December 22th 2020

Blessed are the meek, for they shall receive the Earth as their inheritance. (Matthew 5:5).

We said in «Hypothesis B» ( that the frantic and irresponsible rush to impose a vaccine is only understandable as a stratagem with which Western leaders, who allowed themselves to be deceived by China and the WHO to implement totalitarian and ineffective formulas that have led their countries to a loss of freedom and economic welfare unparalleled since the end of World War II, intend to get away with their inept, if not criminal, performance.

According to this hypothesis, the main objective of the vaccines without due guarantees (the pharmaceutical companies are not responsible for the damages) is to serve as a social placebo with which to stop the medieval disaster to which all those leaders have stupidly led us without being forced to recognize their error in revealing the pandemic deception into which they had fallen and without facing any political or judicial responsibility. The vaccines would make up for the mistake without revealing the deception thanks to the story of a massive media pandemic (the Goebbels lie that becomes true by repeating it a thousand times):

«The seriousness of the pandemic was real and justified our totalitarian and liberticidal measures, which unfortunately and inevitably have caused you immense economic and democratic damage. But, now, the vaccine will allow us to return to normality. To the New Normalcy, of course.»

A provisional normality, based on a state of emergency of rights and freedoms that is administered at will by the authorities outside the law or under parallel legislation. A martial law without war, a surreal, hallucinatory coup d’état, which only poor paranoid dissidents can see.

The vaccine not only launders any kind of political and judicial responsibility but, as an added benefit, it strengthens society’s predisposition to meekly accept the implantation of a totalitarian regime without references in the free world since the end of World War II, justified in a false state of alarm or exceptional emergency that will persist even after the vaccine allows the return to that old tutored economic normality with impunity. Because this means exactly the term «New Normality»: The political guardianship of democratic rights and freedoms… and of economic activity

Pure and triumphant National Socialism.

But there is another hypothesis: Our political leaders have not been fooled or taken by surprise by the Chinese Operation Pandemic but were and are aware of what they were and are doing. The key pieces of political and business power know and follow a plan that has in its roadmap, among other objectives, the massive vaccination of the population. And, if so, the vaccine against COVID-19, a disease that, in the worst case, reaches the lethality of the most virulent strains of the common flu, such as those of 1957-58 and 1968-69 and that, in addition, does not have the usual scientific guarantees, has an objective that goes beyond serving as a social placebo.

The most widespread explanation for this hypothesis is that the vaccine serves as a vehicle for inoculating harmful biological agents and/or nanochips with which to control and eventually sicken or even eliminate certain sectors of the population, if not the vast majority. It is a really sinister possibility, which is easily discredited by presenting it as the result of an irrational paranoia. But what is certain is that the irrational behavior of «affirmatism» when it comes to manufacturing a false seriousness for the pandemic, handling it by completely medieval means and launching desperately or without the slightest scientific guarantees a vaccine, fully justifies the emergence of «conspiratorial» explanations.

Denialists are conspiranoic to exactly the same extent as affirmative actionists are conspiranogens.

And one of the many confirmations for the rational suspicion of dark and sinister interests we have just received live and with meridian clarity: on December 8th the vaccination started in the UK and just a week later a new variant of COVID, more contagious than the previous one, is detected, also in the UK. Coincidence? Did it come packaged in the vaccine? Has it been «activated» by it? Is it part of the second phase of the Pandemic Operation of the Chinese People’s Army? Nothing like an intentionally hazy environment to unleash the fantasy under which to hide a manifest truth.

Every chain of coincidences identifies an undefined but certain cause.

Together with vaccines, the «new variants» of COVID-19 will serve to alleviate or accentuate at every moment the political control over a society simultaneously mediated by poverty, totalitarianism, fear and irrationality. All this is catalyzed by two factors that take us back to the past: the isolation of the population and the control of information, before through the pulpit and now through the media and social networks, which will also cease to be free.

But perhaps this gift that has come from the East to our new feudal lords brings a hidden surprise that the immense majority of them ignore. A surprise of much greater level and transcendence, if possible, than impunity and democratic tyranny. A dirty game hidden in the dirty game they think they know and control.

Let us imagine that vaccines are not designed against COVID-19 or its variants, nor are they designed as vehicles for harmful agents, but rather to protect the population from a truly deadly pest that has not yet arrived.

It would be a clean and discreet way to selectively reduce the population without the need for any sophisticated biological exterminating agent included in the vaccines or activated by the 5G networks, nor complicated technological mechanisms with which to manipulate the minds of people. It would not be necessary to make docile and submissive subjects of all the former free citizens, but simply to select the most docile and protect them from a pandemic that will eliminate the dissidents, who refuse to be vaccinated. A method of population control based on elimination and not on costly, slow, complex and cumbersome ruses.

The population not interested in the New World Order would select itself, precisely fed by the clumsy and evident staging of a non-existent conspiracy or, rather, the opposite, designed to kill in greater proportion those who refuse to get the vaccines: The most critical and least manipulable sectors of society. The dissidents, the negationists, the revolutionaries, the liberatists?

A eugenic genocide applied by the victims themselves. Because the new Jews who persist in their convictions, after the immense pressure of the dictatorship and apartheid, will decide to ride the trains themselves and enter the gas chambers thinking that they are doing it in bunkers that will save them from the nuclear hecatomb.

And, if so, the vaccines are designed for the real plague to come. The one that will eliminate all dissent and only it.

It doesn’t seem so far-fetched if we look at the elegance and simplicity of the procedure and the fact that, unlike everything else, the vaccination process is being carried out with such clumsiness that the intention seems to be to reassure the less meek and submissive of their suspicions.

An elegant and devilishly effective method for surgically debugging all those who are disaffected with the new collectivist world order. Because either this vaccine or the next one would protect against the true plague of the «Final Solution» by which to exterminate, not the Jews, but the interracial minority that still preserves its critical capacity and freedom of thought. To the irreducible dissidents who are not dominated by ideological demons, but who think and decide for themselves and are capable of questioning even their deepest convictions. Those who act with the freedom with which God made us in his image and likeness.

Using the critical capacity of the dissidents is how they are going to be selected and eliminated by not vaccinating them against the real plague of the Unsustainable End of the World.

To put an end to that minority of true humans who will never collaborate with the elites in power? To eliminate competition and dangers for the Global Farm that are ? It sounds very convoluted, but it is simple and practically impossible to discover, because, even if some data were leaked, nobody would believe it. And a small group of people need to be aware of the real objective, while all the other accomplices, from political and business leaders to scientists, health care workers, technicians and operators involved in the operation think that they are creating and applying a method to control COVID-19 or, at best, that the vaccine contains secret ingredients beneficial to the power they serve and are served by.

A perfect plan for the meek, the truly meek, trusting and manipulable to inherit the Earth.

But what is this Earth that the meek, the human gregarious herbivores will inherit? What kind of Earth are we heading for? Is the beatitude a prophecy, a command, a spell or a warning? Two clues to anticipate the answer:

  • Those who would truly inherit the Earth are not those meek and obedient citizens, but those who lead them, who are the same ones that now, supposedly, would be preparing that scenario.
  • Efforts are being made to vaccinate the majority of the population to avoid extermination. If the objective pursued by the «elites» were to significantly reduce the population through a genocide in two stages: first eliminating the most critical and then, already without resistance, the rest of the surplus population, no attempt would be made to convince the maximum number of people, leaving only the most irreducible dissidents unprotected.

The starting point for this New World is an unprecedented dictatorship, both in terms of its global scope and the speed with which it is being implemented. Also because it is fed by a false pandemic that predominantly affects the most advanced countries on the planet, with better health systems, freer and more prosperous: the democracies of white majority in which all health measures being taken correspond to neo-feudal formulas whose priority objective is to censor, repress and eventually eliminate the critical capacity of the population.

A system of «social vaccines» aimed at eliminating individual freedom as much as possible and increasing meekness through the implementation of very effective ideological viral agents, transmitted by the media according to the guidelines of a social engineering program that only requires the control of information and the conscious or unconscious collaboration of the official and factual powers.

An apartheid regime is being implemented, this time not against the blacks but against the denialists, through the creation and segregation of two virtual races: the submissive collectivists and the liberatists rebels. We will reproduce in our retinas scenes that the historical film noir had left behind. Two races with different social and political rights, justified on whatever grounds, just as they did not matter in the Soviet Union of the gulags, Nazi Germany in the concentration camps, Mandela’s South Africa or Rosa Parks’ North America. Those who oppose the New Normal regime will not be able to travel, or work, or study, will suffer the contempt, if not the hatred or lynching of the affirmationist majority, and will have to kneel before the new supremacists of ideological color.

All collectivist ideologies and beliefs without exception will unite against the liberatists. They are already doing so. Not having an ideology or belief will be cause for suspicion and social exclusion. It is already happening.

Apartheid has begun with the arrival of vaccines and new, even more virulent strains. We are in that world that just a few months ago only existed in movies, history books and science fiction novels. A scenario wrapped in remote-controlled unreality that cannot be explained from the past or even from the present. Because never in the History of Humanity has there been a change of such magnitude, speed and perfection as the one we are living. That is why everything is disconcerting and unbelievable. And an immense and subtle current of daze drags us toward meekness and indifference of the New Normality.

However, as soon as we raise our eyes above the flooded heads, we see that it is impossible to agree on practically all the social powers of all continents, ideologies, geostrategic interests and economic and technological development. And that everything seems to have happened because, suddenly, someone has pressed a «magic» button or launched a subliminal slogan.

The New Normality mixes in an indistinguishable way the induction to suspicion and the feeling of unreality, the affirmationism and the negationism, the doubt of if we are seeing the hidden reality or if we are victims of the paranoia that they are feeding…


Only from the future, now surprisingly immediate, can one understand what is happening and venture what will happen not just in the next decades or years, but in a matter of months. And that future is determined by a scenario for which those «who» we vaguely identify as elites in the dark, predators hidden behind the shadows of the forest, are plotting their plans, while trying to accommodate their strategy to the chaotic movements of the immense and stupid stampede that the World has become. A dizzying flood of changes before which their alleged executioners are as perplexed as the rest of the mortals. Because, deep down, they too harbor the conviction that no one and nothing known controls the perfect chaos of the greatest historical flood since the Flood.

We can only know for sure that we are heading to a scenario marked by a new mega cycle of Human History that will replace the Neolithic one, in whose rales we find ourselves. A new era, the Cyberlytic, which explains what we call the «New World Order» as the plan of the usual collectivists to control the flood as much as possible and remain as owners of what is left behind.

The meek, that majority of non-playing characters, will populate the Cyberlytic Land until their true owners don’t even need them as a landscape, and then the true New World Order will come. Much sooner than we are willing to believe. Much later than we fear. When the new species that has been evolving among us for years without us realizing what they are and what they will be, put an end to the population bubble and the great pyramid scheme that we call Neolithic, Civilization, Old Local Order.

They are the Homo machina. They are our children. In them we will survive after the meek have left the land they were promised to inherit and the NWO of the dark elites has been turned into the dust of what once was History.

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