Anatomy of submission

The governments of Western representative democracies have fallen into the trap of the Chinese fakevirus spreaded as a false pandemic by the WHO which is still funded by those same states. And they have done so out of fear of the attrition they might suffer at the hands of the political opposition concerted with the interests of Chinese neo-communism, which has sent a propaganda bomb straight to the heart of democracy’s greatest weakness: the power of public opinion.

We said in a previous article («Operation Pandemic») that the collectivist bloc, which survived the false closure of World War II (one of the two causes of it, Soviet international socialism, remained safe on the winning side), adopted the tactic of exploiting this weakness by investing in the means to manipulate public opinion through, among other procedures, the construction of social conflicts and the influence on the large media that they carry out using «capitalist» mediators coordinated by an ideological conglomerate that we could summarize as «elitist collaborationism», as was, in its time, that of Henry Ford with Nazism or that of George Soros and Bill Gates with current Chinese National Socialism, which is the powerful shadow that remains hidden behind many visible heads used as a barricade and camouflage (those same collaborationists and the troop of deluded followers who follow them in good faith).

The logic that presides over the incredible, dizzying and seemingly chaotic events that we are experiencing and on which the strategy of this Operation Pandemic that China has launched to counteract the successful attack of the tariff war is amazingly simple:

1st.- Politicians in representative democracies depend on public opinion.

2nd.- Public opinion is controlled by the large audiovisual media.

3rd.- Audiovisual media amplifies the seriousness of an illness (or any other social, environmental, racial, migratory event…)

4th.- Those politicians of the free world, dramatically dependent on public opinion, who do not respond as those same media determine, will be accused of irresponsibility.

5th.- To avoid the damage in their political career, they accept the fictitious gravity and adopt the measures stipulated by the media and the collaborationist social agents, even though they do not believe in them and are aware of the damage they will cause to society: suppression of rights and freedoms never seen in the Western world in the last 200 years, medieval methods of epidemiological control, economic destruction without precedent since the end of World War II…

Logically, where the partitocracy is greater and/or there is less democratic maturity, this perverse process on which the Chinese dictatorship has based itself in order to carry out the counterattack to stop the tariff war (it includes, as a priority, preventing the re-election of the author of that war, Donald Trump), the damage caused to the freedom and economic well-being of the population has been greater.

A devilish vicious circle.

Because, once they have fallen into the trap, in order to cover up/justify their immense failure/error, the political leaders in power and the opposition that relied on the deception to pressure their governments, have to maintain the farce of gravity, thus magnifying the collateral damage, making the dirty work of the collectivist bloc completely free, until it becomes a problem in itself against which they must react. How? By implementing permanent totalitarian measures and/or pulling out an ace up their sleeve by which, without having to acknowledge their mistake and responsibility, they can stop the vicious circle. We told it in another previous article («Hypothesis B»).

In countries where the circumstances are favourable to deepen totalitarianism through the soft revolutionary process of Operation Pandemic launched by China, the farce of the seriousness of COVID-19 will continue even after the vaccine, whose expectations to deactivate the process into which most countries of the free world have fallen are already being lowered by the WHO when it warns that a vaccine will be fundamental to fight the coronavirus but will not end the pandemic by itself. Therefore, «People must learn to make permanent adjustments to their daily lives (the new totalitarian normality) to minimize infections» (Tedros Adhanom, WHO Director General).

Is that clear enough?

Especially in the countries where totalitarianism has consolidated a bridgehead (Spain, Argentina…), an economic hardship unknown by the present generations will be generalized, as well as a strong increase in crime and social conflicts, all of which will be «solved» by preventing social protest against totalitarian measures, through pressure in the media against dissidents/negatives/reactionaries and the counter-programming of demonstrations by highly violent pro-government groups that will take over the streets. A Venezuelan reality (Sad and forgotten Venezuela. A pilot experiment of what is now spreading throughout the world and a warning that those who want to live in freedom and prosperity should follow)

We do not have the distance of time to be able to contemplate with clarity the transcendence of what is happening, but we can describe and unravel some of the mechanisms of implantation common to all totalitarianism. Perhaps they are not the most decisive from a traditional point of view, but they serve to trace the features of this atypical combat between collectivism and liberationism, and to launch some recommendations consistent with the strange singularity of these times.

The time. This, and not violence itself, is the mafia’s defensive principle par excellence: Do nothing, disappear until everything has been forgotten. Never respond to accusations. Let time pass, without defending oneself and acting discreetly against activists when they are no longer the focus of attention. In this way, using the temporary vacuum, sowing and cultivating oblivion, any normality can be imposed: the Nazi, the Stalinist, the Maoist or the underworld. It is enough to let time go by without anything happening or making what happens become nothing.

Fear. The ultimate goal of any totalitarian process is to dismantle the public except in its repressive and social engineering aspects. Public services collapse and, soon after, disappear. There are no primary care consultations in Spain! A collective feeling of helplessness is widespread and accepted. The mechanisms of control of the executive power are annulled, as is citizen security (squatters, ores, no-go zones, anti-fraud violence…). Have you tried driving with fear, defending yourself with fear…? Fear is the main disabler of the person. In permanent fear live the gregarious herbivores. In anonymous mass (you cannot make meetings, personalized groups, as the predators or the primates do) and, in those conditions, it is incredibly simple to take them to where you want with only insinuating a danger (that the shepherd dog barks and makes the threat of attacking the sheep). And another principle, perhaps the fundamental one, of collectivist totalitarianism is based on fear:

Depersonalization is equivalent to a herd state, which occurs equally even if you are alone. Depersonalization is the essence of collectivism that feeds and, at the same time, is fed by the diffuse, constant, lurking fear that predisposes you to give yourself to the protection of the mass, assuming the opinions and majority reactions inculcated and directed by the slogans of the protectors/pastors. But depersonalization not only destroys the individual identity in order to immerse us in a unique Truth and response, that of the herd, but also eliminates the confidence in the individual force and puts an end to the vagaries that someone may have to resist, defend himself or attack. You are nobody and, therefore, you can’t do anything. The mask is a massifier that destroys our identity and subjects us to the inertia of the herd far beyond what we imagine. That is why it is being imposed in all circumstances in Spain, a pilot experiment together with Argentina and a bridgehead from which to spread totalitarianism to the rest of the free world (do not forget those who feel safe in other countries for now)

Sectarianism is another form of depersonalization, much more difficult to eliminate because we assume it as a free decision. What iron are you? «I am…» any word that follows this phrase and is not «I» implies that personal freedom has been replaced by a collective program that produces perceptions of reality, opinions, desires, decisions and automated acts. Any capacity for personalized criticism is annulled and opinions are conducted in «herd» always in favor of the current marked by ideological, political, religious ascription… It is very significant that certain currents of thought allow for criticism of «ours» to a greater extent than others. Sectarianism is less, for example, among liberals (in the European sense) or Christians than among national or international socialists and Muslims. The greater the collectivist power of some ideas, the greater their capacity to become a sectarian and fanatical ideology. When individual freedom (the free will of the Christian God) has more value, the lesser is sectarianism and, therefore, the greater the difficulty in imposing a totalitarian regime.

And some recommendations that, as we have said above, are not those that «academic» orthodoxy includes in its manual of resistance against totalitarianism. But perhaps they have some unforeseen usefulness in illuminating aspects of this old and strange reality that is shaking history more and more frequently and radically, and especially in shedding light on hidden corners of our unconsciousness that take on decisive importance in the face of this new collective wave of fear of freedom.

It actively resists the totalitarian propaganda of television and any other media, from the neighbor to the social networks. It is not enough to «I know they manipulate, but I don’t listen», because you are listening. By not reacting in a forceful way, by not answering within yourself or in an express way, you allow the subliminal effect of propaganda. Through the news, the opinions, the criticisms against your opinion or attitude, you are incorporating into your unconscious the premises, the axes on which to interpret the world they want you to assume as a starting point to raise questions, discussion … reality. In this way, when you do not offer resistance to the propaganda, you are inoculated with the «denialist syndrome» (formerly «heretic») by which you unconsciously accept the terms of the debate as the equivalent of the battlefield chosen by the enemy. The rules of the game, among which stands out the principle of proportionality, by which the means for the defense of our arguments, even if they are superior, we must limit them so that they do not surpass those of the adversary/enemy. We renounce to use all the battery of reasons, data and facts with the same or superior force with which they throw their half-truths, their lies repeated a thousand times in the Goebbels’ way. We must be courteous, moderate, proportionate, limiting irony, sagacity… We renounce to propagandistic efficiency, to the use of all our weapons with their full intensity.

We accept that the best thing we can do is to do nothing, to not respond, to not be «constantly replicating» his constant manipulations. We let ourselves be convinced by the idea that it is not worth it. We finally give in to the caricature they build of us (deniers, conspirators, unsupportive…) and we give in to the simplicity of the herd, to the mental vacuum that is produced in ruminants when the blood leaves the brain to attend to the endless digestions. We turn off the critical mode and stop seeing the omnipresent manipulation, not only in the opinions of the «affirmative» mass, in the news, the opinion forums, the studies of the experts (the infallible doctors of the New Church)… and even in the movies and the series apparently «innocent» and «neutral» ideologically but that carry a hidden load of social engineering by which they achieve a brainwashing sometimes subtle and, other times, absolutely evident and crude.

An example of the first case is «Designated Survivor», where a «normal», supportive and apolitical citizen (not a Republican or a Democrat) conveys the idea that there are principles and interests that are above political debate, that is, that they are incontestable, and that, therefore, a corresponding «consensus» of «single party» must be imposed, Of course, with the values of collectivism adapted to the taste of democratic societies in the form of mantras or ideals sufficiently «elevated» and diffused to make us go to the new crusades that do not aim at the enemy of our way of life but at our way of life based on freedom, prosperity and the strength to defend ourselves: multiculturalism, simplistic pacifism based on guilt and self-limiting proportionality that amounts to defenselessness, the defense of massive, uncontrolled and illegal immigration, the journey into poverty as the only path to conservationist ecology, climate change (formerly «global warming») and, especially, tolerance of intolerance as the supreme proof of our love of freedom. The objective of the president by accident and of his very supportive wife, besides preventing a Republican governor from trampling on the rights of Muslim citizens, constantly presented as a persecuted minority, is to build a government composed of «moderate» Democrats and Republicans. That is, a government of a single party-ideology whose principles correspond to those of collectivism.

As a pathetically zafio example we have omnipresent manipulation in the media and cultural products dominated and / or subsidized by collectivism we have the series «The Handmaid’s Tale», which describes a fictional world in which Christians (radicals) impose a social, moral, legal, economic and cultural order exactly as it exists in real life in the Islamic world, The same one that is intended to occupy and subject the free world, with special concern for women, «no-go zones» governed by the same principles that the series attributes to fanatical Christians who, by the way, replicate the archetype in which the black collectivist legend intends to demonize the free, western, democratic and supportive world.

Protect your individuality. The public has failed. A dictatorship is the equivalent of a failed state. You cannot count on social protection. You can only count on yourself and your own, the real ones, the closest ones, the absolutely reliable. Not at all. Protect your individuality. Pamper it. Reaffirm yourself. Apply a positive selfishness, which does not involve or focus on denial or unnecessary harm to others. But do not fall into that «every man for himself» into which dissidents are expected to fall. A state without hope, without the objective of ending the dictatorship, affected by a resigned Stockholm syndrome, for which we do not justify them, but we consider them invincible, untouchable.

We must each save ourselves selectively, that is, by damaging on the fly, without losing our way or harming our interest, those who harm us: political parties in Vichy society and companies that support the collaborationist media. An absolute boycott of two or three of these major companies. Their products are not bought and, moreover, advertising is done against them whenever we have the chance. Not much? They will try to convince you of that. The same boycott of the collaborationist political parties with the totalitarian process implanted under the protection of the false gravity of the Chinese virus: we will not vote for any of them whether they are right or left wing and, besides, we will not lose the opportunity to advertise against them. Little thing? Do we forget that they are a minority exactly like us, only aware of the power of their actions amplified in the echo of the immense majority converted into a ruminant herd? Do we forget that we are as immense a minority as they are; that we are elite?

That is the «every man for himself» we must follow: a personalized resistance making totalitarianism unable to save itself. To save our freedom and economic well-being as much as we can, we can do a lot if we use all our strength without self-limitations or inferiority or guilt complexes, without accepting that they establish the rules of the contest based on proportionality, that is, that we do not use all our power because, if we do, they, the collectivists, cannot win. To make our individuality a social space free of totalitarianism. That’s simply too much. Going about our business. Save ourselves and our people. Because that is the most effective way to save everyone else: to exercise our individuality. What they do, they are neither more nor better than us.

Make your life what you want it to be for all of society. Be free to spread the virus of freedom. Because freedom is either individual or a lie. And that lie is what constitutes the anatomy of submission.

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