September 30th 2020

When someone defends his ideology, it is that ideology that defends itself by using its human host. When someone tries to convince another person, it is that ideology, a living being that functions like viruses and bacteria, that speaks out in trying to spread to another human organism. They take control and use their victims, us, in their own interest, which is to survive and reproduce, without caring a damn about the consequences for their human host.

People who have been possessed by an ideology kill not to defend themselves or eat, but so that their ideological parasite survives and prevails over other parasites, infecting as many humans as possible. That is why people take risks, get hurt or killed in «the name» of their principles, values, ideals? So that those ideas converted into autonomous mental viruses that have taken control of their feelings, emotions, perceptions, reasoning, desires and actions, triumph, do well, live and expand their lineage. They sacrifice themselves for those ideas for which they have been abducted without being able to see it or recognize it. Because ideologies inoculate an anesthetic substance that convinces their human guests that they, and not they, have control, will and decision.

«I do this because I want to. I am free. And I feel happy like this, fighting for what I believe in».

They do not fight for themselves, for their happiness. Nor for that of other humans. They fight for those ideas turned into ideology. They fight so that those virtual organisms, those mental or perhaps real spirits, may spread and rule over Humanity.

The hosts of the ideologies are talking books, audiovisual means to communicate with humans and fight each other by jumping from one to another to infect and control them. It doesn’t matter if you listen to an infected person or directly read the book where those virtual viruses are kept in a latent state. It doesn’t matter what you say, because you are not responding to a human being who retains control over his opinions and works through reason and situational intelligence, capable of changing his mind, of seeing things differently. You are responding to a book. And the book is not going to change its letters because of what you tell it. Even worse, as soon as it detects that it has you within its reach, it will adapt its strategy by using the host, its intellectual, emotional and physical capacities, to protect itself or take advantage of the situation in an opportunistic way in order to expand, to infect you.

In «The Darkness» we talked about that 95% of «invisible» reality (dark matter and energy) that exists in the Universe, must conform to ourselves. We are 95% dark matter/energy which we call «unconscious».

Are there also 95% of NPCs (non-playing characters) in the simulated world in which we live? Are 95%, or a similar percentage, the people controlled by the game program itself, who are part of the virtual scenario? Are they part of that scenario or have they been turned into it, as their consciousness is abducted by an ideology, a mental or emotional distortion, an inoculated worldview to take control without the appearance of ideology (Science, Reason… ), an algorithm of «merger» with the «beehive mind of the simulation program»? Only a small percentage of people maintain control over themselves and, therefore, can be free and exercise their freedom? Can we identify these gambling characters because they are not slaves of any idea, belief, value or principle, but rather they conserve their capacity to adapt, to learn, to change, that which parasitic ideologies and worldviews call, «incoherence», «fickleness», «selfishness»… «Is freedom, the dominance of individual consciousness over one’s own life, a lethal environment for mental viruses that transform people into functional NPCs?

Why are there «good» and «bad» people everywhere, in all ideologies?

Give a scoundrel a moral code, whatever it is, and he will continue to be a scoundrel controlled by a set of ideas converted into living beings that cannot survive or reproduce by themselves, just by parasitizing some intelligent organism. Take away those great principles from a good person and he will continue to be a good person. Non-playing characters, those who are controlled by algorithms of the simulation program in which we live, need those ideologies, those algorithms of moral, intellectual, affective and behavioral game to be able «to be nobody». They are replicas of an autonomous algorithm that has acquired capacity of self-replication and self-programming in relation to the general program of the game. Those virtual viruses, those ideologies, are to all the effects, except perhaps the one of possessing a conscience, characters players. Or perhaps it is more appropriate to understand them as alternative GM (game directors).

Only 5% of player characters, real humans? I think so. And that would explain why a small group of people (the elites) control the majority or escape the control of those leaders. But I also believe that NPCs or «scenario players», those who are part of the game and are controlled directly by it or by alternative GM, can redeem themselves if they manage to stop being controlled by ideas, beliefs, world views, values, principles and even emotions and feelings turned into viral parasites. They can, like Pinocchio, become true humans, if they achieve the algorithm of freedom that establishes the individual consciousness as master of itself. But, in order to do so, they must eliminate any hint of ideological control. This is extremely difficult because, when a mental parasite dominates you, it cancels out the ability to detect that abduction so that the host, you, does not want to free yourself from anything, because you do not feel dominated by anything.

Ideology speaks through our own thoughts and feelings so that we do not detect that there is someone or something in there, but only us freely deciding in each moment. It takes the form of our interiority and pretends to be our consciousness. But it has been buried under an avalanche of silence and invisibility. From time to time, we receive distant echoes, muffled and desperate cries from that consciousness of our real self. And they cause us conflicts that, immediately, the social extension of the ideologies, channels through the mechanisms that they have implanted to avoid the emancipation of the humans: psychology…

But salvation is possible. In the program of our simulated world there is the way to get rid of demons that have possessed us and to reach the true Divine Grace, the essence, the image and likeness that allows us to live along with God: the free will, the empire of consciousness. To become character players. To stop being part of the stage and to reach our own soul, unique, reproducible, with which we can live many lives, perhaps, eternally.

There is no need for an extramundane or supernatural scenario to explain ideological abduction. But a scenario increasingly accepted by science and avant-garde thought, that we live in a simulated world, in a kind of «computer game», describes this phenomenon with greater simplicity and precision… and many others that from the conventional perspective mostly accepted do not find any explanation or, at most, this is absolutely ridiculous even for the less critical. Perhaps that is why only a minority of people accept the hypothesis of the Simulated Universe. Because only they have the capacity to see beyond the fog generated by mental parasites, and because, if many more people saw that beyond, they would find the path of light and salvation. For that alone possibility it is worth talking about the MM (Multilevel Multiverse) in which we live.

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