Apocalypse now

October 23th 2020

«I saw another beast coming up out of the earth. He had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke like a dragon.» (Apocalypse 13,11)

I fell into a dream, while with my eyes open I contemplated a foggy horizon that had suddenly appeared before me as if from nowhere. And I saw things that cannot be told for fear that, by doing so, they will be fulfilled.

Trump lost and everyone ran to congratulate the winner. Beijing was filled with leaders, businessmen and subordinates eager to join the new multilateral axis led by the world’s leading economic power. The new normality began immediately to be implanted in the former free Western countries with a white majority, while those of yellow origin, neighbors of the triumphant Fourth Reich, were negotiating a semi-independent coexistence, reserving for themselves levels of freedom for their citizens that, from that moment on, would be unthinkable for those who just months ago were championing freedom and prosperity from Europe and the European overseas countries.

A new wave of pandemic, less lethal but more contagious and effective in the media, served as a reason to definitively implement the state of emergency, first in the countries that had served as a bridgehead to the biological-media invasion of the eastern Wehrmacht and, very soon after, in the rest of the former free world.

The people of Lynch took over the streets, the schools, the factories, the churches… and all those marked with the new Star of David and those who did not manifest sufficient affirmative fervor, were viciously persecuted, insulted, vexed, expelled from their jobs and separated from society like lepers transmitting a voluntary and guilty Ebola.

No one dared stand in front of the Tiananmen tanks of the divisions that China had been secretly investing in since the establishment of the new Han Empire on December 18, 1978, when the first emperor, Deng Xiaoping and his new National Socialist party, Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, took power: a media army led and financed by the business dreams of the great Western entrepreneurs who sought a place in the impending Chinese consumer paradise. All leaders prostrated themselves before the Han media army proclaiming with great boasts their loyalty to the principles of the new normality and swearing to implement it without any concession to the white devils, liberacists and deniers, who opposed the new order of the old tradition of human breeding modernized with new technologies capable of achieving levels of overcrowding and totalitarian profitability unparalleled in the History of Humanity.

That was before the end of the accursed year of 2020. With the New Year came the concentration camps, and the mark of the beast «that speaks like a dragon» was imprinted under the skin of all humans, to distinguish the good from the bad and subject them to social, economic, health, labor, and educational exclusion…

Spring began and the experts released the numbers of the pandemic. One third «had died or would die», that was the enigmatic sentence of the oracle, if urgent and drastic measures were not taken to protect Humanity, now unified under the discreet but omnipresent power of the distant Empire. A reordering of public and private debt released many from their insolvency in exchange for all of us surrendering our right of property to be managed by the rulers. And whoever did not agree would be first removed from society and then locked up to protect it. All of which was consummated before the summer.

Social money was introduced, which rewarded people not for the fruits of their effort and talent but for their virtue and political, moral and personal adherence to the principles of the new normality, being punctuated by the rest of the citizens, a «popular public opinion» interpreted and manifested by the power that replaced free competition. The parents lost the guardianship of their children, direct physical contact between people, face-to-face meetings and trips outside the neighborhoods (neighborhoods in big cities and small towns) were limited to the minimum necessary. The hours when public space could be occupied, the capacity of the space and the means and ways to move around in it. Police, military and health controls were implemented to check the subcutaneous passport of the population in transit. Truth» courts were established to persecute denialist dissidents on social networks, in the streets, in the workplace, and even in the context of family and partner intimacy. The rights of inviolability of the home, of presumption of innocence, of self-defense… of free opinion and political choice were annulled.

The fall of the first year of the new normality arrived and Islamic law was de facto implemented throughout Europe and the white European overseas countries. The dissidents first and then the rest of the white population not assimilated to the Islamic multiculturalism and the cultural crossbreeding, began to decrease secretly and quickly. People were disappearing and no one was asking. Those who cried and clamored for their loved ones were suddenly interned in centers of attention from which they only came out when they had been recovered for the society.

The second year of the new normality arrived and an immense majority of humans lived according to the patterns of climatic and environmental sustainability, of economic equality and anti-consumerist virtue. The streets were full of pedestrians and bicycles enjoying the relief of the curfew and the limited capacity of public spaces. Access to the networks was generalized free of charge in public places equipped with the most advanced online communication media. The new middle classes that emerged from the competition in popular opinion and their rating on the scale of citizenship according to the degree of compliance with the principles of the new normality, began to enjoy the new fair solidarity inequality, having protected spaces, urban and natural, with low population density and high services and amenities. They were allowed direct and personal access to social networks, broad freedom of movement, autonomy to decide on personal and family matters as well as preferential access for their children to elite educational and work centers.

The third year of the new normality arrived and a pandemic like never before decimated the world. The plague wiped out four-fifths of the population. The middle and upper classes barely survived, as did an equal number of ordinary citizens, among whom were none of my loved ones, my friends, who one day far away had thought, as I had, that life, because it was born human, was not worth living if not freely.

I then closed my eyes and fell into a waking dream of inner darkness in which we took refuge to escape from the cruel world of Reality. And I dreamed, in vain, that Trump had won, that he had declared war on National Socialism, that he had fled the struggle by retreating into himself, losing one by one all his media divisions whose command was taken over by loyal generals, and that the Liberacist Corporation of the New West, which began three years earlier as a spontaneous seed joined by people from all over the world to give it a substrate on which to grow, had created from the nothingness of dreams a free and prosperous world in which its new owners, the citizen-stockholders, lived as an upper class, as the elite of a paradise on Earth sustained by powerful technology in the service of humans, of their happiness.

And I did not want to wake up, clinging to a dream in which I wait for the call of another who dreams the same thing, AND another. And another. And so on, until the cruel world of Reality vanishes like a dark, exaggerated and fantastical prediction that had never been fulfilled. But I did it, I just did it somewhere in the future, in front of an acronym: LCNW (Liberacist Corporation of the New West), which I still don’t know if I see them painted on the wall of a Resistance shelter or on a luminous stele floating on the ocean air of the Statue of Liberty. I only know that a beast that speaks like a dragon is spreading over the Earth without anything or anyone rising up against it… because no one believes that it is anything other than a new kind of normality.

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