September 22nd 2020

Argentina has been in a state of emergency, with fundamental rights and freedoms suspended and under a parapolice regime since March 20.Until today, a little more than six months, half a year of a coup d’état that will continue, officially, until October 11 (it really won’t have an end). The terrible thing about the Argentine situation is not that it is under a totalitarian regime, but that neither the Argentines nor the rest of the world seem to be aware of the enormous gravity of what is happening or, if they are, they seem not to care too much. Certainly not as they would have cared until recently, when even freedom and economic well-being was the ultimate aspiration to differentiate us from the dictatorship and the misery that all collectivist systems bring.

That’s the big hit. That we accept without further ado the falsely necessary loss of our freedom and economic well-being. That’s where the battle is. With those weapons.

In Spain, some neighborhoods in Madrid have been partially confined, after a week with 3 ICU admissions attributed to COVID-19. All the media without exception (left and right) and all the political parties, also without exception, are bombarding public opinion to convince it of a seriousness that, due to the mysterious border effect, disappears just a few meters away, as soon as you enter Portugal. Everything, except health resources, of course, is being prepared for the new health disaster with which to finish convincing society that there are reasons to lose rights and freedoms and to sink even more misery without which the fetid flowers of collectivism cannot bloom. A disaster of new Spanish flu that shows the rest of the free world that the pandemic is not a military deception of the Chinese people’s army, that it is not a story, that the danger is real and that, therefore, we must abandon any reaction against it, any resistance, to surrender to totalitarianism if we want to survive. Although, perhaps, the only thing that would have to be done to live safely is to cross a border, the same one that the virus seems to respect, the one that divides countries that preserve their freedom and prosperity and, in addition or precisely because of that, do not suffer the blows of any pandemic wave.

I know. The charade is very crude. That’s why it works.

The dazzling and devastating offensive that, let us not be fooled, was unleashed by Chinese National Socialism and not by the capitalist elites of idiots who think they are smarter than anyone else and seek to fish in the river of misery, soon to be killed, by the usual collectivists, has almost completely destroyed the democratic defenses of the two bridgeheads through which they intend to invade the free world. These defenses are constituted by the critical capacity, the freedom of opinion and assembly and the will of the citizens to fight.

Those are the weapons to be taken. And urgently.

Spain is the weakest link in the European chain. It has elements in common with Argentina that explain why the Chinese people’s army has chosen these two countries as beaches from which to invade the western liberal continent and, a little later, the liberal islands of the east, the closest ones, which will fall like ripe fruit without the support of their distant allies.

  • Collectivist governments.
  • Unused opposition, playing on the terrain marked by the collectivists.
  • Media completely in the hands of collectivism.
  • High business class dependent on political decisions.
  • Peoples «domesticated» by a long dictatorial tradition barely speckled with periods of formal democracy controlled by mafia-like political gangs. People who have learned to live like the citizens of the territories dominated by the Mafia: with resigned realism. A life of omertá, of daily clandestinity not to be pointed out, always seeking the favor of the Don to place themselves in the gang’s framework.

Is there an Eliot Ness in Argentina or in Spain? Someone capable of organizing a Resistance? Someone who calls to arms to give that cultural battle that we are losing in an overwhelming and dizzying way? Or perhaps no one sees the swastikas, the red books, the collaborationists and those marked with the new Star of David walking the streets, the televisions, the courts, the police stations, the medical schools, the universities or the business associations? No one sees Pétain and that is why De Gaulle is still at his post?

The people, our towns, are, and rightly so, chastened by soflamas, by charlatans who, riding on the megaphone truck in hand, sell us a life like that of the rich, to leave later in the big car they have parked a little further away and send their thugs to remind us that we must pay them protection: half of our life of effort and talent. But where are those better educated sectors of society, judges, prosecutors, doctors, professors, intellectuals, real businessmen, journalists Is there no one to lead the Resistance? Did they also surrender generations ago? Do they really believe the farce? No. It is impossible. The only thing possible is fear. That is the only explanation for the fact that, beyond an imaginary line we call the frontier, the terrible virus does not attack and it is not necessary to go back five hundred years to confront it.

Two peoples marked on a map by the strategists of this offensive that shows us how little we have really advanced or how easily the advances of centuries can be thwarted.

We are, there and here, tamed by History to distrust those tales of freedom. That is why we have been chosen. That’s why they beat us with a tall tale. And also because of that, because it is a story, we have the opportunity to take up arms and stop the enemy by confronting the farce and destroying it, as one fights in every war, person to person, each one pulling the trigger of his freedom. Because, if not, our Argentina and our Spain will be completely conquered in less than six months and the rest of the free world will succumb soon after to the great offensive that is about to come, once the example of the great defeat of those Hispanic bridgeheads and the conviction that all resistance is useless has spread.

Let no one be fooled. If Argentina and Spain fall, the rest of the world falls. Because our nations are not isolated cases of traditional democratic failure. They are not that caricature that has forged black history. They are the bridgeheads that the old collectivism dressed in new normality (that of any dictatorship) is consolidating live and direct, through a battle full of chaos, betrayal, social sedation and false reality.

No one should rule out (because it is certain) that a second viral wave more deadly than the first one will sun the world, especially the free world, confirming the veracity of the Chinese tale and convincing the deniers that the only way to survive the apocalypse is the one they showed us in that Wuhan that today, works, prospers and laughs: confinement, permanent state of democratic exception, suspension of rights and freedoms: Chinese National Socialism.

A second wave that will lead, without any kind of doubt, to the consolidation of the collectivist normality if the only big obstacle that the Chinese popular Wehrmacht has on the horizon is defeated in the decisive battle of November 3rd: Donald Trump. Because without the ties of a professional politician, with the support of his fortune and with four years ahead of him to make decisions without the conditions of a new reelection, things will get very ugly for the new National Socialism and its collaborators from Argentina, Spain, Australia or Vichy Germany. Only one man, because the Republican Party, without another Trump, is not the enemy. Only one man, very easy to bring down. That is what separates us from total and global collectivization… if we do not take up arms and, each one of us, just one man or one woman, from the computer windows of our homes, in the street, at work, wherever we are, we pull the trigger of our freedom without fear, without skepticism, without omertá.

Don’t let them convince us that it’s useless. That there is little we can do. Whenever we have the opportunity, we must wage the battle of information, gutting the farce, shooting the truth to death. Because minorities, even those of one, become immense when they decide to use without any restriction all the weapons they have at their disposal.

Only non-resistance can defeat the Resistance. Only if we think we are worthless will we do nothing. That is what they are after. That is what their announced victory is based on.

Disobedience. Dissent. Voice. Strength. Alliance.

If not, it will be too late in a few months. It will be never. No matter how much the Chinese story inside your head tells you with a sneer that I am an exaggerated, conspiratorial… an ignorant, alarmist radical who wants to destabilize society and disarm it in the face of the danger of the pandemic, do not listen to it. You are the resistance. There is no one else.

Well yes. A guy named Donald Winston Eisenhower De Gaulle, who they will try to bring down before or after he rises to victory on November 3, 2020, to make it easier to bring down all of us who want to live in freedom. In Argentina, in Spain… or in China. That there are also free men and women there, fighting in the Resistance, and whom the allies confined in the pandemic Dunkirk, disconcerted and terrified, have forgotten and should not do so. Nor those of us fighting on the beaches of our Argentina and Spain, so that the November battle does not become a late and useless triumph .

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