October 11th 2020

The Warsaw ghetto was created under the alibi of fighting a typhus epidemic. The pandemic ended but the ghetto continued.

Madrid has been forcibly confined by the government of the popular front (socialists and communists), the first in Europe since World War II, after the High Court of Justice of Madrid annulled the confinement established by the forced consensus between that government and some regional branches, here called «autonomias». Madrid has been turned into a ghetto, with the police preventing the citizens from leaving before the measure had legal force, unconstitutional, of course, since it had not yet been published in the BOE. The order of the lawless order, the evocative images of national totalitarian or international-socialist regimes recorded in a country is said to be democratic and free of an EU that allows in its midst what it condemns outside. A Venezuela (our sad, loved and forgotten Venezuela) in the European Caribbean behind the Pyrenean fence that will soon mark the beginning of a virtual Africa beyond which the island of Portugal sails in freedom and prosperity.

Spain is beginning to resemble a failed state, in which not only the mechanisms and institutions that in any democracy worthy of the name moderate and correct the excesses of power, but also the most elemental pillars of any modern state, have collapsed and are dragging this nation, the fourth with the highest GDP in the EU, the one that should have been an emerging industrial power in the Europe of the eighties, the one that can overthrow that bare EU if they do not manage to raise a fence in time that segregates us into the uncharted territory of the return to the darkest past.


Look around you without the anesthesia of crude propaganda and you will be speechless.

Madrid is a ghetto. A medieval city subjected to the plague. A feudal village isolated in its enormous magnitude.

And what is a dictatorship but a ghetto where citizens are confined? What is a ghetto but a human pen?

Isolation. That’s the ghetto. Meekly imprisoned within ourselves, isolated from each other like herbivores in a herd, with no personal relationships, depersonalized, only indirectly connected through the orders of the shepherds or, now, in the clandestine anonymity of an online world from which we can see the coast of a new continent that they don’t want us to arrive convinced that the ships for that journey, the technological advances, are a satanic danger. Middle Ages.

Why do Europe and the Europeanized nations fall into the atrocious dynamics of the ghetto?

It is in Europe that a neo-feudal regime has been imposed since the beginning of the cold war and at a pace of camouflage as a secondary effect, now a priority objective, of the anti-communist antidote: social democracy, communism at 50% (Neo-feudalism). A collectivizing process, which converts us into «society» as a synonym-equivalent of a herd of gragarious herbivores, confined at will by some shepherds hidden behind their bureaucratic garb or their pulpits of «experts» from those who tell us what is good for us and even for the planet and what is sin. Middle Ages in which we are all Jews confined in ghettos by the authorities of a secular totalitarianism that begins to constitute itself as a religion of infallible dogmas, outside of which there are only heretical deniers who persist in preserving their error and expanding their «libertinism» to all of society, to the flock of the new God, the good shepherd of meek hearts and dedicated minds.

The ghettos are installed in the cities turned into extramutes of themselves by invisible fences that delimit a kind concentration camp behind which the same collectivists of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, the USSR, or the Nazi Germany, «protect» their servants of name «citizens» or isolate the cities controlled by liberationists that still resist the new totalitarian order that, like all those that have devastated the History, wishes to be global and unique.

No one remembered the Jewish people. It was invisible. No one remembers the Chinese people. It is invisible. Confined in a transparent ghetto under a postmodern dictatorship, that is, pre-modern, medieval, because that is what Postmodernity is, they have disappeared into the bosom of a National Socialist dictatorship of free competition politically tutored by a single party, which has found new ways to infect its competitors with international socialism, using the weakness of representative democracies: the power of public opinion confused with the sovereignty of citizens which is, in this way, hijacked by popular sovereignty. An international-socialism at 50%, social-democracy, progressivism, which spontaneously becomes kleptocracy, in a failed state in government of political gangs disguised as a mayor and his honest officials. A crystalline, digitized, beehive-minded ghetto, which rests on a marvelous and, at the same time, weak pillar: the constant increase of economic welfare used to create an illusion of freedom or, better said, to hide the signs of confinement.

Expand socialism. That is the Chinese strategy. Invade Poland and ghettoize the new Jews.

The confinement of the Chinese people occurs through sophisticated technological systems that only their leaders want to control… and enjoy. That is why they propagate the idea of satanic capitalist elites who intend to dominate us, to confine us in ghettos, by means of diabolical inventions which, from Anti-Modernity, are seen as instruments for the construction of a future global farm which is not the one which already exists in National Socialist China, but a liberal, democratic, Western tyranny… The technological advances which they use to dominate their people, They present them to us as a threat to our freedom and prosperity if the tyrants (white, capitalist and Western, of course) manage to implement those technological and scientific advances that we, not they, must renounce if we want to avoid being confined in the ghetto where they are already confining us on account of a pandemic, as in that Warsaw of that other National Socialism.

It is the same propagandistic induction that tries to turn the West into the third world, renouncing to lead and control the technological and scientific advances, accepting the economic (and alimentary) impoverishment to save the planet, which is the favorite justification of every human sacrifice that is worthy, the meek coexistence with the personal and patrimonial insecurity of the private and public bands and the conversion to the new faith revealed by the prophets/wise men/experts whose ultimate goal is that the free, western and democratic world voluntarily diminishes the competitiveness of its economy.

The Western world, especially Europe, has been financing innovation and cheapening of alternative energies, which now are used by nations like China to reduce their energy dependence, while those same nations were making massive use of oil and coal derivatives, completely unrelated to the destiny of the Planet and Humanity.

We, and only we, the citizens of the social democratic, progressive and solidarity ghetto have saved the World with our ecological sacrifice. Congratulations.

Europe is a ghetto that is prevented from using cheap energies such as oil or coal, which China, however, uses without restrictions. A ghetto in which its inhabitants are forced to pay for the energy devices that are typical of a situation of scarcity, of post-war emergency or of a defeated and occupied nation. Our gadgets for heating up the soup with sunlight and afternoon wind are now better and cheaper, thanks to which National Socialism will not depend on oil to maintain the factory of economic growth with which its people walk in the opposite direction to poverty towards which they are headed, illuminated by the faith of the new normality, of the new sustainable ideals, the once blessed first worlders.

Energy sustainability (translated: what the poor can afford by will) and also «food frugality». Organic energy restriction. The planet cannot sustain the unhealthy delicacies of the food of the rich.

By means of a subtle process of social engineering, the population is convinced to eliminate from its diet foods with high caloric and nutritional power, such as meat. Because meat is unsustainable for an overpopulated planet. And, in addition, or especially, it is incompatible with sustaining the collectivized mind of the ghetto of gregarious human herbivores. Meat, fat, all those harmful foods that have allowed the development of the marvelous human brain, architects of our anatomy and physiology for at least the last million and a half years, turns out to be harmful to our physiology. That’s why the experts/wise men/prophets have discovered in the oracle of their «investigations» and «studies» that the healthiest thing for us and for the Planet (the Mother Goddess) is to eat grass and feed (cereals).

In the Warsaw ghetto there was hardly anything else but vegetables and cereals to eat.

Europe and the Europeanized countries, with the exception of those in the Far East, are a ghetto that is flooded with refugees, with masses from the Third World with whom the ghetto character, the Third World, ideological and cultural fanaticism, totalitarianism and inequality in rights and obligations, the mentality of poverty, of submission, of delinquency, of the unsupportive law of the strongest, all increase exponentially. A law that forms the hard core of the natural, the ecological, the sustainable. A ghetto, now already, with a growing ghetto aspect.

A ghetto where force is exercised by a totalitarian state and its collaborators against dissidents, against the less third world, against those who still retain some dignity and aspire to freedom. A force that is not applied on those who participate in this violence of survivors or against the resigned or enthusiastic affirmative actionists. A repressive force that begins to feel no shame or guilt because it acts «to preserve multiculturalism, sustainability, equality, solidarity and progressive values … faith.

A ghetto in which half of their work and heritage is stolen from the confined in exchange for «protection», that welfare state that has just failed healthily in Western countries as nowhere else in the world, the same one that advises European women, white, not to walk alone at certain times and in certain places. «For your own good, for your own safety, limit your freedom». And all this is accepted with resignation, completely losing the proud mentality of the Europeans who brought down the walls of the Axis and the Iron Curtain.

A ghetto from which they have taken the factories, the means of production, everything that isn’t trafficking, retailing, public assistance, virtual economy… after convincing the confined poor that the true quality of life (sustainable, that is, that it allows us, and only that, to survive) is what we used to call «poverty», low consumption, absence of ambition. That’s the ghetto.

Chinese National Socialism, designer and financier in the shadow of this gigantic social engineering operation, has been buying, with the money of its victims, the political collaboration of Western capitalists, selling them the smoke of the best business of their lives: the access, politically controlled, to the biggest world market… in potential. But, China will only become that great market when it has achieved world hegemony and, then, they will no longer have the need to share their wealth with anyone.

Chinese National Socialism left behind the miseries of communism and began its journey with the lure of an immense and completely disciplined labor camp. It then sold tickets to the world’s largest potential market in exchange for technology and permission to operate on an equal footing in the free market. Now, the last act has started with a fictitious medieval pandemic that has established the Antemodernity in the heart of their ancient patrons: the ghetto of cities, nations and minds where they feel happy for being able to live a new Middle Age, ruled by the infallible truths of the new Church that guides them on the path of collectivist sanctity: poorer, more submissive, more united, more isolated, more ecological, purer, more herbivorous, more gregarious. That is the ghetto.

The atrocious smile of Calcutta’s poor. The grimace of despair disguised as solidarity sustainability. The dull happiness of the herbivores before the grass. Beijing 1978, all on bicycles, wearing the same clothes and with the same name: Servants. Poor spectres that wander around the ghetto without what separates us from the animal: the desire for freedom. That is where Chinese National Socialism wants to confine us, in what for them is their dark and miserable past. Those of us who know where we’re going and those who don’t want to know are getting on those trains: a ghetto, not the quick end of an industrial slaughterhouse. «A relief, no doubt. That’s living in confinement: thinking that it’s not so bad, that we’ve been lucky, that it’s for our own good. That it’s all alarmist exaggerations.

In the Warsaw ghetto they still walk the streets dressed in their suits and hats, their faces dark but not yet emaciated by hunger. «It is temporary. Soon we will have left behind the bad soil and will wake up in a better new normality.

Antemodernity. Poverty alleviation. Submission. Fear. Middle age… Normality.

That’s the ghetto.

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