Hypothesis B

September 9th 2020

Neither in China, where another infectious disease has emerged again, nor in the liberal representative democracies of its environment, such as Taiwan, South Korea or Japan, the health, economic and freedom damage has been comparable to that of advanced Western societies, with some exceptions such as Sweden, where they have not applied any democratic or economic restrictions and yet have suffered the lethality of the common flu. Bad example for the others, because it exposes that they are victims of the worst management of what has ended up becoming the best geostrategic move of the Chinese dictatorship, just when the trade war of Trump (a business president) was doing more damage to him and a little before he faces the verdict of the ballot box. A sought-after coincidence? A skillfully seized opportunity?

Because that’s what it’s all about. To hide the bundle, to get out of responsibility, to get impunity and, as if that were not enough, to increase their power.

There is no one who in economic, political and health terms has done worse than the leaders of the most technologically and scientifically advanced, most prosperous and free nations on the planet. Our new feudal lords are now called «politicians» instead of «aristocrats».

All the actions followed during his incompetent management, allowing himself to be led by the skillful and agile manipulations, concealment and disinformation of China, the cause of the epidemic, and the WHO, his necessary cooperator, to turn this disease of slight lethality into an apocalyptic pandemic to which it was only possible to react in the purest medieval style (confinement, social isolation, flat masks instead of those shaped like beaks, eugenic genocide on certain layers of the population, Dantesque scenes of overflowing hospitals and dead «abandoned» in residences, ice-skating tents …), all that performance, he said, has just been (is being) staged nowhere else but in Western and Westernized countries of Europe, America and Oceania.

That is the problem and the ultimate reason why in these countries the farce of a pandemic whose seriousness is only sustained by disinformation and propaganda continues, hiding the enlightening example of Sweden and tiptoeing through that of Spain, which is where freedom and fundamental rights have been cut back the most, where the economy has collapsed the most and, at the same time, where there have been the most deaths per inhabitant in the whole world, including the poorest and most backward countries.

Among the, until just a few months ago, unthinkable procedures to maintain a farce of this caliber, the largest undoubtedly in the whole History of Humanity for its disproportion between what it really is (lethality between 0.2 and 0.4%) and the damage caused, stands out one that is moving rivers of ink, of preventive persecution against dissidence and of hypotheses and theories of various kinds: vaccines.

Why this unnecessary and irresponsible speed to put a vaccine on the market that forces the whole population? A desperate speed that has absolutely no justification in the severity of the disease (remember, lethality between 0.2 and 0.4%), very few guarantees of effectiveness (less than the already very low of seasonal flu) and high risk of causing harmful side effects for not following the guidelines and times required by scientific standards, which is scandalously proven by the demand of the pharmaceutical companies that the authorities (politicians, of course) exempt them from any civil responsibility for possible damages to the population, an unusual demand that the EU has been quick to accept?

What is the benefit and for whom is this hasty vaccine, which is not very necessary from the health point of view and without the usual guarantees?

A hypothesis is becoming widespread in the face of the incomprehensibility of the matter. The conspiracy of the elites to control us (nanochips) and reduce the population (hidden harmful substances). It is logical that in the face of the absurdity of the matter, explanations of the same level are generated. As it is logical that the same ones that are behaving in such a precipitate and risky way lead to think to sensible and realistic people that in the background of this desperate hurry to achieve a vaccine for something that kills (if the health care is minimally efficient) more or less as the common flu hides the intention of carrying out a massive control and/or the traumatic reduction of the population. And as it is also logical that those who are promoting these vaccines, use the reaction of strangeness and suspicion of those who denounce their irresponsibility to turn it into a conspiracy with which to hide their conspiranogenic behavior.

The hypothesis A that vaccines obey a sinister plan of the elites who secretly rule the world to control and/or kill us is rare and extravagant. But no less rare and extravagant is the rush to put on the market vaccines that even their manufacturers do not trust, and which must be guaranteed legal impunity in order to put them on the market.

However, there is another explanation, a hypothesis B, much simpler, realistic and, also, sordid.

Western leaders, who are responsible for the worst health, political and economic management in the world, cannot now say, «It’s true. We let ourselves be fooled and we have ruined your lives, aggravating the health damage by the chaos and hysteria we have been dragged into stealing your freedom and your most basic rights». Because, if they were to recognize that or let that idea prosper in society, it would be necessary to carry out a purge of political, civil and criminal responsibilities of such a caliber that would take away not only the present generation of politicians but also the neo-feudal regime itself, based on social democracy (of the right and left), which so easily, as we are seeing, can degenerate into neo-communism or national socialism.

Solution for not being in evidence? «It was all true, the pandemic has been (and is) really so serious as to force us to do what we have done to you. But now we are going to fix everything with a vaccine. You will have to continue living in the new lowered levels of freedom and prosperity, in that new normality that the pandemic has imposed on us, but we will be able to get out of this economic spiral thanks to the vaccine.

There are no nanochips, no harmful substances to weaken and kill the surplus population. The only thing that exists is the urgent need for political leaders to hide their responsibility, to achieve impunity and, in the process, a society that accepts to be subdued and impoverished.

This is hypothesis B: Vaccines are intended solely to enable politicians to avoid their responsibilities for the most disastrous, incompetent and harmful management in the Western world since time immemorial. It is a question of coming out unscathed from the immense damage they have caused with their abysmal incompetence and, moreover, with more power.

With the vaccines, the social and political placebo effect is sought. To be able to dismantle the farce in a way that is consistent with the terms of the deception they have suffered and to avoid responsibility for the damage they have caused us. Absolutely nothing else.

It is a simple hypothesis, with known protagonists and common motifs. But it is the most realistic and, also, the most dangerous for the real power, which is not that of the shadow governments but of those who ask us for the blank check of our vote, impose laws, confinements and vaccines, those new feudal lords who control the information (the bible is still in Latin), They force us to work half of each year for them, they impose on us the only Truth revealed by the new doctors of the Church, now called «experts», and moreover, if everything goes well with the story of the vaccines, they are going to go away with a bang after having made us poorer and less free thanks to their tremendous, shameful and harmful management.

With the vaccine, everything will return to the old normality of 200 years ago, while the most lucid and sensible people try to explain this absurdity by entering sinister and hidden reasons of a power in the shadow that, like Satan and his invisible court, tries to manage the destiny of Humanity.

Pure and crawling medieval. Including the placebo vaccine with which the powerful with face and rally try to escape from their responsibility and, in the process, completely free, take us to that current Middle Ages we call «Third World».

But beware, because this hypothesis B does not necessarily exclude the A. We cannot rule out the possibility that «someone» will take advantage of the golden opportunity offered by our leaders, especially those in the West, to «drop» these placebo vaccines, at best harmless substances that would control the population or simply weaken its health. And this is not necessarily the case all over the world, but perhaps only in some regions of the planet which need not be the poorest or the most overpopulated, but simply those of the adversaries, competitors and/or enemies.

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