November 29th 2020

It is obvious to anyone that a general war between two nuclear powers would mean, if not the end of civilization, a hecatomb of biblical proportions. A confrontation like that would imply, in the best case, an unbearable damage for any of the sides, including the winner. And that is why, except by mistake or madness, the possibility of a nuclear war appears only as a theoretical question in treaties of military strategy. So much so that it no longer even serves, as it did until very recently, to frighten the population into increasingly sophisticated and frequent social engineering programs.

The level of technology, with its capacity for mutual destruction or damage that is not profitable for any of the parties, seems to rule out any conflict that goes beyond the regional scope of medium grade powers with relatively little nuclear capacity, which invites us to contemplate future scenarios dominated by a relative world balance based on the generic and often mythological idea of «globality» that leads to political «elites», economic and religious groups of different countries, beliefs and business groups to coordinate under some form of planetary dominance with common objectives and plans of action, secret and generally harmful to the vast majority of humans

The postmodern world, which is curiously characterized by a return to medieval antemodernity, seems to be divided, on the one hand, into an elite more or less well accommodated around some minimum agreements and, on the other hand, an immense mass of humans ignorant of the reality and the destiny that this elite or shadow world government has in store for them. But to what extent this is true depends on the answer to a question that we have hastily given as being answered and overcome: Is some kind of large-scale confrontation between great powers possible in such a way as to allow a profitable victory for any of them?

The answer is a resounding «yes».

There are at least three formulas of confrontation in which there would not be uncontrollable, indiscriminate and unbearable destruction for all sides: economic, ideological and biological warfare.

But before that, we must remember something that, by the very nature of today’s geostrategic discourse, is forgotten: every war aims to dominate or eliminate the adversary.

Economic warfare is a military complement that has always been used but that has become more prominent as technological advances, which depend primarily on economic development, have emerged as a decisive element of warfare. Now it is in itself a war scenario that we can differentiate in two ways. On the one hand, raw materials, which include energy and labor. On the other, trade, because whoever controls it can economically suffocate his adversaries, making all his efforts useless and the superiority he enjoys in other areas. The economic attack implies a selective destruction that preserves all the raw material and environmental quality and limits the damage to the material and human goods of the enemy, dragging him, in addition, to a decline that entails a military self-destruction in all orders.

Ideological warfare has also always been a component associated with all warfare. But, as in the case of economic warfare, in our days it takes on a decisive role that is expressed in two different ways according to the political, social and cultural structure of the societies in conflict. In the case of free market and liberal democratic societies (it is not the same thing) it is fundamental to control the media with which public opinion can be managed, which has ended up replacing the critical democratic majority as a source of power. In totalitarian societies, free trade or not, it is the economic asphyxiation itself or an internal (coup d’état) or external (regional war) military intervention that can overthrow political power through popular uprisings provoked and directed more or less from the outside coordinated with the internal opposition or directly through a military defeat.

Biological warfare, with its pandemic and physicochemical variants («dirt» radiological on humans and chemical with toxicity on the environment or limited to humans), is the third formula of assimilable confrontation and the one that leads the current geostrategic scenario. We are immersed in what we could call a global bioterrorist conflict.

What is the condition for any such large-scale confrontation to occur without the use of nuclear weapons by either side?

To induce a certain degree of defenselessness in the enemy by managing some or all of the following factors: concealment and secrecy, time scale (do it little by little), damage limitation (inflict only enough damage to reverse the inertia of events) and the weakness of the enemy (military inferiority, dependence on public opinion, lack of raw materials and commercial space)

Well, what’s happening right now?

China has opted for a biological attack with economic and ideological consequences. What factor has it fundamentally used to carry out this attack? The weakness of democratic countries: their dependence on public opinion. How has it done this? It has allied or aligned its strategy and apparent interests with certain Western economic agents that control public opinion after having invested directly or indirectly in the media and in a series of parallel structures of social influence: NGOs, Universities, Art (especially cinema and TV), emerging social movements (feminism, ecology, indigenism, egalitarianism, multiculturalism, immigrationism…) How has it achieved this alliance? By offering these economic agents (and associated politicians) preferential access to their current domestic market and to the potential in a future in which China will achieve a hegemonic role. «If your prophecy is fulfilled,» says the Chinese regime, «and we are the world’s leading power, you will have a preferential share of the cake. At the same time, China remains silent on all the emerging issues (ecology, multiculturalism…) but discreetly supports them so that the agents of the Western world who promote them believe that, once these objectives are achieved, the new world that is open (to them) and without any controls other than the de facto power (them and the Chinese Communist Party) will be sustained by an impoverished human mass completely dominated by social engineering. To achieve this, it is necessary to end the political power of the free citizenry on which true democracies rest by converting them into demoscracies, that is to say, into the power of the majority, which are disenfranchised and controlled at a distance by elites through this social engineering applied from the media, information and opinion.

In short, they must collaborate fully with the Chinese People’s Army’s Operation Pandemic.

In one fell swoop, with a low-level pandemic, that is, with minimal health impact, they manage to unleash an inertia of ideological and economic destruction in the European democracies because:

  • They do not pass the threshold beyond which these societies perceive and identify the origin of a vital threat to their freedom and prosperity.
  • Therefore, do not defend yourselves using all the means at your disposal and without playing the game of proportionality that the weaker enemy tries to impose: «Use only the same force that I have and with which I have attacked you. Renounce your superiority for the sake of the peace that I have altered».
  • And, moreover, they have the indispensable collaboration of key sectors of the attacked society to avoid a defensive reaction from it because they control the means of shaping public opinion.

From that moment on, as there is no total response from the enemy, in this case democratic societies, the inertia of events begins to work in favor of China, which, little by little, consolidates its economic, technological, military and ideological supremacy. In fact, the Chinese GDP has hardly been affected by the pandemic and, right now, is growing at a rate that will lead it to be the first world power ahead of the US and the EU together in less than 30 years.

What should China do to trigger this biological attack so that it does not cause excessive and indiscriminate damage? Design an infectious agent that meets three conditions:

  • Be easily mimicable with a natural origin.
  • Have low lethality.
  • Produce a selective infectivity.

And it is on this last aspect that we must stop.

What if the extraordinarily low incidence in advanced and democratic countries, and therefore not suspected of hiding the real facts, such as Taiwan, South Korea or Japan, is not due to their magnificent health and social management of the pandemic but because their population was protected by the very genetic design of the virus?

What if the low incidence of the pandemic in African countries with very weak health systems and no measure of social isolation is not due to the inability to detect the true incidence of IDOC-19 (other infectious diseases are well evaluated) but because they are equally protected by the genetic design of the virus?

Look at the pandemic’s contagion and mortality map and you will see that the pandemic is clearly predominant in predominantly white countries. It is so obvious that only media control and the implementation of totalitarian censorship measures in advanced societies can explain why this issue is not in the forefront of public debate. That and the profound work of social engineering to neutralize certain ideas or discoveries through, in this case, the label of racism, denialism, conspiracy.

Is this selective incidence on certain societies identified predominantly with genetic factors a coincidence?

The pandemic has had little health or economic effect in China. Wuhan, the epicenter of COVID-19, after barely two and a half months of confinement and after having allowed the largest seasonal migratory movement on Earth, the Chinese New Year, to spread the virus throughout the nation, has returned to complete normality with barely the slightest outbreak of infection in that province or in the rest of China. Is it because they don’t give all the information? Are they lying? In no way would it be possible to hide all the signs of a high epidemiological incidence. In China, as in the rest of the countries with great genetic affinity, in spite of differing political systems and international alliances, the incidence of the pandemic is much lower than in Western white countries.

There is a clear, and significantly ignored, correlation between the persistence and severity of VIDOC-19 and the genetic profile of the population.

Of course, a biological agent designed as a weapon must be sufficiently selective to affect the enemy as a matter of priority while minimizing its own damage. And that is only possible by using genetic markers that are present in some populations in greater proportion than in others.

Can something like this be done with today’s known technology? Of course. And with the unknown? Much more «of course».

The refusal to allow in-depth investigation at the time, with the evidence still fresh, of the origin of the pandemic has no other explanation than to conceal the artificial manipulation of the genome and the mechanism of initial infection and spread.

The threats to countries such as Australia that demanded such research and the more recent threats to the personnel involved in the Wuhan health care system and the «Biological Warfare» facilities in that city are overshadowed as minor indications of a bioterrorist attack by the evidence representing the genetic selectivity of the coronavirus associated with ethnic factors.

That this correlation associated with racial differences be ignored as it is being done is the key to understanding the current military confrontation and the black prospects for freedom and prosperity in the Western world if immediate action is not taken and the suicidal attitude of defenselessness is abandoned.

And three last reflections.

  • Given the unusual success of the biological attack in producing political damage in the form of regression on the freedoms and rights of the Western population, which has allowed the establishment of totalitarian habits that facilitate the informational control of the elites allied to Chinese interests, it is possible that, having accepted the society that a third more serious wave is going to occur, this one will actually come about thanks to the use of a more virulent strain whose apparent origin is in those same Western countries (an attempt has already been made with the Danish mink).
  • The use of vaccines as a means of transmitting biological agents (genetic modifications) or physicochemical agents (weakening of the immune system, harmful chemical agents or side effects that produce infertility, brain damage…) cannot be ruled out at all. The vaccines are going to be administered with different labels in different places, countries and layers of the population. Therefore, their effects may also be intentionally different. For example, producing preponderantly infertility in regions with high birth rates and rich in resources, such as Africa, large areas of Latin America, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and neurological damage in areas with a high level of education and therefore critical capacity of their population, such as Europe and Europeanized countries.
  • The destiny of the advanced democratic countries of the East, which have been protected by the genetic design of the virus, is to become Chinese protectorates with all that that means politically and economically for their population. That of the internal agents that collaborate with China is to see how their now concordant interests cease to be so as soon as China does not need them. Too late they will see that they are working directly for their own defeat as indispensable cooperators of this third and last world war that will end with the implementation of the New World Order that is not that of the Illuminati, nor of the elites of parasitic financial capitalism, nor of Christianity, nor of multicultural liberalism, nor of the Masons… but of the Thousand-Year Reich: National Socialism with Chinese characteristics invented and established by Deng Xiaoping, that true Great Helmsman of Chinese imperialism who set in motion the self-fulfillment of Napoleonic prophecy:

«China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, because when she wakes up the world will tremble«.

A totalitarian giant. Absolute master of the New World Order that has begun with a bioterrorist offensive against the Western, democratic, white-majority countries.


An anti-racist movement with which to cover up the racist character of Operation Pandemic.

Is everything understood a little better?

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