October 31st 2020

The President of the United States is, as in his time the Emperor of Rome, the most powerful person in the world. He governs the first economic, technological and military power on Earth. But the President of the United States cannot dispose of this wealth and power at will, because he depends on a complex system of political control in which public opinion stands out, easily shaped by the great audio-visual media. The «most powerful man on Earth» cannot do what he wants with public wealth, much less with private wealth. Neither can any other leader of a democratic nation.

Is there anyone who can do what is forbidden to the President of the United States?

The entire Chinese economic powerhouse, including that of its large companies, is controlled by one man: Xi Jinping. Exactly the same as, in his time, Hitler or Stalin. Exactly the same as, now, Fidel Castro II, Kim Jon-un and… no one else.

Xi Jinping directly controls the greatest economic power in the world and, within a few months, if a miracle does not occur, also the greatest political, technological and military power.

The ten richest men on the planet must agree on a plan and execute it. Xi Jinping does not have to agree with anyone. He only needs to transmit his orders so that the whole of China’s public and private economy, its huge budget and its large corporations, are put into action. A political-economic corporation led by a single Board of Directors, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which wields economic power thousands of times greater than that of the 10, 20 or 50 richest men on Earth.

This is what it means to be Elite.

The elite who have designed and implemented Operation Pandemic, through which they are defeating without even appearing as an enemy, the free world, the former Allies who believed they had conjured up the totalitarian danger with the defeat of German National Socialism.

A military coup of social engineering with two priority objectives that, now at last, are perfectly clear: To destroy the economy and the regime of freedoms of the Western world in order, after the eventual electoral defeat of Trumpism, to impose a hegemonic global power: The New World Order.

The battle of November 3rd is decisive. But, even if the free world wins that battle, we would only be the beginning of a war that, in spite of the new Neville Chamberlain, must be fought because, if not, you have already lost it. And in a matter of very little time. Maybe months. In fact, China is consolidating, without anyone doing anything to prevent it, two decisive bridgeheads for the occupation of Europe and Latin America.

Argentina is fundamental to maintain a rearguard from which to broadcast propaganda and mimetic effect and to serve as a base of operations for the various revolutionary commands of the rest of the Latin American countries. The dictatorship of the «new normality» of collectivism is not only being successfully tested, but it is being configured as the totalitarian model to be exported, once Castroism and Bolivarianism have failed. If it loses Trump, China will find the terrain completely unprotected by an American administration, first immersed in a policy of appeasement and, very soon after, collaborating with the new ideology, whose friendly geostrategic image is that of tutelary multilateralism (by Beijing) and the propagandistic «solidarity-progressive-sustainable» construct. And, if Trump wins, he will find himself with a «Latin Front» controlled by China that will isolate all the Latin American countries as its commercial preserve from which, moreover, it will launch constant attacks of social conflict and migratory waves into the liberacist heart of the United States.

Spain is the weakest link in an EU, itself weakened for decades by communism at 50 percent, social democracy on the left and right. A Europe that is suffering a democratic involution unthinkable only eight months ago. But Spain is, also, the main destabilizing factor for the free world as a whole because from that bridgehead already practically consolidated, the New Collectivist Axis is going to destabilize definitively the, until now, second economic power of the planet and the main ally of the United States. An EU whose political, economic and military structure had been designed for a completely different scenario to the current one and which, given its low capacity to act in an agile and coordinated manner, finds itself immersed in a paralysis due to confusion in which the different countries and political and business interest groups are completely absorbed in trying to elucidate something that should be very clear to them: what is in their interest.

It’s true. The American elections and their aftermath are the most decisive geostrategic event in a short time that, now, is much shorter than we have ever seen before. But Spain is, as it happened in the middle of the last century, the best omen and, at the same time, the spark that will start «the events».

Everything that is happening is extranormal (see «The Shadow of the Bat» in this same blog), dizzying, chaotic, unpredictable. But the current Spanish situation and its foreseeable evolution over the next 12 months is, however, completely clear.

A skeptical people, who have internalized the futility and danger of facing power, whose submissive instinct has been perfected throughout the Franco dictatorship by a completely new fact in our history: The greatest and fastest economic development after the discovery of America, which has had, unlike that one, a distribution of wealth decisive to create a middle class on which a true and advanced democracy could have been built, which, however, was not achieved because the cacique, deeply mafia-like substratum that vertebrates Spanish society is still there, intact. The political-business gangs of the dictatorship, both of the regime itself and of the opposition, survived and found themselves faced with the irresistible temptation offered by a Spanish people submissive to a degree that now astonishes the world.

The ability to meekly accept the loss of freedom and prosperity of the Spanish people begins to be studied in the universities of the free world and in the headquarters of the collectivist world.

This background explains why, at the beginning of the 21st century, a dictatorship is being established within the EU with unusual ease and speed. But the concrete facts on which this, for the moment, unimportant history of the establishment of a new regime is built must be sought in the palatial intrigues and struggles of the political bands that have inherited the sociological fruits of Francoism. The sequence is as simple as it is evident as soon as you move away from the hubbub of the altercation at the door of whorehouse, which is right now the low and mediocre Spanish politics.

The Chinese offensive of Operation Pandemic came to shore up the power of a popular-front government that was facing its immediate future with the perspective of an economic crisis derived from its incapacity which, together with the parliamentary weakness on which its government is based, did not augur a long journey or a good prognosis in the case of early elections. Suddenly, the economic consequences of the pandemic concealed that incapacity for management and the ruin ceased to be the responsibility of progressive managers to become the bitter and inevitable fruit of a natural calamity which, if it were amplified propagandistically, would allow the revolutionary dream which guides the Spanish collectivist government as its only political, social and economic strategy to become a reality: a Popular Federal Republic, with the Catalan and Basque countries (including Navarre) as politically independent states, but associated economically so as not to lose the Hispanic commercial preserve.

Once they realized what an exceptional political opportunity it was to have a people completely educated in submission and with an alibi, Operation Pandemic, under which they would impose the dictatorship of the people, focused on the objective of sinking the economy as quickly and deeply as possible in order to establish the substrate of misery on which to consolidate the collectivist totalitarianism of the «new normality. An objective that counted, in addition to the submissive psychosocial nature of the Spaniards, with a collaboration of the media unparalleled in the free world and that is being decisive, even more so than it was during the Franco dictatorship, to create a fictitious reality in which to isolate public opinion from dissident voices and foreign information, as well as to neutralize political opposition, so that right now only international pressure remains as an uncontrollable element. Exactly the same as happened during the Franco regime, but with a decisive difference. The Spanish dictatorial regime (six months without parliamentary control of the government) is now protected by its formally democratic character and by its membership in a political and economic organization, the EU, completely incapable, in the present circumstances, of reversing the totalitarian process.

Neutralizing the main opposition party has been as simple as threatening its former leaders with a criminal case, the «Kitchen», which would take them to a judicial and media hell from which they could not escape by going into a golden exile in some Asian luxury hotel, so that, supported by the weakness of the current leadership, the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, would unconditionally surrender in the already historic motion of censure against the government. A surrender that attempts to dress up responsibility and «sense of state» to respond to the non-existent ultimatum that the EU should have launched in favor of a Große Koalition between the two big parties of the right and left or, at least, of a political consensus on the big issues capable of cooling down neo-communist radicalism and avoiding chaos.

All lies from everyone. The only strategy of the Popular Front, of the tamed opposition and of the EU is to take advantage, each in its own interest, of the unlimited capacity of the Spanish people to endure the dictatorship and the misery towards which we are heading in a vertiginous way.

No one has any real intention of frustrating the totalitarian process in which Spain is immersed. But, just in case, the neo-communism led by Podemos puts in place two strategies secretly agreed upon with the most leftist sector of the PSOE: One, to continue in government by adapting the rhythm and forms to the events. The other, in the event that they are evicted from power or the revolutionary process sees its historic opportunity frustrated, to precipitate chaos.

People from the left environment have infiltrated some of the opposition groups that try to organize themselves in a «heroically reckless» way in order to sabotage, discredit or parasitize eventual movements similar to 15M, at the same time that they set up their street brigades to carry out violent acts with false flags, to intimidate the anti-government demonstrators and, in the event that the revolutionary plans were frustrated, to create a situation of social conflict that would lead to a situation of political and economic chaos on such a scale that any attempt to help our community partners would be impossible.

In any case, everything points to the fact that we are heading towards the establishment of a collectivist dictatorship implanted in a traumatic way or after a transitory regime sustained by the new normality of the old blackmail on which the endless transition to democracy was built: either this or a new civil war.

The socialist party, because of its more radical faction, is trying to gain time so that the transition to the People’s Federal Republic will be smooth enough so as not to wake up the Spanish people from their ancestral dream, refined and accentuated by the unprecedented economic success of Franco’s regime, and not to precipitate a drastic intervention by our European partners who are disconcerted and helplessly suffering the effects of the second wave of Operation Pandemic, The more medieval and totalitarian the responses that countries give to the false serious disease, the more destructive it is (there is Sweden, with only 15 deaths from COVID in the last week compared to 1389 in Spain).

The EU, for its part, will maintain for more or less time, and that is the only unknown, the purchase of debt as a way to also gain time, if necessary, to consolidate an economic recovery from which to address with guarantees the decision that has already been taken: That Spain leaves the EU. The deadlines, given the unpredictability of events, are not yet defined. But the scenario we are heading for is.

Spain will become part, Pyrenees by, of the African protectorate, relieved of this humiliating situation by the honor of granting us a preferential trade agreement, in the most probable case that the revolutionary project of the popular front is consolidated. A status that, already outside the Union, and remaining with its Euro reasonably safe from the revolutionary vicissitudes of Spain, could be revised at any moment for the worse.

If the Big Coalition were to prosper, there would be a «hard rescue» to subject the Spanish people to a prolonged, iron-clad guardianship by Brussels until we were sufficiently disciplined or no longer a constant danger to the stability of the EU. Of course, the plans of the government of the popular front, if the most prudent ones are imposed, go through pretending this political consensus in order to achieve the maximum community aid with the softest conditions until the totalitarian mechanisms are consolidated enough to allow an increase in the blackmail of «we are too big to be dropped», to which Brussels would respond with «but not to let you go».

In any case, we must prepare ourselves for a life like our great-grandparents. A poverty with a modern aspect. The secular Hispanic normality of pleading and plugging, submission and despair only relieved by the horizon of a new world. All lived without any drama, because we are used to it. We carry it in the blood of hundreds of generations.

We are now back to our History of subjugation and poverty in which nothing ever happens and, if it does, it doesn’t matter. Those who suffer and those who don’t, live in fear that their fate will suddenly end, with total normality. Yes, there are already hunger queues. So what? Our towns and cities have been converted into ghettos, with curfews and police watching over the roads and trains so that no one escapes without a safe conduct, going through the streets to check that everyone is wearing his gag and reminding the population with loudspeakers that they must obey orders for the good of all, to fight against the pandemic, not to be sanctioned and repudiated by the new society, that old repressive mass. Nothing happens. The psychological normalization of the dark has done its work. The omen has been fulfilled even before formulating it.

And the rest? That which we call World?

Everything depends, and no one can imagine to what extent, on what happens in the U.S. presidential elections. What comes next is already written in the headquarters by some superpower that we do not know and that really governs this world-farm where practically nothing of what happens can be explained by the things of this world.

Just to say, for urgent warning to sailors, that if China wins the American elections, it will not need to compromise with Germany or Japan, but will directly sink the industry of these two countries. The great magnates of the Western multinationals will discover that they have been relocated from the communist paradise and that the dream of that potential Chinese market with which they were cheated is enjoyed… by the Chinese.

If the free world wins, Trump, the true most powerful man on Earth, Xi Jinping, will play his cards: The low-ranking, long-term American civil war and the confrontation between the industrial powers of the East and the West to whom he will offer the broken toy of his domestic market if they decide to support multilateralism, that state of affairs where each one goes his own way and the biggest fish, China, eats the rest slowly, without raising any alarm, without anyone noticing that the global elite is the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which directly and unrestrainedly manages the one that is the greatest economic power just because the others have theirs scattered in multiple interests dependent on «public opinion,» which is the system of government that has replaced, without our realizing it, democracy.

Or break all the omens in the same way that the great Alexander untied the Gordian knot. Using his power from a slash that is as sure and as bright as the light from the stars. Like the divine breath that animates our life and throws us to the beaches of freedom, those of Normandy, to play the last card: Har Megiddo.

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