Proclamation for Freedom

October 8th 2020

We are living the transition from the Neolithic to a new world, the Cyberlithic.

What is transcendent for Humanity is not whether by entering a world less dependent on Nature, on its cruel laws of survival, and going on to live in a virtual world, we will lose our humanity.

The transit to a transhumanist condition is not in itself beneficial or harmful to our lives. It is how our lives will be in that new world.

Two old blocks that emerged with the beginning of the Neolithic, based on the creation of human livestock through the process of domestication called civilization, are fighting right now to control the world we are heading for: the collectivists and the liberationists.

An elite, that of the great shepherds, tries that at this moment of transit, at this crossroads of History of Humanity, as many people as possible accept a submissive and gregarious nature, deprived of individual freedom, critical capacity and dissension, unable to establish personalized relationships with others and to join them to defend the common freedom of dissent in the only way those who preserve their human nature can do it: voluntary loyalty, without fanatical adherence controlled by ideas turned into ideologies, that is, into mental viruses that replace the true self and take over the reins of their human hosts.

The struggle does not lie in continuing to live in that «natural world» that we barely control and from which we are expected to forget the cruelty, injustice and inhumanity with which it determines our lives. The struggle lies in accessing this new, more humane world, more dependent on our conscience, as free beings, as the elite that we are, or as virtual cattle.

The elites we must fight are not those who want to implant a world more dependent on our will, but those who right now want us to live in a depersonalized and collectivized totalitarianism in a gregarious mass that follows their instructions exactly as the flocks do with their shepherds.

We are deceived into believing that advances in technology, which lead us to a world in which we are increasingly powerful and less defenseless in the face of the injustice and cruelty of natural laws, are in themselves the threat to our freedom and to our human nature. Because human nature consists in being free, in being ourselves, no matter what format our existence takes. And we will be freer in that more humane world. That is why they want us to avoid entering it or to do so having voluntarily renounced our freedom, to be ourselves and not a virtual clone of a model built with fixed ideas independent of our will: a code of truth and goodness by which we must be governed.

That is the struggle. To be elite. To be free humans. To fight against those who don’t want us to be in either the old or the new world.

The bad thing is not 5G, but what it is used for: to subdue us or to extend our freedom. To isolate us from others and confine us to an online gulag or to give us wings so that we can travel anywhere in the world to meet and relate directly to other people who are still such and not replicas of the same universal model of the gregarious human.

The bad thing is not the chips embedded in our lives, inside or outside our bodies, but whether those chips are controlled by us and therefore serve to make us freer or are controlled by others, the usual ones, the old shepherds of the Neolithic who have moved their human flocks to the prairies of the new virtual world. An immense continent that opens up before us and to which we can go as free men or as slaves. That is the fight they want us not to give and, therefore, they deceive us by turning into threats what could make us stronger and freer and by building fictitious dangers to confine us in mental and physical corrals exactly as shepherds do with the sheep.

The fictitious pandemic aims to isolate us in ever smaller ghettos, until we are confined within ourselves, isolated, locked in our anonymity, indifferent to the rest of the depersonalized humans, turned into part of the scene, encapsulated within us, behind the undetectable force field of that false self built with mental viruses linked together to a unique mind, that of the herd, that of the flock, which the shepherds control by inventing dangers and protections, in the old world and in the new one which only they want to access to be safe from cruel nature and, from there, from the immense technological advances that only they enjoy, to control us at a distance, in a much more effective and undetectable way. Making us believe that we are free because the standard self that parasitizes us makes the decisions. The same ones for everyone. Those that come directly from the collectivist elite.

The new world will come. In fact it is already doing so, without anyone being able to prevent it. But an immense majority will remain outside of it, confined in farms more sophisticated, massive and cruel than those of the old world, those that right now are trying to hide from the citizens of the free world, because their capacity to anesthetize us, to put our true self to sleep, is infinitely superior.

The struggle is not to prevent the arrival of the new world, but to control the ships that take us to it and, once there, to impose freedom or to arrive already converted into slaves, into human cattle. That is the struggle. That is why we are being deceived by the latest and most portentous plan of social engineering that orbits around a false pandemic and its new normality: the old normality of dictatorships, of the true inhuman elites. The reality of the herd.

What should we do?

Preserve our individual freedom.

To create groups of liberationist elites to fight against the collectivist elites with their same weapons, without renouncing to the technology and control methods with which, instead of confining, we can free others by building a human, biological and virtual space, and not a cattle space.

To build an anti-sectarian sect, a global nation of free men and women with human, physical and virtual territories. To build our new world within ourselves and, from there, to take it out.

Create a Liberty Corporation, a hybrid of family, city, state and business that will guarantee our freedom and prosperity. A new institution that embodies the ideals with which we assumed the states that are being reconverted before our eyes into stables, into ghettos, into gulags, were built.

The public has failed. It is time to create the individual common or to resign ourselves to living in the communal with the appearance of individuality. It is time to unite all dissident forces in a Freedom Corporation. Or to fight against the windmills that the evil collective geniuses have placed there so that we do not hinder their conquest of the new world with fleets of humans enslaved by a parallel mind that they have embedded since childhood and that is now activated not by new technological ingenuity, but by the oldest mechanism of control: fear. The safety of the corral. The deception of the shepherds and their dogs.

Join not to fight against technological progress, but against those who want to use it, as they always have done, to shepherd Humanity.

Freedom Corporation.

Our own ship to travel to the new world to create there a nation of free men and women.

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