IV Reich, Beijing capital

August 30th, 2020

Neocomunism is a Nationalsocialism disguised with the rotten internationalsocialism.

The chinese internationalsocialism, before the evidence of the Sovietic Union’s huge failure, changed its ideologic strategy to the opossite pole of colectivism, which iniciated the II W.W: Nacionalsocialism. Officially, it was all the same: a comunist dictatorship. But in practice, the change that Deng Xiaoping made in China meant they turned into the IV Reich.


Nacionalsocialism is different to internacionalsocialism only in one aspect: it combines free market and private ownership with an strict control veiled by economy and economic agents. A free trade political dictatorship. A tutored capitalism that, in one way, needs to scape from the ideological corset of marxism to allow free competition, trade and iniciative, and in the other way, it must limit the resulting power of that wealth and development machine so its protagonists, economic agents, big companies and new billionaires dont take the power. Something that is only achievable through a powerful state turned into the one and only multinacional company.

To prevent economic agents, companies and bussinesmen from expanding the defense of their interest to the political field, you must stop them from acting like true multinationals that do as they want while protected by legislation, in a way that their existence and future is inextricably linked to the interest and dictations of the political party that, identified with the state, forms the direction of the nation turned into an empresarial holding of all the private iniciative. That used to happen with big german companies and happens now with chinese companies.

The chinese multinacional, just like the german in past times, is formed by an imposive bussines conglomerate coordinated by an only politic power. This power appoints the supreme board of directors that ultimately has the enormous resources given by free competition, unachievable in an internationalsocialist model like the URSS, North Korea o the Maoist China. The chinese multinational does this to achieve the principal goal of its estrategy: to spread the nationalist imperialism.

Huawei does not have an bussines policy independent from the national chinese politics. The german companies didn’t have them neither. For them, the economic profit was condicional on the political goal of the Nazi state converted in multinational. Chinese bussines only have autonomy how are they going to obtain the most profit while remaining within the framework established by the national business consortium.

That is the reason why it is imposible to confront chinese nationalsocialism with guarantee of success if you lack the mentality of a bussines men that knows he’s in front of a corporate megaconsortium and not a regular state. And it’s becouse of this that the true danger of China hasn’t been detected but, on the contrary, it received help to achieve a meteoric ascension to world number one on GDP.

Does it make sense now why Trump is the target to beat by the Chinese dictatorship?

The enormous damage that is being inflicted on China by Trump’s Trade war explains clearly the atypical geostrategic terms in which the Chinese response should be inscribed to the trade ofense, Pamdemic Operation, which principal objective is purely corporative: to harm de competitiveness of their competition. China doesn’t just act like a corporate megaconsortium but also responds to its political enemies like competitive companies and not national states. That’s why the way they act it’s ruled by maketing principles adapted to their opponents’ political peculiarities.

Does it make sense why do they want a politic following the traditional geostrategic scenario and not a bussinesman on the presidency of the U.S.A?

In this situation is easy to understand that ideology is part of, like in every bussines, a marketing strategy to the service and depending on the results, and not the guiding principle of the decisions. And that propaganda isn’t governed by traditional paterns of politics but by publicity techniques that rule the market.

You can’t fight with ideology agaisnt what seems like progaganda but with marketing, social engineering, alliances politics and bribery and coercion. Ideology is just another part of their advertising tactics to achieve indirect, subliminal fidelity, that gets advantage of social movements and the worries of many layers of the population of liberal democracies so that, being true to those ideals, they work unknowingly for nation managed as commercial company.

That’s why nacionalsocialism, not the old internationasocialism, apropies, rules and uses social and cultural movements that are created spontaneously or induced in the democratic world: ecologism, feminism, antiracism, migrationism… and they achieve it by ideological flexibility that isn’t restricted to inmutables principles, just like used to happend with comunism. But adjusting to what emerges at any moment and what hurts the politics of democratic states the most, whose biggest weakness is not being managed like bussines with the only goal of rentability of freedom and properity of their citizens-shareholders.

China enjoys an oportunist igeology that, becouse its tactics are corporative, colects a great number of economic agents of the free world , seduced by the illusion that their interest are parcialy or momentaneusly the same as the nacionalsocialist holding and, in consecuence, think they will get favored when the loot is distributed.

Big companies from the free world and prominent economic agents combine their effort in nacionalsocialist campaigns because they believe they will get a net profit from such direct o indirect partnership. The same mistake committed by multinationals seeking to take advantage of cheap labor and chinese stability, without realizing that they were not dealing with a failed communist regime trying to survive enslaving it subjects, but a holding company that played on the same terms as them with the advantage of having the political power on their side.

Does it make sense now why all their propaganda machinery is trying to focus the atettion of the free world into an alleged elite who is trying to implement a new global order?

World free market gets in the way of the imperialism of a state that pursues the end of globalism, that is to say, the end of free and fair competitiveness. And that is were important bussines conglomerates from the west fall into the trap again, by believing that asociating to the nacionalsocialist strategy they will enjoy a global oligopoly.

They are helping chinese nacionalsocialism to get what they think is their objective: multilaterality, the global oligopoly. But, if the nacionalsocialist holding wins, they will bump into a monopoly where they have no place. They are accomplices, yes. Stupid and harmful accomplices. They are not the ones in charge. They’re the useful fools their alleged partner uses as scapegoats by presenting them as the globalist elite that wants to implant a new world order.

Globalism implies the existence of a multiplicity that relates and competes on equal terms. But what China wants to impose is a monopoly of political power identified with economic power that stablish the rules of tutored market just exactly like the mafia would do if they had their own state. And yet, those who defend their right to freedom, to difference, to self-identity as individuals or peoples, oppose multiform globalism, which is not possible without the real independence of individuals and peoples and without fair competition rules that exclude economic, social, labour, health, environmental dumping… and unconsciously collaborate with the establishment of a global National Socialist monopoly.

It is not surprising that undercover «commercial agents» of both Chinese and Russian National Socialism are behind identity and anti-globalist movements, promoting conspiracy theories that point to dark forces arising from shadowy financial capitalism and playing the double game of warning against the collectivist objectives of the National Socialist business conglomerate but attributing the authorship of these plans to these indeterminate elites.

It is these undercover agents, these false-flag deep throats, together with the big media, the backbone of the complex and effective work of psycho-social engineering and propaganda campaigns (The Master Goebbels) who support the myth of the globalist elite (formerly "Zionist") in which they include the direct or indirect owners of those media, the big Western billionaires, but not the Chinese (nor the Russians), turning them into a kind of satanic sect seeking a world government whose characteristics are, however, identical to those of the Chinese National Socialist model.

No one looks at China or its big companies or its collectivist social and political policies or its abysmal social differences or its lack of freedoms. The bulk of the liberalist, conservative, identitarian, right-wing or left- wing population is entertained against those who, in sin go penance, appear as great enemies of freedom, of prosperity, of the whole Humanity: Western business elites, the deep state, the parasitic monsters of financial capitalism.

Do you understand the dazzling triumph of Operation Pandemic?

Trump or Xi jinping. That’s what the world is at stake in the November elections. Forget about Biden, Gates, even Soros. There is only a perfectly united elite with clear objectives, a coordinated strategy and immense power: the board of directors of the People’s Republic of China. The same multinational that has turned a seasonal epidemic into a pandemic that destroys the prosperity and freedom of the free world. The only great nation that is currently increasing its GDP. The only big business and the only big billionaires who have enough economic power and management capacity to pull the strings of the huge political, economic and cultural changes taking place in the free, western and white world.

Trump or Xi jinping. Eisenhower or Hitler. Nacionalsocialism or democracy. Everything else is propaganda mirages and the fruit of bewilderment at a blitzkrieg of social engineering that is turning the free world into an immense Vichy France. And we are chasing windmills, entelequias, global elites constituted by the economic and technological vanguard of the free world, distanced from each other, isolated in our domestic gulags, defeated in advance by fear, gagged with masks, kneeling, fighting each other while the real enemy gets us to deliver the victory, and, in addition, let us voluntarily lock ourselves in what will be a world without globality monopolized by the real elite: The board of directors of China Corporation.

A large business corporation that guarantees our freedom and prosperity. Or several so we can choose the best. That’s the future. That or being the human cattle of a global farm ruled by sheperds with cold and effective bussines criteria. To be shareholders or to be raw material.

Trump or Xi jinping. A bussinesman versus another bussinesman. That is the choice. Everything else is nonsense… extremely dangerous.

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