engineering offensive supported by a low-intensity, broad-spectrum bioterrorist attack?

  • It Delayed the alert and exaggerated the danger. The WHO concealed the first warnings of the disease allowing that in the middle of the Chinese New Year (Let’s remember: the largest human seasonal migration on the planet) it spread throughout the World in a completely uncontrolled and dizzying way, and later, and in unison with the Chinese comedy of Wuhan, spread the image of a terrifying disease that, in the end, has barely infected 1% and caused the death of 0.03% of the world’s population. These are the figures on which the greatest economic destruction, of rights and liberties since the Second World War, has been caused and justified. A democratic regression such as has not been seen since the introduction of international socialism (communism) and national socialism (Nazism), which has been especially intense in the countries with the greatest roots of social democracy of the right or left, religious or secular.
  • It prohibited to perform autopsies, which is the most effective and quickest formula to know the nature and the adequate treatments against an unknown disease. Result? The only one that could be expected: Much greater health damage than would have occurred if autopsies had been performed. An excess of lethality produced by medical malpractice directly induced by the WHO, without which it would not have been possible to generate the chaotic spiral that has led us to the economic and democratic depression of the New Normalcy?

La OMS, actuando como agente propagador y amplificador del daño de la COVID-19, ha resultado y aún lo sigue siendo, un cooperador imprescindible de los daños sanitarios, económicos y políticos de esta falsamente grave pandemia.

The power of information

The refined psychosocial design of Operation Pandemic would be impossible to implement in a generalized and sustained manner over time without another key element: The power of the media to manipulate public opinion.

The people, as such, only exercise power one day every four years. The rest of those 1.459 days the power is held by the modern dynasties, the political parties, subjected to a more or less effective game of counter powers and, fundamentally, to the electoral perspectives embodied in «public opinion», which is the true entity of power in the democracies of the era of global information controlled exclusively by a business and political oligopoly.

The great technological advances have brought an avalanche of information that is transmitted in a closed way to an enormous number of people who are isolated from each other and, therefore, without the possibility of debating, contrasting and forming a «communicative» opinion. The information transmitted by the great audiovisuals already incorporates the opinion in an indistinguishable way with the facts. The process of creating opinion through contrast and debate is further short-circuited by the growing social isolation and only through social networks can alternative information be obtained that is hidden by the large media and contrast of opinions, so they will be controlled and censored in order to extend social isolation even in the case of interactions where individual identity and the establishment of personal ties are very limited.

The technique is simple: isolate people and allow them a single vehicle of communication that is loaded with banal information among which the truly important is camouflaged, incorporating an assessment of the facts indistinguishable from them and resulting in the formation of an opinion presented as social consensus. An opinion in which people only passively participate as spectators of the process of «information-contrast-debate-opinion» of which they were previously active protagonists.

In this way, the ability of «dissidents» to influence others is neutralized because they have already completed the opinion-forming process that they have «injected» into them via telematics.

Society as a living entity with the capacity to protect the individual from manipulation and control is destroyed, while the dissident minority continues to try uselessly to use this social sphere without realizing that it does not exist, thus losing time and confidence not only in achieving a majority for change but in their individual strength, so that they themselves are annulled and do not seek alternative strategies to neutralize the power of those who, ultimately, are also a minority that has known how to use alternative means so as not to depend on the majority opinion but simply to conform to it.

The mediocrity of the leaders.

A masterful offensive of new military tactics of broad spectrum and low induction, based on the «butterfly effect» amplified and propagated through cheap, simple and effective instruments, such as the WHO and the mass media. But, even so, a historical setback like the one the freest, most advanced and richest countries on Earth are suffering is impossible without the indispensable participation of a third collaborator: political power.

Nothing that is happening could be achieved if political power did not give in to public pressure to protect its personal, electoral interests at the expense of the general interest. Otherwise, it would have simply happened the same as before the Asian flu of 1957-58 and the Hong Kong flu of 1968-69: minimal political, health, economic and social damage. And to achieve the collaboration of the political power of the West it has only been necessary that the process of social engineering set in motion after World War II by the collectivist bloc imposed a criterion of increasing mediocrity in the selection of Western political leaders.

It is overwhelmingly evident that where political managers show greater independence from manipulated public opinion or from any other factual power, the response to the COVID-19 has been more rational and less destructive in all areas, including health, than in countries governed by mediocre or those who directly obey a collectivist ideology, no matter what its political color.

A mediocrity rewarded in the form of impunity and greater power over society that, kidnapped by the media, shows itself incapable of organizing itself to neutralize the totalitarianism that leads it to a loss of freedom and prosperity by displaying a collective and collectivizing Stockholm Syndrome.

The result of all these factors is a huge political, cultural, social and economic involution, especially in the free Western countries. A dense smell of the Middle Ages that goes unnoticed by the vast majority. A resetting of history that goes far beyond what the most fanciful conspiratorial theories can imagine.

Zeng He Reset

At the beginning of the 15th century, Emperor Yongle organized a huge fleet that made several trips that reached the Red Sea and the East Coast of Africa. It was commanded by Zeng He, a eunuch of Muslim origin who, among other objectives, had the mission of establishing an extensive diplomatic and commercial network. The political circumstances led to this colossal enterprise being finally cancelled, returning China to its millennial isolation. If this had not happened, it would have been this nation that controlled the seas and, almost certainly, would have discovered America. The Europeans would not have achieved the hegemonic role they have enjoyed to this day if the enterprise started by the Treasury Fleet had been continued. But China lost its great opportunity in favor of Europe, and there the destiny of the next five centuries was sealed, in the interval of the barely 87 years that passed between the first voyage of Zhen He and that of Christopher Columbus. An opportunity that now presents itself again in an almost identical form, although the temporal interval is of months and the predictable result points in the opposite direction.

The New Normalcy is a reset of History that brings us back to conditions similar to those of that great crossroads of time. Not only has the great commercial fleet of Zeng He sailed again, but the whole world context reproduces that decisive moment when some countries and cultures (China and Islam) were anchored in the Middle Ages, while others (Europe) took the path of the Renaissance. A reset with a computer keyboard that has moved us to a parallel reality in which Zeng He’s fleet conquers the seas, corrects history and sends Europe back to the Middle Ages, while the other great power of that time, Islam, takes the opportunity to, this time, to complete the invasion of the Old Continent without the need for military victory.

China corrects its mistake and Islam attempts a new and definitive assault on Europe. We are exactly at the crossroads of the end of the Middle Ages, now afflicted by a false pandemic, the COVID-19 versus the Black Death, and a false climate crisis, the Anthropogenic Climate Change versus the Little Ice Age.

The global scene is amazingly reminiscent of the 15th century, with Europeans and Chinese exchanging roles and an Islam that now does contemplate realizing its old dream of conquering decadent Europe. But the regional scenario in the Western world is, if possible, even more surprisingly similar to that time:

  • A state of servitude by which the subjects must give to the noble political lords half of their work and benefit in exchange for protection.
  • An apartheid regime. Fierce persecution against denialists so that they convert to affirmative action and accept the baptism of the vaccine without which they will be deprived of the rights and freedoms enjoyed by the faithful. Vaccines that even the pharmaceutical companies that produce them do not trust and that is why they refuse to guarantee.
  • Immobility in ghettos or prohibition to leave the fief or the village without the permission of the new lords of the political nobility.
  • Power of the noble political lords to prohibit, regulate or close down certain professional, business or labor activities.
  • Special courts to determine the orthodoxy of ideas and to sanction heretics. Tribunals of Truth and crimes of opinion.
  • The guilds are converted into instruments of control and repression of dissent, endowed with the power to determine who can and cannot exercise a certain trade, profession or business activity.
  • Prohibition or limitation of the right of assembly.
  • Martial law and a democratic state of exception have become the rule, with a curfew, suspension of professional activities by guilds and fiefdoms, and a ban on movement without due process.
  • Social, physical and psychological isolation through the prohibition of personalized contacts, imposition of the niqab or anti-identity mask and house arrest.
  • Elimination of basic public services such as on-site primary health care or personalized, face-to-face administrative attention.
  • Privilege of the ruling class to break the law with impunity through the use of different legislation and ad-hoc jurisprudence protected by reason of state.

The features of reality that present a chilling parallelism between our time and the fifteenth century, if not with previous eras, are so extensive that it is not possible to describe them in a few lines with the detail they deserve. But there is one that is worth stopping at.

We have said that it would have been impossible to turn COVID-19 into a credible simulation of the Black Death if it had been possible to know the real nature of the disease by means of, among other scientific practices, performing autopsies. An «ecclesiastical» ban by the WHO and endorsed by secular authorities around the world, especially those of neo-feudal nations of the reborn Old Europe, which caused, as could not be otherwise, an excess of lethality due to medical malpractice that has been decisive in corroborating the false seriousness of the pandemic and creating an obscurantist environment over which the normalized and extended irrationality has flourished in all areas of private and public life.

But the most significant thing, however, is not the suddenly, almost magically, coordinated strata of power to take us back to the Middle Ages, but focuses of resistance, dissidence and secrecy. The Erasmus, Descartes, Copernics, Spinozas… All those characters who, from the alternative media, the social networks, the «clandestine publications», persecuted by the propaganda and repressive machinery of the new church, facing ostracism, smear campaigns, professional, academic, labor or even judicial persecution, fight for exactly the same thing as those: to enlighten with Reason and Science this vortex of superstition, totalitarianism and manipulation.

But the most significant thing, however, is not the suddenly, almost magically, coordinated strata of power to take us back to the Middle Ages, but focuses of resistance, dissidence and secrecy. The Erasmus, Descartes, Copernics, Spinozas… All those characters who, from the alternative media, the social networks, the «clandestine publications», persecuted by the propaganda and repressive machinery of the new church, facing ostracism, smear campaigns, professional, academic, labor or even judicial persecution, fight for exactly the same thing as those: to enlighten with Reason and Science this vortex of superstition, totalitarianism and manipulation.

Because this is exactly what is happening. They want to return the free, modern, humanized world to medieval darkness. While those who lost their great opportunity are trying to rewrite history to frustrate what the Renaissance and the modern age meant.

Disobeying the mandates of the Church-WHO and the political authorities, Italian physicians performed autopsies, thanks to which they discovered the true nature of the disease, its mechanisms of action and the appropriate scientific treatment. From that moment on, the lethality of the false Black Death was reduced to that of a flu like the one in 1957-58: 2.000.000 deaths worldwide, now 1.830.000.

The similarities are so great and enlightening that they produce, at the same time, shame and frightening.

It is in Italy where, again, this Renaissance of heterodox and dissidents emerges who, guided by Reason and Science, decide to investigate the truth forbidden by «religious» and lay authorities who react to this forbidden discovery in the same way as 500 years ago: ignoring its meaning and persisting, if not increasing, the propagation of faith in falsehood, the campaign of terror, the persecution against dissident voices denouncing the deception, ratifying the measures that sustain totalitarianism, appropriating the normal seasonal peaks to turn them into epidemic waves and imposing by means of political, social and economic coercion the auto of faith of some vaccines without the minimum guarantees that Science prescribed only a few months ago.

Yes, someone has pressed a button and, in a matter of months, we have been moved to a new 15th century where the same crossroads are opening: to move forward, towards Renaissance humanism, or backwards, back to feudal collectivism. It is as simple as that. There’s no need to think about it any further. That is the Great Reset and not the one they want us to believe with the legends of dark characters, magic potions and demonic conspiracies.

Global elites today are exactly the same as those medieval elites were. Feudal lords, owners of physical and virtual territories, dedicated to their games of thrones and to agreeing to keep their servants subdued by fear, poverty, superstition and deception.

There we are. Once again on the verge of discovering the America of the Cyberlytic, burning Servetus again, showing the instruments of torture to Galileo and persecuting heretical deniers bent on using Reason and Science to contrast the truth of «The Truth» and free that majority who, cruelly and paradoxically, hate or despise them.

Calvin, using the same kind of demagogic power as our democratic leaders, prevented the publication of the book in which Castillion exposed him as a totalitarian phony. Now, again the same dilemma: Calvin or Castillion. The Middle Ages or the Modern Age. May China lead in this second and magical opportunity a different Renaissance, collectivist and submissive, condemning the inhabitants of the vast Europe to the servility of the New Feudal Normality, or may the humanism of our heroes and martyrs, that of the sons of freedom, continue to set the course for the new era. That of true Humanity.

That’s what’s at stake. Everything else is medieval trickery.

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