Old Normal

September 12th 2020

The operation to launder the responsibility of political managers for the greatest economic disaster, of rights and freedoms since World War II seeks to achieve an impunity only possible if a «normalization» is imposed, that is, a cushioning, if not suspension, of the control mechanisms and the capacity of dissidence of society-

Social isolation, control of information, imposition of the Truth, repression of dissent.

We do not need to repeat in detail the description of the processes of political impunity because they have been perfectly and profusely described for hundreds of years, especially since the consolidation of representative democracies in the advanced world. It is in this period of the flourishing of individual freedoms, of the universalization of information and knowledge, and of the spectacular advance of science and technology that descriptions and explanations of the totalitarian processes have proliferated more and more, often suddenly taking over society, even while formally maintaining democratic structures, to revert to advanced, free, critical nations formed in more or less covert dictatorships and with features, although less intense, eerily similar to those terrible examples (Nazi Germany, Soviet Union…) about which essays, prose, lyrics, paintings, plays, documentaries, films… and political speeches are about.

The «Operation Pandemic» that Chinese National Socialism has launched against the West to diminish its economic advantage has had as a collateral effect a totalitarianism that is proving even more harmful and that is sustained by, at least, those four characteristics that we have enunciated above and that are worth repeating so that they are always present in any analysis we make of what is happening and what is going to happen in the coming months or, perhaps, years:

  • Social isolation.
  • Control of information.
  • Imposition of the Truth.
  • Repression of dissent.

From the Swedish example, where hardly any damage has been done to rights and freedoms, with a slight impact on the economy and health damage in the range of diseases like the common flu, to the Spanish one (even worse the Argentine one), where the highest mortality per inhabitant of the planet is coupled with a brutal economic destruction and elimination of rights and freedoms, There is a wide range of cases in which this totalitarian process is taking place under conditions of social immunosuppression, that is, avoiding triggering the defensive mechanisms typical of free and not so free societies when they are taken to unbearable extremes.

The tactic of generating immunosuppression may seem complex because it affects many aspects of public and private life, but it is extraordinarily simple in its approach and application. In many cases (Spain, Argentina…) even blatant and grossly manifested. The old reality, that of totalitarianism and dictatorship which is included in its terms even when democratic formality is preserved, is presented as «new normality», preventing antibodies sensitive to liberticidal antigens from detecting the danger.

Is it as simple as that?

Yes, it is enough to control the media and mass communication and apply without dissimulation the guiding principle of propaganda and social engineering processes:

«A lie repeated a thousand times becomes a truth» (Joseph Göebbels)

And the truth built on a lie repeated a thousand times by a thousand different means, which constitutes the pillar on which this new totalitarianism is vertiginously built, is:

The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious killer.

Its proven lethality, after dispelling the mist of concealment and deception spread by China with the necessary cooperation of the WHO, and once the true and simple harmful mechanisms of the virus (essentially micro-coagulation in the pulmonary capillaries and a strong inflammatory process) and its adequate treatment (anticoagulants and anti-inflammatories) are discovered, is in a range of between 0.2 and 0.4%. This is in case the health system does not collapse due to a disastrous management induced and aggravated by the collective hysteria of the fear of the «seriously deadly» pandemic. In spite of this, the irrational discourse, largely medieval, constructed with this lie repeated a thousand times, is maintained.

The example of Sweden or China itself is useless, where without confinement (except for the province where the contagion started), nor vaccine, nor destroying their economy they have overcome the «terrible pandemic» in the same way and time that the common flu emerges and extinguishes every year. Neither are the ridiculous mortality rates from respiratory diseases associated with COVID-19 that have occurred in countries like Taiwan, South Korea or Japan, neighbors of the propagator China and where they have not taken other measures than the usual ones in the case of particularly harmful flu campaigns that usually occur from time to time. Like the 1968 outbreak known as the Hong Kong flu pandemic, where the first case was located, which killed one million people worldwide, or the 1957-58 Asian flu that killed two million people.

During the 1968 outbreak in Berlin they had to store the corpses in the subway tunnels, the London hospitals collapsed due to the arrival of sick people and approximately 20% of their nurses were infected. In the USA, 100,000 people died. Does all this ring a bell? And yet, in no country was the population confined (a measure completely discarded by science for over 200 years) or the economy collapsed or the rights and freedoms of citizens restricted. And most interestingly, the coronavirus that caused this exceptionally harmful flu, H3N2 continued to circulate worldwide (it still does today) without anyone considering imposing a «new normality to live with it (virus).

Why such a different answer when the facts are practically identical? What is the abysmal difference between 1968 and 2020? The answer is stark: By 2020 (right now), the political leaders of the world’s most advanced, free, educated, wealthy and sanitary countries have fallen into the crude trap of the offensive that China has designed to circumvent the damage that the tariff war is doing to its economy. A deception for presumptuous idiots (that is what our «leaders» have demonstrated) consisting of deceiving the world, with the help of the WHO, by means of an amplified alarm (after the initial calculated concealment) through the unimaginable health disaster of countries like Italy or Spain. A Hong Kong flu (1968) for third level political leaders compared to those of 50 years ago.

Our political managers, extremely dependent on public opinion, skillfully managed by those who control the big media (let’s reflect on who they are) to create a collective hysteria, overreacted by sinking the economy by paralyzing activity with measures that restrict fundamental rights and freedoms. Soon after, when the true seriousness of the pandemic was discovered, the entire strategy of these political leaders focused on hiding their responsibility.

The disastrous economic effects of COVID-19 are the true exceptional and apocalyptic damage. An absolutely avoidable damage caused by the ineptitude of the rulers who allowed themselves to be deceived into imposing on their free and advanced countries totalitarian (and medieval) measures that they are now forced to maintain in order to hide their responsibility for what happened.

Operation Pandemic, executed with resounding success by China with the invaluable collaboration of the WHO, has highlighted the very low level of most political cadres of all colors and responsibilities (government and opposition) in Western developed and developing nations, as well as the vulnerability and ineffectiveness of the state machinery. Something we citizens should reflect on: To what extent does the protective welfare state for which we work six months of every year fulfill its function when things get a little ugly? And, if so, why pay?

There is an extraordinary opportunity on the table to force a change that will lead us to greater freedom and prosperity… where politicians like the current ones would have no place. That is the key to continuing the charade and maintaining the totalitarian uses imposed in its shadow.

We have already spoken in a previous article that the desperate search for a vaccine only makes sense as a formula to stop economic destruction without breaking the script under which they dodge their responsibility: The thousand-times repeated lie of the extreme seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the vaccine is not sufficient by itself to reverse the situation without paying the consequences of their mistakes, nor would it be effective as a social placebo without the aid of a totalitarianism sustained over time as a «new normality».

A pandemic of collectivist totalitarianism has spread, especially in the western nations of Europe, the two Americas and Oceania, which will gradually consolidate dictatorial practices introduced into legal formality without any major defensive reactions from liberationism. A political pandemic whose survival strategy is very similar to another coronavirus, HIV, insofar as, like this one, it maintains a low response from the social immune system through the Göbelian truth of the lie repeated a thousand times.

Scenes of arrests of dissident citizens, clothed in a total lack of proportionality and respect for rights and freedoms that only a few months ago we could only see, shaken by a shock, in some science fiction film in which, for example, Australia, Spain or Argentina had been invaded by an international socialist (communist) or national socialist regime, are now being repeated in those and other countries without the social and political upheaval that we would all expect if this had happened a few months ago. Or perhaps not? Perhaps the societies of the former free world had already been subliminally converted to submission and this political pandemic has only set in motion the program of a social engineering that has gone unnoticed for years, perhaps decades?

Be that as it may, we are already in the old normality of totalitarianism disguised as a new normality with which to avoid the defensive reaction that, in the event of the farce being unmasked and the responsibility of our leaders being discovered, would lead to a political change in the opposite direction: towards a greater deepening of rights and freedoms embodied in a greater democracy in which the power of political representatives would be reduced to that of mere managers of the decisions taken by citizens directly and continuously. Switzerland plus Switzerland.

Among the totalitarian mechanisms we must highlight a special and shamefully visible one in countries like Spain or Argentina: The role of society itself in the imposition of totalitarianism through a collaborationism that involves not only poorly trained and easily fanaticized popular sectors, but also others that are highly qualified.

Part of this social extension of totalitarian machinery is popular lynching (the use of a mass of fanaticized population to repress dissent), control of the media, the annulment of political opposition and professional terror. This last one is especially relevant because it assumes that those sectors of the population that are more educated and influential and on which the bulk of democratic control in free nations rests are coerced/bribed, when not voluntarily recruited to establish and maintain the totalitarian state: doctors and nurses, civil servants, journalists, economists…

As in the case of other phenomena of social engineering based on the principles of totalitarianism mentioned above (climate change, conservationist ecology, indiscriminate multiculturalism…), a terrible pressure has been unleashed against heterodoxy in relation to the established truth, which differs only slightly in fashionable details from that which occurred, for example, in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. There are many Galileans forced to hide their opinion in order not to be defenestrated professionally and even personally by their own guild erected in the Church. Perhaps also some Giordano Bruno, whose execution has been carried out with the most absolute discretion, covered by the mantle of one of the contemporary clichés used against dissidence: conspiracy, negationism, and a whole sort of «isms» easily thrown away and, in many cases, cruelly harmful.

The farce of the seriousness of the COVID-19 disease will be maintained because it has an exceptional political profitability, with a minimum cost and an effectiveness for the control of the citizens turned either into a popular mass or into dangerous and crazy dissidents who, very much to their regret, are used to maintain the farce of the people, whose essence is fear. A diffuse, crudely propagandistic, suffocatingly repetitive and omnipresent fear, sustained in the last instance by the omniscient infallibility of the new Church, in the popular justice of the people, police and judge, in the lynching of the dissidents/hostiles. The public opinion of free societies that previously controlled the powerful now serves them as a mechanism to limit freedom.

Under these conditions, the critical response will be merely anecdotal, confined to the semi-clandestinity of the online catacombs, despised, ridiculed and, also, exemplarily punished. An immense minority, completely neutralized by the immense majority of the population that moves by the atavistic inertia of the day by day, that contemplates power as something unreachable and, therefore, untouchable, unquestionable, outside the little immediate life of which, however, the town crier that tells the Truth from the TV pulpit is a part. The same vision and attitude of the uninformed medieval servant, isolated, anchored, immobilized in his village. He will return, he is already doing it almost unnoticed, that abyss between the people and the powerful, between the individual and the public, between personal opinion and the established truth, between the simple villagers and the new doctors (of the Church) who have returned with the name of «experts».


That is the key word in the event that the dazzling totalitarian process unleashed in the freest countries by the impact of the geostrategic use of a not particularly serious disease finally triumphs. The normality of bad times accepted as the only way to live without shocks or problems in what, without the intervention of political leaders, should remain good times. A «new» normality that we can define with a name that expresses without euphemisms what finally wants to impose those elite collectivists to all, minority and majority, those who until now lived in the freest and most prosperous countries on the planet:


The most remarkable thing about what is happening is that nothing remarkable will happen. Third worldization means accepting the new economic reality, impoverishment, as something «natural», where this term responds to purely medieval connotations proper to a representation of the world and events as something completely disconnected from the human will, unreachable for our poor individual or collective forces and therefore exempting those who decide, but also for the people to take responsibility for their own destiny. There will be a general acceptance of this impoverishment, which will be used to accelerate the great projects of social engineering that can only be sustained by the worsening of the living conditions of the bulk of the population, of their purchasing power and, finally, together with the loss of rights and freedoms, the collapse of their quality of life. The Göbelian farces of climate change, sustainable economy… the reduction of social inequalities will return. And it is there, in these distorted, falsified truths, diverted from their noble ends, where a substantial element is inserted in this historical moment of political, human and economic regression:

Racial-immigration processes.

Third worldization, or return to the conditions of poverty and subjugation of the most backward societies and epochs disguised, as then, as a grand ideological paraphernalia of salvation, is sustained by three pillars:

  • Social justice: A concept based on the axiom of the irresponsibility that the poor have about their own destiny, yet their freedom must be safeguarded by transferring responsibility for it to others. Irresponsible but free. Or freedom without responsibility.
  • The covert racism of anti-racism (against the white-western-free race) characterized, as in the times of the Roman Empire, by a shameful contradiction: at the same time that it is hated and denigrated, everyone wants to live in the world of the white-western-free (in Rome), to enjoy the fruits of a culture (not of a race) that, as has been demonized, must be replaced by those that have created and sustain the third world conditions in the countries of origin of emigration. It is for this reason that the debate flees from the concept of «cultural race», which is the one that divides collectivists from liberacists no matter the color of their skin or any other personal circumstance.
  • Overpopulation. The great hidden engine that feeds this social, political, cultural and economic regression that will end up infecting everyone, including those who right now encourage it thinking that they (and their countries) will be respected and enjoy the new privileges. It is a lie: we are not looking for a reduction of the population, since the whole system is based, since the origin of the Neolithic in which we still are, on a population bubble.

Do these dark, business and financial elites (all of them from the white-western-free world, curiously none of the great Russian, Chinese, Arabian potentates…), invented secularly by the same interests that promote totalitarianism, want to reduce the population from which they live in cattle ranches, converted into human herds, so that it is possible, with today’s resources and technology, for all of Humanity to live in a dignified way with a quality of life similar to that of the upper-middle classes of the West? Can anyone really believe that? Because, if it is so, if those elites intend to achieve a control of the growth and a gradual reduction of the population in a non-traumatic way, until reaching demographic densities environmentally sustainable and compatible with a decent and happy life for all humans, who can disagree with that altruistic aspiration but collectivists looking for a global farm? The problem is that all these elites, the business-financial ones of the free world and also those of the non-free world, plus the politicians who have transformed democratic representation into power and privilege, do not have the slightest interest in applying «responsible parenthood», to put it in terms of the failed Vatican II, so that only those humans come into the world for whom in our present circumstances we can guarantee a dignified and happy life.

This is the new normal. An old normality of thousands of years sustained by the conversion of humans into a virtual species with no capacity for criticism, dissidence or rebellion and, therefore, no real loyalty either. This is what is happening before our eyes. At least, before the eyes of those of us who preserve something of that better humanity to which we all say we aspire: dissidence and loyalty.

This is what is going to happen, precisely because it is already happening: Nothing. The nothingness of the herd. The silence of the lambs only altered by some controlled stampede with which the shepherds/predators take us to where they are interested. Impunity. That’s what defines the relationship between the herdsman and his livestock. That’s been the «new normal» for at least 15,000 years.

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