November 15th 2020

We are at the end of a model, the Neolithic, that is based on the population bubble, which leads to an expansion in all orders that culminates in globality resulting from the destruction of the barriers between biological and cultural ecosystems. A model based on overcoming the limits that the predator/prey ratio (we are hunters) imposes on the increase of the human population through the simple trick of converting an increasingly majority number of humans into a virtual «herbivorous» gregarious species, which is grazed by a minority that conserves its predatory characteristics in the form of shepherds of that virtual herd. In this way, the human population can be increased because the number of (human) predators, Homo predator, does not exceed the threshold of the availability of (human) prey, Homo ceres. An effective trap whose most important side effects are the complex procedure of conversion into a gregarious herbivorous species called «civilization» and the population bubble resulting from skipping the rules of the natural balance between prey and predators. (Everything is told in detail in «Homo Simulator» https://www.amazon.es/Homo-Simulator-Rafael-Ortiz-Garcia-ebook/dp/B086Z38P2Z)

The dizzying technological development that began with the Industrial Revolution has taken us to the end of the old model, the Neolithic, and to the doors of a new one, the Cyberlytic, which will be supported by a species, the Homo machina, which will make the existence of human livestock unnecessary. Artificial intelligence, automation and robotization will allow the existence of a population of «real» humans, without the predator/prey ratio being broken. Cybernetic Homo predator will enjoy a high quality of life in low population density conditions, without overcrowding or environmental degradation. The enormous mass of Homo ceres that drag a miserable life and consume natural resources in an unsustainable way will become not only unnecessary but also harmful.

The population bubble, like all the others, will burst. The only question is how, to what extent and when. The New World Order depends on who controls that explosion. Therein lies the key to all that is happening and will happen in a much nearer future than we imagine.

China, the most populous country on Earth, is composed, like all Neolithic societies, of a dominant minority and a dominated majority. The current elite, strategically adapted its communist (international socialist) ideology to transform it into a characteristic free market national socialist tutored by a unified political power. But the transformation of the communist regime led by Deng Xiaoping, despite sustaining its power over economic progress derived from private property and free competition, like that of Mussolini or Hitler, has not abandoned the collectivist principles of socialism as naively thought by the political and economic leaders of the free world. Until now, the imperialist zeal of National Socialism has not embarked China on a warlike confrontation like the one that ended Nazi Germany, nor on a political-ideological confrontation like that of the Cold War, which put an end to the Soviet Union and, in some way, to Maoist China. Thanks to the «friendly and inclusive» treatment provided by the US administration and by the large multinationals of the free world, China now possesses immense economic, military and technological power which also has the decisive advantage of being controlled by a small political, military and business elite united around the Chinese Communist Party. No one directly controls more power than this elite, and yet hardly anyone points to it as «the» power in the shadows. The Chinese deep state is as visible as it is unseen.

An immense power without democratic controls and with a globalist zeal. The perfect prototype of the New Totalitarian World Order. And yet this Chinese elite, much more united and powerful than any other, finds itself excluded from the bestiary of the anti-globalists. Why? Because collectivism controls in a hegemonic way the cultural substratum formed by ideologies, beliefs, values and moral dogmas from which the «Reality» is established and which serves as a model for, dominating the «factum», imposing the dictatorship of the New Normality. They are the true shadow government that is acting «from the future» written in the basements of the present.

Is there anything more globalist than the «Socialist International»?

Universal, global, single-minded and guided by the livestock mandate of «grow and multiply», it advocates equality and poverty disguised as sustainable consumption (ecologically and spiritually), anti-consumerism and detachment from material goods, resignation, obedience (submission) and defenselessness (turning the other cheek), unconditional solidarity (accept all immigrants who want to come). Does anyone comply more and better with the traits described in the modern Malleus Meleficarum of the anti-globalist conspiracy?

Who are we talking about?

Collectivism, faithful to the Neolithic model of human breeding, has as one of its fundamental pillars to safeguard the population bubble, while defending an improvement in the quality of human life. An overpopulated world, controlled by the unique thinking of a dominant collectivist, believing or atheist elite, which, however, is compatible with individual freedom and a high quality of life? And all this in an ecologically sustainable way? How? Because the accounts do not come out. Or they do, but by distributing poverty among many, as we shall see, in order to safeguard the opulence of the elite.

Everything is based on an immense deception. There are not and will not be enough resources for the vast majority of a Humanity in constant growth to live with an economic wellbeing comparable even to middle classes in developing countries. And this delusion has very deep and ancient roots.

The collectivism of the global farm is the plan of those who have appropriated, religiously and politically, the Christian revolution, a purely European phenomenon, based on the model of dissidence-loyalty, free will and a single law, «that you love one another», that is, that you impose only non-imposition and establish the rule of harmony that allows the maximum individual freedom for all. The code of the circulation that orders the traffic so that all can go without risk and in a harmonic way where they freely decide to go. A plan that consists of maintaining at all costs and for as long as possible the neolithic model based on the increase in production and consumption sustained by the population bubble as an economic criterion… Until a new species, the much more efficient Homo machina, which does not consume resources with a great environmental impact or compete in the human social arena, will make the human livestock mass unnecessary and then there will inevitably be a brutal elimination of the surplus population for the simple reason that the «shepherds», the elites, will no longer need the human herd.

The neolithic model, in its most varied and sophisticated formulations, has turned into inhuman monsters those who advocate that a traumatic and abrupt reduction of the population must be carried out before the problem becomes more serious and the solution more traumatic. They are demons that want to exterminate Humanity, after enslaving and torturing it, and this is said by those who defend to continue increasing the population and offer as a solution the distribution of more and more exiguous resources of the planet. A millenary chimera to sustain the tremendous suffering of masses converted into cattle of the same overpopulated and miserable Third World that is being exported to Europe and Europeanized countries to end the freedom and economic wellbeing of its inhabitants and, thus… to make a fairer world! But who are these demons of the collectivist imagination? Well, surprisingly, the same ones who are doing the dirty work of implanting the new collectivist and Third World normality in the European and Europeanized white countries:

The liberal aristocracy.

Bill Gates, Soros, Bezos… the great banking families, the bosses of «parasitic financial capitalism,» the Masons, the «Illuminati» and even the reptilian aliens are being used to hide the religious or lay collectivist elites, believers or atheists.

The liberal aristocracy is not collectivist, but wants to implant a post-neolithic society in which a small population of humans enjoys the freedom and quality of life that Homo machina (robotization, automation and artificial intelligence) will allow by doing the hard work that the masses of Homo ceres now do. With one caveat: That economic well-being will not be distributed as a result of competition in effort and talent among individuals under the same rules for all, but rather inequality will be determined by free competition under the tutelage of the power of the ruling class, they, of course, will have privileges inherent in their social position. A competition without fair play, unfair, mediated by the social dumping of the powerful. Exactly the same scheme of National Socialism that explains that the liberal aristocracy and the Chinese elite unite their efforts to eliminate the freedom and prosperity of Europeanized countries so that, when the new era arrives, the cyberlytic, there is no critical mass of population that opposes its model of oligopoly.

The only difference between the plans of collectivists and liberal aristocrats is that the former want to preserve as much as possible the population bubble by postponing its bursting and the inevitable reduction of population, while liberal aristocrats want to precipitate that brutal reduction of population to accede as soon as possible to the Cybernetic paradise of Humanity divided into social classes sustained by the work of Homo machina. On their side, Chinese National Socialists differ from liberal aristocrats in that, when the Cyberlytic comes, they want to be the ones who will dominate this society that will be mainly composed of Chinese people.

The third way: Liberacism.

For the world population to continue to increase without breaking the predator/prey ratio in global terms of environmental sustainability, it is necessary to eliminate the First World standard of living so that the conditions of the Third World become universal and this redistribution of wealth frees up the resources necessary for a small elite of «shepherds» to enjoy a standard of living far superior to the rest of the population. But this thirdworldization cannot be achieved without first stealing the freedom and the ability to defend oneself from the inhabitants of the First World, beginning with Europe and the Europeanized countries. And this plan is aimed at the so-called capitalist elites, the liberal aristocracy, to ensure that, after the eugenic genocide that will precipitate the entry into the new cybernetic world, there is not a critical mass of free people who can question their hegemony as a ruling class, but the remains of an impoverished and submissive humanity that will accept what is granted to them.

The objective of liberacism is to carry out the least traumatic transition possible to the cybernetic, stopping the increase in population and implementing a liberacist political and social model in the only way that is already possible: by renouncing winning the battle of the masses and setting in motion the «Ark» project: freeing individuals from the viral programs in the form of ideologies, beliefs, values and principles that are imposed on individual consciousness, so that they are able to create survival cells in which to isolate and protect themselves from the collectivist/aristocratic plans and to propagate as much as possible the changes that will allow other people to join the protected free world.

The collectivists seek to prolong the neolithic system of human breeding thinking some (the ideologies and beliefs that dominate them) that thanks to technology and equitable distribution of wealth can sustain the population bubble without bursting and without destroying the global ecosystem. That is why they want to implant a collectivist dictatorship of ideological clones controlled by an elite of shepherds. The New Normality is the scenario in which the interests of all the collectivists (plus the liberal aristocrats) converge, no matter their ideological differences.

The liberal aristocrats want to precipitate the transition to the cybernetic in order to, once established, control the hierarchical society in which they, as the dominant elite, will enjoy a series of privileges independent of the merits of free and fair competition in talent and effort. They support the establishment of the collectivist dictatorship of the New Normalcy because it allows them to neutralize first world societies, especially those in the West with a white majority, because they have a long tradition of freedom of thought, economic, military and technological power, with which they could thwart, if they maintain their freedom and prosperity, the eugenic genocide to reduce the population to a maximum of 750.000.000 people in the next 10 years. They hope to control the future society together with the Chinese elites reconverted to the principles of the liberal aristocracy.

The liberacists want to implement a global program to first stop and then reduce in a non-traumatic way the population increase to achieve a transition to the cybernetic with a minimum excess population that makes genocide unnecessary. If, as everything seems to indicate, this is not possible because the population density has reached levels incompatible with a non-traumatic transition that, moreover, neither the collectivists nor the liberal aristocrats are interested in pursuing, the priority objective of the liberacists should be to implement survival cells, social arks in which to protect themselves and from which to try to save as many people as possible who are not infected by liberticidal mental programs.

Who is winning?

Without a doubt, Chinese National Socialism. They are the elite and will be the dominant elite of the cybernetic society that they hope to implant before the end of the century and that, according to their plans, will be composed of, at most, some 1.500.000 people, mostly Chinese.

Why are they winnig?

  • The collectivists of an ideology formally contrary to that of the peculiar Chinese National Socialism are collaborating in their imperialist offensive led by the social engineering that redirects all the citizens’ movements towards their vision of the world and the implementation of the dictatorship of the New World Order. All the collectivists have been abducted by the «progressive» ideology, which is the format by which China exports and imposes its cultural, political, economic and ethnic domination (yes, it will also be an ethnic domination). Everyone, including those formally at the antipodes of that ideology, is being transformed into clones of the same collective mind controlled from Beijing.
  • Liberal aristocrats are helping to decisively destroy the middle and upper classes of Western free societies (especially the white majority) in the belief that by doing so they can prevent their plans for eugenic genocide from being thwarted and a critical mass of citizens who retain their freedom from controlling the society of the future. Without their collaboration and their media, financial, and political ramifications, the dictatorship of the New Normal could not be implemented and the economic well-being upon which the freedom of the Western world is based could not be destroyed.
  • The liberacists, heirs of the American Revolution, have not known how to unite in a common project that builds the socio-political and cultural elements of the new world in order to control the transit to the cybernetic and establish a society whose public and common sphere is not dominated by any ideology but by a norm governed by rules that allow maximum individual freedom for all. And, specifically, they have not used the power of the current structures, institutions and means to stop the dazzling, decisive and triumphant offensive of the alliance between collectivists and liberal aristocrats led by the new Chinese National Socialism. Trump, and this has been his immense mistake, has allowed himself to be carried away by the strategies and tactics of conventional political marketing and has not done what a New World liberationist, a continuator of Revolution/Independence should have done: Use his power to the fullest, without any limitations, so that China would stop its offensive and paralyze the media, political and extra-legal actions of its partners.

We are at the gates of a deluge. We cannot avoid it, but neither should we aggravate it. We can only protect ourselves by building an ark. And we can only build it if we apply the principles of the power of individual freedom. Alone or united with others. Those who have not used D. Trump have been deceived by the advice of the Fifth Column that has surrounded him throughout his tenure. Those that he still has time to use, because he has in his hand the power of the first world power. Those that the Alliance of collectivists and liberal aristocrats has appropriated for itself, so that even if it wins, it will not let it win. Because they have imposed their scenario, their rules, their times… They control the mechanisms that have turned democracy into «demoscracy» (the power of demoscopy). And they do it without having to submit to the democratic and legal rules. They dominate the «factum».

Therefore, the only viable strategy is to create a terrain on which to live and from which to fight. A space of power. A corporation that has the media, political parties adapted to the different scenarios, professional, business and union organizations, lobbies, broad-spectrum citizens’ associations, and an effective network of services equivalent to that of any modern state that includes education, health, personal and legal protection, information service, labor integration, pension system and unemployment coverage…

We must forget the old world and function now with the institutions and mentality of the new world in which individual freedom will prevail or, if the liberal aristocrats and/or the collectivists win, the power of an elite that owns the entire economic, productive, political, legal and moral system. An individual freedom that we must protect now, because everything public has become the property of the collectivists and the liberal aristocracy. That is why they make it fail when and where it is in their interest.

Each of us must create our own survival cell by joining, when the time comes, the liberacist corporation which, by bringing together as members only 10% of the world’s population, would become a formidable power dedicated exclusively to the defense, by all means available to it, of the freedom and prosperity of its members-citizens-shareholders.

Many politicians truly committed to Humanity, to its welfare and its freedom, businessmen, intellectuals, military, normal citizens who enjoy the immense power of their individual freedom should already be on the move towards the Cyberlytic building scenarios, institutions and means of that world … or continue wasting time trying uselessly to win a battle that is fought under the rules of the enemy and against the clock of an inevitable human debacle to which the interests of the alliance between collectivists and liberal aristocrats (between absolutism and colonialism) leads us without remedy. It is not possible to fight the British Empire using imperial strategy because we do not have the means of the Empire. And, moreover, because by fighting like him you cannot reach any other place but a new Empire.

Revolution is indissolubly linked to independence, and independence is nothing but individual freedom.

Liberacists are much more powerful than we imagine, provided we forget about the battle of the masses and focus on using the power at our disposal to the maximum and by all means. If Trump, Elon Musk and all those who are truly committed to the ideology of freedom and not to the freedom of ideologies to infect and dominate people decide to create this great Noah’s Ark, we will be able to make the prophecy of a huge minority owning its destiny come true. If not, a global farm and, after the Flood, a new Domain. Because playing their game they will never let us win. And by creating our own world, they will never be able to enslave us.

The countdown has begun. If the battle of the factum does not happen already, when there is still time, nothing will be able to avoid the holocaust. Nothing and nobody, because the true winners, hidden behind their ideological propaganda, are not opposed to the eugenic genocide, but want to manage its form, its scope and its time. The only thing that will be in our hands, and it is not little, will be to avoid being part of that dark destiny that they have marked for the vast majority of humans to whom their idols, ideologies and beliefs have convinced to surrender their freedom of thought and action, their will and conscience and, thus, become clones of a collective mind that dictates its commandments, its truths, its laws and normalities. And for clones, nothing better than machines. So, there are no more human clones, no more non-playing characters, no more Homo ceres, no more machines.

Either that or the triumph of the liberationist corporation.


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