Target: Trump

June 4th 2020

«A single spark can start a prairie fire» (Mao Tse-Tung)

The tremendous economic crisis unleashed in Western countries, also in the United States, is the main objective that the Chinese dictatorship has sought with the spread of the pandemic. In fact, the consequences in the form of unemployment will reach their maximum intensity before improvements can be seen before the presidential elections. And this invites us to focus on a secondary, but no less important, objective: That Donald Trump does not win re-election in the next presidential elections in November.

The consequences of the disproportionate reaction to the pandemic, intentionally provoked by China and its necessary cooperator, the WHO, in terms of unemployment, represent a serious setback for Donald Trump’s re-election by creating a breeding ground where it is very easy to spread social conflicts that will further harm the current President. And this is exactly what is happening.

We are witnessing live a new unconventional war offensive by the former international socialist bloc converted into Chinese national socialism. The racial protests amplified in a completely artificial way involve the complicity of the media and business-financial conglomerates. But these secondary actors should not distract our attention from the main beneficiary of the new pandemic of street violence, which resides in the same place from which the biological pandemic started, wrapped in a great manipulation with which to take by surprise the countries politically opposed to the Chinese neo-communist dictatorship.

Trump’s difference is not in the anecdotes, but in something much more transcendent. His formation and entrepreneurial attitude leads him to apply a symmetrical strategy to which China has followed since the neo-communist revolution initiated by Deng Xiaoping in December 1978 with his Reform and Opening, a political and economic movement «Socialism with Chinese characteristics» but which, in practice, is essentially a copy of the political-economic model of German national socialism. An economy directed by the state, absolutely controlled by the party, which allows free competition and the free market always under the tutelage of the state and giving priority to the economic ascent of the like-minded and the party cadres.

Neo-communism is a broad-spectrum national socialism that appropriates and uses the most diverse political, cultural, religious and social movements, from Bolivarianism to ecology, feminism, anti-fascism or Islam, transforming them into pieces of buried destruction of their main and almost sole enemy: liberationism or, in conventional terms, representative liberal democracies. Their direct objective is not the destruction of the enemy, but the destruction of freedom. An apparently ideological objective with a devastating practical burden: The end of freedom supposes, on an equal footing with all other circumstances, an economic impoverishment that is equivalent, in the present scenario of the impossibility of generalized wars on a large scale, to destruction by means of conventional weaponry which, moreover, favors the social substratum in which tutelary dictatorships or puppet states can be installed.

The traditional approach in American politics, which is what China desperately wants the US to return to, dictates the following: China must be dealt with harshly, but maintaining broad trade relations so that our farmers are happy because they can sell their products. A kind of partial armistice that has the decisive consequence of allowing China to enjoy an open world market and not be forced to isolate itself.

That is the script that the Chinese authorities hope will be followed by an eventual Democratic winner at the head of the White House, and everything that is happening is marked by that plan: pandemic, economic destruction and unemployment at its peak just before the presidential elections, violent social conflicts that subliminally mark the idea of associating Trump with chaos and, the third move that has already been quietly set in motion: the blockade of purchases of American agricultural products.

The Chinese Communist Party understood that it was not possible to win the war against the allies of the free world by raising traditional conflicts. It is not possible because they do not possess a technological superiority able to assure them victory in a large-scale nuclear confrontation. And it is not possible because the arms race would lead it to economic collapse with the threat of widespread revolt that would force regime change, as happened with the USSR.

The U.S. political class learned that lesson halfway, so they maintained the conventional strategy of integrating China into world trade under the vain illusion that the neo-communist tiger would end up gentrifying itself enough to accept the rules of the democratic game. An illusion backed by the military power of the United States and the unbeatable strength of its currency.

With the arrival of Donald Trump to the Presidency, things changed radically, because behind this apparent inconsistency of a populist magnate is hidden an alternative approach that consists of fighting the battle with the same weapons as China but on the most favorable ground for the United States. It is the economy. It is trade. It is tariffs that have really damaged the friendly expansionism of the new Chinese empire. And it is at that moment that China decides to launch its offensive: a surprise pandemic with economic destruction of the free world, unemployment as a breeding ground for political destabilization and selective commercial damage to agricultural products from deep America that sustains with its votes this new form of confronting Chinese commercial imperialism based on labor dumping and state control of the resources generated by private initiative.

Let no one be fooled. The offensive of neo-communism is not against Trump but against the new way of confronting the old collectivist enemy; and it is not limited to the United States. The WHO is already warning of another wave of coronaviruses even more devastating than the first. Do they know something that the rest of the world doesn’t, perhaps that SARS-CoV-2 has some surprise hidden in its genome or that new, more lethal strains are already ready to spread? Or is it just another hoax? The conflicts on account of the bank racism against blacks, which are spreading in a surprisingly intense and extensive way, almost as much as the COVID-19, are not going to be limited to the United States and, moreover, they are going to serve as a point of mobilization to create a social tension in the whole Western world that involves all the movements that neo-communism has taken over: anti-racism, environmentalism, climate change, feminism… And something else.

Conditions are already cooking up for a migratory wave over Europe and, if Mexico succumbs to the Chinese temptation, over the United States as well. A migratory «propagation» of which Spain will suffer the first and greatest consequences by being the weakest link in the European chain and being in the hands of a popular front government that pursues the implantation of a neo-communist dictatorship on the substrate of the destruction of the economic fabric, especially in the sector that can generate the greatest unemployment: tourism.

We are engaged in a large-scale offensive unleashed by Chinese National Socialism through an unconventional war that can only succeed if the free world responds with a conventional strategy, something that is certain to happen if Donald Trump loses the presidential election.

The alternative is as simple to propose as it is difficult to implement and consists of carrying out a symmetrical confrontation to which China follows, maximizing the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy. The «tension and condition» model. The United States has military/technological superiority that it must use not to impose military supremacy, which in itself serves little purpose in the current circumstances, but to achieve commercial dominance.

To create military tension as part of a strategy for a new trade order from which China is excluded thanks to two circumstances: the first, that it is forced to isolate itself to avoid external contamination and internal political uncontrol that favors, in conditions of economic recession, social upheaval. Exactly what she is doing right now against the US and the rest of the Western world. The second is that the rest of the countries have to choose, in the context of strong international tension, which block to join: liberationist or collectivist.

We must urgently create a new conditioned commercial zone: “I trade with you, I sell you what you need, I open my market and I include you in the relocation territory as if you were the United States in exchange for cutting off all commercial relations with China and its allies”. A New Alliance.

The same package of conditional trade relations should include assistance for the foreign defense and internal security of the allied countries. The US should use military superiority not as a deterrent but as part of the commercial asset it offers to those who accept to economically blockade China in order to neutralize once and for all its two main advantages: the high competitiveness in production achieved by a brutal economy of scale that the companies of the free world have given it as a gift by taking their production there, and the lure of a huge potential market that will never really finish opening up to its allies.

Let’s not be fooled. Nothing that is happening is casual but part of a brutal offensive by neo-communism to implant a global human farm governed by collectivist principles, for which it is necessary to neutralize the only formula that can thwart its plans: a symmetrical response by the US and its allies that deprives China of the oxygen of foreign trade. Period. It’s not Trump. Not even Trumpism. Although at this moment, as the Chinese National Socialist enemy is telling us through its actions, everything is about preventing Trump’s reelection.

This is not the time to get distracted by personal issues. As it was not when the free world did not even notice characters like Stalin, a real mass murderer, to achieve the priority objective of defeating German National Socialism. It is a matter of choosing between Donald Trump or Xi Jimping, between freedom or collectivization, between the poverty that drives the desire for revolution as defended by Mao Tse-Tung and the prosperity that makes revolution unnecessary. A choice must be made before it is too late between the old allies and the new national socialism that Chinese international socialism has become after Mao’s death.

Exaggeration? Unjustified scaremongering?

We have just had an enlightening experience: the new neo-communist normality lived in the flesh. Our freedoms have been curtailed on the basis of terror and we have been impoverished. Right now violence against the governments of the freest nations on Earth and only against them is rampant, causing even more economic destruction, terror and death (of white people, of course). And, if none of this serves us to react and defend ourselves from the massive propaganda of the collaborators of the new National Socialism, we will soon lament with the same words of Martin Niemöller, updated in «First they came for the liberals, and I said nothing, because I was not a liberal (like Trump)…”

What to do? The same as neo-communism would do:

Turn the pandemic against China. Spread the idea that it is not safe to depend on Chinese products and make the less friendly face of neo-communist imperialism serve as a catalyst for a new alliance of free countries.

To show the revolt as a case of war against the independence and security of the United States and the rest of the free world promoted by China and its indispensable internal collaborators.

Treating U.S. agricultural production as a strategic good supported by state aid and subsidies and conditioning foreign trade to the priority purchase of U.S. agricultural products.

To urgently initiate a policy of alliance in which the commercial blockade of Chinese products and companies that have delocalized production in that country prevails.

And the first thing, simpler, cheaper and more effective: to mark in large letters the business and financial groups that control the media from the shadow to the service of collective interests. Freedom of information for all. This alone is half the battle.

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