Factum (Eng)

November 22th 2020

Everything that happens is instantly devoured by normality so that the world follows its path indifferent to your joy and pain.

Al Capone dreamed that instead of having to bribe/coerce judges, prosecutors, police officers… he would sign their pay slips and decide his professional fate and that of his children. The authorities of the world, free or slave, dream the same thing: that they are mayors, ministers, presidents or heads of state, and not capos of the political underworld.

The states of exception of democratic rights and freedoms and illegal curfews are multiplying in time throughout the territory of the former free countries, imposed by political bands of all colors and with its aftermath of impoverishment that will devastate many of these countries throughout the coming year.

The majority of the population does not resist this democratic regression, unprecedented since World War II, when they do not join with fanatical enthusiasm the new regime which, like every dictatorship with a bad conscience and a longevity perspective, gives itself a not very threatening, even cynically hopeful name: New Normality. Although they no longer even bother to repeat it, they directly apply the illegal measures typical of a state of war justified in a pandemic with the lethality of the common flu and a lower mortality rate than those that hit the world in 1957 or 1968

It doesn’t matter. The freedom and prosperity of the free Western world (the democratic countries of the Far East are something else: Taiwan, South Korea or Japan) are lost in a matter of months along with logic, science and common sense, with the extraordinary exception that, in the face of this sinister and autochthonous wave of totalitarianism and impoverishment, not the slightest resistance is being produced by the societies that suffer it. Never, ever, in all of history, has something like this occurred in advanced countries with solid democratic convictions.

Nor have the leaders of these countries been forced to answer for, at best, incompetence at the level of the most sapphic dictators on the planet. None of them have felt compelled to explain why, for example, Spain has reached the first place in the world in terms of deaths/inhabitants and even now, continues to lead the world in health disasters, loss of freedom and rights and economic destruction. Neither do any of them feel the democratic obligation to explain why countries like the aforementioned Taiwan, South Korea or Japan, without implementing liberticidal and ruinous measures, have ten or a hundred times fewer deaths/inhabitants than theirs. Or why Sweden, without any exceptional measure, is among those nations in Europe that have suffered less and are suffering from the Chinese pandemic.

That, exactly, is a dictatorship.

Arrests against dissidents are multiplying. But this has only started, because very soon persecutions will be generalized against all those who do not show enough affirmationist fervor, obeying with faith the orders of the new regime of viral dictatorship that extends like a sordid Blitzkrieg through what soon will be virgin wastelands of the Chinese lebensraum, with its «Vichy France» and without beaches to receive liberators.

The vaccines will arrive, but not, as I imagined a few months ago in https://ozyesite.wordpress.com/2020/11/10/hypothesis-b/, to resolve the mess by giving impunity to those responsible, the leaders of the free Western world deceived first, and then resolutely benefited by the greatest deception in history: Operation Pandemic of the Chinese People’s Army. But they will do it as an instrument of repression of dissidence and submission of the population to the New Normalcy of the old and dark dictatorships.

They need not be made compulsory, but they can be made compulsory under penalty of fine or imprisonment. It will be enough to socially, labor, economically and politically exclude those who refuse to wear them. They will no longer be confined in the medieval confinements of their neighborhoods, towns or cities like the rest of the population, but in real concentration camps «to protect public health. And not only that. The people transformed into fanatical subjects, imbued with the most atavistic feelings of rejection of the non-submissive (human beings are only fierce with those who do not show meekness), will be in charge of condemning those who do not show the sign of the totalitarian beast to the most terrible ostracism, to the most merciless persecution, even to lynching.

Vaccines do not need to be used to insert nanochips as markers for human livestock. Nor do they need to weaken the population or decimate it through side effects designed in the same laboratory. Their effect as a totalitarian control will be devastating enough to subject them to a regimen that, just a year ago, would have met with armed opposition from the public (or so we thought. Now we don’t).

Of course, the «supervening» levels of poverty will serve as a fertile social substrate in which Thirdworldization will take root and prosper at all levels in the advanced Western countries (not the Eastern ones, which value and know how to defend their prosperity and freedom), with destruction of the middle class, growing dependence of broad layers of the population on state aid, migratory invasion of people adapted to conditions of poverty and ideologies of medieval submission, imposition of an asymmetrical egalitarianism, that is, one that benefits against a gradient of merit and efficiency the new ruling classes, their families and their closest followers, censorship and iron control of information and the means of social and personal communication, implementation of a new moral dogmatism, soon after, an economic reset that eliminates the private property of the classes disadvantaged by the regime and, sooner than we imagine or a little later than some of us fear, the New Flood. A drastic and clean reduction of the population that does not imply environmental or material destruction. How is this achieved? By means of two possible final solutions: Famine or pandemic (of the real ones).

The irruption of technological advances in matters such as automation, robotics and artificial intelligence makes unnecessary the existence of human masses of work-consumption capable of guaranteeing the reasonable percentage of privileged classes, between 500 and 1000 million people, a life equivalent to the middle classes of the First World. This human labor will not be necessary and, moreover, will be incompatible with the quality of life of the chosen and environmental sustainability. That is why the population bubble is allowed to continue to grow, especially in the poorest countries, because soon it will not be a problem since a final solution has been designed and is underway for which this pandemic of minimum health impact and maximum democratic and economic destruction has served as preparation of the social and political terrain (ending the areas of greatest potential resistance: European and Europeanized countries) and as a test for the great pandemic that will really come in two stages: one with a mortality of 30% of the general population followed by another with a mortality of 70%, especially in the poorest, overcrowded and militarily and politically defenseless areas.

A eugenic genocide according to the usefulness of people (their training and capacity), their adherence to the ideology of the New World Order and their origin (the more powerful nations will have a greater share of survivors).

The last and only cause of the events is its own happening.

The Factum is the world of faits accomplis. The Idearium is that of utopias under which, supposedly, facts are ruled; it is to believe in fair play, in the rule of law that is the same for all. The Factum is where Trump’s adversaries have worked to impede him/to steal his victory. The Idearium is where, until recently, Trump has naively moved, against his own way of thinking and acting. The Factum is where all of us who do not want to be a herd should emigrate. It’s where the mafia moves. The Idearium, where most of the «protégés» who make up the business of the political, religious, cultural mafia live deceived…

The Factum is to carry out in a very evident way an electoral fraud of such an incredible magnitude for enough time that, in the end, it is not important that it is discovered. The Idearium is not to have stopped on time this fraud, spearhead of the Chinese strategy to defend themselves from the war of tariffs, by means of a direct attack on the origin: Chinese interests.

The first US President who has not initiated any military conflict since 1980 is going to lose the first non-military war that has been declared worldwide in the whole history of Humanity. And with him, Americans who want to continue being free and prosperous, and all those who, outside the United States, dreamed of a life of freedom and prosperity, are going to lose it.

The unrestricted use, moral scruples induced by the enemy and executed by surprise, of all the military, economic and diplomatic power still held by the United States would have made China recede, stopping those from within the free world who collaborate with its objectives thinking that they will benefit from the New Collectivist World Order and, possibly, avoiding or, at least, delaying that traumatic and massive reduction of the population to which we are already hopelessly committed.

Trump and Trumpism was the only serious obstacle to the plans of compatible interests between Chinese National Socialism and the liberal aristocracy not because in itself it was superior to other characters or movements, but because it operated or could operate on the same terrain and with the same weapons but greater power than them.

Ideas and dreams of the Idearium must be defended in the Factum, in the mud of accomplished facts, in action.

Now, we can only stop being silly, escape from the Idearium and learn to live in the Factum. Using the same weapons and with the same contemplation, none, as those mafiosi that have hunted us and want to lock us up in their ghettos, their quarters, towns and cities returned to social isolation, servitude and feudal submission, throw us to the mount of hiding and create a fearful Resistance. Or, if this great society of the «Sons of Liberty» does not become consolidated, to learn how to survive on our own, to cling to every shred of hope and happiness, to fight without regard for a better life. Because the world, the events, and our fellow men, many of them full of great principles, values, beliefs and feelings, will pass indifferent before our suffering and despair.

Achieve the maximum space of impunity, which is the only sensible thing to do in Factum. Playing the double game of foul play under clean appearance. Attack when attacked. Go after those who steal our patrimony and freedom, preventing them from protecting themselves in the anonymity of the public mass, civil servants, obedience and norm. Body to body, name to name. Fight against them with their own dirty means. Power against power. Force against force. Cunning against cunning.

Act like them to avoid falling under them and, thus, not be like them.

Because only in that Idearium of respect for the law that protects freedom and prosperity with the same rules equally applied to all, which no longer exists, which perhaps never existed at all, we can afford the luxury, the tremendous pride of saying: «I shall not do the same as them, because I am not like them. I am better. Nobody is better than anyone else, neither in the Idearium nor, even less, in the Factum.

You must return good for good and evil for evil.

That is the Law that governs the world of the New Normalcy that we have already entered. If you ignore it, you will not be able to help yourself, to help those who want a world like the one you want. And you will not be better than others. You will be more stupidly useless and harmful to everyone and everything.

Welcome to Factum.

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