The shadow of the bat

June 8th 2020

«Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic» (Arthur C. Clarke)

In an entirely unexpected way and in few days the world has seen itself before a convulsion whose transcendence is not yet glimpsed in all its magnitude. Depending on how the actors on both sides of the line demarcate with relative clarity those most harmed by the events, the US and the «Western» countries, especially Europe, and those less harmed, China, its economic environment (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore…) and its ideological and strategic allies (Russia, North Korea, Iran…), we will witness a new geostrategic reordering and, eventually, a new social and political order.

If China manages to impose its plan, it will suddenly become the winner of a contest that began with the arrival of Donald Trump as President of the United States, accustomed to the business and economic struggle, which are the terms on which, since 1978, the Chinese neo-communist dictatorship has based its competition for world leadership. Because, and we should not forget, the trade restrictions imposed by the USA through the so-called war of tariffs, even if not of great magnitude, have caused China much more economic damage than it has transcended. The unmistakable proof of this is the aggressiveness of the Chinese counterattack to weaken the economy of the Western world and, especially, to get some politician to return to the conventional geostrategic approach that has been so favorable to the interests of the Asian power in November.

The economic destruction and the social and political weakening of the Western world caused by the spread of SARS-CoV-2, a virus without any doubt retouched in the laboratory and with a harmful potential that does not reside mainly in the coronavirus itself but in the capacity of its propagation formula, also artificially retouched in a geostrategic laboratory to induce a social immune response in certain countries, and which entails serious side effects from the economic, social and political point of view, is sufficiently well known.

The economic destruction and impact on freedoms caused to certain advanced countries has been inexplicably disproportionate to the objective severity of the pandemic1 and, even more so, to the health capacity of those countries. But there are some aspects that are going unnoticed and that are of very special importance.

The first is the speed with which events are occurring that affect almost the entire planet and involve extraordinarily profound changes in only one direction: that of greater collectivization based on poverty and limited freedoms.

The second, and by no means anecdotal, is the selectivity with which the pandemic has affected the different countries and the consequent destruction of their economies. It is amazing that, except for Hubei Province, China, which was in the midst of the largest human migration on the planet on New Year’s Day, it has had ridiculous rates of infection and death in relation to its population. But the fact is that the democratic nations that are fully integrated into the Western economic world but from China’s geographical surroundings, such as Japan, Taiwan or South Korea, have hardly suffered from the pandemic and its economic consequences. Neither has North Korea or Russia. While those who have felt the effects of the COVID-19 at all levels are, coincidentally, the most advanced democratic countries outside of China’s geographic/economic environment and ideological orbit.

The third is the induced response that these countries most affected by the pandemic have reproduced and which has in turn caused greater economic destruction. The image of the suddenly excessive response in relation to the reassuring discourse that the Chinese authorities were initially giving, the medieval confinement of the province of Hubei (and only of that province), has served as a pattern of behavior for all Western countries, except Sweden.

The fourth is the exponential development of events that is characteristic of a «butterfly wing» effect. Everything has happened, the pandemic itself and the political, social and economic consequences, at an increasingly rapid pace due to a series of forces, coincidences or coincidences that cast a deep and huge shadow on events.

The fifth, the confluence of very diverse actors who have synchronized perfectly to support the objectives of the offensive: to destabilize the free countries, especially the EU and the US, through a democratic shock of suspension of freedoms and economic blockade. From the WHO to business conglomerates of various kinds, especially in the media, as well as political groups of «progressive» tendency have joined forces in the same direction contrary to the interest of freedom and their own countries.

And the sixth is the incredible process of medievalization of the freest and most advanced societies on the planet… with democratic political systems and a white ethnic majority.

The massive loss of jobs and the black economic expectations that have been projected from almost all public and private instances have not triggered social conflict with the speed and intensity that was expected. That is why such conflict has been provoked by the amplification of a minor incident in a field other than the economic one. A direct offensive to the heart of the United States through the dizzying spread of social upheavals of extraordinary violence that has taken the US authorities by surprise, just as the pandemic did, and that extends to other countries that meet three key requirements: representative liberal democracies with a free market economic regime and a majority white race.

A social pandemic has been suddenly unleashed with the same strange elements as the biological one: the speed of propagation with an exponential growth curve, which selectively affects certain countries (free-market democracies and the white race), a response induced with a «butterfly wing» effect from initial reactions of extraordinary violence undoubtedly promoted and publicized by the confluence of the same agents participating in the offensive against freedoms and the economy through the medieval response to the COVID-19 and the markedly national socialist character of the revolts around (anti)white supremacism.

The aim of this offensive, which has the virtue of exposing the only large-scale racist movement of the day, promoted by the collectivist bloc, is to prevent Trump’s re-election. In addition, not only the promoting power, China, but also its usual and accidental allies, among which the US political aristocracy of both big parties stands out, as well as leaders of allied countries, some in a discreet way, as is the case with the leading nucleus of the EU, others in a shameless way, like the Prime Minister of Canada, kneeling in the middle of a circle of bodyguards, as a feudal lord, throwing out the message that «the whites (of the US, of course) are guilty». Or is it something else that he pretends? Faithful exponent of (anti)white supremacism plays cheerfully and recklessly with the fire that all racism potentially harbours: that a good part of whites decide to comply with the script assigned to them and exercise true racial supremacy justified by the persecution against them encouraged by all the ramifications of collectivism.

Neo-communism is not interested in the contest being posed in real terms between the two only races (cultural): the liberacists and the collectivists. but in the terms of a false racial (biological) conflict.

But there is an even stranger element: the fact that all those inexplicable phenomena in themselves have occurred and succeeded in such a perfect way. Even in the most emblematic and masterful battles of all times, it never happened that every step of the strategy was successful and, moreover, coordinated and succeeded each other in an absolutely precise way5. There is here, in the biological pandemic with its liberticidal and impoverishing sequels and in the racial pandemic of (anti)white supremacism with its specifically electoral sequel in the United States, a mastery and an accumulation of «luck» that surpasses all reason. There is something too strange to hold on to conventional approaches. Something that not only forces us to be audacious in analyzing what is happening but to go beyond the «normal» in order to explain the scandalously abnormal. The opposite would imply not wanting to see the signs that warn us of the enemy’s revolutionary technological advantage.

Something revolutionary, out of the ordinary, bordering on when not entering fully into science fiction is changing the world’s balance of power and causing a reversal of freedoms and prosperity unparalleled in times of peace. Anyone who refuses to see it is either absolutely incapable of perspective or affected by a simplistic realism incapable of leaping over the wall of the possible. Only by opening the range of possibilities can we find new perspectives that shed some light on the historical moment we are living and discover what is hidden under the shadow of the bat. These are the alternatives:

Chance. Simply put, all or most of what has happened is explained as a matter of chance, in which a series of coincidences have been added in the right order and with the maximum possible effectiveness until the current result is reached. Luck has smiled on China not in one event but in a whole chain of events and, therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything or do anything except wait for luck to change sides. This would be the medieval approach updated with a secular nuance that makes the explanation reside in statistics (chance) as it was previously attributed to God (Providence). Well, it does not explain anything but simply says it has happened this way because it has happened this way. But is it possible that so many coinciding coincidences in the direction of a result that benefits the whole of it? When it has happened, it is because it is possible.

Perfect execution. Another «non-fantasy» explanation is that China and its cooperators have handled events perfectly, executing a plan of extraordinary finesse with unparalleled precision. This would mean that China is the great power of all time, with a capacity far beyond that of any other rival. But is such a sudden superiority over the rest of the countries, including the United States, developed really possible? Doesn’t this supervening and exceptional efficiency suppose a mystery equal to or greater than the one it tries to explain, the complete and dazzling success of the collectivist offensive?

New secret technologies: Here we enter a slippery slope for the defenders of simplistic realism. Because we are on our new radar, but with even greater significance. Is it possible that China has made a spectacular technological breakthrough? For example, in quantum computing and multi-propagation mechanisms? The butterfly effect and its exponential development would be controlled by state-of-the-art physical mechanisms (actually, several generations in the future) capable of taking advantage of quantum phenomena such as the interlacing or «materialization» of small events that generate exponential changes in a given direction.

Old secret technologies: It could also be, why not, that China had managed to master the parapsychological functions that we humans possess and that were previously included in the generic and often misleading category of «magic». We cannot rule out that possibility, regardless of what we think the nature of those paranormal faculties might be. From that point of view, it would be possible that they had discovered the exact nature and the laws and forces that govern it to such an extent that they could perform a kind of scientific or technological «voodoo» that would perfectly fit the sequence of events. Among the diverse alternatives to explain these paranormal phenomena, there is one that links to a current of thought that has seduced numerous scientists, especially in the field of theoretical physics.

The Simulated Universe. It is possible that our world has an algorithmic nature and that magic is actually a way of accessing, like a hacker, the computer program by creating viruses that with minimal intervention generate large changes in the events that the program controls. It would be a simple and elegant answer not only to the enigma of magic and parapsychological functions, but to an infinite number of physical and existential questions. But the important thing in what we are now dealing with is that, if we live in a world simulated by or in a computer, once we have found the way to access its software, we would possess immense power without the need to carry out actions of great magnitude and cost that, in addition, would leave a trace that is too evident. Could China have found that access to the programming of the computer in which our existence is developed?

Transhumanist theory comes to say, in simplified terms, that the simulation in which we live has been created by real-world humans who are at a more advanced stage of technological evolution than we are. That would be a good reason why we have been created in the image and likeness of real world humans. And why the different «extraterrestrials» that populate our technological mythology and, perhaps, reality, have humanoid forms, as if they were variants caused by the different historical evolution in different simulation games. Other virtual worlds linked in the same supercomputer or computer network, as parallel universes to which one can travel if one has a powerful enough algorithmic technology. This being the case, nothing would prevent other civilizations from parallel worlds not only from traveling to ours but also from being able to control our lives and historical events with total efficiency and, moreover, going completely unnoticed.

Perhaps some of these civilizations have an «economic» interest in our planet and in ourselves as a species of humanoid livestock. And, in that case, the most reasonable thing is to think that that civilization, just as we would do in its case, is trying to impose on us the most profitable way of life for its interests, which would not be very different from the neo-communist model that fits perfectly with the functioning of the intensive global farm to which this new confined normality, of restricted freedom and increased population that it is trying to impose, conforms. A new neo-communist world order of intensive farming in which individual freedom and the reduction of the population to demographic densities compatible with a high quality of life would be of least interest to ex-farmers. But also to the local managers, for whom the important thing is to increase the human herd to the maximum, confining it in structures of controlled mass and conditions of mere subsistence without caring about the quality of life of the people turned into chickens.

That is the real racial divide: those who want us to be humane by enjoying all that today’s technology can offer in conditions of demographic sustainability and those who want us to be farm animals sustained in conditions of maximum poverty and crowded into an immense global livestock structure that is more profitable the more humane it is and the lower the cost of its maintenance. Liberacists versus Collectivists.

Can we rule out this possibility? Of course we can. But we should not let ourselves be carried away by what those ex-farmers and their local managers are interested in: that we continue to believe in coincidences of impossible probability, in perfection for planning and executing social changes of planetary scope in exponentially accelerated time, in technological advances of science fiction achieved secretly and exclusively by a country that barely forty years ago was living in underdevelopment, or that this same country has succeeded where the USSR or the USA failed: to dominate the faculties and paranormal phenomena.

The shadow of the bat prevents us from seeing everything that is unexplainable from realistic approaches that is happening live and in front of our noses. That is why we will obstinately and clumsily try to disguise the facts until we adjust them to the «anodyne normality» in which the experts feel so comfortable that they never predict anything, and then give an explanation described in everyday terms linked to each other in a completely implausible way that we will cling to in order to keep intact the wall of impossibility with which we delimit the reality of fantasy. That same wall that kept the Earth at the center of the Universe and whose attempt to jump it to escape to the West led Giordano Bruno to the bonfire after affirming, a little over four hundred years ago, that there were planets with intelligent life throughout the Universe.

Nothing that happens is normal. So do not seek to understand it in normality. Don’t burn your Giordano Bruno. Jump over the wall and escape from the shadow of the bat.

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